Chapter 10

I had the week off so I went down to the gym. I wasn't alone there. Dave, Adam and Jeff were there. I walked in and over to where Jeff was.

"Hey there."

"Hey Jeffy."

"So what's up?"

"Well I'm bored and I've got the week off."

"Oh, Are you going back home?"

"No, Dad's got a match in two days, so I'm staying here."

"Well how about we go get something to eat after I finish up here?"

"How about in about two hours?"

"That's cool."

"Well I'm going to go work out and leave you to yours. See ya." I waved at him and went in the locker room and changed. I came back out and went to the punching back. I was doing that for about five minutes when someone grabbed me by my waist. I turned around to see that it was only Adam.

"You know if I didn't think about it I would of punched you?"

"Yeah, well I was hoping that you wouldn't do that."

"Well what's up." I asked as I continued with my work out.

"Well, what are you doing around lunch time?"

"Getting something to eat with Jeff. Why?"

"Oh, Mind if I tag along?"

"I don't but go ask Jeff."


He left and came back looking a little sad."Well."

"I'm going with you two."

"Then what was that face for?"

"Trying to confuse you."

"What?" I hit him in the arm.

"Ow, What was that for?"

"I felt like confusing you."

-- 2 hours later at the diner --

"So Alia, do you know what you are doing next week on Raw?" Jeff asked.


"Well." Jeff stated.

"Something with Beth and Santino. That's all I know."

"Do you think that it's going to be a handicap match?" Adam questioned.

"Maybe, Vince said something about having a huge match for the next Pay-pre-view. Something with Adam, you, dad, Beth, Matt, Santino, Dave and me. But he wouldn't tell me anything else."

"Adam, What do you think about that?"

"Well, I think that maybe he's putting us all in the main event. I don't know though. Anything can be going threw his head."

"Yeah man, isn't that the truth."

-- A week later at Raw --

"Alia, I love you."

"Do what?"

"I love you."

"Why would you say that to me?"

"Because it's the truth."

"How dare you say that after what you just said to me." I slapped him and walked off. I was frustrated with myself. I like him sure but did I like him that much? I was in catering sitting at a table thinking about what just happened.

"Hey shorty, what's wrong?"

"Dad," I looked up and totally forgot about what I was going to tell him. "I've got to go. My match is next."

"Ok, but talk to me afterwards ok?"


I ran down the hall towards the curtain. Randy walked threw after a few minutes and looked at me."Hey, 'Lia, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm just going to go out there and get some of anger out."

"Ok. Good luck."

"Thanks." I hugged him as my music started playing (Well Edge's music). I walked out not even paying attention to the crowd. I was angry and that was it.

"Have you ever seen Angel look Mad as hell before?"

"No I haven't King and I don't think this is going to be good for the two that are about to come out."

A few seconds after I arrived in the ring Santino and Beth came out. They got in the ring it was a title match. Both the Women's title and the Intercontinental title was on the line. The ref signaled for the bell. It stared with me vs. Santino. I walked up to him and Punched him in the face. He staggered backward and tagged in Beth she come in and slapped me. I smiled and looked at her. I kicked her in the gut, she bent over and I did the ddt to her. Santino ran in and I lowered the top rope. He fell over it and I jumped out of the ring. I threw him into the steel steps. He landed on the corner of the steps and began to bleed.

I crawled back in the ring and stalked Beth down. She looked up, I grabbed her and Irish-whipped her into the corner. I jumped on the second rope and started punching her in the head. I paused and looked over and Santino was laying outside the ring busted open. I jumped off the roped and Beth fell to the canvas. I kicked her over and put her where I wanted her. I jumped back on the top rope and did the 'Falling From Heaven' move and pinned Beth. 1.2.3.

"And the Winner and NEW WOMEN'S AND INTERCONTENTIAL CAMPION….ANGEL!!" Lillian stated into the microphone.

I should have been happy but I was still slightly pissed off. I jumped out of the ring and grabbed a chair. I slid back in the ring the ref grabbed the chair from me shaking his head and telling me the match was over. I stared at him for a moment then, walked over the where Beth still wasn't moving and I spit on her and jumped out of the ring. The ref handed me both titles and I stared at them then back to the damage.

"Somebody must of mad Angel mad."

"I think she shouldn't be called Angel right now King?"

"I agree with you on that. She scared the Hell out of me."


I walked up the ramp backwards until I reached the curtain. I turned around and noticed everybody was standing there to congratulate me. I brushed pass them all and headed for the locker room. I walked in and threw both titles down on the couch.

"Shorty, Now tell me what's the matter with you?"

"I can't believe him."

"Believe who?"


"What did he do?"

"He told me he love me."

"Well he does sweetie."

"Are you sticking up for him now. Damn dad. I thought you would at least be on my side for once. I'm out of here." I walked out of the room and out one of the exit. I sat on the curve.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Oh hey Jeff, I was just thinking and trying to cool off some."

"So that beating you gave to Beth and Santino was real?"

"Kind of."

"So what happened?"

"You know how Dave has been avoiding me and not talking to me for the past couple of weeks?"

"Yeah, Did he finally tell you why he was doing it?"

"Yeah, He told me that the reason he's been avoiding me was to protect me. I asked him from what and he said from himself. I was confused and asked what he would do to me and he kissed me."

"Ok, and…"

"Then he said that he loved me. I freaked out and got pissed. He was avoiding me, not looking at me or even talking to me because he loved me. What really pissed me off was him saying he loved me right after he said that I would get hurt if you, Adam or Randy found out. That's what I didn't get. He was basically tell me that if I told either of you I would get it. Then he went and said that to me."

"Alia, Listen, He means well he really does but the only way he know how to show someone he cares about is to try to all big and bad. But trust me if he was to even anciently put a bruise on you his ass is mine."

"Thanks Jeff. I need that." I hugged him and we both walked back inside.

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