Chapter 11

--The Next Week At Raw--

I was going over the script that Vince had just given me. 'Why and I going up against Katie Lea and Paul tonight?' What ever. I had to get ready for the match. Nobody was in the locker room. My dad and Randy had a tag-team match and Dave was at catering. I put on my jeans and my 'Mess with me' shirt that Vince got done for me. (It was basically Mess with me in red letters and Edge's design in the background.) I put my hair in up in a pony-tail and looked at my watch. 9:44. I was up in five minutes. I walked to the curtain and waited for Adam to show up. He showed up just when his music hit. We walked out to a mixture of cheers and boos.

"King, Angel's herself tonight."

"I see that. Man I wonder who ever pissed her off last week?"

Soon after I was in the ring Katie Lea and Paul made their way down. They joined me in the ring and Scott(The ref) rung the bell. Paul was staring he ran at me and speared me. I got up and he clothes lined me. He pulled me up and Irish whipped me into the turnbuckle. He ran at he again and I ducked, he went face first into the turnbuckle. He tagged Katie in and she tried to clothes line me I dodged it and then gave her a ddt.

"Come on Angel. Get up." Adam said as he slapped the mat.

I got up as Paul ran in the ring. Katie got up and they both started to kick me. Adam jumped in the ring and tried to get Paul away put he got knocked out. Soon John (JBL) came down the ramp and slid in the ring. He helped himself to kicking me. Layla made her way down followed by Deuce then Chuck. They all were throwing rights and lefts at me. I had managed to give John a nice shiner and Layla was on her back. Someone grabbed my hair and threw me down to the ground.

I soon saw a flash go by and soon Paul was outside the ring. Deuce was getting hit. I got up the energy to hit Katie and Layla away. Soon Chuck and Deuce was on the ground. I tossed Layla out and stared at Katie. She got scared at the site of three against one and rolled out of the ring. I looked behind me and saw that not only was Adam in the ring but Dave was too.

"Did you see that?"

"Sure did King. That was a slobber knocker of an invasion if I do saw so myself."

"It's just a good thing that Batista was there."

I was having my arm rose in the air by Dave and Adam put his arm around my waist. I felt a sharp pain in my side but ignored it. Adam wiped me forehead off and I noticed that it was blood. I shook it off and as Raw went commerical I looked at Dave.

"What did you do that for?"

"Well it wasn't in the script for them to come down and you were getting hit pretty bad. I had to do it." we were half way up the ramp.

"Thanks I guess. Adam?"


"Thanks for your help to."

"No problem babe."

We walked threw the curtain and who was standing in front of us was none other than Vince.

"Alia, are you ok?"

"No worries."

"Listen Dave, Adam, take her to the medic right now."

"But Vince."

"No but Vince me…I've got to see if you are cleared for Two weeks. Remember the Pay-Pre-View."

"Yeah I do. Fine I'll go."

Dave and Adam walked with me to the medic office. We walked in and Jeff was already there. I tilted my head to the side and smiled a little.

"What are you smiling for huh?"


"What about me?"

"You are always in here. That's what." I started laughing but stopped. I had forgotten about my side. I winced.

""Lia. What's wrong?"

"It's nothing Dave."

"You wouldn't of winced if it was nothing."

"Fine. It's my side."

Adam notice and picked me up. He placed me on the table next to Jeff. Dave looked at me like he was about to explode. The door opened and the doctor and Matt walked in.

"So I see that Alia is in here to. Now Matt you didn't tell me that there was two people."

"I only knew about Jeff, What happened?"

"Well, I got jumped out there, Adam and Dave helped out." Just then Matt's phone went off.

"Yeah,…. She's here…… Dave, Adam, Jeff, and me…..Yeah…..I'll tell her….He's doing it now….Yeah….Ok…Bye."

"What was that about?" I said as the doctor put a bandage over the cut in my forehead.

"That was Vince. He want's to know what's wrong with you. Then he wants for you, Dave and Adam to go to his office when you get done here."


"Now Miss Cena what else hurts?"

"Nothing really." I lied.

"Alia!" Adam stated with a look of amazement on his face.


"Don't lie. You know you just had a pain your side." Adam said.

"Well let's take a look at that then?" he looked at my side and grabbed some more bandages.

"What is it?" I asked as I looked at the others. They all expressed the same expression, Horrified shock. "What in the Hell are you all looking at?"


"Damn it spit it out already."

"Your huge gash that's in your side. That's what they are looking at."

"What are you talking about doc?"

"No need to worry. I can get this fixed up. But you are going to have take some medication and not wrestle until next Monday. As long as you don't strain yourself you should be fine. No lifting anything and try to stay off your feet."

"Ok, but what's the big deal. It's not like I haven't had cuts before."

"This is different. It looked like Chuck still had his steel-toed boots on when he kicked you."

"Oh." I looked over to see that the guys were trying not to look at me. "guy's it's ok if you look. I don't mind. It's very fascinating." they all got closer to get a better look.

"OK, your all set. Take two of these now. You can go see Vince but you shouldn't walk anymore after that. Go get some rest."


I jumped down off the table. Winced and realized that I shouldn't of done that. I walked about two feet when I was picked up gently and looked over to see who it was.

"What are you doing?"

"Well you heard the doc. No walking. So I'm carrying you. Adam, you and me have to go see Vince anyways."


I put my head on Dave's shoulder and Adam grabbed my hand. We walked down the hall like that until we got to Vince's office. Adam let my hand go and knocked on the door. Vince opened it and stepped to the side to let us in. Dave placed me on the couch softly, then sat next to Adam on the other couch.

"So…." he said looking at me.

"I can wrestle Monday. But until then I've got to stay off my feet. No moving, lifting or walking."

"That's good. No further damage to the WWE'S Angel. Well here's what's going on Next Monday. For the Main event it's going to be Chuck, JBL, and Layla V. Angel, Edge, And Batista."

"No." I said shaking my head. The three looked over at me.

"What do you mean no?"

"Vince, I want some competition."

"Like who?"

"Like Chuck, Paul and Katie Lea Burchill V. THE BEAT."

"THE BEAT?" They stated in unison.

"Batista, Edge, Angel Team."

"Where did you come up with that?" Vince asked.

"I just thought of it."

"Well I like that."

"Do we have a match next week then Vince?"

"That we do. Hold on." he left the room and Adam and Dave looked at me strangely.


"THE BEAT? What's up with that?"

"Adam, I've been thinking about what Dave told me last week and this is a great way for all of our career's to grow. And for me to see how much he really does love me."

"That's an awesome concept." Dave said as he sat next to me on the couch. Vince walked back in and had a camera crew behind him. Thry told us what to do and basically what to say.


"Now Next week, I want you three to be in the Main event."

"Vince listen I don't think that Angel, should be in a match next week."

"Batista yes she should. Now who should you three be facing?" he said as he rubbed his hand over his chin.

"I know." I said as I slowly stood up. "I want revenge on what went on tonight. I mean Chuck did kick me and make me bleed. So Chuck, Katie Lea, and Paul Vs. Batista, Edge, and Angel. Or what I like to call ourselves. THE BEAT."

"Cut." the camera crew walked out and we all said goodbye to Vince. Dave picked me up and took me out to his rental.

"Adam, can you get her things and bring them to the Hotel?"

"Sure. I'll do that. I'll see you are the hotel sweetie." he said. He leaned in the car and kissed me on the forehead.

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