Chapter 12

--On the Next Raw--

"Dave put me down!"


"Put me down NOW!"

"Fine." he put me down and I turned and walked down the hall. "Where are you going?"

"None of your business." I walked on down the hall and into catering. I got a bottle of water and sat at an empty table. Soon Jeff and Adam showed up and sat with me.

"Hey 'Lia."

"Hey guys. what's going on?"

"Nothing much."

"Hey Adam, can I talk to Jeff for a minute?"

"Sure. I'll go get some water." he got up and went over to the food table.

"So what's wrong?"

"Well you know how Dave wants to go out with me right?"


"Well I don't think I like him like that. I mean I love him as a friend but that's all."

"If that's how you fell you should tell him."

"That's not all though. I think that I am falling for someone else. I don't know how Dave's going to take that. I'm kinda afraid of what he's going to do when I tell him this."

"Do you want someone to go with you to tell him."

"Can you?"

"Yeah. Let's just go tell Adam that we will be back."

"Alright." I grabbed his hand and we walked over to where Adam was.

"Hey Adam. We'll be back. I've got to go tell Dave something but Jeff's going to go with me."

"Ok 'Lia. Do you want anything?"


"Ok." Jeff and I walked out of catering and down to Dave's room. He was sharing with my dad. That made it even more hard. I walked in and sat on the couch.

"Hey shorty, what's wrong?"

"I need to talk to Dave that's all."

"Alright. I'll go get him." my dad walked out of the room. Jeff grabbed my hand and squeezed it to comfort me. Five minutes later Dave walked in. My dad nodded and Jeff got up and they both walked out the door.

"So What's up?"

"Dave, I think that this should just be a friendship between us. I love you I do but nothing more than a friend."

"You just want to be friends then?"

"Yeah. I love our friendship."

"I do to. It there anything else?"

"Well this is why I brought Jeff, I sort of like someone else but I don't think he likes me."

"you were afraid to tell me?"


"you do you like, is it someone I know?"

"oh yeah, you know him."

"Really. Let's see is it someone I see everyday?"


"The only people I see everyday are Jeff, your dad, Randy and Adam. Is it one of those?"

"One of the three."

"Right, it's not your dad. It's either Jeff, Randy or Adam."

"You know what. Just forget this ever happened. I'll meet up with you in about twenty minutes for our match."

"Ok, but I will find out."

"I know you will." I hugged him and walked out the door. My dad and Jeff was standing outside talking to each other. I just walked pass them and back to catering.

"So, what happened?"

"Oh nothing, I thought that Dave would get mad at me for liking someone else and just wanting to be friends with him."

"So who do you like?"

"I can't tell you that."

"Why not?"

"I just can't. alright."

"Ok. Well here's your fruit and the match is coming up."

"I'll finish this and then we can go." I finish up and grabbed Adam's hand and walked towards the curtain. Not long after we arrived Dave showed up.

The sound guy played our new song "Pain by Three Days Grace." The crowd we confused until we walked out. Then the whole arena went crazy. We made our way down the ramp and to the ring. I slid under the ropes as the guys went threw the Second ropes.

"And in the ring now is THE BEAT." Lillian stated threw the Microphone.

"I wonder what that means. King."

"I think it means that if you mess with anyone of them then they all three will BEAT you up."


"Making there way down to the ring is Katie Lea and Paul Burchill and Chuck Plumbo." There was boo's and some cheers threw out the arena. They all came down the ramp and into the ring. Stared down and Mike (The ref.) took my two belts and gave them to Lillian.

"It's so nice to see a champ in this fight." JR said.

Mike signaled for the bell and I started with Katie Lea. (This was an intergender tag team match) I slapped Katie hard and she staggered backwards then ran toward me I dodged her and she ran into the turnbuckle. I Irish whipped her to the other side and ran at her with a clothes line. She returned with her own clothes line and we both went down. She managed to tag in Paul.

He came in and pulled me towards his corner. He put his boot on my throat. Mike pulled him back, while his back was towards me Chuck grabbed my head and pulled down on the bottom rope. Dave and Adam tried to get in but was stopped by Mike. Paul came over and threw me over his shoulders and flipped me over onto the ring. I managed to crawl toward Dave and Tag him in. Soon after Dave climbed in I Fainted.

"Oh My God, we need Medics down here now!" King stated.

"Alia Get up, come on get up." Adam said.

The ref run the bell to stop the match. I had apparently fainted and hit my head on the steel steps. I was laying on the ground outside and Adam had jumped down and had my head whispering in my ear. I opened my eyes a little and saw nothing but blurs. I closed my eyes again and make a sound that Adam heard. The paramedics came over and put me on a backboard and onto a stretcher. Dave, Chuck, and Adam walked with the stretcher towards the back. I could hear everything that was going on but I couldn't bare to open my eyes.

"What happened?" One voice said.

"She just fainted, I looked over and noticed that she had fallen backwards and hit her head on the steps. I got off the ring and lifted her head to see if she was bleeding. She was and then Paul and Katie went backstage and got the you guys." a voice I noticed to be Adam's.

"Has she been doing this a lot?"

"Not for a while. The last time was about two months ago."

"Ok. Well she's going to have to have somebody with her for a while. We are taking her to the hospital and one person can go with her in the Ambulance."

"Dave, I'll go."

"Call me when you get there Adam, Tell me what's going on. I'll get John and we will be there after the show."

I was being lifted into the Ambulance. I heard the sirens and felt the bus move. Adam held my hand and was talking to me.

"Come on don't do this to me. Lia wake up please." he was squeezing my hand.

"Her Vitals' are good. O2 is good. Heart beat is normal."

"That's good right?"

"Yeah, that's great. The doctors are going to have to do some test but as it looks she should be out of here in no time."

"Great." I felt my hand being lifted up. I opened my eyes.

"Adam." I whispered before I closed my eyes and then I heard nothing.

"Oh God." Adam stated as a tear rolled down his face.

Flat Line……

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