Chapter 13

--In The Ambulance--Three Person Point of view.--

"Her Vitals' are good. O2 is good. Heart beat is normal."

"That's good right?"

"Yeah, that's great. The doctors are going to have to do some test but as it looks she should be out of there in no time."

"Great." Adam stated as he lifted her hand up and placed it on his forehead before placing a soft kiss on it.

"Adam." A whisper came from Alia making Adam look over at her.

"Oh God." Adam Stated looking at her and hearing the beeping noise and looking at the monitor.

Flat Line…… The Paramedic in the Ambulance moved Adam out of the way. He tried to re-start her heart twice before he got it to start again. They arrived at the hospital. The driver got out and two doctors and the two paramedics got the stretcher out of the bus. Adam was trying to keep up with them.

"Sir, You are going to have to stay out here for the moment." A nurse said holding him back.

He nodded and stopped where he was. He watched as they all went down the hall and into a room. He leaned against the wall and slid down the wall. He looked over at the clock that was on the wall. 10:15. Raw was over and soon people would show up. Adam let some more tears roll down his face.

"Adam, Where is Alia?" Dave asked as he rushed in the hospital.

"Back there." he pointed without looking up to his friend.

They all sat there and waited. 10:30 arrived and there still was no word. Adam looked around to see that almost the entire locker room was there. Randy and Jeff was sitting next to each not talking at all. John had his head in his hands. Dave and Mickie was standing outside talking. Katie, Paul, Chuck, Jamie Noble, Shawn, Matt, Layla, Paul L., and Jerry was all there somewhere in the waiting room. They all was waiting on any information about Alia's conduction.

"Sir?" The nurse said as she was standing by Adam."The young lady that you came with. She's fine now, but she had some problems."

"What is it?" Everybody was quiet and looking over at Adam, John walked over to where they were and sat next to him.

"Well, as you know her heart stopped in the Ambulance, they got it back but when she got here it stopped again. It was blood loss and she's stable now. But she may have some memory loss. We don't know yet as she's not awake yet."

"Can I go in and see her?"

"Two at a time keep that in mind."

"Ok" The nurse turned and walked away. "John since she is your daughter go in and see her."


"Mickie you go as well." The brunet shook her head and the two walked down the hall into Alia's room.

Alia was hooked up to a lot of tubes and she had oxygen being pumped into her. Her head was slightly swollen from her fall. She looked bad. John and Mickie walked in and each of them looked at her before they both let out a tear. Mickie ran out of the room and back down the hall and outside. John went over to his daughter and placed a soft kiss on her cheek before he exited.

Soon after everyone came and went Adam made his was down the hall. He walked in looking at her and walked over to her. "I'm sorry." he whispered in her ear before he kissed her on the forehead and got a seat next to her bed. "I'll be here when you wake up." he whispered before he went to sleep.

--The Next Morning--7a.m.

John walked in with some flowers and balloons. He placed them on the side table before he looked over at Adam. He placed a hand on his shoulder and he woke up.

"Adam, Go get some sleep. I can look after her. She's sleeping anyways."

"John, I'm sorry. I should have been…"

"What Adam?" She hasn't past out for two months. You didn't know that she would pass out and hit her head. It's not your fault. Trust me. It's not."

"I guess your right." The door opened and Jeff walked in.

"Hey guys, has she woke up yet?"

"Not yet."

--Normal View--

I turned in bed and opened my eyes a little groaning. I looked at who was standing around me. "What are you guys doing here? Where am I at?"

"Shorty, you're in a hospital. Do you remember what happened?"

"Dave was in the ring about to kick Paul's ass then I don't remember anything else."

"Sweetie you passed out and hit your head." My dad said as he held my hand. I noticed Jeff walked out the room.

"Where's Jeff going?"

"To get me." the nurse stated as she came in. She pushed past Adam and looked me over. "Well looks like you are going to be ok. I'll just get the doctor to look at you before you can leave ok?" She put on a small smile.

"Ok." I stated and returned the smile. She walked out the door. i looked over at my dad. "What time is it Dad?"

"It's 7:20 in the morning."

"Why are all of you guys awake so early?"

"Well you are in the hospital. No special treatment." Adam joked.

"Ha ha very funny." I looked over my dad's shoulder and noticed that Jeff was standing there. "Why are you way over there?"

"Don't want to get in the way is all."

"What are you talking about, Get your ass over here and give me a hug." I demanded. He did. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he smiled at me then sat on the end of the bed. The door opened and the doctor came in.

"Ok, Guys can you please leave so that I can examine her." the three guys got up and went out the door. "I'll come get you all when I'm done. I think that there's a gentle man in the waiting room for you though." he stated outside to one of the guys. He came back and looked at me. "Looks like you hit your head pretty hard last night."

"I guess."

"Well let's see." he stated as he examine me. "Looks fine. Well you can leave today but I would like for you to not put so much work on for a week. You can wrestle but don't strain yourself."

"Alright. Vince's is going to like that."

He chuckled. "Guess he will. Is there anybody that you want to see in particular?"

"Jeff Hardy." he nodded his head and walked out the door, A couple of minutes later Jeff walked in.

"So I hear that you wanted to see me."

"You heard right."

"What is it?"

"Well you know how I was talking to you the other day about like someone in catering."


"well I was talking about you. But you know what. The last thing that I thought of was Dave. That's very weird."

"No it's not. You love Dave more than you thought. I'm flattered that you like me that way but I think that if you listen to what your heart is saying it will say to go for Dave before it's to late."

"Yeah guess your right. I mean last night could have been it for me."

"It sure could of. So do you want to see him?"


"Dave silly."

"Yeah. If he's here."

"Hold on." he walked out of the room.

"Where am I going dork?" I said to nobody. I closed my eyes and placed my head back on my pillow. Somebody opened the door and I looked over to see that it was Dave. He looked slightly confused.

"Hey Dave."

"Hey 'Lia. How are you feeling?"

"Good. I'm going home today."

"That's great." he looked down at the floor.

"Dave can I tell you something?"


"Well the last thing that I thought of was you. I thought how stupid I was that I didn't even give us a try." I said as a tear came rolling down my face. "I mean I told you that I liked someone else, that was the truth but it took me getting hit on the head to realize that I do like you more than a friend."

He walked over to me and wiped the tears away and placed a kiss on my forehead. "Alia, that's makes me so happy."

"Do you think that you could take me home?"

"Oh course I can."

"We can talk in the car about some things."

"Sure." he said before he placed a soft kiss on my lips. He smiled at me before turning around and sitting in the empty chair.

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