Chapter 15

The ref called for the bell. I looked at Jeff and winked. He knew what he was going to do. I walked up to him and slapped him in the face. He was slightly shocked. I raised my right fist and threw it at his face he ducked and ran to the ropes, Adam grabbed his leg. Boos were heard again, I dragged him over to the middle of the ring. I bent down and grabbed his hair. I slammed his head down to the mat four times then got up.

I was pushed in the corner by the ref. Jeff slowly got up, I walked over to him and kicked him in the stomach, I Irish whipped him in the corner. I ran from the other corner and clothes lined him. He fell down and rested on the bottom rope. I stopped and looked at the top of the ramp. Someone was standing there and started to cry again.

"King do you see who's up there?"

"I sure do JR but why is he here?"

He slowly made his way down the ramp. Jeff got up and noticed that my attention was adverted. He looked to where I was staring and looked over. Jeff ran beside me and put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me behind him.

Slowly the man climbed the stairs and under the top rope. Adam jumped in the ring and pulled me out of the ring and stood beside Jeff. The man walked over and got a microphone from Lillian.

"Now if you haven't noticed, but Y2J is Back." there were boos throughout the arena. Jeff and Adam stared at Chris. I was out side the ring with tears rolling down my face. Jeff grabbed his microphone out of his hand.

"What the hell do you mean by that?"

Chris walked over and got another microphone. "I'm back. I signed a contract the other day and I'm back. That's what I mean Jeffery."

"What do you want anyways?"

"Well I came to see how Angel was doing. I know a secret about her that only she knows. She's told nobody at all. Not even her boyfriend."

"What?" Jeff said as he turned to me. Adam kept his eyes on Chris.

I couldn't take it anymore. 'How the hell does he know? Dave doesn't even know. What the fuck?' I looked back at Jeff and walked around the ring towards the ramp. Just then a very familiar music hit. I turned and looked. Vince was coming out from the back.

"Boys, Boys, Boys. Stop. On Sunday we are going to have a very special match. It's going to be a lumberjack match. Y2J Chris Jericho V. Angel." there were cheers and boos. "Hold on I've yet to name the lumberjacks. They are going to be. Edge," more boos, "Jeff Hardy," the crowd went wild, "Matt Hardy," Matt came out from the back looking shocked. "Randy Orton," He too came out but he had a smile on his face. "Batista." He came out with a mixture of shock and amusement on his face. "Chuck Plumbo," He walked out and looked at Chris and nodded. "Paul Burchill," He walked out with Katie Lea behind him. "Santino Merella," He walked out with Beth beside him. "JBL" He walked out and tipped his hat to Chris, "And John Cena." He walked out and nodded towards me. Vince said with a smirk and turned around and walked back threw the curtain.

I was jumping for joy inside. I looked up at the ramp everybody was standing there looking back toward me and Chris. I turned and looked back to the ring Jeff and Adam had gotten out of the ring and was making there way towards me. Chris had a huge smile on his face. He looked very pleased with himself. I could hear everything that was going on.

"Well King that's going to be a very interesting match come Sunday."

"That it will. We've got Chris Jericho V. Angel with Edge, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Batista, Chuck Plumbo, Paul Burchill, Santino, JBL, and John Cena around the ring. What could go wrong."

"If you remember King, Chris was fired because of his actions towards Angel, Now he's back."

"And over half of these guys were involved with kicking his ass the last time as well."

I walked up the ramp and followed everybody through the curtain. Once I got back there I noticed that Vince was standing waiting for me. When he saw me he motioned for me. I walked over there and stared at him.

"Why did you do that?"

"I was thinking that this would be good way for you to kick his ass."

"I do want to do that."

"And I wasn't going to put you out there by yourself with him. That's why I went and asked who wanted a piece of Chris and those ten volunteered."

"What was the order? I've got to know."

"Your dad, Dave, Adam, Jeff, Randy, Matt, John, Chuck, Paul, then Santino. Oh and I'm allowing Beth and Katie to go down there as well. They are going after you just to make it look fair. They aren't going to do anything bad to you. Chris is going to have one hell of a payback come Sunday."

"Thanks Vince."

"No problem."

"Wait, Is this match scripted?"

"No, and it's a NO DQ match too. So do what ever you want to him."

"Thanks again."

He hugged me and walked away. I looked around at everybody who was going to be in the lumberjack match. They all were talking to each other but shut up when I turned around. They looked at me as I felt myself starting to cry.

"I just want to say thank you all for your help."

"Sweetie, He deserves what he has coming to him. And that we are going to make sure that he's not going to be walking out of there. You know Pay-backs a Bitch." Dave said to me as he whipped some of my tears away.

"How about we all go celebrate tonight."

"OK." they all said in unison.

--2 Days Later, Wednesday-- At the gym--

"Jeff, I'm scared to be this Sunday. I've never felt like this, not even with my first match. I mean what if I can't do this?"

"Alia, I know that you can do this. You are a Angel in the ring and that's what you are. Nobody can do what Chris did to you and get away with it. And besides if anything goes wrong you have me out there."

"I know that but what if he get's some help."

"Like who? Everybody wants to kill him."

"Paul (The Big Show). He just came back and he hasn't been keeping up. Chris could go to Paul and ask for his assistance."

"Sweetie calm down. Paul wouldn't do that. Besides Dave and Chuck will be down at ring side. I know that they could together knock him out."

"I guess."

"'Lia, listen, you are going to be fine. Trust me."

"I do trust you."

"Good. Now go get a shower and I'll take you to lunch.

"ok. Thanks Jeffy. I don't know what I would do without you."

"Stop breathing." he joked.

"Probably." I joked back before I went to the showers.

--4 Days Later, Sunday--At the Arena--

I was in the locker room with my dad and Dave. I was so nervous that I couldn't sit down. I was pacing around the room, I want to kill Jericho but then again I wanted to run away. The match was a NO DQ 10 man Lumberjack Match and not scripted to add. Anything could happen tonight. I glanced over to the tv and saw the match line up.

"Angel V. Y2J. 10 man Lumberjack NO DQ match. Coming up later." the voice over guy said. I noticed the picture and started to calm down. Everybody that was involved in the match was on it along with Chris and Me.

"I see that made you smile." Dave said as he looked over at me.

"It calmed me down."

"Why's that?"

"Everybody that I love is going to be at ringside behind me all the way."

"That we are shorty. I'm going to go see someone before we head out."

"Ok daddy. See you down there." I hugged him and he walked out. Dave grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the couch.

"Ok, What did Chris mean by he knew a secret that I didn't know?"

'OH God. Not now.' "Oh, That." I looked down. I didn't want anybody to know about that but Chris did.

"Yeah That. It's very strange. You didn't even tell your best friend."

"I told nobody at all. Nobody was suppose to find out about it." I felt tears in my eyes but I blinked them back. "Just tell me what it is ok."

"I was pregnant, ok. Happy. I found out two weeks after Chris got fired and I told nobody that I was pregnant. The doctors told me after I fell off the ring and hit my head that I lost the baby. I didn't know how to tell anybody. The doctors asked if I knew who the father was and the only person that came in mind was Chris. I tried to block it out but I couldn't. I don't know how he found out but I'm." I was cut off. Dave had kissed me to stop me from talking anymore.

"Alia. This just gives more of a reason to beat his ass."

"Are you mad?"

"Hell yeah I'm mad. But not at you I'm pissed at Chris. He's an ass hole and an idiot and I'm going to make sure that he pays for what he's done."

"Thank you. I love you." 'Did I just say that?'

"I love you too." He kissed me one last time. He grabbed my hand and let me out the door. We walked to the curtain to find everybody there including HIM.

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