Chapter 16

Everybody was at the curtain waiting. They all looked over at me and Dave. I had a smile on my face and was holding Dave's hand.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Alia are you ok?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Dave know something that only Chris said he knew." everybody looked over to Jericho. He was frowning and looked displeased.

"What do you mean?" Adam asked.

"Well. Dave you tell them." I said as I kept my glance over at Jericho to watch his expression.

"She was pregnant."

"That's wonderful." Beth said with a smile on her face.

"Wait was." Matt said.

"No, Jericho was the father and she lost it when she hit her head the other week and lost all that blood."

"Oh." Everybody said.

"He's dead." Randy said.

"Chuck your first." a sound guy said as his music played.

"It's going to be fine. He's an idiot anyways." my dad said.

Jericho's face was red and he looked like he was going to run away but he couldn't. He looked sick but he knew that he had a job to do tonight and he wasn't it wasn't going to end well for him either.

"Santino your next." Beth gave me a hug and walked out with Santino. We stood around as watched the screen that was on the wall.

"Next up is Paul." He walked out before giving me a wink and thumbs up. I smiled a little knowing that they all knew what I had known for a while.

"Next is Matt and Jeff." They both hugged me before going out to screaming fans.

"Randy." He walked up to me and gave me a kiss before leaving through the curtains.

"JBL." He tipped his hat towards Chris. Chris smirked at this but he didn't notice the wink that I got form John.

"Cena." my dad walked over to me and but me in a bear hug and kiss my forehead before he walked out to more screaming fans. 'Dang, Who's more popular, The Hardy Boyz or my dad?'

"Ok, Jericho your next."

"What? I thought the Lumberjacks were going out first."

"They are, but those two are with her in a tag team so they are going out there together."

"Whatever." he sounded disappointed and looked like he was going to hit the stage hand guy.

He walked through the curtain to boos. He didn't really care. He stood at the top of the ramp for a second before he made his way to the ring. The guys that was down there parted just enough for him to get through. He stood in the ring with a sour look and a smile.

"Man JR. This is already an intense match and it hasn't even started."

"I know and tow lumberjacks are missing."

"Edge and Batista. I wonder where they are?"Our music played and we walked out to some boos and a lot of screams.

"I think that's our answer King."

We walked down the ramp and up to the other superstars. I hugged Adam and Dave before I walked up the stairs. I climbed in the ring and noticed at the announcer's table was Vince. He winked at me and I gave him a smile. Vince stood up and had a microphone in his hand. He put it up to his mouth and everybody looked at him.

"As you know this is already a great match up but I've got to add something to it. Mickie Hinson get out of the ring and go back to the back." I looked over at the ref and he walked out of the ring a little disappointed. I looked back at Vince he had a smile on his face. "Will the Special Guest Referee Please Make His Way Out Here." my stomach dropped when he said this. When the music hit I put a smile on my face. I couldn't help it.

I think I'm Cute.

I Know I'm Sexy.

I've got the looks,

That drive the girls wild

The crowd went wild and Chris face dropped even more. I couldn't believe that one of my favorite person in the world was going to be refereeing the match. 'So this is what Vince meant by he's not leaving me in the ring alone.' Shawn made his was down the ramp. He slapped the crowds hands and climbed in the ring. He walked over to Lillian and got a microphone.

"Thank you Vince. I'm going to have fun in here tonight." He stated before giving the mic back. He rang the bell and the match was on.

Catching him off guard, I speared Chris, he hit his head on the mat. I got up and held my hands up to the crowd. They went wild. I 'accidentally' kicked him out of the ring and onto the mat outside the ring. Jeff and Matt grabbed him and threw him against the security barrier before Adam gave him a clothesline and tossing him back in the ring. I grabbed him by the hair and tossed him across the ring. He crawled into the corner and rested on the bottom rope.

He slowly got up and I ran at him and bulldogged him. He was laying in the middle of the ring so I decided that I should pull some moves that Jeff had taught me. I got to the top rope and pointed down to Jeff. I gave Chris the diving leg drop and Chris moved. I hit the mat hard and Chris got up and kicked me in the back of the head. He grabbed my hair and did the Breakdown on me. That hurt ever worse, I laid in the middle of the ring just trying to catch my breathe when I hear Dave screaming.

"GET UP! COME ON. GET UP." he and some others were hitting the mat. Shawn was kneeled beside me checking on me.

I got up holding my head. He was on the top rope going for the missile dropkick but I ducked and went for the inverted DDT. He laid in the middle of the ring. I decided to take a breather in the corner. Shawn checked on Chris then asked if I was ok. I nodded my head and he went back over to Chris. He got up and I gave him the diving shoulder block. I learned that one from Dave and got up and did the elbow drop from the top rope.

"Man She's pulling out all the stops here tonight isn't she?"

"That she is King, That she is."

I got up off the ring and noticed that Chris was already up and in the corner. He ran at me and I ducked and he went sliding through the second rope right on top of JBL and Chuck. They went down and me being me went over to the ropes and did a slingshot Somersault senton and landed on top of the three. I was forced up by Beth and Katie. They hit me a couple of times before Beth slipped me some brass knuckles and tossed me back inside.

I laid on the mat waiting for Chris to me put in the ring. Shawn came over to me to see how I was doing. Chris got tossed back in by my dad and I noticed that he was cut open. I took avenge of that and placed the Brass Knuckles on. I went over to him and hit him twice in the head where he was open and once in the mouth. He grabbed my hand and tossed me backwards. I noticed that he was smiling and was still on top of me. I flipped him backwards while tossing the brass knuckles out side the ring. Randy caught them and placed them in his pocket.

I got over to Jericho and placed him in the Anaconda Vise. He was crawling his was to the ropes trying his best to get out of it. He did and I had to let him go. He planted the one-handed bulldog on me and went for the Walls of Jericho. I was about to tap out when he let go. I noticed that Shawn was telling someone to get out of the ring. It was Adam I nodded my head at him and did the Half Nelson sitout face buster on him. He wasn't moving so I went for the pin. 1.2...He moved. So I go up and hit him some more. He was down this time I went up to the top rope and did my finisher. I pinned him once more 1.2.3.

"AND THE WINNER IS ANGEL." Jillian stated.

Shawn grabbed my hand and raised it in the air. He let it go and walked over and grabbed my belts he handed them to me. He gave me a hug before lightly kicking Jericho out of the ring. Adam and Dave climbed in the ring. They each held one of my hands in the air and pointing towards me. I smiled at them and they helped me out of the ring.

"That was a great match." JR stated.

"Nobody knew who was going to win and I'm glad that Angel has won this match maybe her demon's about him have gone. That's why I made this match tonight."

"Well Mr. McMahon that was a wonder match to say the least." King said.

I was up at the top of the ramp with Dave and Adam and turned to the crowd. I gave them a wave and blew them a kiss before I went backstage. I was sore and happy I couldn't help it I let all of my anger towards him come out and that was it.

"I'm so proud of you." my dad said as he picked my up and turned me around.

"Yeah, watch out now or I maybe coming for your title dad."

"I think you would get it before Orton does."

"Hey, that maybe true but you don't have to say it."

"Boys, stop. We are going out tonight to celebrate my win. And you know that this wasn't scripted so I've won fair and square."

"We know you did."

"Dad, where's Jeff and Matt at. They helped me out too and I want them to come with us to celebrate."

"They said something about going out but they would be back before the show's off. Go get changed and meet me in catering when you get done ok."

"Ok. Meet you there." I walked off and changed.

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