Chapter 17

--At the Arena--

I was sitting in the locker room with dad and Dave. My dad was getting changed and Dave and I were sitting on the couch watching the monitor. It was the last match for the night and Jeff and Matt wasn't back for their thing. I was beginning to get worried about them and I guess that it showed on my face.

"Shorty, Don't worry about them. They are fine."

"But how do you know that dad?"

"I know them, those two are just fine."

"I'm still worried about them."

"If they aren't back by the time that the show goes off I'll call them."

"Ok." I sat back against Dave and he put his arm around me. I couldn't concentrate on the match that was up. Just when I was about to lose my mind the door opened. I looked up to see Jeff walk in. I jumped up off the couch and ran over to him and hugged him tightly.

"Hey. What's wrong?"

"I was worried about you. You and Matt went missing and it scared me."

"Well Matt and me had to go get something for you."


"This." Matt walked in with a big cake in his hands. I noticed he had a huge smile on his face and then I heard my dad chuckle. I turned around and looked at him.

"Let me guess. You were apart of this whole thing."


"Who else?"

"Randy, Dave, Jeff, Matt, Adam, Me, Phil, and Shawn."

"Why would you all make me worry like that? And What's the cake for?"

"It was fun to make you worry, Shorty." I walked over to my dad and lightly punched him in the arm. "OW. That hurt."

"Well you shouldn't of made me worry like that."

"Ok. About the cake. It's to celebrate you standing up to Jericho. We were going to get you a cake no matter what."

"Awe thanks guys. Let's eat it in catering before we go out to the club."

"Ok. I'll go get the others."


--At the Club--

We all arrived at the club at different times. Dave and me arrived last, we were kind of busy. We walked in hand in hand and walked over to where Adam, Jeff and Matt were sitting. I pulled up a seat next to Adam and sat down. Dave sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulders.

"So where have you two been at?"

"Oh Now where Matt." I gave Dave a smile and looked back over to Matt.

"Really. Somehow I don't believe you." Matt smiled.

"Whatever. So what are you talking about?"

"Jericho." Matt said. My smile turned to a frown.

"Don't worry. We were just talking about how he got his ass kicked and he how he might not be back at work." Jeff stated.

"That was one hell of a beating that you gave him 'Lia."

"Thanks Adam. But I wouldn't of won if it wasn't for all of you guys. Thanks."

"Well that son of a bitch deserved it Baby." Dave said as he kissed me on the head.

"Anyways. Have you guys seen my dad?"

"He was over at the bar with Mickie." Matt declared.

"Ok. I'll be right back." I got up and walked over to the bar. I was going to talk to my dad. But I turned around and walked back to the guys with a smile on my face.

"What happened?" Jeff asked when he saw the huge smile.

"My dad and Mickie."

"What about them?" Dave asked as I sat back down next to him and put my hand on his leg."They were kissing. I'm happy for him. It's been a while that I've seen him so happy. And I like Mickie so that's an added."

"Oh. Wait, they were kissing at the bar?"

"Yeah, didn't you hear what I just said Adam, or were you to caught up in your own thoughts again." I let out a small laugh.

"No. I reading my text messages and the only thing that I heard was John and Kissing."

"Oh, well I'll let you get back to reading then." I smiled at the thought of Adam reading.

"Very funny 'Lia." He got up and leaded over to me and kissed my cheek before he left out the club.

Jeff, Matt, Dave and Me sat there a while longer just talking and laughing at the Mickie and my dad dancing, or trying to dance, on the dance floor. I felt my phone vibrate and pulled it out of back pocket. I had a text message and so I opened it up. I didn't recognize the number but the message shocked me.

'You think that you have won. This is only the beginning. I'll see you next week and make sure you watch your back. Luv U. Y2J.'

I looked up from the phone and spaced out. I was in deep trouble now. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't hear Jeff talking to me. Dave and Matt looked at each other in concern and called my name. Dave grabbed my hand and I was brought back to reality.

"Yeah." I said as I was shaking my head trying to get the message out of my head.

"What's wrong with you baby?"

"Um…." I looked down and took my hand away from him and got up. Matt grabbed my arm and turned me around making me look at him.

"What's wrong? And don't say nothing I've known you for 6 years and it's not nothing. You looked scared. Now tell us what's wrong."

"I…um….I…." Matt pulled me down to sit on his lap.

"'Lia spit it out." Jeff said.

"Chris." I said and looked back down at the floor.

"What about him. You kicked his ass tonight. He's not going to hurt you babe." Dave said.

"That's not true." I said softly barely being heard.

"Why's that." Matt asked.

"Just look at this." I handed my phone to Matt. He read the message and looked up at me. "See what I mean."

"Ok. Stay with Dave, Jeff or Me the entire time so nothing happens.

"What are you two talking about?" Jeff asked looking more confused than shocked.

"I'll read it." I said as Matt handed me the phone back. I read the message and then looked up at Dave then Jeff. I had tears in my eyes. Dave looked like he was about to pass out from the shock and Jeff looked like he was about to jump up and find the fucker and kill him.

"Baby, listen to what Matt said. He's right. You are to stay with one of us at all times. I'm going to talk go to Randy and tell about this. He's going to be pissed off as well. Don't worry about it."

"How can I not worry about it when he's going to be around every where. I'm not safe no matter what."

"'Lia you are going to be safe. Let me see your phone." I handed my phone to Jeff and watched him. After a couple of minutes he handed it back to me.

"What did you do?"


"Tell me what you did?"

"All I did was forward that message to every phone number that I knew."

"Like who?"

"Matt, Shannon, Cody, Adam, Phil, Your dad, Shawn, Shane, Paul and Mike."

"Why did you send it to Matt he's the one that read it first."

"Cause I wanted to send it to him so he could send it to the others that he knew. It's going to be a chain and so you are going to be safe."

"Don't you think that they are going to want an…." I didn't finish my sentence as I was cut off by my phone vibrating. I open it up and I had two text messages. I opened them and looked at the numbers, they were from Mike and Phil.

'Do you want me to help keep a look out for the son of a bitch when you get here next week? xoxoxoxTheMizxoxoxox

I read the text and hit reply.

'Thanks Mike. Can you please just make sure that I'm not alone while I'm back stage. That way he want be able to do anything. Luv Alia.' I hit send and read the second one.

'Damn it, Alia where are you right now? Are you still at the club? XOXOXOX PunkiePunk.' I hit reply 'Yea I'm at the club with Dave, Jeff and Matt.' I hit send.

I got up off of Matt's lap and sat back down next to Dave. I had blinked the tears away but they were coming back to me. I looked over to see who else was in the club Lance, Cody, and Layla. My phone vibrated again and I opened it.

'I'll be there in a minute.' I was about to reply when I got another text message. 'I'm here now where are you sitting?' I looked at the door and noticed Phil standing at the door. I guess that Jeff noticed to because he got up and walked over to him. Both of them came back to the table

"Alia." Phil said as he gave me a hug. "He's not going to get away with this. We can go talk to Vince."

"Thanks but I think that I need to have a normal match in the ring with him tomorrow on RAW. That's why I'm going to go ask Vince to set the match in the morning. Don't give me that look Matt, I know what I'm doing. I am going to go kick his fucking ass to next month. He's going to wish that he never messed with John Cena's Daughter. I promise you that." that just came out of me. I was bottling it since I read the message.

"That's my girl." Dave said as he gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. I looked around at the other guys. They were slightly shocked and amazed that my mind set could change so fast.

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