Chapter 18

--Monday 1p.m.--At the Arena--

I was standing outside of Vince's Office. I was nervous for two reasons….1) I was about to ask Vince if I could have a match with Jericho and 2) I was in the back of the arena ALONE. I had told Dave and Jeff that I would be fine and that I would be with Vince. It was more like me begging for them to let me go.


"Come on Dave. Let me go there by myself."

"Baby, I said No. What if Jericho is there waiting for you?"

"But he doesn't know that I'm even going to go see Vince. Why would he be there?"

"'Lia he might have thought of the same thing that you did. He might want a match."

"But Jeff, What if I call you when I'm in Vince's office and again when I leave?"

"We both said No Babe."

"Please!!" I said as I stuck out my bottom lip.

"Alright. But, if anything, and I mean anything…Call me or Jeff if you can't call for some reason send us a message of where you are at."


"'Lia, honey, I'm serious."

"Thank you." I jumped up off the couch and hugged Dave and walked over to the bed and hugged Jeff.

End Flashback

And that was three hours ago. I pulled out my phone and sent Dave and Jeff a text. I really didn't feel like talking to them.

'Well, I'm in front of V's office. Txt u l8er. 3 Alia"

I knocked on Vince's door. I heard someone walk to the door. I looked left and right to make sure that nobody was in the halls. The door opened and I looked at Vince.

"Hey, Alia, what brings you here?"

"I was wondering if I had a match tonight?" I wanted to see where Vince put me before I asked for a match.

"Not really. But I do have you going down to the ring with Adam and Dave for there match against Cryme Tyme."

"Well I was wondering if I could have a match tonight?"

"I guess you could. I could put you in at the beginning. That way you can rest up before you go out with your team mates. Who do you want."

"Now don't lose your cool but I want Jericho."

"I thought that was settled last night?"

"No it wasn't. So can I please have him in the ring."

"If you are sure."

"I am."

"What kind do you want?"

"A normal one. No special Ref., no tag partner, and nobody outside the ring."

"So a regular match is all that you want."


"I'm not going to ask why, I'm trusting you."

"Is that a yes."

"Yes it is."

"Thank you."

"No problem." I got up and shook his hand and walked out the door. I pulled out my phone and sent two text messages.

'Got it. It's first.' I hit send and walked out to my car. I got in and drove back to the hotel.

--7 Hours later--Back at the Arena--

I was getting prepared for my match, I was warming up in the locker room when there was a knock on the door. I wasn't paying attention to anything around me. I had my ipod in my ears and doing some stretches in the corner. Dave got up and walked over to the door and let the person in. That person came over to me and pulled my headphones out of my ears. Making me stop what I was doing and turn around.

"What the hell did you do that for?"

"I need to talk to you. That why I did it." He looked serious.

"Ok. What's wrong with you Jeff?"

"Well it's Matt."

"What's wrong with Matt?" I was getting very worried now.

"I went to catering. I was only gone for five minutes. I don't know how but it happened."

"Slow down, What happened?"

"Matt's in the trainer's room. He was knocked out. I walked in the locker room and he was laid out in the middle of the room. I don't know who could of done it."

"Do you not? I bet you ten dollars I know who did it."

"Jericho?" Dave said from the bench. Just then someone burst through the door. Jeff turned around to see who it was, after seeing who it was he left to go check on Matt.

"What's up guys?"

"Oh, Hey Adam. Matt's hurt."

"That's to bad. What happened?"


"Oh. So he's going after everybody who's trying to help you then."

"Yeah. I guess so. But that's going to be ok. I've got him in the ring first. And nobody is going down to the ring with me."

"OK. But we are taking you to the curtain, babe."

"That's fine." I finished getting ready with my warm-ups and looked at the clock. 8:55. I looked over at Dave. "It's almost time for my match." I stated to the two guys in the locker room. They both nodded towards me and walked me to the curtain. I guess Jericho doesn't know about this.

"Yes he does." Adam said as he nodded towards the end of the hall.

We could tell that he had a smirk on his face as he started walking towards me. I jumped as the pyro's went off signaling that RAW had started. I looked over to the sound guy and he nodded to me when my music hit. Angel By Shaggy I walked out to the ramp. Stood there for a second and the crowd went wild.

"JR. Did you see this coming. Angel. She's coming out in her ring gear does that mean what I think it means."

"I think it does. But the question is who is she up against?"

I stood in the ring for a little bit before Jericho's music hit.

"I believe we have our answer King."

"Didn't he get enough of her last night?"

"I don't think he did."

Jericho got in the ring and smirk at me. I stared at him with fire in my eyes. The ref cheeked us both to make sure we were clean before he rang the bell to start the match. We walked up to each other he blew me a kiss and I kicked him in the gut. He doubled over, so I ran over to the ropes and came at him with the kick to the head. He went down to the mat, I turned him over on his back and bent down to punch him some more. The ref pulled me off of him and Jericho rolled out of the ring.

"Man, you'd think that Angel was a guy if you didn't know her."

"I know what you mean King."

I stared him down as he climbed back in the ring. I ran at him with a clothesline and he ducked out of the way. As I turned around he clothes lined me and I went down. As I got up, with the help form the ropes, he came over to me. I received four backhand chops to the chest, boy did that hurt like hell. I staggered to the middle of the ring from behind I received a kick to the head (The Spinning Wheel Kick). I fell to the ground.

I saw what was coming next so I moved as he attempted the Springboard Backflip. He was holding his stomach as I got up and kicked him a few times. The ref pulled me off again. I pushed the ref off of me and walked back over to Jericho, I picked him up by the hair and Irish Whipped him into the corner. I apparently put to much force into it cause he bounced off the turnbuckle and back towards me. I took my chance and clothes lined him so hard that he was turned inside out. I got up to the top rope and applied the elbow drop to him before I attempted to pin him. 1.2. No, he kicked out.

I hit the mat as I was seriously getting pissed off. I turned around and placed him in my new submission maneuver. I tossed his left knee behind my leg, grabbed his right arm and twisted it behind his back as I put my left hand around his chin and pulled back. This caused him to scream out in pain. I leaned back to tweak his lower back so that it was close to snapping in half. After about a minute he tapped out. The ref called for the bell and I release the hold on him.

"AND THE WINNER IS ANGEL." Lillian exclaimed as it was hardly heard over the roar of the crowd.

My arm was raised in the air, but I didn't get to celebrate to much as Lance Cade ran out to aid his 'boss'. he jumped in the ring and stood in front of me. I looked up at him, he was huffing and staring at me. He turned around but then he threw a fist my way but I ducked and then place him in the submission. He tapped to but I held the hold on him a little longer to prove a point. I slid under the ropes and made my way to the back.

"That was quiet a match that our little Angel had there. New move and new attitude. What else could happened tonight, King?"

"I don't know but I want to know the name of the move. That's some submission hold she has."

Just then the monitor on the screen went to Todd. He was standing in the back apparently waiting for me for some reason.

"Angel, can I ask you a question?" I looked behind him and saw Dave, Randy, and Adam. I looked back at Todd and nodded my head. (I didn't talk that much on t.v. I only did the action)

"What is that submission maneuver?"

"Angel's Fury." I stated before walking pass him and down to where the guys were standing.

"Well there you have it Angel's Fury." I heard Todd exclaim.

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