Chapter 19

--Back Stage--

After overhearing Todd's statement I kept walking towards the guys. I had a small smile on my face. No matter what I did the smile wouldn't leave my face. I stood in front of the guys as I could see they all were quiet pleased with what I had done.

"Baby, that was awesome. Just one question, Where did you learn that move? I don't remember ever teaching you about submissions."

"Me either. But you know Dave, I have a feeling that I've seen that somewhere." Randy stated with his smile on his face. Adam was standing there with a stupid smile on his face.

"Ok. Dave, you didn't teach submissions to me. Randy you've never seen that move before and Adam, will you please say something?"

"Oh 'Lia, Sorry. That was great. I'm guessing that you combined some of your dad's moves with Jeff's moves."

"Yeah and one other person. Phil."

"Really?!" Adam stated. I nodded my head yes.

Dave put his arm around my shoulders while Adam and Randy were behind us as we all walked back to the locker room. We walked in to the room and my dad wasn't there. 'That's weird. Something's strange going on. Wait don't think like that.' I got out of Dave's grip and walked over to my bag and pulled out a fresh pair of clothes. I walked into the bathroom (just go with me) and changed. I re-did my hair so that it was now only half up in a pony tail.

"Damn baby, can you stop getting hot on me." Dave said as he let a small chuckle out.

"No." I stated as a smile came across my face.

--About an Hour later--

Dave, Adam and me were standing by the curtain when I saw Shad coming up. I quickly looked over to Dave and then walked over to him.

"Hey Shad."

"Yo. What's up little Cena?"

"Nothing really. Where's your partner in crime." I laughed at the last word that I said.

"Catering. That boys looking for women again." He smiled down at me. For some reason I felt safe around almost everyone back stage. We both walked to the curtain together laughing and joking around with each other when I spotted JTG running down the hall pretty fast.

"Yo man what's wrong?"

"Maria, Beth, and Mickie." He huffed as he was clearly out of breathe.

"Let me guess. You were hitting on them and you said something about one of them and they started chasing you?" I said trying my best to not laugh. He nodded his head yes and all four of us started laughing.

The sound guy signaled for us to go out to the ring. We walked out to screaming fans and some boos. I was holding on to Dave's arm and Adam had his arm around my waist. (On screen I was Adam's girlfriend off screen I was Dave's.)

"I didn't think that Angel would be out here again? She sure is tough."

"Well with The Animal and Edge this is going to be a slobber knocker of a match tonight."

Just then Cryme Tyme came out. They did their whole thing and got into the ring. The ref soon told me to get out and the match started. Dave and Shad started the match. They both were throwing punching at each other and I was cheering Dave on by getting the crowd behind him. Shad tagged in JTG while Adam tagged himself in.

I wasn't paying any attention to the match anymore as my eyes were now fully on the ramp. Snitsky was at the top of the ramp with Manu and Melina. They were staring at me when I saw Jericho came out with Lance behind him. Melina ran down the ramp and started stalking me. I walked backwards around the ring. I was by the announcer's table as I tried to keep my eyes on the ramp and Melina. Just then it hit me, I jumped the security barrier and started to run through the crowd.

I glanced behind me and saw Melina and Manu chasing after me. I made it to the backstage door and ran through it. Not looking to where I was going I ran smack dab into Randy.

"Slow your roll Alia. Why are you running?"

"That's why." I pointed to Manu and Melina making there way towards the door that I was at.

"Ok. Go stand over there. Let them come to you and get close. I'll take Manu and you take Melina when I look at you. Ok?"

"Ok." I did as I was told and the plan worked. Manu and Melina was down. "Now I've got to get back out there and help them out."

I ran back out to the ring and noticed that Dave, Adam, Shad, and JTG were all getting beat up by the others. I slid in the ring and gave an uppercut to Lance as he was closer. He fell down and Snitsky charged at me. I moved but ended up coming face to face with Jericho. Shad and JTG were laid out on the outside of the ring while Adam was in the corner just across from me. Dave was behind me with his head busted open. There was also two chairs and a baseball bat in the ring.

Jericho grabbed my arm with his right hand. (His left was in a sling). I didn't even see what happened next. The next thing that I knew was that I was down on the mat and my vision was blurry.

--Jericho's POV--

I heard him behind me and I knew he was about to try to Spear me. I stayed as long as I was comfortable with before moving out of the way. I stood by and saw Adam spear Alia. It was the worst spear that I have ever seen.'Better her than me.' I slid out of the ring and went over to Lance. He would be ok. I slowly walked up the ramp backwards and watched as Adam was bent over her. Not long after I arrived at the top Dave got up and was now over to her.

--Adam's POV--

After I delivered my spear I got and realized all to late that it was Alia not Jericho on the mat in front of me. 'Oh My God. What have I done?' I didn't go after Jericho even though I so desperately wanted to. I kneeled down next to her and placed my hand on her head. She had a weird glaze in her eyes. She wasn't Alia she was hurt and I could see that.

"Alia, I'm so sorry. Can you talk? Talk to me." I whispered in her ear. I leaned back up and noticed that Dave was now beside me.

"How is she?"

"I don't know. I'm sorry."

"Not your fault." he placed his hand over her forehead. He looked her over, he nodded towards me and I picked her up. With the help of Dave we both got her to the back. We took her into the trainer's room and waited for the doctor to come in.

--Dave's POV--

Waiting for the doctor to show up was brutal. About two minutes later the door opened. I looked to it and Tony walked in. (He's the trainer in this chapter.) He walked in with bandages, and some things in a small bag.

"One of you are going to have to step out."

I was about to tell Adam that I would go but he just got up and walked out the door. I looked at Alia then to Tony. "How bad is it?"

"Well she's unconscious. If she doesn't wake up in ten minutes I'm sending her to the hospital and talking to Vince to release her. I'll be down the hall checking on Jericho and Cade's condition." I nodded my head and watched as he walked out.

I looked over at Alia she was out alright, so I got up and walked over to the door and opened it. I noticed that Adam was leaning against the wall.

"Hey man. Come here."

"So you can hit me. No thank you. Besides I can do more damage to myself right now than you can ever do."

"Just get your ass in here." I stated and turned around and went back into the room. I sat next to her and held her hand. Soon Adam walked in. We both sat in silence until the door opened again.

"So she hasn't woke up yet I see." Tony walked in and looked Alia over.

--Normal POV--Alia's--

I heard someone say something but wasn't quiet sure as to what they were saying. I twitched my hand a little then felt my eyes being opened. I grunted a little not know what was going on. I heard the same voice say something else so I opened my eyes.

"UH." I said lightly.

"I'm going to ask you a couple of questions. Ok."

"Uh." I didn't need this right now. My head was killing me.

"Ok. What's your name?"

"A-A-Alia" I muttered.

"Good. Are you in any pain."

"Only a headache." I said as I tried to get up but was held down. I looked over to see that it was Dave.

"Ok. Now Miss Cena, I'm going to give some medicine and I want you to take all of it. Ok."

"Ok. Now can I ask you something?"


"What happened to Matt?"

"He was sent home with his brother. I think that he has a mild concussion."

"That's good. How bad is Jericho and Cade wounded?"

"Pretty bad. They both have a strained lower back, a fractured collar bone and a hyper-extended jaw bone. I do say that you did one heck of a beating on them both." He declared as he gave me a smile before leaving out door.

"Dave I want out." I said as soon as the door closed. I heard Adam, who was still sitting in the corner of the room, gasped. Dave just stared at me with nothing to say.


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