Chapter 25

Matt, Jeff, and I arrived at the hotel soon after I got off the phone. I checked in and ran upstairs. I dropped my bags at the door and jumped in the shower. 5 minutes later I dried myself off and put some clean clothes on. I ran back downstairs to the lobby where I met Ken.

"So CJ are you going to tell me about the dream?"

"Yeah. How about I tell you while I get my things ready for tonight."

"Sure." He followed me back upstairs and I started to tell him everything that I saw. I stopped when I reached my room but continued when I opened the door. Once I finished I looked over at him.


"I know. He only did that so Jericho looked like he had nothing to do with it."

"You have got to tell McMahon about it."

"What? No I can't I have no proof for one and for two he thinks and so do everybody else that Jericho did that to me."

"Something is always up with him. But in any case you are going to have to tell him what happened. Besides that. How was the trip?"

"It was ok. I missed Dave though and do you promise not to tell anyone if I tell you this next part?"


"Jeff kissed me."

"Do WHAT??"

"He kissed me. He said that he wanted to do it for a while."

"So what are you going to do?"

"What can I do. I love him true, But I love Dave. And even though I've always loved Jeff I only see him as a brother."

"I get cha. Here let's get going so that we aren't late." He grabbed my arm and tossed my gym bag over his shoulder and led me outside and down to the lobby.

"Hang on, I've got to call Adam."

"Alright, but hurry up."I pulled out my cell phone and called Adam on his.


"Hey A. I'm in the lobby with Ken. I'm not going to be able to come up to your room. I've got something to do before ECW tonight. Sorry."

" 'Lia don't worry. Your dad told me that you have a match first thing so I completely understand. Just meet me and Dave in the locker room. We will be behind you about 10 minutes after you are done."

"Alright." I hung up the phone and got in the car with Ken.

--At the Arena--10 minutes later--

I had already changed into my cargo pants and a black and red tank top that was cut just about my belly button. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail when Adam and Dave came in the door.

"Hey guys." I said as I made my way over to my bag for my water bottle.

" 'Lia, What's going on tonight? The only thing that we know is that you have a match…"

"Vince didn't tell you guys?" I looked on in shock.

"No he didn't babe. What's going on?"

"You two are suppose to come down to the ring when 'priceless' attacks me. At least that is what he told me."

"Anything else?"

"Only that he has something to say while we are in the ring."Just as Adam was about to say something the door flew open. Dave was about to say something when Candice, Ted, And Ken walked in.

"Who the hell kicked the door open, it was unlocked." I stated.

"Ted did it." Ken said.

"Thanks for telling me that Ken. Now Ken why did you kick it open?"

"Candice was scared to knock."

"Whatever…Candice what is it?"

"Um…You know about our match…I was…Well…"

"Go on. There's no need to be nervous." I said as politely as I could without laughing.

"Well, could you try not to damage me to much?"

"I wasn't planning on it in the first place sweetie. Anyways good luck tonight." I said as I shook her hand and she walked out. "Well that was interesting." I stated as I turned back around.

"Alia, I'm glad I'm getting to work with you tonight."

"Same here Ted, But you are going to get hit tonight…"

"And it's going to hurt. Believe me. She playfully hit me and that made a bruise on me." Ken added.

"This is going to hurt isn't it?" Ted asked. Everybody nodded their heads yes. He looked down and walked out.

"You guys get dressed and I'll be back in a minute." I said to Dave and Adam. "Are you coming Ken?"

"Yeah. See you guys around." we both walked out of the room and down the hall. "Where are we going CJ?"

"To the Hardy's room? Why? Don't want to come?"

"I'm coming. Why are you going there? Isn't it enough that Jeff has a thing for you?"

"I'm going there to talk to him. I ignored him in the car."


--Ten minutes later--

Ken and myself walked out of the locker room. I had been told that my match was in ten minutes so I wanted to do some stretches before I went out to the ring. We passed by the curtain and could hear the arena being filled up. I peeked out the curtain and noticed that Kelly and Eve were in a fight at the moment. Once they were done it would be my turn and it would also be the start of the match.

"So are you nervous?"

"Not really. I've done this before you know. But what really gets me is that I have no idea what Vince McManic is going to do."

"I know what you mean."

"When are you suppose to be back in the ring?"

"In about two months. Vince told me that I needed to train to get my arm back to where it was before I left."

"I can help. If you want me to."

"Naw I'm fine. I've got Cody and Shad helping me. Thanks."

"Yeah no problem. If you want some extra practice I'm here for ya."

"I know. Your up in a minute."

"How…" I didn't finish as Kelly and Eve walked behind the curtain and smiled at me. Soon the fireworks went off.

"Welcome to ECW. Tonight is a special episode it's the 250th episode and with that it's a two hour event." Todd said.

My music went off, I hugged Ken and walked out into the packed arena. I did my usual and waited for Candice in the ring. Soon she made her way down. The match started and with in five minutes I had her pinned. She faked her knee problem, I lend over her to see if she was ok, and got 'attacked'.

Just as planned I threw Curt and Zack over the rope. I then proceed with the others. I punched Ted in the gut and knocked Cody down. But soon was over whelmed by then all. Not long after Dave and Adam ran down and threw then out.

McMahon's music hit and he strutted out in his 'normal' fashion.

"Hold on one damn minute. Batista, Edge, Angel, you three have gone on long enough with your freedom. I'm Fed up with it all. So get me a damn ref out here right now." Scott came out and looked at Vince. "Get in the ring right now." Scott did as he was told. "Now this next match is going to be the topper. You three go sit on the side. The next team that loses will be fired. You three are to deiced who that will be. Oh and before I forget. The next match that either one of you lose, you all will be split up and sent to different brands."

I had enough. I walked over to Justin and grabbed a microphone. "What in the hell? Have you lost your mind? What match are you fucking talking about?"

"This one hunny."

Miz and Morrison made there way to the ring. John winked at me and I smiled back to them. Soon Matt and Jeff made there way to the ring.

"Shit." I said under my breathe.

"The Hardyz V. Miz and Morrison. Now whoever loses is to lose there jobs." Vince said.

"Why the hell are you doing this?"

"Because this is one way to teach you a lesson doll."

Ok now he did it. I dropped the mic and jumped over the barrier. I made my way backstage within two minutes. I looked at the closest monitor and the match was underway. I passed by Matt (Even Bourne) and Oscar (Rey) as I made my way back out to the ring. I stepped out from behind the curtain and was standing behind Vince. The crowd went wild. Vince turned around and I knocked him out. I grabbed the mic from his lifeless body and spoke.

"Now listen here. Stop the damn match right now." Scott did as he was told and stared at me. "Since McManic here has been knocked out I am taking charge. So let me tell you one thing. This match will continue but nobody is getting fired. So go on." I turned and walked back behind the curtain.

"Damn girl. You know that you are going to be in a lot of trouble don't you?"

"Nope. This was all planned." I smiled. "besides he needs somebody as GM over ECW so he decided that he would make me it."

"About time. So what's going on tonight?"

"Well 'Rey' you have a match tonight. So be ready. Don't ask who you are going up against cause I'm not telling." I turned and walked back to Vince's office. He was sitting behind his desk with an ice pack on his head. "I'm sorry Sir, did I hurt you that bad?"

"No, this gives me a reason to leave. I'm sure that you can handle everything from here?"

"Sure can. Thanks again."

"No problem. Well I'll see you in two months then." He made his way outside when a camera crew came in and said action.

Dave and Adam walked in both with smirks on there faces.

"What was that about?"

"Well Batista as of right now I am THE General Manager of ECW."

"Really? So what do you have planned for tonight?"

"You'll have to wait like everyone else." The crew called cut and the two looked back at me once the crew was gone.

"Is that really true babe?"

"Yeah. Vince and I signed the contract a week ago. I promised not to tell anyone. Anyways you two had better get ready for tonight. You do have a match."

"WHAT??" Adam yelled.

"You heard me. Now go so I can do my job."

I pointed to the door. I noticed the match was over and Todd and Matt Striker were now talking about the Hardyz win and about me being the GM. I got up and walked back out to the top of the stage mic in hand I announced.

"Next up will be Kane." I waited for Kane to make his way to the ring before going on " V. CM Punk" he made his way out to the ring as well. "Just so everybody knows there is nobody safe from me. So everybody beware. And I mean everybody." I said and turned around and walked back behind the curtain. About ten minutes later Kane's pyros went off and he made his way back. After the commercial I was back on stage announcing another match for the night.

"Well seeing as I was in a Diva's match, we had a tag match, and then we had two monkey's in the ring, now is time for some Latino action. Let's have Chavo V. Rey and the winner gets to in a run in for a title."

About twenty minutes later Rey was victorious and made his way back stage to where I was. I informed him that his title match would soon come. Next was a very special match.

"Now For the last match of the night…A TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH…" Dave and Adam made there way down to the ring, both with smirks on there faces. "Let's make this more interesting…" I looked up as a steel cage was being lowered. "That's right. Oh and your opponents are the follow…MVP and The Undertaker." I said as the crowd went wild. "Hold on I'm not done yet, and there opponents will be Triple H and The Brian Kendrick." I walked down the ramp and over to the two at the commentators desk and had a seat.

"A Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the Tag Team Titles. I like this." Matt said.

"You like Tonight's match wait until next week. I will be doing some investment into RAW."

"Enlighten us?" Todd said.

"That my dear will have to wait. Right now just call the match."

The match went on for thirty minutes until finally The Brian Kendrick was covered by Adam for the Win.

"Well there's another ECW, come back next week when we find out what is going to happen with our new GM, Good night ladies and Gentlemen." Todd said as ECW ended.

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