Chapter 27

--7:30 Arena Office--

'Damn him. Why is everything my fault. That's fine. He's going to get it tonight. He's done pissed me off.' I grabbed my phone and made a call.

"Hello?" The man said on the other end of the line.

"How would you like to be in a match tonight?"

"I'm cool with that? Who's it against?"



"But you wouldn't be the only one in the ring against him."

"Do tell."

"Come by my office in 10 minutes and I will have your partner here."



I had just sent to two guys out of the office when Mike and Vickie walked in.

"Alia What's the deal with Mark and Glen?" Vickie stated.

"Well I put them in a match tonight. That is if you two don't mind. They are under your control."

"We don't mind. What's the plan then?" Mike asked.

"First off will be us standing in the ring addressing the stars and fans. Then we start the matches. You two can do what you want but I am sitting with Todd and Matt all night. Just to see how things go and if any problems that might come up I can handle it."

"Well that's a good plan. But one question?"

"And what's that Vickie?"

"Well with these new stars and what are we going to do about storylines. I mean we don't really have a plan for this."

"I've already got everything planned out. You two." I said as I placed my arms around their shoulders. "Have nothing to worry about. Vince has already cleared almost everything."

"Alright then." They both said at the same time.


The three of us made our way to the ring so that we could be there before the show started. Once we were in the ring I got three mics for us and we stood there and waited for the fireworks to go off. Thirty seconds later they did and the camera was pointed at us.

"Well as you can see this is how last night sort of ended." Mike said.

"Would every superstar please make their way to the stage. Please." I asked.

Two minutes later the entire stage was full of all the superstars.

"Now if you are wondering what we are doing…" Vickie said. (We were playing the whole finish each other sentences)

"We are switching up the roasters." Mike finished. The crowd was cheering and Booing.

"Each week we are going to be borrowing superstar after superstar from all three brands." I explained.

"Some of you may lose your titles." Mike said.

"And some of you may end up with a title."

"Seeing as I am in not condition right now to hold two titles. I am going to be putting those two up. So now we have two titles without a holder."

"I think you mean three." Vickie said looking over at me.

"Oh yeah that's right. Three…The Women's title, The Intercontential tile, and Vickie is bringing the Cruiser Weight Back. So that does make it three." I smiled at the two in the ring.

"Now then, Since we have that out of the way. Let's get to the match." Mike said. "Let's see, what should we start with?" He said looking at me and Vickie 'thinking'.

"How about a TLC match?" Vickie said.

"Sounds good." I said and turned my attention back towards the ramp and looked at everybody around there. "It's going to be The Hardyz V. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston V. The Brian Kendrick and Paul London."

The crowd went crazy. Vickie and Mike made there way out of the ring and up the ramp. As I made my way over to the commentators table and took a seat. The six competitors made there way down to the ring.

"So Angel there are three titles that are vacant. Any thoughts as to who may be in the running for them?" Todd asked.

"I have some idea. But at the moment there is a match going on and I would like for you to call it." I said while looking at him. I turned my attention back to the match.

The match went on for twenty minutes. Jeff jumped off a ladder outside the ring onto Paul London thru a table. They were out of the match…CM Punk and The Brian Kendrick got knocked out with chairs…Matt pinned Kofi for the win. All superstars had been in the back when I got into the ring for the second match of the night. (Go with me I am making ECW two hours long. Got a problem with it get over it.)

"Alright Congratulations Matt and now on to the next match of the evening…It's going to be an Eight Man Tag Team Match. The first team is going to be consisting of Edge, Randy Orton, Jamie Noble, John Cena. The second team is going to be Paul Burchill, Chuck Plumbo, JBL and Chris Jericho." I lowered my mic and made my way under the bottom rope and down the stairs before turning back to the ring and placing my mic back up to my mouth. "And that match starts NOW."

I took my seat next to Matt and leaned back in my chair. I watched as the guys made there way down the ramp. Some were smirking (Randy and Adam), while others looked scared(Jamie), and nervous as to what I was planning. I wanted so bad to be in the ring beating the hell out of Jericho but he was already there.

"An 8 man tag match. This is the going to be outrageous." Todd said.

"That it is Todd. Angel the other matches for tonight, Care to elaborate on them?"

"No I don't. Everything was basically figured out between Mike, Vickie and I last night and today."

"So far I think this is a great decision on all of your parts. Who would of guessed that ECW, RAW, and Smack down would of joined forces?" Todd said.

"Do you mind calling the match?" I said. 'Damn I am being a bitch. Oh well Dave should of left me alone." 15 minutes later and the match was over.

"And the winners are the team of Randy, Edge, Jamie, and John Cena."

All four of them stayed in the ring as I walked up the steps. Adam raised the middle rope as I climbed in. He placed his arm around my waist and the other three stood behind us. "Now the next match is going to be a Handicap match. The rules are as follows…Anything goes, no DQ, But any interference will result in the end of a match. The first participant is Batista."

I felt Adam tighten his grip on my waist as he watched his 'tag team partner' walk down the ramp and enter the ring. The three behind us got the message and exited. Dave stared at me for a little bit before I gave him a small smirk. Adam was looking between us and tighten his grip a little more. I shook my head as Dave made his way behind me and over to the ropes.

"And his opponents…"I stopped as the lights went down and throughout the arena you heard a bong "The Undertaker and KANE." I smirked at Dave and led Adam outside the ring. Once outside Adam leaned down to my ear and whispered. (It looked like he was kissing me on screen)

"What are you doing?"

"He shouldn't of touched me." I responded.

"What do you mean?"

"He slapped me." Adam turned me around and looked at me. I leaned over and placed my mic on the steps and pulled Adam up the ramp. "He slapped me." I restated as we got to the top. He drug me to the back and looked at me.


"On the face."


"Earlier tonight. He came in my office and started his shit. I told him that I was done, he lost his temper and slapped me."

"Damn him. So what are you going to do?"

"This is what I am doing. He is in this Match for his actions. Adam I'm sorry. But you and him are going to lose your titles soon. I have to do it."

"Don't worry about it babe. I will do anything for you. Who knows about the slap?

""You and only you. But people will find out by tomorrow. When he slapped me I was bleeding. So I'm guessing that I will have a bruise by then."

"Damn it all. We are going to your dad's right now." I was about to protest but decided against it. I turned to the sound guy and gave him a message.

"When this match is over go with the follow…Shawn Michaels V. Mr. Kennedy. Got it?" he nodded his head and I proceed to follow Adam. We got to the locker room and walked in.

"Shorty, this is great. I'm glad that you are doing this."

"Yeah, Yeah." I said.

"Listen about the match that Dave's in right now." Adam said.

"It's great. Right now he's in there with Kane." Jeff said from the bench.

"You want to know why he's in there in the first place?" Adam egged on.

"Sure." Both men said.

"He hit Alia." I looked at the door prepared to leave but something kept me there.


"He hit me ok dad. He slapped me. That is why he is in there with Mark and Glen."

"Couldn't of picked a better choice. 'Lia come here." Jeff said as he took my hand and led me out the door. "When was this?"

"Earlier tonight. I told nobody ok, so don't feel left out."

"I'm not. I was just wondering when you were going to tell me that Shannon was here?"

"So you know. Who else knows?"

"Me, Matt, and Shane. He was in your office and we wanted to talk to you but you wasn't there. He only told us that he was here to see you."

"Ok. I confess. He was here to see me but I offered him a contract that he couldn't refuse. He is now back in business and the first match he has tonight is with Shelton. He's going to win and then he is going to be in the reign for the cruiser weight title."

"Really. That's great. So what else have you been hiding?"

"Nothing." I lied. I really wanted to tell him but it wasn't the right time. "Anyways how's your back?"

"It's good. I think Paul got the worst of it."

We made our way back in the room to see the looks on the guys faces. Matt, Randy, Adam, and my dad were now in there.

"What?" I asked trying to look confused.

"He got hurt." Matt said.

"Really bad." Randy added.

"What are you two talking about?" I looked over and saw that the next match was underway. I heard commotion outside and walked over to the door. "What is going on?" there were four trainers and two refs in the hallway with Dave. I looked back in the room.

"Like I said he got hurt." Matt said.

I walked over to the trainers and asked. "How bad is it?"

"It's not good. He's going to have to have stitches for sure." I looked over and noticed that he was bleeding from the back of his neck, Just below the hair line. "Don't worry. He should be able to be back in action in a week."

I nodded my head and walked back over to the locker room and sat next to Matt.

"If Mark hadn't finished the match he would be worst than he is right now." He said as he tried to comfort me.

"I know. How is Shawn's match going?"

"Pretty good. He's giving out though. Looks like Ken is going to…Oh well there goes that theory. Ken just got super kicked and is out."

"I need to go out there for a minute." I got up and walked to the curtain. The sound guy motioned that I was clear to head out. "Batista will be out of action for two weeks. I am giving him one week to heal and the other to think. On to the final match of the evening. It is going to be a qualifying match for the cruiser weight title. Shelton Benjamin V. Shannon Moore." I said. I stayed and watched both guys come out and walked back to the locker room.

"What in the world?" I heard as I entered the room.


"Shannon's back. He's been gone for a while. When did he come back?" Randy asked.

"Tonight. He's been here for three days. Training up a bit."

"That's awesome. Now the crew is back together." Matt said with a small smirk. Jeff winked at me and smiled.

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