Chapter 30

--On the Plane--

After everybody was seated and on the plane, it took off. Jeff was sitting beside me, while Matt and Shannon was in front of us with Randy and Adam in front of them. Behind me was Brian and Paul. In the aisle next to us was Maria and Barbie. In front of them was Ken and Ashley (A/N: I like her so she still wrestles.). I rested my head against the window thinking.

"Alia, What's in store for the next taped ECW?" Jeff asked.

"You'll all see. I'm not going to say anything. Oh before I forget Shannon." I said making him turn around to look at me, "You are going to be on Smackdown this week, same goes for you Adam." I said making Adam and Randy turn their heads.

"What?" Adam asked.

"You are going to be on Smackdown this week."

"Oh. What's going on?"

"Can't tell you. That's all I'm saying. I'm just the messenger. Vickie wants both Shannon and Adam to be over there, so I agreed." I said.

"We'll go." Shannon said. "So how's everything going?"

"Ok I guess."

"What's going on with your wrist?" He asked looking at my arm.

"Nothing." I said pulling my sleeve over it to hide it.

"No need to hide it now." Matt said. "Go ahead and tell us."

"Promise me you aren't going to flip out." I said sternly.

"Promise." They all said.

"Dave grabbed me this morning and wouldn't let me go."

"He did WHAT?" Matt asked.

"You heard me. But don't worry I handled it." I said getting up I turned to look at Brian and Paul behind me. "You two guys have a tag team match Tuesday." They looked at me and nodded. I motioned for Jeff to move over to my seat and he did. I took his and started talking to Barbie and Maria.

"You two lady's also have a match."

"What kind is it?" Maria asked.

"Seeing how I know that you can't stand Michelle and Barbie I know how you don't really like Katie it's going to be a tag team match. You both will get your scripts at the hotel."

"Alright. This should be fun." Barbie said as I turned my attention to Ashley. Since she was in the aisle I got her attention and moved over to where she was at. I stood in the aisle and told her what she was doing this week.

"Ash, you are going to be at Smackdown as well…but you don't have a match. You are going to help Maria and Barbie it's in your script."

"Ok. Thanks." She said and got up and sat next to Jeff to talk to him. I took her seat and started talking to Ken.

"I don't know what to do anymore?"

"What's wrong CJ?"

"It's Dave."

"Does this have anything to do about this morning in your room?"

"Yeah, how? never mind you were sitting here and I wasn't keeping my voice down. What should I do?"

"Well, if he touches you and it's not in the script or he leaves a bruise talk to Vince. He put in this situation for a reason and I think that he would like to hear what 'The Animal' is doing."

"Thanks. Do you feel like doing me a little favor?"

"Anything. What is it?"

"During a match that I have set up I want you to interfere, that way I can start your storyline."

"Ok, who's match am I to disrupt?"

"Shane and Shannon's, they have a match on Smackdown. It's for the title that Vickie is bringing back. I want you to disrupt the match. Can you do that?"

"Yeah I can. Is it in the script."I shook my head. "No and you are the only one that knows about this. Well besides Vickie and me that is."

"Ok. So what am I doing?"

"I'll be with you but here's what I basically want you to do. While Shane is about to go for the pin the second time I want you to go into the ring and break it up. Once you do that I want you to step out of the ring and do that smirk that you do oh so well. This will allow me to come out and announce that since you broke it up you are now in the hunt for the title. Got it?"

"Yeah got it. So this will lead up to a triple threat for the title in 3 weeks?"

"Yup. You should be back in the ring by then."

"I'm clear for next week."

"Good. I'll talk to Vickie about this. Bye Ken."

"Bye CJ. I'll see you at the hotel."

"Yeah." I got up and walked over to Adam and Randy. "You two."

"What?" They both said.

"Will you not tell anyone about this morning?"

"Of course we want. But your dad already knows."

"Figured as much." I said walking down the aisle and sat next to Dave.

"I'm sorry about this morning."

"I know you are."

"So what are we going to do?"

"You are going to see my doctor in North Carolina. That's why you are here."


"He's very good with anger management. I went through the program before, so I know it'll help."


"Dave," I sighed and looked at him in the eyes. "I want you to get better. Even though you did hit me I don't want anybody else to get hurt because you lose your temper. If I didn't think you were a good guy I wouldn't of went out with you."

"I know. I am sorry for losing my…" I put my finger on his lips.

"I know you are. And you don't have to say anything. When we get off the plane I want you to call him. Here's the number." I handed him a piece of paper, "Please call him."

"I will. Thanks."

"Don't mention it." I leaned over and gave him a hug before standing up and making my way back over to where Jeff was sitting.

"May I have my seat Jeffery?" I joked with him.

"Nope. This is mine now." He said with a playful smile.

"Jeffery Nero Hardy do you want me to recall to everybody here about a certain Christmas party where you…" I was cut off by his hand over my mouth. He moved over so I could take my seat back. "Why thank you Mr. Hardy."

"Evil little woman." He said under his breathe.

"You had better watch it bud." I said with a sick smile on my face, Matt and Shannon turned around and laughed.

"I'd leave her alone if I were you Jeff, remember when Shane pissed her off at her dad's fourth of July party." Shannon said in between laughs.

"Sure do." Jeff said turning red.

"That was fucking hilarious. She's really pissed when you find yourself upside down in the swimming pool. I'm just glad it wasn't me." Matt added.

"I wasn't that bad you guys." I said trying not to laugh.

"Sure it wasn't. I'm never pissing you off as long as I live. No matter what. But you do have to admit Cam, it was funny."

"I guess it was. But that was when I was 14. Come on who would of thought that a 14 year old could throw a grown ass man couldn't hold his own." I busted out laughing. "We should be getting to North Carolina in a couple of hours. I'm going to take a nap. Night boys."

"Sleep well." Shannon said.

I leaned my head against the window again closing my eyes. I listened to the boys talking about what they were going to do on there two days off. I drowned their voices out and let sleep overtake me.

--1 ½ Later--

I woke up and noticed that my head was no longer on the window. I jerked my head up and looked at what I was laying on. I smile slightly before I spoke.

"Sorry." I said in a whisper.

"Don't worry about it. I don't mind being used as your pillow."

"Thanks Jeff." I propped my head up against the seat and closed my eyes. I rubbed the bridge of my nose.

"What's wrong?" He asked looking at me concerned.

"Nothing." I lied. My head was killing me. I didn't notice that Jeff had leaned over and woke Shannon up.

"'Lia, What's wrong?" Shannon asked.

"Nothing." I repeated.

"That's a lie. Jeff switch with me real quick. They switched and Shannon's arm went around my shoulders. "Is it your head?"

"It's ok."

"If your head is hurting this much I need to call your dad."

"Don't. It's fine."

"Are you sure?"


"How long have you been having these headaches?"

"About a week."

"What have you been doing for them?"

"Aspirins. That's all."

"Ok." He pressed the attendant call button over head. Some one showed up not to long afterward. "Can she have some aspirins and water please?"

"Sure, Coming right up."

"Thanks." The attendant brought a bottle of water and three aspirins back and handed them to Shannon. "Thank you. Sweetie, take this please. It'll make you feel better." He handed the pills and water to me. "Come on take it."I placed the pills in my mouth then I opened the water and took a sip. I wanted to open my eyes and look at the guys around me but I couldn't. I settled with just talking.

"Thanks Bri."

"Look at me?"

"I can't. My head hurts to damn much."

"Lay your head back against my shoulder and try to take a nap. I'll wake you up when the plane lands. Alright?"

"If Jeff doesn't mind."

"I don't Alia. You need to get some sleep."

"Don't tell dad about this."

"You got it." Shannon said, But I didn't see his fingers were crossed. I leaned my head on Shannon and finally went to back to sleep.

--Shannon's POV--

I made sure she was asleep before I said anything to Matt and Jeff. They both were watching us and their face full of concern.

"I'm telling John." I whispered to my two best friends.

"But--" Jeff said.

"I know that I said I wouldn't tell him, but he has to know. She's having headaches more often then usual."

"How about I tell him, that way YOU wouldn't be breaking YOUR promise. She has been having headaches a lot. Did she say how long she's been having them?" Matt asked.

"About a week." I said pushing a strain of her hair out of her face.

"That would be around the same time about her blackouts wouldn't it?" Matt added.

"Yeah. I wish she would of told me. It might of started when I got here. Around the same time, Dave hit her. You know. When we get off the plane I want you and Jeff to get to the hotel first. I'll tell her that you had an emergency. When you get to there call John and tell him that he needs to make a doctors appointment for her. Fill him in on what's going on."

"Ok. Do you want me to tell him about Dave?" Jeff asked.

"Not right now."

--1 hour later Shannon's POV still--

The plane had just landed. I nodded towards Jeff and Matt as they made their way off the plane. I looked to my right to see that Alia hadn't woken up yet. I nudged her lightly. She moved ever so lightly, rubbing her eyes and staring at me.

"Where're here." I said softly. The plane started getting a little loud and I know that the noise isn't helping her with the headache she has. "How's your head?" I asked as she lifted her head off my shoulder.

"It's better. Where'd the boys go?" She asked looking around.

"They already left for the hotel. Randy and Adam are waiting in the airport lobby for you. They were pretty worried about you."

"I'm sorry." She said looking down at her hands.

I lifted her chin so she could look at me. "Cam, this is not your fault. You Don't have control over what your mind tells it to do. Let's get off the plane so you can go get some more sleep."


I placed my hand on the small of her back and led her down the aisle towards the exit. Paul and Brian was behind us talking rather loudly. I turned around and glared at them. They shut up right away, I turned back around and walked behind Alia. Now if only with the help of Matt, Jeff, and John, we can get her to the doctors without her getting pissed off.

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