Chapter 32

--2 Days Later-- John's POV--

I got off the plane in Charlotte and into the baggage claim. I picked up my bags and walked outside, pulling out my cell phone. I hailed a cab and made a call. I told the cabbie the address to the hotel and dialed Matt's cell number. He picked up on the third ring.

"Hey man, are you in town yet?"

"Yeah. I'm in the cab right now. We should be there soon. What room is she in?"

"Right now, Randy's, room 418."

"Ok. How has she been doing?"

"She's had a headache non-stop for the past two days. She's telling us that she's fine, but we all know that she's not."

"I wish she would stop being so damn stubborn."

"I know. Jeff's at the doctor that dad told him about trying to set up an appointment for you."

"Good. Has she complained about going or anything?"

"Actually she hasn't complained about that."

"That's good. We just pulled up on the street. Hey, I'm sorry that you have and Jeff have been missing going home because of this."

"Don't worry about it. We love Alia and that's the end of it. She needs us right now so we are here for her. Now get your ass up here."

At that Matt hung up the phone and I did the same. Typical Matt. He always cares about somebody else before himself. I got out of the cab and made my way to the check in desk. I asked for the room nearest 418. I received room 425. I tipped the man and made my way up to my room. Once upstairs to my room I opened the door and placed my bags just inside the door. I walked back down the hall to Randy's room. I knocked on the door and Adam answered.

"John, about time you got here. Come in, come in." he said moving to the side to allow me in. I walked in and saw Alia with her head on Randy's shoulder. She looked so peaceful.

"Hey Randy. I see that she's asleep."

"Yeah, she just went to sleep. She really wanted to watch this movie, so we put it in and she falls asleep."

"What movie did she want to watch?"


"She loves that movie. If she wanted she would watch it all day long." I let out a chuckle. "Do you want to get up and go somewhere?"

"Nah, I'm fine. She's been doing this a lot. It's no big deal, you can stay here until Jeff and Shannon gets back."

"Ok, Thanks for taking time…"

"Don't John, This is nothing. She's like a daughter to me as well. So don't go apologizing for wasting time."

"You know that you don't have to be here."

"Yeah I know, but she is part of the family and Sam understands. You know that she's worried about her as well."

"She's a handful. But with everybody around her she's got enough love to last a life time."

"That she does."

"I'm going to see Matt in the gym and tell him that we are going to the bar later on tonight. She wants to go John not us." Adam said before walking out the door.

"You two are just spoiling her."

"Not just us, Matt, Jeff, and Shannon let her do whatever she wants. So don't blame us."

We sat there and watched the movie until Alia was moving in her sleep. She was thrashing around in her sleep. I hopped up off the couch and looked at Randy, he just shook his head and placed his hand on her head. He placed her on the couch laying down and watched her.

"John, go get me a wet rag from the bathroom." Randy demanded to me.

I did as asked and went into the bathroom, got a wet rag and walked back into the room. I handed the rag to him and looked on to the scene before me. Randy placed the rag on top of Alia's forehead and whispered in her ear. This seem to calm her down, she was no longer thrashing. She was calm and rolled over on her side with her back to Randy.

"What did you do?" I asked dumbfounded.

"All I said was that it would be ok, that I and you were here. The rag helps calm her down."

"How did you know what to do?"

"Remember John, I have a daughter. And my mom told me what to do one night when I freaked out on her." he laughed a little and made his way over to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and placed pressure on it trying to comfort me. "Listen, she's going to be fine. Once she gets to the doctors she'll be ok."

"Jeff needs to hurry his ass up."

"I don't know about Jeff but Matt's coming through the door." He nodded his head towards the doorway.

"Hey Matt."

"Hi John. She's asleep again I see. I she on any medication?"

"Only her normal ones, why?"

"I was thinking that those pills might be doing this to her."

"I don't think they are. She's been taking them since she was 13."

"Jeff said something a couple of days ago, after you got off the phone with him. Did the doctor tell you that she may die if she starts to sleep and blackout almost daily?"

"Yeah." I said looking at Matt, Randy, and Adam.

"Why the hell didn't you tell us about this sooner?" Adam asked, obviously very angry.

"I didn't want you all treating her like she was fragile. She wouldn't want you to." I explained.

"I just have one question." Randy noted. "Does she know that she may die?" He asked glancing behind him.

"No." I answered.

"That explains why she wouldn't say anything to us." Matt said.

"Guys, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but we all know that you all would of treated her differently."

"You did what you thought was best for your daughter. I completely understand." Adam said sitting on the bed.

Just as I was about to say something else Jeff and Shannon walk into the room. Shannon walked over to Alia and moved a strain of her hair out of face. Jeff walked over to me and handed me a piece of paper with a name, phone number, date, and time on it.

"What's this?"

"That is the appointment date and time. The doctors name and a phone number if you have any problems. I had to go ask dad for the it. Dr. Clark Johnson. He's a great doctor and dad thinks that he can help her out."

"Thanks Jeff. I'll call Gil myself when I get done with this."

"Don't worry about it. He loves her too." Shannon said. "Besides," he stood up and placed a gentle kiss on her head before walking over to us. "She's the one that has helped us all in the end. Just look around. Matt couldn't stand Adam, now it's back to the way things were. She's been the blessing that we all needed. Now it's our turn to return the favor."

"Damn Shan, when the hell did you start to use your brain?" Matt joking asked.

"Ha ha, very funny, but seriously, we need to help her out to the best of our abilities. Anyways…If we are going to be getting to the bar we need to get sleeping beauty up."

"I'll do it." Jeff said.

He walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She stirred a bit but didn't wake up. He nudged her again and she slowly opened her eyes. I noticed the small smile and the glaze in his eyes as he looked at her. I knew that telling them anything about the doctor's words would change the way they looked at her. I sat there with the other guys listening to the conversation going on just behind us.

"Hey sweetie. You need to get up if you want to get something to eat."

"Is dad here yet?" She asked.

"Yeah, he got here a while ago."


"Come one. I'm hungry and if you don't get up I'm going to have to drag your ass down there."

"Ok, Ok, I'm up."

Matt, who was looking at them, started walking towards the door. Soon followed by Adam and Randy. Shannon and Jeff each took one of her arms and lead her out the door. I followed after them shutting the door in the process. I walked behind them down to the hotel bar. We all walked in and found a booth in the back so that nobody would recognize us. Once seated we all picked up our menus and studied them. After we decided what we wanted we ordered and waited for the food to arrive.

"Dad, are you going to make me go to the doctors?"

"Even if I said no the guys beside you as well as all around the table would drag you there."

"But," She sighed before finishing. "I already know what the doctor's going to say."

"And what might that be?" Shannon asked curiously.

The waitress brought us all our food and we began to eat. A minute later she continued with what she had been going on about. I had a bad feeling that I wouldn't like anything that she was going to say but I had to live with it no matter what.

"That I only have two months to live." She said that as if it was nothing. At those eight words my heart dropped to the floor. My little girl was going to be gone before my eyes.

"How? What?" Randy stumbled over his own words to find the right words. "How do you know that? What has you thinking that you are dying?" He finally spat out.

"I know because on week when I was gone from the business Vince had me go to the doctors. He took some test and told me that I had at least a year to live. I told Vince and so he started up this storyline. He sent me back to the same doctors two months ago and he told me that I had four months to live. So Vince upped the storyline. He and Steph are the only ones that know about this."

"Shorty, Why didn't you tell me or hell Shannon about this?"

"I didn't want anybody to be hurt by the news. I'm sorry for keeping it a secret, but with all the Jericho business it just got to everyone I cared for and I didn't want that to happen again. I thought that I could keep this to myself until I left."

"Sweetie," Jeff said placing a hand around my shoulders. "This is something that you should of told us all about. No matter what we would of thought at the time."

"What do you want to do in the next two months?" Adam asked.

"The same thing that I have been doing. My job."

"What if some…" Matt started but Alia cut him off.

"Nothing's going to happen. Steph is in the office with me at all times and with all of you around me while I'm not at the office nothing is going to happen."

"As long as you are safe. Nothing is going to change between us. Got that shorty, Nothing should change at all."

As I finished the statement we all finished our meals in silence. We retreated back to our own rooms just to think about what was said over dinner and try our best to get some sleep that I was sure that none of use would be getting tonight.

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