Chapter 33

--Alia's POV--

Over the course of the next two months I did what I told everybody I was going to do. I did my job, and that was it. I watched as Dave got better, he followed everything that his doctor had told him to do to keep calm and relaxed. I got Matt and Ashley together and loved that he was happy. I was sitting in my current office, waiting for a camera crew to arrive so I could do my last Promo of my career. Jeff walked in with a dozen of red roses and a smile on his face.

"These are for you sweetie." He said handing the flowers to me.

"You shouldn't have. They are beautiful babe." Oh did I not mention that Jeff and I were together. He knew that I was dying and he didn't care as long as he was by me every step of the way.

"Yeah I did. When's your last on-screen appearance?" He asked sitting down on the end of the desk.

"Soon I hope. I don't think I can take much more of sitting here. It's giving me a headache."

"Have you taken your medicine today?"

"Yeah," I said lowly rubbing the bridge of my nose. "This morning."

There was a knock on the door. Jeff got up and let the crew in. The camera crew set up and Jeff stood behind them watching as I did the promo.

"Action." Said the camera man.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, if I was up to it I would be out there to tell you all this. Tonight is my last day on the job." I paused and took a deep breathe. "While I have become a part of this family I am sorry to tell you all that I am leaving. I love it here but because of health issues I am not doing the job that I want to do. With that said I do have one last match for tonight. It's to be a WWE Championship title match, The current WWE Champion Jeff Hardy V. Matt Hardy V. Shannon Moore." I smiled a little looking at Jeff, he had tears in his eyes. "The winner of this match will be the WWE Champion and will be involved in a match at the next PPV. I will leave that match up to the NEW General Manager. Thank you all for sticking to me." I smiled as the camera cut off.

"That was great. It's going to make the fans happy." Scott, the camera man said before walking out of the room.

"Why do I have to be in a match tonight?" Jeff whined.

"Because babe, it's what Steph, Shane, and I have decided."

"Your something else you know that." He said walking up beside me and grabbing my hand.

"What are you doing?" I asked sweetly.

"You are telling Shan and Matt they have a match against me tonight. I'm not going to be the one to tell them that."

"Alright." I said standing up slowly. We slowly made our way to the locker room. Jeff walked in first with me behind him.

"Guys, Alia has something she wishes to tell you." Jeff said sitting down on one of the benches. The other two looked at me confused.

"You both have a match tonight."

"That's cool, who are we going up against?" Matt asked.

"It's going to be for the WWE Championship." I said, causing Matt to shoot his head over to his brother.

"Ok, what about me?" Shannon asked.

"It's going to be Matt V. Jeff V. Shannon. For the title." I said lowering my head. "Don't hate me for it. I was just making a match that the fans will be happy." Shannon and Matt both walked over to me and wrapped there arms around me.

"That's just like you." Matt said, I was confused.

"Sure is, That's why we love you." Shannon added.


"You are always caring about other's being happy. That's what we mean."


--Later that Night--

Shannon Won the belt from Jeff, after pinning Matt. Jeff did a Swanton onto Matt, Shannon then covered Matt, Jeff had rolled onto his stomach and didn't pay attention. Matt and Jeff was helped to the back by Shannon. I was waiting in the locker room for them to show up. Once they all had a shower and was dressed we left the arena. I was going to be going to Massachusetts and rest for a bit. Matt, Shannon, and Jeff demanded that they all bring me, so I didn't refuse. Matt drove while I laid my head in Jeff's lap in the back and Shannon fiddling with the knob on the radio.

--At the Airport--

I was being squeezed to death by all three of the boys.

"I can't breathe guys." they let me go to noticed that I was laughing.

"Got get on the plane, if you missed it he would have our heads." Matt joked.


I leaned over and gave the boys each one last hug. Before I turned my back on them. As I walked away from them I felt tears roll down my face. When my ticket was handed back to me I looked back at the boys. They all had tearstained faces, I gave them a smile and made my way down the ramp to the plane.

--Jeff's POV--

As we stood there watching Alia leave, we couldn't help but cry. This maybe the last time that we see her alive. Just as she disappeared Shannon came up with an idea.

"We need to throw her a going-away party."

"What are you talking about Shan?" Matt questioned.

"She doesn't have long to live, right?" We both nodded our heads. "Well why don't we throw her a party. Since she's not going to be on the road anymore, it can also be to celebrate her departure of the company."

"You know what Shan," I said patting him on the shoulder, "I like it."

"But, we need to talk to John and Vince about it first." Matt noted.

"I'll talk to John," I said as we were walking out to the rental. "you can call Vince, since he doesn't have a problem with you." Matt smiled and took put his phone.

"Shan can you drive while we set this up?" Matt asked.

"No problem."

With that said Matt got in the back and dialed Vince's number. I took the passenger seat as Shannon got in the driver's seat. About five minutes after we were on the road Matt shut his phone.

"It's all cleared. Vince is going to be making an announcement if John okays it."

"That's my cue then." I said getting my phone out and dialing John's home number. (A/N: He got two weeks off due to an elbow injury) John picked up on the third ring.


"Hey John, it's Jeff."

"Oh, hey, what's up?"

"I kind of need to talk to you."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. She's on her way home now. It's for her."

"Oh. Ok, what is it?"

"Shannon was thinking that since A's no longer on the road with us and it maybe the last time we get to speak with her, that we should throw her a party." I paused so he could take it all in.

"Ok, But I have a problem with that."

"What's that?"

"You three are going to have to help with it."

"So is that a yes?"

"It is. We can have it at my house since she's not suppose to be traveling anymore."

"Good. We'll help out, Thanks John."

"Not problem. I'll have 'Lia call you when she gets home."

"Thanks." I smiled and hung up the phone.

"Well?" Shannon asked over the music."Operation Good-bye Is a go."

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