Chapter 38

--Day of the Party--

I woke up to loud noise coming from just outside my bedroom. I could vaguely pick out who was speaking. I came to the conclusion that it was Randy, Jeff, John, and Shannon.

"She's asleep." Jeff said.

"But I just got here." Randy informed the others.

"Listen Randy, let her sleep and when she wakes up you can talk to her." John said.

"Please. I just want to…" Shannon cut him off.

"Later." He yelled. And then I heard the sound of footsteps going up the stairs.

I got up as best as I could and walked to the door. I slowly opened it up to reveal three sets of eyes on me. Randy jumped for joy and walked over to me and embraced me into a huge hug. 'Can you say Bear Hug'.

"Hey Rands," I said after I was released from the hug.

"It's so good to see you A-Bug." I then received a kiss from him. "Sam's here with the little one." My eyes widen and I cracked a smile.

"Really?!" He nodded and I pushed past him and started to make my way to the living room. "They are in the living room right?" I asked over my shoulder.

"Yeah," John replied.

"Good," I walked in the living room and saw Sam and Alanna sitting on the couch. I walked over and took the seat next to her. She looked over to me and handed me Alanna. I loved this little girl to death. She was like a sister to me.

"It's good to see you up and walking about Alia."

"It's hard. I'm always so tired." Jeff walked in and took the chair next to couch. "I want this to be over with." I mumbled. Sam and Jeff caught it but Randy and John didn't.

"It's going to be ok." Sam said placing her arm around my shoulders. I nodded and looked at the guys in the room.

"When's everyone suppose to get here?"

"In…" The door bell cut John off. "Now." He finished opening the door.

I looked up at the clock and noticed that it was 8 already. I turned in my seat and watched as the guest walked in the house. Adam, Jay (Christian), Paul, Steph, Ken, Melina, John, Mike, Barbie, Mickie, who gave my dad a hug and a kiss, Dave, Ashley, Phil, Shane (Helms), Lisa, and Lillian walked in and gave me a smile or hugs or kisses or all three. They made themselves at home before the bell rung again. I didn't bother with looking at who it was this time.

"So A. how long do you sleep now-a-days?" Phil asked me.

"About all day. You are lucky that Jeff, Shan, Rands, and dad woke me up."

"Randy woke you up?" Sam asked still sitting next to me.

"Yeah, I think he stole Ken's job." I said with a giggle.

"Who stole what from me?" Ken asked giving me a kiss on the forehead.

"Randy stole being the loud mouth of the company." Sam and Phil laughed at Ken's face.

"Oh hell no he didn't. Where is that little bugger?"

"Kitchen," John said coming up behind him. Ken walked off into the kitchen and that made me bust out laughing. It was drowned out by the music Mickie was playing. "Shorty, are you feeling ok?" He placed his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm ok, for now. If I get tired I'll let someone here know." I offered a smile to my dad before I got up and handed Alanna back to her mama. "I'll see you later Sam."

"Ok," she reply and walked into the kitchen.

I walked around and noticed that Matt and Shannon was now downstairs and having fun. Everybody was joking and having fun with there friends. I mingled around for about thirty minutes before I walked into the kitchen myself. I sat on the stool by the island and put my head down on the counter.

"Are you ok?" I didn't realize the voice and just simply nodded my head against my arms.

"What are you doing here?" This voice I recognized as Ken's, which then caused me to look up. I began to panic when I saw him standing on the other side of the counter.

"I needed to talk to Alia."

"Not here, not now. Get the Hell out." Ken said.

"She has to know…" Ken walked forward towards me. He stood behind me and placed his arms around my neck.

"She has to know what Lance? How between you and Chris one of you son-of-bitches raped her, got her pregnant, and now she's dying because of that boss of yours. Is that what she has to know?" Ken was getting louder with every word he spoke.

"Listen, Alia, Chris is the one that raped you, ok. I didn't. I was only doing what I had to do to keep my family safe from him. I am truly sorry for what I did."

"Fucking Liar." Ken spat out.

"I am not lying on this. He is the one that raped you. You were having his baby and ever since I found out that you were I told Vince and now Chris is at a hospital getting help with his obsession with you." This completely shocked me. So that is why I didn't see Chris around for a while.

"Lance," I said very quietly. Ken squeezed his arms tighter around my neck. I placed my hand on his arm and sighed. "If you are lying I swear to god."

"I am telling the truth here. Please believe me. If you don't you can ask Shane or Steph. They both know that he's in a hospital."

"Great," I said, "The man that literally caused my death is in a hospital getting BETTER while I sit here and have to suffer with the pain. He gets medicine for his pain. Doesn't everything work out just great?" now I was getting upset. I pushed Ken's arms off of me and walked to the door.

"Alia are you ok?" Ken asked.

"I'm fine." I said with my back turned towards them both. "Lance I want you to leave. NOW." I said then started for the den that I knew I would find Adam, Dave, Randy, and my dad at. I walked into the room and walked over to Adam. I wrapped my arms around his waist and sighed.

"What's wrong babe?" He asked wrapping his arm around my back.

"Nothing, I need a hug is all." I replied.

"Hey, and he get's the hug?" Randy and Dave said at the same time which caused me and Adam to laugh.

"Jealous much?"

"Shorty, you know they are."

"By the way where's the Hardy's and Shan at?" I asked as I gave the two jealous butts a hug.

"Last I saw them they were in the front room." Dad said.

"Thanks." I said and gave my dad a hug before walking out of the room and into the front room to find, Yup, Matt, Jeff, Shane, Lisa, Shannon, Lillian, Mike, Melina, And John joking about something. I walked over to them.

"Speaking of the devil and she shall arrive." Shannon said when he caught me eye.

"What are you all talking about that got you all laughing so hard a monkey couldn't eat his lunch?"

"Haven't heard that one before." Matt said in between laughter.

"Well, we were talking about the Christmas bashes at Matt's house. Where at everyone someone would piss you off and you would seek revenge on them." Jeff answered my question.

"And every year it has been ME that would piss you off." Shane said.

"You know I love you. So why are you complaining?" I smiled my devilish smile to him which caused the others to laugh again. "And besides before I left I got to Mike and John, here." I said jabbing my thumb to them.

"You should of seen me." John said. "I mean I looked like Jeff." he added.

"What did you do to make The Shaman of Sexy look like Jeff?" Lisa asked.

"I put hair dye in his shampoo. It looked good, I don't know why you were complaining. Orange looks good on you." Melina looked at her ex before she burst with laughter yet again.

"You had orange hair?" Lillian asked.

"Why do you think I wasn't working for two weeks?" he asked.

"So that explains why you were out. I didn't believe that you had an injury." Shannon said.

"Well you should of seen Mike." He said taking the attention off of him and onto his friend. "He was messed up." He said laughing at the memory.

"Might as well tell them Mikey." I said.

"Fine, she dyed all my hat's rainbow." He shook his head, "Man I looked gay."

"There is nothing wrong with Rainbows." Jeff yelled over the music.

"Didn't say there were. I was saying that it made me look gay."

"That didn't make you look gay." Lisa said.

"And what did then?" He questioned.

"The fact that you and John are ALWAYS together no matter what. Man it's like you two are joined at the damn hip." I said.

"We aren't always together." John said.

"Alright then, who did you come with then John?"

"Melina and Mike."

"Alright strike one, who are you standing next to?"

"Melina and Mike."

"Strike two, last question, who are you sharing your hotel room with?"

"Mike." He mumbled.

"Strike three, Now do you see why EVERYONE thinks you two are gay?" I questioned.

"Everybody knows I'm the Chick Magnet." Mike piped up.

"Actually they think that you are a chick repellent. With the Shaman of gayness you two are the gayest people on TV. And I am counting Clay Aiken." I responded. This caused the group to burst out laughing again.

"Why do you always pick on us?" Mike asked.

"It's love, Mikey. That's all it is love."

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