Chapter 39

--Last Day--

--Jeff's POV--

I woke up this morning with this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I sat up from the bed and looked over at Alia's sleeping form. Since i got here John has let me stay in the same room with my girlfriend, right now i don't know how much that was a good idea. I climbed out of bed and stood next to it. I looked down at her peaceful form, i pulled the covers up on her and let a stray tear fall. I walked out of the room and down the hall to living room. It was only a week since the party was over and Vince let Shannon, Matt, John, and me stay out of work to stay with her. i walked into the living room and sat next to John on the couch.

"Morning, She awake yet?"John asked, i stayed silent. "Jeff, what's wrong?" again i said nothing, i knew that if i would open my mouth to speak only tears would replace it. John got up from the couch and walked to Alia's room. I heard a gasp from her room and let more tears fall from my now swollen eyes.

"I hate today." i said to myself. i got up and walked into the room that held the girl that i love and her brokenhearted father.

"I...Can...n't....beli...eve..." John sobbed. He was leaned over her with her hand in his hand. He was crying and can you blame him? she was his daughter after all. I walked over to him and knelled down beside him. I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"Come on man, you don't need to be in here." John nodded his head and got up. He place a kiss on her forehead before walking out of the room. I kissed her cold hand and very cold lips before walking out. i shut the door behind me and walked back into the living room, to find John, Shan, and Matt sitting around the coffee table.

"She's gone," Matt said in a low voice. At that the whole house fell silent, the only sound was that if tears being shed and sobs being heard.

--A hour later-- (Jeff's POV Still)

John had got enough energy up to call her doctor. He was now in the room with Alia. He had to officially call the time of death. Matt and Shannon was on their cell phones when i decided that i needed some fresh air. I was standing on the front porch for ten minutes when Matt walked out.

"How are ya holdin up?" He asked taking a seat next to me on the stairs,

"As well as to be expected i guess, what about you?"

"Same," there was silence for a couple of minutes but it was broke when Shannon walked out.

"I'm going to call Randy and tell him."

"I'll tell Adam," Matt said.

"You two are back to being friends, That is something to be proud of." i said.

"everything around us is going to remind us of her. It's going to get easier," Shannon told me taking up the seat on my right. i just nodded my head. the front door opened and we three turned our head to see the doctor and John to pile out.

"Again, John, I am so sorry for your loss."


We watched as the doctor made his way to the car and pull out. John sighed making us turn to him. I could see the tears in his blue eyes and that was making me want to cry myself. Not that i haven't been crying since i found her the way i did.

"I'll go phone Vince, and tell him the bad news."

John sighed and walked back into the house. i got up from the steps and followed him into the kitchen. i took a seat on the stool in front of the island. i watched as John picked up the phone and dialed Vince's number.

--John's POV--

I dialed Vince's number and waited for him to pick up. It rang three times before he finally did.

"Hello?" The boss asked.

"Hey Vince," I sighed, i didn't want to talk about this to anyone. If the three Carolina guys wasn't here i would do something stupid and would probably cost me my life.

"Hey John, How's everything going?"

"Not so well." I replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Vince, Alia..." I trailed off. if i spoke it that meant it was real and i didn't want that to happen.

"How is she today?"

"Not," I took a deep breathe before finishing. "She's gone,"

"Where did she go?"

"Vince, last night she died in her sleep. she's gone. That is what i mean."

"Oh, John, i'm so sorry."

"Can you tell everyone?" i asked, i really didn't want to say it more than once.

"Certainly. We are going to be in your home town tomorrow for Raw, do you think that you and the others there can make it?"

"I guess, what's the plan?"

"A tribute to Alia, Plane and simple. Tomorrow will be Alia's day."

"Alright, that we can do."

"Good, i'll see you all tomorrow then,"

"Yeah, Tomorrow." i said. with that we said our good-byes and hung up. i looked at Jeff and faked a smile.

"What's tomorrow?"

"We have work to do." i answered.

--Raw 7:30--

I walked in the locker room with the box that Alia had set in my office. I was to hand out the containments that was in there. I didn't want to look but curiosity got the best of me. i sat on the bench and the box in front of me. I removed the box and found many letters.

"What in the world?" I looked at each one confused. I was told to hand out these letters and that is what i will do. it's the least i can do for my daughter's last wish. There was a knock on the door and i walked over to it,

"John," Vince said. "We are going to be showing many pictures and videos of Alia. We were wondering if you wanted to say anything on video or do it out in the ring live?"

"I'll do it live. Just make sure that Jeff, Dave, Shannon, Adam, and Randy are in the ring as well."

"Will do. The show is about to start."

"And it must go on." Vince smiled a bit before he walked down the hall. i turned around and looked at the box. I inhaled and held it for a second before i walked out of the room.


--3rd person POV--

The fireworks went off, the camera went to King and JR's table.

"Lades, and gentlemen, late last night WWE Diva Angel died due to health issues. As you all know she retired a couple of months ago. She was in her home when she was found." King said in a sad tone.

"We send our regards to her family and we know that she will be missed by not only the fans but the superstars as well." Jr. said.

No Chance,

No chance in hell

You've got,

No chance,

No chance in hell

You've got,

No chance

Vince walked out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand. For once the audience was silent. He looked around at the people and placed the microphone up to his lips, his entrance was cut and he sighed.

"As you were informed WWE Diva Angel is no longer with us. So we are dedicating this program to her. In honor of all her hard work, if you don't want to wrestle tonight you don't have to. All through the program we are going to have superstars talk about her and we are going to show you pictures of her and videos. But first off we are going to show you her life as it started. So her father would like to say a few words." Vince stepped aside as John's music went off. John stood beside Vince with a microphone in his hands held up to his mouth.

"Everybody knows her as Angel, but i knew her as my daughter. Most of you think that it was all a story line. In reality Angel is Alia and she is my daughter. I adopted her when she was 12. Baby i miss you." He said as tears rolled down his face.

Without warning Adam and Randy walked out. The crowd screamed and boo's were heard. Neither man were listening to them, they both walked over to John trying to comfort their friend. As they were doing this pictures were being shown of her backstage, at home, in hotels, and her last party. The crowd hushed up as they were watching this.

Alia's music went off and her video was shown as all the superstars made their way to the ring. There was a moment of silence for her as ten bells went off. As the superstars looked at the titantron they all saw her smile and laughing with Jeff, Shannon, and Adam backstage in the locker room.

"If anyone wants a match tonight they can with whoever they want just let me know." Vince said as they were leaving.

"Vince, i want to wrestle for my daughter. In memory of her." John said.

"That's fine, who do you want?"

"Who ever is up for it."

"I'll do it." Jeff said.

"That's fine. it will be John Cena V. Jeff Hardy. or Alia's dad V. Alia's boyfriend." Vince said, this caused the crowd to gasp. none of the fans knew about Jeff and Alia. so that was a complete shock.

Everyone made there way out of the ring and to the back. John walked into his locker room and sat next to the box. it was now or never to give out the letters. He grabbed the box and walked out the door and down the hallway. Now he had to find the superstars and hand them there letters, the last bit of peace from their Angel.

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