Chapter 4

Maria opened the door and looked at me. She didn't know what was going on. I usually never went to the diva's locker room because of Drama.

"Oh, Hey Alia. What are you doing here?"

"Nothing, I'm just investigating some things that happened to me?"

"oh, the black-out thing that you had."

"Yes, so do you have time now?"

"I guess, I have about ten minutes, so come in." she held the door opened and I walked in to see that Amy (One of my least favorite person was there), Layla, and Melina was in there.

"Hey guys." I stated and smiled at them. "So Maria, what happened at the booth?"

"Well I had the waiter bring some ice chips over and I put some in your mouth. You woke up and said something about Chris then passed out again."

"Oh, What did I say?" I got really nervous after I heard that.

"I couldn't make it out." She looked over at Melina.

"What happened after that?"

"Well I was going to call Matt over to help but Adam and Dave over and said that they could take you to the hotel. I walked with them outside and Chris was loading up his car. He said that he was headed over to the hotel and that he could take you. Adam thought something was up and after a while they both put you in the car and Chris left."

"Wait, Which Chris?"

"Jericho, why? Did we do something wrong?"

I was shocked. I was passed out and was within four feet of Him and didn't even notice it.

"Alia…Are you ok." I looked up to see that not only was Maria around but Melina was to. They both looked like they were going to run to get the doctor If I needed one.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks Maria, the information really helps out a lot."

"no problem."

I got up said my good-bye to Melina and Maria and walked back to my dad's room. I almost got there and I froze in the middle of the hallway. The one person I didn't want to see was only six feet away. And he was walking toward me. 'Oh god what am I going to do? Run away?' I was just about to turn around when somebody put there arm around my shoulders. I looked up to see that it was Randy. He notice that Jericho was coming down the hall. Jericho saw that I wasn't alone and turned around and walked away.


"Don't worry about it 'Lia. Let's get to the locker room. Ok?"


We both walked in the room to see that my dad was laying on the couch and Dave was on the bench getting ready. Randy shut the door lightly as not to wake my dad up. He looked so peaceful. I looked over and gave Dave a smile and the I'm about to do something look. He smiled at me and nodded in agreement.

"YO DAD!" I screamed. He bolted up off the couch as looked over at me.

"That was NOT funny." I stared laughing and was soon joined but the other two guys.

Dave left about ten minutes later. Randy just came out of the shower and was packing up. Dad was watching tv when he looked up and saw me staring down at the floor playing with my thumbs. Dad nodded at Randy and they both came over and sat on the bench in front of me.

"Shorty, What's wrong?"


"Come on now. What happened? If it's about Jericho standing in the hall. Well if someone is around you then he want do anything."

"Randy, that's just it." I said looking him straight in the eyes.

"What's it?" he looked confused.

"Well I went and talked to Maria. She said that I passed out again at the bar and Adam and Dave took me outside and Chris was already heading to the hotel so they put me in the car with him."

"Oh man. John, are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"Man, I think I am."

"Guys do you think that he could of done this to me?"

"Yes." they both said together.

There was silence in the room for a while. The door opened and made all three of us look at who it was. Adam had no clue that he just made a big mistake coming into the locker when he looked at Randy and my dad. They both was giving the You're dead look.

"How could you man?" Randy had enough of the stare down. He jumped up off the bench and grabbed Adam by his neck and pinned him to the wall.

"What are you talking about?"

"Look at Alia. What do you think this Is about?"

"I really don't know." he looked over at me then looked away.

"How could you let Jericho go near her?"

"I didn't want to let her go with him but I did. And how was I suppose to know that she would of gone missing?"

"Both of you stop it. Please." I stated as I went over to Randy. I put my hand on his forearm. He let Adam go and looked at me.

"I'm sorry. It's not his fault." Randy exclaimed.

"It's nobody's fault but mine." "Now Alia. If it's anybody's fault it would be mine. I invited him to the party and look what he did to you there. I swear if I would of known that he would make a move on you I would of never had that damn party in the first place." My dad said.

"Did I just miss something?" Adam was confused.

"Yeah, do you want to know what's going on?" I asked him.

"You know I do." I sat down and told him what had happened to me at the party and what I was just told by Maria. "That damn piece of shit. He's going to wish that he never even though of you." He jumped up. I grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Just drop it. But could one of you go with me to investigate with me?"

All three looked at me. Then they looked at each other. Adam was the one that spoke up.

"All of us will go with you to see that damn idiot."

"If he's even six feet from you I'm going to punch him in his mouth." Randy said.

"He's dead either way." my dad said.

"Well then boys let's go find him." I said as I grabbed one of Randy's hands and one of Adam's hands. My dad was in front of us as we all four walked down the hall into catering where everyone was at. We found Chris at the corner table with Charlie Hass, Mickie James and Jamie Noble. All four of us walked over to the table and stared at Chris. The other three walked away. We sat down in their spots.

Randy was ready to jump the talbe when he finally spoke up. "Chris we know what you did…."

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