Ruby was in her room playing with her toys. She started to talk to someone. I thought nothing about it until she said something that got me to turn around and went into her room. I sat down beside her and looked my daughter in her eyes.

"Ruby, honey, who are you talking to?"

"My new friend, daddy."

"Who is it honey?"

"Alia, she said dat she used to be your friend."

I looked at my daughter and just started thinking. What if she was telling the truth? I stayed there for a moment before I kissed Ruby on the head. I got up and left the room. I walked down the hall and went downstairs. I walked into my living room and sat on the sofa. I got my cell and called my old co-worker.

"Hey Jeff, it's been a long time."

"I know, listen, Ruby was in her room talking to someone. She said that it was Alia. Do you think that she is still here and watching over us?"

"Oh my gosh, you know Felicia was doing the same thing about a week ago."

"Did your daughter say that she was talking to Alia, though?"

"Yeah, Felicia asked if she had a sister that was dead. She never asked that before."

"You didn't tell her about Alia?"

"No, Mickie and I thought that it would be too hard on her to handle it."

"That is completely understandable."

"So, do you think that she is taking care of our daughters then?" John asked.

"I guess so."

"Do you want me to call Randy and ask him if Alanna is talking to Alia?"

"Yeah, I'll call Matt and ask him if Ashlynn is doing the same thing."

"OK, call me back."

I hung up the phone and called my brother. He didn't answer so I called his wife. Ashley answered on the third ring. She was just as cheery as she had ever been.

"Hey bro, what are you up to?"

"Ash, has Ashlynn been talking to someone in her room?"

"Yeah, Matt said not to upset you. It was the night before last. I wanted to call you and John but Matt didn't want to upset you two. It has been 5 years, since her death."

"I know, and I still think about it every day. She was our little Angel."

"I will always miss her, as will you."

"Thanks, Ash. Give Ashlynn a kiss for me will you. Tell Matt that we might be having a family meeting sometime soon."

"Ok, love you Jeffy."

I hung up the phone with Ashley and called John back.

"So, did he?"

"I talked to Ashley, yeah; Ashlynn has been talking to someone."

"We need to have a meeting."

"I know," just then Ruby ran down the stairs and into my legs.

"Daddy," She said.

"Hold on John," I looked down at my little girl. "What is it baby?"

"Alia told me to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"She said dat she's only doing her part." She looked at me strangely, "What does dat mean?"

"It's ok baby, I will explain it to you in a minute."

"What is it Jeff?"

"Alia sent us a message."

"And what is the message?"

"She is letting us know that she is a good sister and good cousin. She is looking after us and our kids."

"She will always be my little girl." John said.

-Alia's POV-

Daddy had gotten married to Mickie and they had Felicia she is 3 now. Randy married his best friend Sam and had Alanna, she is also 3. Jeff married his best friend Beth, they had Ruby she is 2. Matt married Ashley and they had Ashlynn she is 2. Shannon married his best friend, and they were expecting their first child. Greg wasn't married but he had a little boy, Sebastian. I loved all my family, and I am so happy that they are all still together for the most part. I will forever watch after their kids and they will forever be happy.

Phil was the same old Phil. Kind hearted as always. I wish he would just settle down with someone, but his career was to important for that. Ken had forgiven Lance and they had become friends. Lance apologized to Ken for what he had done after Ken told him he knew. Adam was with Beth (Pheonix) and they were great together. Adam wasn't sad anymore. Adam had picked out a ring for her and that was ok with me.

Dave left the company for the most part and went on with his life. He went to anger management and was told to channel his anger into something. He decided to channel it into a punching bag. He was in the MMA and was actually happy. He hadn't dated anyone since me, and I was a little sad about that part, but his career was doing great. That is all that I could have wanted from them. Them to be happy, and that is what they were.

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