Chapter 5

"You know what?"

"About the party you jackass. That's what we know." Randy stated with even more fire in his eyes then before.

"I have no clue what you are talking about."

"YOU DAMN LIAR." Adam said as he slammed his fist on the table. "HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH IT." Now everyone was staring at the table.

"Listen, Whatever that Bitch has told you three is a lie."

That was it. The guys jumped out of there seats. Adam grabbed him by his hair while Randy grabbed his right wrist. My dad on the other hand grabbed me. He picked me up and put me behind him.


"Get your hands off of me. NOW!"

Randy tightened his grip and, with his other hand punched him in the face. My dad had gotten over to the others and speared Jericho. Adam had let go of his hair and stated to kick him. My dad was now on top of Jericho punching him in the face. Paul (triple h) came over and tried to stop the fight but to avail. Randy was now helping Adam kick him.

Matt, Jeff, Jamie, Charlie and Dave came over to get them all to stop fighting. Matt and Jeff was holding Randy back. Dave and Paul grabbed my dad . Jamie and Charlie got Adam. Mickie bent down to Chris and looked at him. He had a busted lip, a huge gash over his left eye, his nose looked broken, his left eye was already swollen shut, his left arm (The one he used to cover up) looked swollen as well and he had a cut on the side of his face.

"What is your problem? Chris we've got to get you to the doctors. This is the first time I've seen you like this John." Mickie said as she held out her hand to help Chris up.

"If you knew what this Pervert did, you would of done the same thing."

"I don't think I would of John, You nearly killed him."

"Look Micks, He kissed 'Lia and we believe that he also beat her the other night."

Mickie let go of Jericho's hand, he fell down on his ass. Matt and Jeff let Randy go and turned their attention to me. I was sitting at another table, shocked as i was watching the entire thing happen before my eyes. 'I didn't even try to make them stop. Why?' Randy made his way over to me and took the seat next to me. Jeff left catering and went to go get the doctors and Vince. Matt went over to the now fallen Jericho. He bent down to his leave and looked at him in the eyes.

"What man?"

"I just wanted to do this to you." He punched him in the face making him fall again. He stood up and sat on the other side of me.

Adam and my dad were let go of and was sitting at another table. Not long after that Jeff came back in with the doctors and Vince behind him. Jeff came over and sat next to Matt and just stared at Jericho. Vince made his way over to my dad's and Adam's table first. Everyone could hear what was going on cause he was so loud.

"What's your problem?" He demanded.

"Boss, Jericho's a pervert and I had to make him pay."

"John what in the hell are you talking about?"

"Well Vince, First off he kissed my daughter and second off I believe that he beat her the other night. That is why she has all the bruises on her face."

"I still don't know what you are talking about."

"He must not be very smart then." Matt said in my ear.

"Vince this all stared when that asshole came to my house for the fourth of July party. He got drunk and was throwing stuff, he knocked Alia out and took her to a room. That is where he kissed her. Then the other night when she went missing, he beat her. Randy found her and that's when we found out about all of this shit. It just got to us and we wanted him to pay. That's why we came down here and beat the holy shit out of him."

"Wow. All this happened within a matter of ten minutes. You sure do know how to slam someone in the floor. Uh John?"

"Guess I do." my dad had a small smile on his face.

"Well Chris you need to get checked out." Vince turned and glared at Jericho.

"I will and I hope that all three of those fuckers get fired." He looked pleased with himself as he stared at me.

"What are you talking about?" Vince asked looking confused.

"Aren't they getting fired?" he jerked jos head to Vince as he pointed at Adam, then Randy, Then my dad.


All the guys let out a sigh of relief. Jericho was turning red. Matt hugged me while Jeff kept his eyes over on Chris. He looked like he was about to kill him for all that he had put me threw.


"Well, I am going to be firing someone tonight. And I will let everyone know who that is in about five minutes. At the end of the show and I am going to have this taped and it will be broadcasted on the next RAW. Now go get cleaned up and Alia," he turned his attention to me and looked at him in the eyes. " I need to see you in my office in twenty minutes." he smiled at me and walked off.

"What the hell?" I said slightly under my breathe so only Matt, Jeff and Randy could hear it. Randy picked me up and gave he a hug. 'What did I do?'

Jericho was taken by the doctor out of the room. He had an awkward smile on his face as he looked at me. It slightly creped me out as I looked at him. I stared at him until he was out of sight and my dad had come over. I looked over to see that my dad has a bruise coming up under his eye and started to laugh.

"What's are you laughing about shorty?" he asked

"You got in a fight and came out with only a black eye."

"Yeah, well you should see the other guy." he said jokingly and started to laugh himself. soon everybody in the room was getting back to what they were doing before the fight had started.

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