Chapter 9

I walked in the Arena with Randy and Adam. We all walked to the locker room. My dad was already there in his attire that he was going to wear for the night. I grabbed his script and schemed threw it. I noticed that he was going to be having an interview with Maria and then a match against Adam.

"Hey Dad."

"Yeah shorty"

"Your match is with Adam tonight."

"Is it, I haven't even read that thing yet."

"Here. Read it so you know what to do." I handed it to him.


"I'll see you guys later." I walked out the door to Vince's office. I walked in without knocking like I've been doing. I sat down as he told me what I was doing. I walked out after ten minutes and down to catering. This was like a routine. I got some fruit and a bottle of water and sat at a free table. I sat there in deep thought when I was interrupted.

"Hey Sweetie."

"Oh, Hey Jeffro."

"So your in your first match tonight?"

"Yeah, against Cody. I've got to admit something thou, I'm scared. I've been out there before but I Haven't been in a match."

"Yeah the first time in the ring is always the worst. But hey, you should do just fine. I mean you are an Angel in the ring."

I chuckled. "I guess your right. Do you have a match tonight?"

"Sure do. I'm going against Shelton. Well I've got to go the match is up next."

"Good luck."

"Same to you."

He walked off and I looked up at the monitor. 'I'm not dressed yet.' I ran to the locker room and told the guys to get out. I grabbed my blue jeans and an Edge t-shirt and threw them on. I put my hair up and ran out the door. Adam and Me walked down to the curtain and watched the match. Jeff's hand was being raised in victory. Commercial and then it was our turn. Jeff walked threw the curtain and gave me a hug.

The sound guy played Adam's music and we both walked out. He did his whole thing While I stood behind him. He began to walk down the ramp and I followed. He climbed in the ring and I did the same.

"Man, Angel is back."

"King you know she's going to interferer again."

"Yeah, she may make Cena number four on the injured list she has."

"She already put Cody, Shannon, and Beth on the list."

Adam grabbed a microphone and began to speak. "Now If you don't mind Cena get your ass out here now. I'm not in the mood for you to be waiting back there."

My dad walked out and stared us down. He ran down the ramp and into the ring. He grabbed a microphone and looked over at me.

"So I see where you went to."

"Don't talk to her. I'm your opponent not her."

"If she was my opponent it would be a much better match than ours is." He smiled and winked at me.

"What did you say?" Just then Adam speared him. I was told to get out of the ring so I did.

"I'll have to agree with John on that one."

"So you think that Angel should fight a guy."

"Well, so far she's done well for herself King."

Adam was doing great and then my dad got the upper hand on him. He was giving right hand after right hand. He put Adam on his shoulders ready for the F-U and I ran over to the announcer's table and grabbed a chair. I slid in the ring and the ref stopped me. He grabbed the chair out of my hands and forced me out of the ring. He was busy with putting the chair back that he didn't notice that I had got up on the top rope and missile drop kicked my dad. I place Adam's arm over my dad's body and slid back out of the ring. The ref turned and 1.2.3.

"And the winner is EDGE!"

"That's not fair King."

"Yeah it is. Edge was in trouble so she helped out."

"Come on."

I held up his hand and we got out of the ring. We were at the top of the ramp, when we turned around and Cody was standing there.

"Look who's at the top JR."

"I see that."

"Angel, I've already talked to Vince and we have a match tonight. Just me and You."

I stopped in the middle of ramp and watch him smirk at me and walk back threw the curtain.

"Did we just hear that right King?"

"I believe we did. This is great. Angel v. Cody"

I walked back threw the curtain and Adam grabbed my hand. We walked into the locker room and sat down waiting for my dad to come back in. He walked threw the door about five minutes later.

"Shorty, that was great."

"Thanks dad."

"Well me and Adam are going to leave so you can get changed for your match."


They walked out and I went over to my bag and got out a pair of loose jeans and a black t-shirt that was cut to just above the jeans. I re-did my hair and walked out of the room. I hugged my dad and Adam, I walked two steps before I noticed that Adam was behind me. "What are you doing?"

"Going down there with you."

"No your not."

"What do you mean?"

"Well Vince told me that you were not going down there. Cody and Ted are already going to be down there. Ted is going to interfere and I am going to handle it. In the end both of them are going to get injured. I don't need any help."

"Ok. Guess he changed it."

"Yeah. Thanks for all the help."

"No problem sweetie." He gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

I walked down the hall back to the curtain. The sound guy motioned for me to go and I walked out to Edge's music. The crowd booed as I walked down the ramp and into the ring. I stood in the ring staring at the top of the ramp waiting for Cody to make his way down.

Priceless music hit and Cody and Ted started coming down the ramp. Cody climbed in the ring and Ted stood on the side. The ref called for the bell and the match started. I slapped Cody in the face and he placed his hand on his face and stared at me. I slapped him again and this time he went for a clothesline and I ducked. I ran to the ropes and bounced of them. I returned with a clothesline of my own. He went down, I went to the ropes again and climbed to the top ropes I gave him a leg drop. He shot up off the canvas. I stared at him and he stared back. He put me in the headlock and I got out of it.

Just then Ted jumped up and I ran over and tossed him in the ring. He looked shocked. I tossed him over to Cody. Cody grabbed him and stopped him. I ran at them and speared both of them. They fell out of the ring and onto the floor. I stood in the ring, ran over to the other side and bounced off the ropes and flew over the tope rope and did a moon salt and landed on top of them. I stayed down for a second(1) then crawled back in the ring.(2)

"You know this is an (3)interesting match we have going on King."(4)

"That we do."(5)

Cody was slowly climbing into the ring. (6)The ref stopped the count and checked on Cody. He was in the corner prop up and I was on the other side I ran and clothes lined him again and put him in a head lock. I bulldogged him and pinned him. 1.2. Shoulder off the canvas. I got on the top rope and held my arms straight out and jumped, I did a half spinning moon salt and landed on target. 1.2.3.

"And the winner is ANGEL"

"Did you see that King"

"I wonder what she calls that?"

"Me too."

The ref raised my arm and I got out of the ring. I stood at the top of the ramp smiling at the damage that I had caused. Ted was bleeding from the head and Cody still hadn't moved. I turned around and walked threw the curtain and Maria was standing there.

"Angel, What was that finishing move you did?"

"I call that Falling From Heaven."

I walked down the hall back to the locker room. I walked in Jeff, Matt, Adam, Randy, Dave, and my dad were there. They had been watching the whole thing. Jeff had a smile on his face and the other looked as though they were shocked.


"That's was cool." Dave said.

"Where did you learn that. That looked like something Jeff would of done."

"Well Randy, He taught me how to do it without getting injured."

"Really, Shorty where did you come up with the name?"

"It just came to me that's all."

The room was silent for a little then they stared to laugh. I went to my bag and got a change of clothes and walked into the shower. I came out twenty minutes later refreshed. Everybody had left but Adam and my dad.

"Ready?" my dad asked.

"Ready." we left the arena and went back to the hotel. We all need some rest.

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