Saving Seraphina


Seraphina, also known as Sera, is the princess of her brother’s gang - their extended family. Until she falls for the right boy, at the wrong time.. “Sera..” Cesar whispered, tucking a piece of mg dangling hair behind my ear. “Do you know what Seraphina means?” He spoke once again. I silently, slowly shook my head yes. Every time I cried, he reminded me. “It means princess, it means beauty. Something that describes you oh so perfectly, in every way. A beautiful princesca.”The gorgeous boy before me said quietly. Cesar lifted my chin with his index finger ever so lightly, while his other hand found it‘s way to my waist. Before I could process what was happening, his lips had smashed onto mine and my stomach did backflips. His lips were the perfect blend between both rough and sensual, I could feel him yearning for more. With every movement we made, I was falling deeper and deeper into this fucked up situation. Cesar had both hands now on my ass, hoisting me into himself. The second my feet left the ground, my legs spread on cue to wrap them around his waist.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Author’s Note and Character Introduction

This is an On My Block spin off/alternative universe. The On My Block characters will of course remain the same, but have a very didnt ending and story line!

I imagine the main female character, Seraphina Garcia, as @koleendz on Instagram!

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