The Speed Books Book 1 The Origins


Ninn is an 13 YO kid, but when an accident occurs that leaves Ninn in a horrible situation he must figure out how to overcome it, or lose everything. Ninn is a your typical super nerdy kid. He gets bullied. He develops a crush and through it all he gets struck by lightning. Can Ninn over come all the odds and survive and come out more powerful then ever, or will fate be cruel and have Ninn never see the light of day again....

Adventure / Other
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It's Me. Deal With It

Ninn Matthias Hayes is a average 13 year old. (It’s me by the way.) I have straight A’s, I have friends, I go to school, have to cats, and I have an aptitude for Science and Math, but I get teased and bullied a lot, because instead of playing football and being a “man” (I’d like to keep my brain cells, thank you very much.), but the one thing I absolutely love doing is reading comic books. BUT au contraire mon ami, not just any comic books... MARVEL Comic books. I love: Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Panther, Black Widow, and everything. And then of course the man, the myth, the legend himself!! Stan Lee!! But my all time favorite superhero is.... The Flash. He’s DC and I absolutely love him. I also have a brother who I worship and is probably the only person who i like better then the Flash.

I’m starting to walk home one Friday after a long week of SMQ (Standardized Math Questions.) prep, when all of a sudden I hear some kid screaming “Help!! Help!! Someone cut my brakes!! Help!!!” I run out to try to intercept him before he ran into a bunch of kids, but what I didn’t know, is that strapped to his front handlebars are a bunch of vials of chemicals. I stop him, but get doused in chemicals. The kid starts to speak and I assume he’s about to thank me instead “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!?!?!?” Is this kid serious right now. I say this next comment with so much sarcasm I can taste it. "Well exCUSE me for trying to save your ass in the heat of the moment!!" "I was playing a joke you egotistical asshat." I'm so shocked by this kid I say something so unlike me I shock myself "OK. Fine. I'm an egotistical asshat, but I want you to remember I'm the egotistical asshat that screwed your mom. Nice Barbie poster by the way, oh and that Thomas the Tank Engine blanket in your room is so soft..." He looked as if I had just punched him square in his jaw. "Watch your ass over the next few days, cause you just made an enemy kid..." Then he shoved me to the ground and walked off.
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