Chapter Two - A Lesson in Case Solving Part B


See, I knew it was a good idea bringing in Matt. He’s hacked into the police network already, and he’s only been in the flat two hours. I guess the police system is small fry to him, though, we’ve got L’s system to hack into next. He reckons he needs a couple of days, at least. I give him… thirty-six hours. Yeah, a day and a half, that’s how long I think it’ll take him.

His reaction earlier was… weird. He sort of glared at me for the card and then when he got closer and I turned the right way and he saw the scar he sort of stopped. Just looked at me. There was this look in his eyes like he was sad or something, I don’t know, it was all weird and stuff. He didn’t say anything. The fucker didn’t say a single word, just carried on as if nothing happened.

So we just got on the bike, right, and he’s holding on to me all the way back, with all his games and stuff in a bag on his back. He even took off those stupid goggles for the ride, couldn’t fit them under the helmet. He doesn’t really take them off for anything else, you know. I’ve seen him go to bed wearing them. I wonder if he showers in them? Second thoughts, I don’t want to know, he can keep his showers out of my mental images thanks very much. Ugh, get out. So fucking wrong.

I look over at him, in the flat, doing his computer whiz stuff, and I don’t know, it feels like home. I didn’t care about many people at Wammy’s, except him and Near and L, and I hated Near. L was something to look up to, you know? But it kind of stung when he gave all the attention to Near, yeah, maybe I was a little irresponsible sometimes, but it’s not like I ever killed anyone. It’s not like I’m dumb. He should have liked me the same. It’s just because Near’s a little L-clone, sitting there in his chair like he’s L Mark Two and pretending he’s in control of everything, like L was. Wake up, Near. L died. Being him really isn’t the coolest idea right now. Not like he’d stop - he loves L, the only reason he does all that stuff is because he loves him, death isn’t going to stop that. Fucking homo. I bet he dressed up in L’s clothes when no one else was looking.

Right, enough of Near now, I don’t have breath to waste on him. I want to know what Matt thinks. So I get up and go over to him, right, and sit next to him on the floor (only I look cooler, sprawled out in leather; he just looks like a nerd). I just watch him for a few moments. He doesn’t even bat an eyelid but I can sense he’s watching me out of the corner of his eye, just waiting for me to say something. So I let him stew a little bit, you know, keep quiet. Then he looks up, as if to ask me what I want, and that’s when I grab his hand.

He’s all shocked at first, and even more so when I bring it up to my face and lay it on top of the scar. He stares at me, all wide-eyed behind the goggles (score! From this angle, I actually get to see his eyes), and then sort of swallows nervously.

“Mells-” He says, but I was waiting.

“You were curious, weren’t you?” I say quickly, cutting him off. A pause. His eyes flicker downwards.


“There was an explosion.” I say, still not letting him move his hand. “Fucking Kira. That’s why I wanna nuke this bitch. Light Yagami. We’re gonna bring him down, right?”

“Right.” Matt says quietly. I let go of his hand but he keeps it there for a moment, apparently fascinated by the rough skin. Then he lets his hand drop when his laptop beeps, and quickly gets immersed in it and whatever he’s doing.

I watch him for a bit, but it’s boring. It’s just tap-tap-tap on the keyboard, wait for something to happen, tap-tap-wait, tap-tap-wait. So I stretch out on the floor, hands behind my head, looking up at the ceiling.

Within minutes I’m frowning again, and yeah I know I get angry easily, but this Light guy is really pissing me off in some kind of spectacular way. It’s just a good job he doesn’t know Matt’s here. Or should I say Mail. Shit, I hope no one else knows his name. Anyone who knows could betray him, get him killed, whether they meant to or whether Kira planned it, so he’s in danger now, too…

“Matt.” I sit up, looking at him, a bit worried now (but of course I’m always eager to deny it).

“Only you know my name.” He says. I’m a little taken aback, didn’t think he would guess that quick, so I’m quiet; he looks around at me. “Worried, Mells? Didn’t know you cared so much.”

“Fuck you.” I snarl, lying back down. “Just didn’t know you were a mind-reader all of a sudden.”

Matt chuckles. “You’re just predictable. No wonder Kira’s been running circles around you.”

Too far. I get up and glare down at him, and pull my gun, because I’m really angry now. He just looks up at me through those stupid goggles and sighs. Then he goes back to his work. Way to make me feel guilty. I shove the gun back where it came from and storm out, into the bedroom, only to find it littered with various PSP games already. How irritating. I just sweep them all onto the floor and walk out onto the balcony. That’s the one advantage of having a flat like this - the balconies. Not that there’s anything to see.

Behind me, I hear Matt burst into the room and start gathering up the games, making sure I didn’t hurt his precious little time-wasters. Then he comes out onto the balcony after me.

“You could have broken them.” He says, all sulky, like it’s me that’s in the wrong. He started it.

“I don’t care.” I mutter. He comes to stand beside me, and we look out over this foreign land together, all the lights glittering and stuff. It’s quite nice, I suppose. It’s nothing like back at Wammy’s, which is the most important thing, I guess. It’s the sheer difference that hits you.

“You do care.” Matt says quietly.

“Says who?” I look at him sharply.

“I do.” He says. “You care. You just can’t admit it.”

Then he walks off, and leaves me, just like that. When I called him earlier… I never thought by the end of tonight, he’d be making a psychological analysis of my feelings and guessing everything I say before I’ve said it. I never thought he would dare.

Most of all, I never thought he’d be right.


When will Mells learn? I know him inside out, I know everything about him, except his name. Nearly everything. At least, I know a lot. See, he’s confusing, is Mello. It’s like, just when you think you’ve figured him out, finished the game, there’s some kind of side quest and you realise there’s a whole part of him you’ve never seen before.

After his little outburst (the games survived; thank God), I just went back to the laptop. We’re on a mission here, and I want to catch Kira as much as he does. I never realised it was so serious. I’d heard the news, of course, and a little from Roger or L, when he was still alive, but both Near and Mello just stopped calling me when they got to Japan. It was lonely. I was so glad when Mello said he wanted me out here, and now he’s being all…

I need a cigarette. I pull one out of a pocket, with my lighter, and light up in Mello’s living room. He’s going to get crazy at me for it, but I need one to settle my mind.

Within seconds I see him go back into the bedroom and come to the door, sniffing the air like there’s a sewer leak. Then he spots the smoke and glares at me - I hate it when he glares at me like that, it gives me the shivers.

“Matt.” He says, and there’s a warning tone in his voice. I’m just about to give in and put it out when something unexpected happens. The phone rings.

Mello lunges across the room and grabs it like it’s trying to kill him, and puts it to his ear.

“Hello?” He says, and a second later his face crumples into this annoyed expression of hate. “Yes, Near, what do you want?”


Just had to be Near, didn’t it. I thought it might be something exciting, like Kira himself ringing up to taunt me a bit. I wouldn’t mind that, so long as he kept talking enough to let Matt triangulate the call and find out where the bastard is. Or even someone from the Mafia, that might be nice, we could meet up for tea and biscuits and a chat about classical music, and knit sweaters together. Yeah, okay, that was laying the sarcasm on a bit thick, but my point is I really didn’t want to talk to Near.

“How’s Matt?” That was the first thing he said. As soon as I heard his voice it started grating on me. SHUT UP, that was my first thought. I could hear him twiddling his hair. What kind of freak is he?

“Yes, Near, what do you want?” I growl, not wanting this conversation at all.

“I just thought you might want to know.”

Pause. I’m waiting for him to embellish on this. He doesn’t.

“You thought I might like to know what?” I spit, bitter that he’s able to make me play his game like this.

“That we are winning.” Near says, with such barely-concealed glee and pride it makes me want to punch him.

“Winning?” I bark, annoyed beyond words. What does he mean, winning?

“We have discovered the true identity of Kira, and are in the final stages of capturing and subduing him.”


Matt looks up from his laptop. I can’t hide what I’m thinking. Near can’t do this. He can’t beat me. No. There’s no way. I’m the one who’s supposed to win. I’m the one who’s supposed to be the new L.

“You’re welcome to come to the investigation headquarters, if you would like to watch.”

I slam the phone down and grab my jacket off a chair.

“Matt, we’re leaving. Drop everything. I don’t care what it is. We need to get to investigation HQ now.”



Matt jumps up from his laptop, without even shutting it down or stopping the program. It’s at times like this I really appreciate having him on my team. I know he had to, because I know his name and everything, but I like to think he’d side with me anyway. I need him, you know, to balance everything out. Only it looks like it was too little, too late. Which is really fucking typical, let me tell you.

Long story, short; we get on the bike and go to the police place. L’s place, as it used to be. Light Bastard Yagami’s place, now, I guess, but not for long. When we burst in on the scene, he’s standing in a corner, as far away from everyone else as possible, and everyone’s glaring at him like he’s Kira. Because he is.

“Glad you could join us.” Near says in his girly little voice, twirling his hair round one finger and holding a black notebook in my direction. I take it, expecting there’s maybe some evidence inside or something, but as soon as I do I see this big fucking monster in front of Light. Like, BIG. And his eyes are like nothing else. It’s freaky. But I read those messages too - L, Do you know Gods of Death love apples - and I know what this guy is. He’s a shinigami.

I hand the notebook over to Matt and he starts back too, mumbling something about Digimon or something like that, how am I supposed to understand him when he’s in gamer mode? He’s such a nerd sometimes. So then we’re all just looking at Light, me and Matt and Near and the shinigami and everyone. And we all know he’s Kira.

He goes up to the Death God guy, he’s talking some crap about writing our names down, not that I really get that at all. But the monster’s holding a notebook just like the one Matt’s got, and he opens it, right, and glances over at Near. And Near gives this tiny little nod. What, so even Gods take their orders from Near now? Fuck that! The pretentious little prick probably thinks he’s taking over from Light, God of the New World and all that shit. He’s deluded. He’s seriously deluded.

Then - and I can’t believe I’m seeing this - Light just grabs his chest and starts yelling, and drops to the floor, and in thirty short seconds it’s all over, and Near’s won.

Shit. Guess this means me and Matt are out of a job.

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