How juvenile of me sneaking into her room, I thought I outgrew this phase of my existence, yet, here I am! hovering and watching. How is she the one? The world now only new darkness and cold, running from one pace to other keeping hidden to stay alive you didn't dare wander off where you weren't familiar, never looking up in fear of other things lurking to take you. You ran, you kept your head low and your mouth shut. These were the days of new creatures and different ways. Dark times, days of sorrow and pain, days where we never knew what was yet to come. Hope seemed so lost, despair and end of mankind only grew closer. Stories of creatures some say were saviors others described them and savages waiting to take you. I'd have to make my own assessment if I ever found my self-face​ to face with these so-called "Real Legends". these were just stories for me ones to bring either hope or fear, either way, I wasn't about to let me guard down. Then he appeared and here we are!

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Ch 1 Taken


Im still creating my character’s and name etc. but I wanted to see if the 1st chapter would be a page-turner, ear catcher and maybe a breath taker, haha here’s hoping that this keeps people wanting to know more. PLEASE let me know what you think. Thank you all LOVES.


The world now only new darkness and cold, running from one place to other keeping hidden to stay alive you didn’t dare wander off where you weren’t familiar, never looking up in fear of other things lurking to take you. You ran, you kept your head low and your mouth shut. These were the days of new creatures and different ways. Dark times, days of sorrow and pain, days where we never knew what was yet to come. Hope seemed so lost, despair and end of mankind only grew closer.

Days have gone by since I had another person to talk to. I have been traveling for days now to a new place a place far from the rest of the world. somewhere I hope no one could find me, know who I was or what I could do. hell, I didn’t even know but every time I turned around things just kept happening weird shit too.

Our world didn’t feel too far from the original it once was, but mankind had changed, life and how we lived were all so different yet we still hoping secretly in our hearts where no one could find it, there was A love that no one ever knew dwelled there. A Pain so really it hurt to be without, In this time it was all I had to hold on to. We were past the point of evil vs good, goodwill towards all. We were at the end of day's. All men were for themselves, and the women far worse. I was no different I had to live to survive this world, but I longed for the day of true and pure love and freedom.

this legend was of men some say there were Human gods, others say there were not of this world, creature of the night but untouched by the day. saviors in some eyes and demons in others. but the story always stays true, they came and took and they were gone again. So wanted to be taken by them and others feared that it was their end of life going. Either way, I would make my own assessment of it once or if it happened to me but these were just legends so the hope that this was even really was a slim chance in hell. I laid low for so many days in my solitude darken cave, used by many on there way passing this old place. a place once living with color and light, a place once full of love and laughter a place now ridden with sadness and darkness all around. this place was home once, but now there is nothing in the high top mountain if Colorado I find my way moving in and out of the trees I haven’t lived here since I was a child, but the smell of the trees still took me back.

back to a time I was free and happier then I was at this point in my life. 23, alone and fending off the darkness from creeping in. Lost in my thoughts I didn’t catch the signs unfolding in front of me walking into a clearing I stop dead in my steps as a cold breeze blows by feeling the chill on my face it bring a shiver up my spin something is wrong, something is off I feel it. Dropping to the ground I place my hand on the dirt beneath me feeling for the vibration of what’s coming. At first, I feel nothing it’s dead silent, the birds have stopped chirping. everything besides the wind has fallen still.

I peak up from under my hooded cloak, it’s dark but it’s not nightfall there is a light mist covering the trees higher up from where I’m standing. My one mistake not noticing the change in weather, I had been so lost in my thought for the first time in a long time I let my guard down and now something was here circling me, watching me. What was it? I didn’t know, but I knew it would soon reveal itself to me.

Three blurs rush past me, my eyes trying to find one to focus on but finding this impossible I close them focusing on all my other senses.

hearing leave crunch under there steps, branches cracking from there weight, feeling the wind from each of there moments against me, smelling them Vanilla, Sage, sandalwood and a hint of something I haven’t smelled in a long time, cinnamon! That was different and a sweet scent so sweet It distracted me and I didn’t feel the hand touch me as one stood beside me. He came up so fast I had no time to pull out my blade hiding from under my cloak. “SHIT,” I thought to myself If they don’t kill me here I hate to see what they will do with me if I’m taken. FEAR! was the least of my worries. my curiosity was taking over me Who? What? were these Things. I could see their faces or if they were even a man. their eyes glow a red, amber color even and they had not breath, it was cold out and there was no heat coming from them at all.

“Shit” these were creatures of the stories told. But, what were they and would I ever live to tell of them?

“Take her!” One spoke out his voice strong and demanding but with a softness underlining it.

I felt the hand on my tighten and glide down to pull me up, but I had other plans for them if they thought I would go easily.

“I wouldn’t fight it “Little Thing!”, it’s highly advised against” another spoke his voice stern, cold even but with a hint of sarcasm in it as if he liked to play games.

“She should know better, but I feel she won’t go so easy, will you Muse” the third spoke from beside me

my eyes still closed hearing them speak I could tell who was were the last voice soft, sweet almost like honey to my ears. his words MUSE making me think there was more soul to him then he might be leading on. I moved my hand that I still had placed on the ground beneath me placing it on the bent knee I was leaning on I slide it up higher and slower making no sudden moves wanting to feel them out.

“AH, ah, ah, Little thing” the gamer spoke again

“Now, take her and let’s be done with it” the 1st voice spoke out again.

At this moment I took my chance and rolled away from the one holding my shoulder, I moved so fast even he was puzzled by my speed and that I was able to remove his grasp. staring at me in surprise he walked to me slowly, step by step as I rolled back and on to my feet turning to run from him I may not outrun them but, I wasn’t going down like this.

“What do you want from me?” I demanded to yell at them.

“Ah, again! why do you let them get away I’m starting to believe you like to chase your prey!” the second spoke to the one following me

“I didn’t let her, she surprised me is all” the third spoke back

“Little thing, come here we don’t have the time nor do we want to kill you.... yet” the gamer teased saying calling me from the trees behind me

“Talen” the leader shouted

“What! we don’t yet! Right!? or is this another search and rescue?” the one called Drogo yelled back.

I thought to my self who where they, I never heard nor remember any of them in the stories The only one ever talked about was a superbeing named Nicolae! and he couldn’t be alive, it being hundreds of years since or so the stories go.

For some, the stories made him the savior of us human for others he was the villain. Pausing for a moment trying to remember as I tried to escape them. the 3rd still walking behind me finding no need to chase me considering it wouldn’t’ be fair had he started to run I would surely lose anyway. But I ran, running as fast as I could knowing they were behind me I dodged trees jump over logs and even watched to make sure I wasn’t surprised by stray branches.

I wanted to attack them when I was kneeling down but I was no match for them, my quick move gave me an advantage of escape so I was taking it. however, my attempt was short-lived when the 1st of the three, the one who appeared to be the leader jump out of nowhere at me, standing in front of me stopping me dead in my tracks.

“We have no time for this! PLEASE COME WITH ME!” He says to me watching me crash right into his firm chest

Placing my hand against his body bracing my self, I Scream falling against him and coming to a hard stop I try to pull back, but he has his hands on me before I can react, gentle but firm not hurting me he picks me up into his arms.

“DONT FIGHT ME!” he demands to look at me his eyes glowing RED.

I swallow hard staring back into them, unable to form any words I freeze.

“Nicolae! you take all the fun out of finding these ones you know!” the playful one teases.

“Not now we have to get her to safety,” the creature holding me who’s named Nicolae says while holding me in his arms

“Nicolae!” I say mumble under my breath.

“YES, we aren’t here to hurt you, but we need to get to back to that castle,” he says to me from under his cloak not revealing his form but only showing his red eyes.

“What are you?” I whisper in a shaky voice

“Nothing you should concern your self with” he whispers back giving me a sense of calm, feeling my eyes heavy as if I could sleep for the next 100 years. Fighting it I feel my body being pulled down bouncing in and out of a sleep-like trance as he held me in his arm. Then I hear them speak to each other.

" She isn’t giving in Nicolae! I think she thinks we are going to eat her!” the one with the teasing tone says and laughs out then adds .....“If you let me I’d love to taste this LITTLE THING”

“you’re freaking her out knock it off” the calmer one speaks out

“Nicolae If she’s fighting this hard to stay awake do you think it’s her?” the one behind us asks

“I don’t know, but I hope so for all our shakes,” Nicolae says back.

“Great the world goes to shit, and we have to rely on a weak human, WOMEN! none the less for fuck shake Nicolae” the one with a teasing tone grumbles out

“ENOUGH, we need to be silent now, let her rest as we get her to safety. ” NICOLAE growls out low at the others.

I’m fighting the heavy sleep coming over me, fighting it so hard I am moaning and groaning at it and every move I feel being made as he carries me. I can’t keep my eyes open fully but what I have been able to catch seems all a blur feeling that we are moving fast, the air blows through my hair now uncovered by the cloak the chill of the air freezing my face and my breath catching making me shiver. I glance up at my capturer as he glances down at me with his red eyes I’m so cold now I feel it taking over my whole body this fight isn’t easy.

“Sleep now, you are safe with us Simoes” (pronounced like SIM-MOS but used as SIM-MOAN for MC in this story) Nicolae whispers down at me covering my head and face with the cloak again and pulling me closer to his stronger shoulder keeping what heat I have left in me close. no longer has he done this that I feel a heat radiating from him warming me up completely and making sleep feel better to fall into and within moments I can’t hold out anymore, I let it take me closing my eyes I start to fall into a deep sleep hearing last words from the others “Finally, she’s sleeping!” the 3rd says

“I thought she’d never give in, she will need the rest,” the one behind us says

“Yes, she is stronger then I thought, there is something different about her,” Nicolae says so faintly I almost didn’t’ hear it.

The dark takes me from that moment and I hear nothing else I only feel his arms holding me until I feel nothing but peaceful slumber as I sigh out my last anxious breath and slip into sleep.



SIMOES (a family name) but its’ often pronounced SIMONS lol. so, why not use it, Right! and she is the MC.

And thus far Nicolae is a good name for the second MC “??” I will see what I want him to be Vampire, werewolf?? the other two as well.

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