Hidden Within


Only the clanging of metal could be heard as the lowly Tiefling guard made his way up to the large, black throne. Its appearance was deathly and horrific; appearing as though a spider web was crawling out from underneath it's soft, dark cushion and seeping up into the ceiling in a dark swirls and bends. The guard swayed forwards, stopping a wide distance from the foot of the winding stairs, leading to where the demonic lord sat, silently.

"Sir," The guard began, swallowing hesitantly, unwilling to share the following information.

The Tiefling king arched upwards in his seat, "What is it?" The guard simply looked away, blinking in lack of confidence.

"Spit it out!" Gallien yelled ferociously, launching forward in his seated position and bearing his pointed teeth at the simple Tiefling below him.

"The King of Asgard has yet to make a move, Lord Gallien." The guard spat out quickly, and now the Tiefling leader was on his feet, staring off into the unknown, with a faint smile piercing his red-tinted lips.

"Then perhaps we should send him a little message, hmm?" Gallien snickered and sat back down slowly, gazing at the being in front of him with little respect for his words.

"Certainly, my king." The guard nodded and hurriedly sauntered away. Gallien leaned back in his throne, his smirk now stretching from ear to ear. He spoke to himself in a soft whisper, appealing to his own glory.

"Let's see what you choose to do when you lose your queen, Odin of Asgard."

"Come on, Adey. Come at me." He ordered, taunting her with extended palms.

Adeline clutched her sword and swung it forward, running at full force towards the man smiling back at her. She let out a roar, as loud as her voice could reach, and brought the sword down. He lifted his shield in time to block the attack, causing Adeline to whirl around, going in for another swing. He blocked her yet again, and this time pushed back with so much force, the shield he held burst into flames. Adeline fell backwards, the heat and brightness of the fiery glow blinding her and causing her exhaustion to increase. She landed on her back, slamming against the floor and dropping her sword. She then cringed, shook her head, bit her tongue to ignore the pain, and peered up at her father. He glared down at her with a saddened gaze, darkened by the sun hovering above. He extended a hand, which she gladly accepted, pulling herself to her feet, and wobbling in fatigue.

"I'm sorry, father." She apologized and brushed off the ash and dirt from her tunic. Her father simply shook his head, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We will find it, Adey." He reassured her. She glanced over at him, devastation twisting her expression into one of dejection.

Her father only smiled. "Your flame is in there somewhere. It has to be."

Adeline's eyes fluttered open and she stared up at the elegantly painted ceiling above her. With a sigh, she rolled out of bed, sitting upwards so she could hang her head above her exhausted arms. Heavy armor grew to be a bit of a drag.

She shook her head, jumping to her feet; the simple phrase: You're just weak, running on replay through her mind.

She took care of her bathing room needs, fitted her protective clothing so that it clung onto her arms and legs tightly, and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair. With a rather large and overly dramatic exhalation, she headed for the chamber door, exiting her room, and swaying out into the lonely hallway, prepared for another day guarding the mischievous prisoner in the dungeons below.

When she entered the large metal door leading to the white corridor of cells, she stopped in her place when she saw the queen, hand on the glass wall of the prison, facing an ignorant Loki, his head turned in another, completely opposite direction. Adeline entered silently, swaying towards her small chair beside the cell. Frigga acknowledged her with a small smile, and then turned back to her adopted son. She was beautiful, with her long blonde hair held up in a ball of curls above her head, the occasional strand hanging beside her cheeks. Her blue-green eyes were friendly and inviting, and Adeline soon dropped her hesitation to listen in on the current conversation.

"Loki," The queen snapped sternly, but her son didn't budge. He simply gazed at the white wall, his face hiding his fascinatingly handsome features. Adeline watched in soft sympathy.

"I will not give you up, do you hear me?"

Loki finally moved to face her, a softness glazing over his eyes as he stared at his mother. "You will not. But father?" Loki questioned, causing Frigga to drop her eyes to the ground for a mere moment. "Mother, he wished to execute me rather than imprison me. You think he will even bother to hesitate before giving me up?"

Adeline kept quiet, eager to hear the final argument. She didn't want Loki to vanish with the Tieflings. But what was she to do?

"He is still your father," Frigga sighed, gazing at Loki with pleading eyes.

"Oh, but see he isn't, is he?" Loki mocked irritably.

"Then am I not your mother?" She asked softly with stern eyes, shadowing themselves in pure sadness.

Loki dropped his eyes in defeat, "No. You are not."

Before Adeline could even process the words, a noise was heard from behind the prison walls. She stiffened in her stance, and both the queen and Loki turned in caution. Suddenly, pain shot through her shoulder as the claws of a red being dug down into her skin, falling from above with brutal force. She cried out and hurried to remove her sword. Frigga backed away towards the cell, and Loki banged on the glass, eager to help as the struggle took place. Adeline pushed the Tiefling onto the ground, forcing him backward so that she could get a good swing at him. But he was too fast. He was around her in seconds, his own dagger placed at her throat. She dropped her weapon and raised her hands in surrender.

"Very good." He hissed and smirked widely, just as another demon fell, hidden by crawling along the ceiling above, and took hold of the queen, raising his dagger to her throat as well.

Adeline surged with rage and worry, watching as they tightly gripped the queen's neck. Loki flew forward in his cell banging on its glass walls.

He snapped forward, "Get away from them, you worthless bastards!"

Adeline watched as he gazed at them in panic, and quickly posed her question, "Why do you want Loki?" She asked, trying to distract their attention from queen Frigga, of whom was struggling in their grasp.

"We are not at liberty to say," The Tiefling spat aggressively.

Adeline swallowed, feeling the sense of the deathly dagger at her throat. "Why are you here then? Why threaten Asgard with war when you can get in here just as easily?"

The Tiefling stiffened and turned to his ally, who simply shook his head. Adeline figured they wouldn't tell her, so she backed down, straining to think of another question.

She looked at Loki, who appeared frightened and useless as he hid behind the shell of his cell, much to his own regret. She saw the longing in his eyes. The longing to help his mother.

Before Adeline could raise her voice once more, the Tiefling growled under his breath.

"Tell the king, we're growing impatient."

And in one smooth movement, he slid the dagger along the pale skin of the queen's throat.

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