Hidden Within


Another juicy beating, a warm bath for the hell of it with a "let's cook the Frost Giant, lads", and a new, rather majestic green cape and tunic, aligned with rims of gold. Hey, one has to look good as they are put to death, right? Everything was perfect, that is, for a royal execution.

Loki winced as he sat utterly still in his cell, returned after they had prepared him for tomorrow's "party".The Allfather was a blistering idiot. Did he really think executing the one that was meant to be bargained was a good idea?

He sat, frozen in place, chains hanging down his legs and arms, rubbing achingly against his neck, ankles and wrists.Not to mention, they kept him in his own personal muzzle, so that he wasn't allowed to speak his "heartless lies", as they so kindly put it.

Sir Joseph Lovetson stood, gazing at him with sharp eyes. This man was a witless oaf. Loki continued to judge him silently. The guard tried to stand straight, his arrogance almost suffocating his large, fat head. He felt powerful, all because he was allowed, and able, to torment Loki. But if he wasn't in this cell, in these chains, if he was standing right in front of him, staring him dead in the eyes, the oaf would be shaking in fear, his knees cackling and his palms sweating.Loki rolled his eyes at the thoughts spiraling through his mind. Ridiculous Asgardians.

The door and its obnoxious creaking, as it opened slowly, caused him to look up from his view of the ground, chains rattling at his sudden movement. A small smile formed under his muzzle, and he exhaled a breath of relief.

Adeline Crow.

Adeline stepped into the white corridor, Loki immediately coming into her flustered vision, as she quickly hurried up to him. She smiled softly at the sight of him, relief clouding her common sense, as she failed to notice Lovetson standing there as well. Her smile faded as soon as she registered the chains holding Loki to a chair, and the muzzle pinning his mouth shut.

"Lady Crow!" The command startled her and her eyes switched from Loki to the puny guard glaring sternly at her. She turned to him, exhausted by his failed attempts to order her around. She didn't have time for this, and all she wanted to do was talk to Loki. It would be morning soon.

"What." She mumbled as a careless statement, unconcerned by his strict attitude.

"I was told that you are not to be down here." He smirked and placed a hand on her shoulder.She glanced at the hand, but kept her eyes focused on Loki, ignoring the guard at her side.

"That's too bad." She uttered and the guard scoffed. Loki stared at her with solemn eyes, the two of them keeping fixed gazes on one another.

"I think I have to ask you to leave, Miss Crow." He chuckled softly and slowly moved his hand to place his palm on the side of her neck.Her eyes then completely faced him, leaving Loki's rather irked expression, and now watching Lovetson's utterly disgusting smile.So he did have a manly crush on her. The slimy bastard.She didn't say a word, just glared at him with eyes full of repulsion.He winked at her, his thumb beginning to dance along her jaw, softly smoothing over her skin.She heard Loki's chains clattered as he shifted in the chair he was bound to.This made her slightly pleased, but this idiot before her was turning her expression sour.

She glared at him blankly as he began to chuckle, "Unless you're willing to make some sort of deal, my lady."When his thumb softly brushed over her lip, and he spat out those last few words, she immediately lost control of her rage.In one smooth movement, she slammed a hand into his face, her fist driving itself into his eye and nose, causing him to fall to the ground.She didn't feel an ounce of regret as she reached down to feel his pulse.

Out cold. Just as he deserved to be.

She sighed and turned to Loki, who now stared at her with mockingly wide eyes.She smirked slightly and inched closer to the cell wall, stepping over Lovetson's unconscious body without a care in the world.

Then, the moment was over.

There was no more happiness, or bliss, or joy, because reality set in again.

She let out a deep breath and gazed at the imprisoned man. "I've spoken to Thor." She stated and grimaced, her eyes dropping to the floor."He doesn't seem too keen." She cleared her throat, as Loki's head bobbed upwards in a sort of nod.

She swallowed and neared closer to the glass wall.

"You are to be burned alive at the stake." She informed him, her voice cracking subconsciously."Your magic will be cut off. No way to escape." She peered up into his emotionless eyes.

"It is inevitable."

The blue orbs she stared into, dropped to the ground in defeat.

"You will die. And I will be forced to watch."

Suddenly, Loki's head shot upwards and his eyes widened. She made her way to the glass, so that she was a mere few inches away.

"What?" She asked with narrowed eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

Loki leaned forward and placed his hand on the glass, his skin and its creases turning paler as he pushed it firmly against the cold surface. Adeline tilted her head slightly, as Loki motioned to his hand with a flinch of his head, causing the chains to rattle again. Adeline raised her own, and placed it on the glass as well, right on top of Loki's on the opposite side. His eyes smiled, he lifted his other finger to point directly at her, and slowly he nodded as he waited for her to put two and two together. She froze, finally realizing what he was trying to say, as their hands connected through the glass.

"No, no, I can't!" She exclaimed and flew backwards, pulling away from their "almost" touch. Loki's eyes pleaded in disappointment as her own scattered across the prison, desperately searching for another idea.

"No, I don't have a flame! There's not even a chance I could control the fire!" She yelled and winced at the words spiraling out of her mouth.Loki dropped his eyes to the floor, and finally his hand slid down the glass in defeat. She swallowed and shut her eyes tight in devastation.

"I'm sorry, Loki."

She gazed at him and he then looked up to peer back at her. His eyes hid the conflicted emotions eating at his insides, her own doing the same.She then stood up straight and took one step closer to the glass cell.

"It was a pleasure babysitting you, Prince Loki of Asgard."

Her eyes were soft as she said the words, and she saw his own light up, as he smirked beneath the muzzle.

"I'm sorry." She repeated, and turned to leave, however she froze in her steps as her thoughts skipped over a memory.

"What do you fear?"



"Physical things do not scare me. Anything that lives can be killed."…"But emotionally?"…"Loneliness."

Adeline stopped walking away, and simply spun back around to gaze at him again. He had turned away, eyes shut, as his head hung down along with his hunched shoulders. She quickly swayed back over to the cell wall, causing his features to peer across at her again, eyes narrowed in confusion.

She cleared her throat and sat in her chair.

"I'm not leaving you."

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