Hidden Within

Alliance Part 2

So many pairs of eyes. So haunting. So terrifying, gazing upward at the prisoner on the stake.

He could smell the fire, taste it in the air.It was the enemy; to his ice-cold skin, it was the enemy.

Threatening to burn his every organ, his every bone.Creeping up on him from behind, eager to reach inside and pull out his still beating heart, if he had one, at this point, at all.Panic was itching his skin, and the soreness of metal against his every joint was causing a riot of agony to begin inside his mind.His throat choked on the thought of burning flesh, anxious to be done with the situation, and fearful to ever finish.His stomach twisted into knots inside him, threatening to suck out the life of his soul as he imagined where he was to be sent next.

Helheim would surely welcome him with open arms. Time to rejoice, Loki. You are free.No, he didn't want to be free. He didn't want to die. He only wanted…

His eyes flashed rapidly through the crowd until he set his sights on her.

She stood in her golden and silver armor, sword hanging at her hip, her features gazing up at him in despair, defeat and the loss of all hope.He cringed inwardly and hung his head as the smell of fire burned stronger.But before it could grow any further, he faced her once again.He would die with her face in his view.It would be a lasting memory of the one person he barely knew, but trusted wholeheartedly.

The fiery shine then flashed before him, its light glowing in orange, yellow, and red, as it was held by the dark shadow of another being.He swallowed and stared blankly at the woman in the crowd, her long blonde hair so alluring, her eyes so soothing.As the man beside him raised the torch, he watched as she closed those blue eyes in rejection of the scene she was standing witness to.He did the same.

He would be at peace now.Or so he tried to tell himself.

This would all be over. The lies, the hatred, the anger.

But also the laughter, the mockery; he peeked once more at the silent crowd, Adeline Crow filling his view; the kindness, the affection, the admiration.

He shook his head, and simply listened to the faint crackle of fire on a wooden torch.Before he knew it, the heat of a burning flame began to engulf him.

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