Hidden Within


The air was different. At first, it was threatening; like it was going to choke the living soul of whomever breathed it in. But after a mere few seconds, it's impact on Adeline's lungs lessened, and suddenly it became easier to take in the surroundings.

Green. Strange nature. Rolling hills and plains. Odd.

The unfamiliar views surrounding her were frightening, but she was immediately comforted when she felt the soft cloth beneath her fingers, and the leather against her head; not to mention the slow beating heart of the youngest prince.Her eyes glanced up at his own, which were narrowed in the same suspicion she had as well.She slowly fell from the haze she felt to have fallen in and noticed the second prince stomping towards civilization; buildings of concrete and beautiful antique pathways, and rolling vehicles, surrounded by the magic of a green landscape.She was, at the same time, mesmerized by everything in front of them, no matter how different it appeared.

"Where are we, brother?" Loki's voice filled the air, and Adeline's eyes quickly widened.She didn't want to let go, but the immediate embarrassment sent her flying backwards, tempted to cover her tracks.Loki only peered over at her with a small smirk, as she brushed a hand through her long, blonde hair, eager to settle her nerves.

"London, England." Thor smiled widely and winked at Adeline's blushed expression.She bobbed her head up and down in confirmation and followed his large strides forward. Loki was hesitant to do the same, but in time, went along with it.

"People will recognize me, Thor. Did you think of that?" He questioned with narrowed eyes, curious as to how smart his brother actually was.

"I did, Loki." He huffed and glared faintly at the dark-haired man trailing behind. "We will need to stay well under the radar."He informed both of them as they finally took a step onto the concrete, intricately designed path, a few people passing by now, and staring at them suspiciously. Adeline kept a friendly smile, nodding at them nervously as they squinted their eyes in confusion.

"Once we get to Jane's-" Before Thor could finish, Loki was snapping back at him.

"Jane?" He exclaimed harshly, "Is that what this was all for? Taking us to Midgard so you can meet up with your human pet?"He stared his brother down and Adeline simply stood still, watching the glares passed before her.

"Of course not! I took us here for protection! Your protection!" Thor yelled back at his sibling, his eyes burning in rage.

Loki shook his head and scoffed, "Please! If one of these humans find out who I am, they'll take it upon themselves to be rid of me." Loki shrugged almost solemnly, "I don't doubt it. Not for a second." He breathed, falling into a sudden blank mood. Thor's features fell softer as he watched his brother's curious eyes.

"I will keep you safe, Loki." He stated firmly and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. Adeline Crow cleared her throat and took a step closer to them both.

"And me too?" She questioned, smiling innocently at the older prince.

Loki's expression instantly lit up and he smirked softly. Thor nodded his head, grinning, and began to walk onward, the younger sibling following tamely. Adeline caught up so that she could walk beside him, her nervous trembling lessened by his nearness.

Eventually they came upon a small little house, with a steady garden in front, shimmering elegantly in the morning sun. They'd passed many people in the little time they had spent in Midgard. All of which, seemed slightly disturbed by their foreign appearances. The surroundings were overwhelming to Adeline, the many odd vehicles and pathways of which people walked upon. Markets were all over the place, called 'shops or malls' according to Thor. Citizens of this strange 'London' wore odd clothes and said odd things, most of which was hard for Adeline to understand. Everything was so different from Asgard, that it was hard to breathe sometimes, constricting her thoughts as the million appearances cascaded over Adeline's vision.

Thor had turned to knock on the small, red, wooden door that apparently belonged to one 'Jane Foster', a stranger to Adeline, and as it seemed, to Loki as well. They waited there, listening to the awkward silence, filled only with the tweets of birds, or loud ear-splitting horns.

"Perhaps we should be elegant about this, brother." Loki suggested, as they continued to wait for the door to open.

Thor stared at him with raised eyebrows and instantly shook his head, "What do you mean?"He asked curiously, causing Loki to sigh.

"I don't think your human will be very fond of me, given the circumstances…"

Thor took a moment, as if considering the statement but then turned back to his brother in suspicion."What else would you suggest? This place is hidden, and I know its occupants."He shrugged and went on, "It's perfect."

Loki scoffed and huffed almost irritably, "I could stay in an Inn or something."

Thor seemed repelled by this idea, "You will do no such thing."

Loki furrowed his eyebrows as he stood completely still, his hands behind his back, waiting patiently. "Why not?"

Thor was almost glaring at him now, turned away from the door. "Because I am not letting you out of my sight."

Adeline stiffened at the commanding words and stared away from the conversation and instead at a small dwarf looking thing in the yard, white haired with a long beard and funny, pointy red hat.

"Why, because you don't trust me?" Loki questioned sharply.

Thor quickly responded, his voice harsh and tense, "No, because I don't want to lose you, brother!"

All fell silent, and Loki faced the ground, hanging his head as he lacked a normal reply.

"I already lost mother and I almost lost you today. I am not going to experience the feeling again." Thor stated, turning back to the door.Adeline nodded subconsciously, feeling exactly the same way. She glanced over at Loki. His expression was blank and silently anxious, as if he wished to hide away from the situation.

Before anyone could add to the rather touching conversation, the door in front of them creaked open.A petite, rather beautiful young woman opened the door, her eyes a fascinating hazel, and her hair a dark shade of brown, however its color glowing lighter in the sunlight as she exited towards the three Asgardians.

"Yes, can I help you?" She questioned softly with narrowed eyes, just the same as the other humans in this strange city.Thor glanced over at a rather frightened Loki, and then back to the woman.

"Jane, it's me!" He exclaimed and took a step towards her, to which she reacted with a step back."I'm sorry?" Jane questioned with one raised eyebrow.

As though a light bulb had gone off somewhere in Thor's dimly lit brain, he turned to his brother with pursed lips.

"Loki," He whispered irritably, "I believe you have forgotten to remove the illusion."

Loki's eyes widened and he raised his chin in understanding. "Ah, yes."With a flick of his fingers, and a strange glowing, green light, Jane Foster's eyes lit up and a wide grin filled her expression.

"Thor!" She exclaimed and flew into the blonde's thick arms, her own wrapping around his head and pulling him close.She then leaned in and smacked quite the kiss on Thor's eager lips.

Adeline cleared her throat and found her eyes darting over to meet Loki's, the both of them immediately jumping as they caught the looks of one another, and then turned back.

"You're here!" Jane said when Thor put her back on her feet."I am." He grinned, hiding her hands tightly between his.

Her eyes then narrowed and she tilted her head to the side, "Why are you here?"Thor laughed heartily and gestured to Loki and Adeline standing before her. "Jane, this is my brother Lo-"

Before he could finish, a hand flew across Loki's cheeks, slapping him harshly to the side, his black hair whirling after him.Adeline immediately stepped forward, to stand slightly in front of Loki, taken back by the sudden outburst of violence.She watched Jane with observant eyes, feeling the need to protect the man standing just behind her.

Jane glanced at Adeline, merely taking in the sight of her, and then turned back to Loki. "That was for New York."She snapped and fixed her attention back on Thor again.

Thor was standing completely still, eyes widened in surprise as Jane cleared her throat.Adeline peered over at Loki. His expression was flat, as if completely frozen by despair.Adeline winced and turned back to Jane with almost angry eyes. She'd made him feel guilt.Adeline wasn't sure she liked this woman.

Thor sighed rather loudly and looked back to his human.Jane peered at him with raised eyebrows, expectantly awaiting an answer.

Thor nodded, "Jane, can we come in? We have much to talk about."

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