Hidden Within


Thor focused on the woman sitting before him, both of their arms resting on the wooden surface of a small table.Jane occasionally glanced over at the two strangers staring wide-eyed at everything in her house.

"Alright, shoot." Jane grunted, gesturing for Thor to explain, in detail.Thor took a deep breath and began, "As you know Loki was imprisoned on Asgard for his crimes."Jane took a peek at the dark haired man gazing back at her with a small smirk. She rolled her eyes and looked back to Thor.

Adeline continued to scope out the small thingamabobs around the small house Jane called home, both the older prince's and Jane's voice ringing in and out of her ears.

"My father was threatened with war.""War?"

Adeline leaned forward, approaching a small object resting on the edge of a brown shelf. She squinted her eyes at the small, glass thing. It appeared in the shape of a globe, with white flecks of an unknown substance resting at the bottom. She raised an eyebrow and cleared her throat, instantly grabbing the attention of Loki's eager ears. He turned to face her and gently swayed to where she stood, observing inwardly. She flinched slightly, feeling him so close beside her. It was still strange, because of the fact that he had merely been blocked off by a glass wall only hours before, and for such a long time.

"Strange." Loki whispered and Adeline turned back to the small globe thing.

She nodded with narrowed eyes, "Yeah."

Loki smiled softly, looking at her for a split second and then back to the odd sphere."What do you suppose it is?" His question was so innocent; Adeline couldn't help but turn to him, grinning widely.Before she could answer, she heard her name spoken across the room.

"Adeline helped us to escape. She was Loki's guard in the dungeons."Jane turned to gaze at her with a slight nod, "I see."Her voice was skeptical, and it caused Adeline to immediately look away.Loki only glared at Jane for a mere second, before turning back to her as well.

"So?" He questioned in a hushed tone.Adeline raised her eyebrows, relaxing as Thor continued to explain the situation to the human.

"What?" She asked with a small shake of her head. Loki snickered and flinched his head towards the object on the shelf.

"What is it then?" He questioned with a wide smirk.

She shrugged and grinned faintly, "I cannot be sure, but it seems as though there is a whole other world going on inside."She pointed gently to the small trees, and landscape inside the globe.When she turned back to Loki, he was smiling quite magnificently.It was genuine, without fear, and oddly 'at peace', bringing her ultimate joy and easing her nerves with everything going on in their upside down lives.

He then turned to the small thing and carefully took hold of it, laying it cautiously between his pale fingers, to observe it closer.Adeline couldn't help but grin. It was like he was struggling to comfort a small bird, the way he gently held onto the glass object.

Jane glanced over at the two Asgardians gazing curiously at her things, and rolled her eyes instantly, letting out a long sigh.Thor cleared his throat, as he finished up the rather time-consuming explanation of how they came to be in Midgard.Jane reached forward and took Thor's hand, smiling wearily back at him.

"Look, Thor. You don't know how happy I am to have you here, but I don't know about this."

Thor nodded sweetly, and squeezed her palm a little tighter."I know Jane, but it's only for a few days, maybe a week. Just until we can find a place of our own."He finished, causing Jane to peer up at him with intrigued eyes.

"You're going to stay here? Like forever? I mean on Earth?"

"Well, we cannot exactly return. We committed high treason. And the Tieflings will wage war if my brother returns to Asgard."

"Right, sorry."

Thor sighed and smiled faintly at his human sitting before him.She nodded and pulled his hands close to her, dragging them across the table.

"Thor, I want more than anything for you to stay here with me." She stated with a wide grin, to which Thor did the same.

"But," She began, "Your brother, not so much."

Thor tilted his head to the side in understanding, and then slowly leaned forward towards Jane, lowering his voice to a whisper."I do not think my brother will try anything, Lady Jane."

Jane narrowed her eyes, "How can you be sure?"

He flinched his head towards his younger sibling across the room.

"I believe he is smitten." Thor smirked and both turned to gaze at the two standing near Jane's miscellaneous shelf.Adeline and Loki stood, staring wide-eyed at Jane's small, Christmas snow globe, their expressions twisted into that of amazement and amusement.

Jane then turned back to Thor. "What, seriously?"

Thor nodded, "I believe so. Frankly, I wasn't even sure it was possible."He chuckled and Jane found herself smiling slightly as she turned to glance over once more at the two strangers across the room.She sighed and peered back over at the prince she had fallen so deeply in love.

"I suppose you can stay for a little while." She admitted and Thor lit up excitedly, "But!" Jane exclaimed, raised her eyebrows sternly."You need to keep your brother under control. I will not have any alien invasions in my house! Got it?" She stated strictly with a questioning look.Thor nodded firmly but before he could speak, he was cut off again, "And he has to be nice to Darcy and Eric."

Thor froze. "They…live with you?" Thor wasn't sure how his brother would cope with multiple humans in the house. He winced.

"Yes, we're a package deal. Problem?" She raised her eyebrows to Thor.

He shook his head, "No, I will have my brother under control. You have my word."

Jane smiled, satisfied with herself. "Good."

Adeline watched the two talking with a great deal of suspicion, only to be jogged from her observing by Loki's words."Thank you." He spoke soft, and his vision stayed down, still focusing on the small object.

Adeline whirled to face him instantly with widened eyes. "What?"

Loki sighed, with a small chuckle of irritation. "Must I say it again?"

Adeline cleared her throat, "I just meant…for what?"

Loki raised an eyebrow in confusion. "For helping save me, of course."

Adeline swallowed and shook her head, "I-"But she was interrupted, "I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you."

Adeline froze at his words and sank downwards, almost feeling guilty for accepting so much glory. She still wasn't sure what had happened during the battle. The fire, when the chains melted. It was all in the power of a Fire Elf.But why now? Why would she suddenly find her flame now? She tried so hard when she was younger, and now it comes to her assistance.Her father always stressed out over her inability to control a flame. So why now, after he's been long dead, would it come to her?

"You're welcome."

Loki smiled up at her, his eyes gleaming in the indoor light, as they both turned back to the small globe in his hands.

"Now, I only have four bedrooms. One's a guest room, and the rest belong to Darcy, Eric, and I."Jane confirmed as Thor readjusted himself, uncomfortable with the small chair he sat on.

"Eric is not sharing a room with anyone. He deserves his peace and quiet. No stress. He's had a god in his head, for Christ's sake." Jane snapped, glancing over at Loki with narrowed eyes of aggravation. Thor nodded and gestured her onward.

"I suggest, you and Loki share a room, Darcy and I share a room, and Adeline can have a room to herself."

Adeline looked up slightly at the mention of her name, causing Loki to flinch also, the two of them nearing closer to the conversation.

Jane noticed and leaned in closer to Thor. "Sound good?"Thor smiled faintly and confirmed her questioned with a slight bob of his head.

He then sighed and chuckled softly, "Loki and I haven't shared a room since our childhood. Even then, barely ever."He shook his head in embarrassment, causing Jane to smirk slightly.

"Let's hope he doesn't kill me over night, shall we?"

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