Hidden Within


"Loki!" She shrieked hysterically, dashing forward to where he stood completely still, his palm extended, so that she could place her hand in his.She grinned, sighing in relief as she felt his touch against her warming skin. When she looked up into his eyes, they were cold, gray, and incredibly frightened. She narrowed her own and tilted her head in confusion."Loki?" She questioned, leaning closer forward, to gaze steadily into his frozen eyes. Suddenly, a flame sprouted from her hand, instantly setting Loki's entire body on fire. Adeline flew back, falling harshly onto her side, gazing at her hand, a slight char and smell of burnt flesh rising from its core. Her eyes widened to stare at Loki, who only stood still, cringing as the fire took over his ability to fight back. He only glared down at her, an expression of agony corrupting his features."Loki!" She exclaimed, hurrying to her feet, eager to grab hold of him again.But she was too late. The entire image bursted in ash.

Adeline's eyes flew open, causing her to lunge forward in her bed, sweat resting on her forehead, her palms clenching and unclenching in anxiousness, as she panted, taking in the sudden reality.

Just a dream, Adeline. It was only a dream.

She sighed and shook her head, eager to send the disruptive thoughts away. Her mind just couldn't relax. Not after everything she's seen, everything that happened.

Relax, Adeline Crow. Relax.It's bad enough you're wearing Jane's pajamas. Don't make yourself look even crazier with nightmares and unreliable fear.

She carefully stepped from the mattress, placing both feet on the chilled wooden floor beneath her. She shivered inwardly before beginning to sway towards the bedroom door. The pajamas she wore, a small shirt with no sleeves but the thin straps holding it up and long pants made out of soft fabric with the imprint of a strange animal on top, made her feel extremely uncomfortable. Not that the clothes themselves were uncomfortable, but more the fact that she felt utterly naked without her armor. Back in Asgard, she'd wear a gown, a nightgown, of lovely silk material, which covered both her long legs and lanky arms. Here, she felt almost...self-conscious. Before stepping out the door of the room, she took a glance at herself in the mirror. She smiled wearily, patted down her long blonde hair, which glistened in the artificial light, and sighed, blinking her clear blue eyes."Into battle." She scoffed and shook her head, leaving her reflection in the mirror, and stepping out her bedroom door.

She could hear voices as she trotted down the white tile hallway, towards the small house's kitchen.

"It's only for a little while." Jane's voice croaked from around the corner. Adeline carefully made her way onward.

"This guy blew up half of New York, Jane. And your keeping him under the same roof as us?" That was unfamiliar voice; one Adeline was unsure of.

"Darcy, it won't be for long, I promise you this. And I will keep my brother under control. You have my word." Thor.

"What if SHEILD finds out? They'll go ballistic." The new voice, by the name of Darcy, went on, "They'll bust in here in their bat-mobiles, flashing their fancy gadgets at us."

Adeline heard Jane clear her throat. "SHEILD won't find out."

That's when Adeline finally made it around the corner, revealing the three, as they all stood by the kitchen counter.

Jane was stood in some incredibly short sleeping wear, a strange shade of blue, much to Adeline's surprise, which bared the images of cats on both the top and bottoms. Thor was stood in the back, wearing a rather plain shirt of red, and strange fabric denim as pants.Her focus then fixed on this 'Darcy' character. She was leaning against the counter of the kitchen, holding a slab of toast in her fingers, and wearing almost exactly the same clothing as Jane, except this purple pair was engulfed in polka dots of black and white.Jane was immediately stepping forward, towards a slightly taken back Adeline.

"Adeline! Good morning." She exclaimed kindly, causing the blonde to whirl to face her.

"Damn, you're hot." Darcy's voice remarked.

Adeline was immediately flying back to face the stranger instead.Jane glanced over at Darcy, glaring unexpectedly. Thor only stood in an awkward silence.Adeline placed a hand on her cheek, checking her temperature, her nightmare popping back into her head as a constant reminder to be concerned.

"What?" Darcy shrugged, "It's like everyone from Asgard is hot. Just stating the obvious."

Thor scoffed quickly and raised a hand, gesturing towards the small girl, her long dark brown hair somewhat curly as it rested on her shoulders.

"Adeline, Darcy Lewis. Darcy, Adeline Crow." He introduced the two, and Darcy laid out her hand for Adeline to take.She did so. They shook hands until Darcy flinched her head to the side, staring at Adeline with the utmost intrigue.

"Whoa, dude. Are you an elf?"

Adeline froze. Jane tilted her head slightly, and her eyes widened, as if shocked, herself, that she didn't notice before.Thor appeared the same, as he gazed at Adeline's features.

Adeline swallowed and faintly nodded, "Yes, I am."

Darcy's eyes lit up in fascination. "Cool!"

Thor then shook his head at her and leaned closer to Adeline. "I'm sorry I was oblivious to this, Lady Crow."He apologized and laid out a hand, as if asking her to give him more information about herself.

"No, it's quite alright." She smiled wearily, "I'm a fire elf."

Thor's eyes widened, "Ah, that explains the unpredictable actions of the flames."

Adeline shook her head, "Actually, I don't really know. You see," She hesitated and shrugged as Thor raised an eyebrow.Adeline simply cleared her throat with a slight laugh at the awkwardness of the situation. "Never mind."She waved the words away and turned around, just as Loki was stepping from his bedroom door.

She sighed in relief; the timing couldn't be more perfect. Loki's eyes landed on her own, and he immediately smirked, almost as if he could sense the uncomfortable tension emanating off of her. He stepped forward.He still wore his tunic, as if uneasy with wearing the Asgardian clothes. His black hair was combed back magnificently, and his eyes were currently a light shade of grey. Adeline shifted and glanced over at the others, staring at her suspiciously.She blushed, and as if Jane could tell, she grabbed hold of her arm.

"Here, Adeline." She grunted, leading the Asgardian to sit at the kitchen counter."You must be hungry. I'll make some breakfast for everyone."

Adeline nodded and sat down instantly.

"Brother!" Thor exclaimed when Loki stepped closer to the crowd of gathered humans. Loki glared over at him.

"Why do you still dress like this?" Thor asked placing his hands on both his brother's shoulders. Loki shook him off.

"We are to blend in, Loki." Thor pushed and shook his head in aggravation.

Loki's eyes desperately searched for Adeline's; just as her own did the same. They held each other's gaze.

"So you're the dick who destroyed New York."

Adeline flinched at the instant insult, her eyes landing on Darcy's angry scowl. Loki didn't seem to care.

"Darcy." Jane growled and watch as Darcy reached forward, immediately moving in to slap Loki across the cheek.But as if he knew it was bound to happen, Loki caught her hand by the wrist and tossed it down.His eyes then fixed on hers in a deadly glare that caused shivers to roll down Adeline's back.Loki looked away from the surprised human and at his brother.

"I'm going for a walk." Loki spat and stormed towards the door, Thor's words pleading after him, "We are about to eat, brother."

Loki scoffed, and shook his head, pushing the door open, so that a cool rush of winter air poured in. "I'm not hungry."

Then, he vanished.

Adeline gazed over at Thor, who sighed and looked to her instantly. He sent her a nod of his head, and she immediately got to her feet, grabbing a small jacket that hung on a little coat hanger, and dashing out into the cold after Loki.She was, after all, his guard. Was she not?

"Loki." She called out softly, and he glanced over his shoulder, continuing to sway down the concrete path they both stood on.He didn't answer, so she carefully jogged up to his position ahead of her.

"Thank you for saving me back there." She shrugged, gaining his attention.

"Hm?" He hummed and watched as Adeline shook her head in almost embarrassment.

"I found myself in a rather uncomfortable situation." She admitted causing Loki to chuckle faintly.

"Of course, Lady Crow. 'Twas my honor."

She smiled, blushing, as she gazed up at him, the breeze twirling his and her hair.

"I did overhear." He acknowledged, causing Adeline to raise an eyebrow. "Have you found your flame?" He questioned and Adeline instantly cleared her throat.

"I don't know." She shrugged and winced at the words.

"But something happened." Loki suggested with a slight nudge to her shoulder.

She peered up at him again, "Yeah. Something happened." She agreed and sighed deeply.

"You just don't know what." Loki added with a small smirk.

Adeline bit her lip and nodded wearily.

Suddenly, Loki stopped walking and offered his pale hand. She glanced down at it in suspicion, and then back at him. She carefully placed her own palm on top of his, and watched as he squeezed it tightly.

"Why don't we go have breakfast?" He asked with a smirk, to which Adeline responded with curiosity.

She wasn't sure how things worked in Midgard, but she was sure you needed a means of payment."We don't have any money." She shrugged with a small laugh.

Loki gazed up at the sky in innocence, as his other hand slipped into his pocket, pulling out a green slip of paper: Midgardian money.Her eyes lit up in both fascination and confusion. He chuckled through a grin and peered over at her.

"Where did you get that?" Adeline asked with a raised eyebrow of playful suspicion.

Loki shrugged, "I pick-pocket my brother when he's irritating." He mocked with a wide grin.

Adeline giggled quiet vigorously, placing a hand over her mouth to muffle the sound.

"Which is most of the time." Loki added with a wink, causing Adeline to shake her head in amusement.

"Shall we?" He offered and she nodded, hooking her arm with his, as they fingers remained intertwined.

Maybe this journey to Midgard wouldn't be so bad after all. Just another adventure, right?

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