Hidden Within


The lady, her black hair balled up into a tight bun, and her eyes a dark brown, observed as both Loki and Adeline gazed two flat cards, bearing pictures of food and drinks. Adeline stared wide-eyed at the multicolored pages, bearing the strangest meals and words. Sure, some of this stuff they had in Asgard, but 'Eggs Benedict'? What the hell could that possibly be?Loki had been to Midgard before; he was rounded at least partially in the way things worked, but Adeline? She didn't have a clue.

The woman smiled gracefully, tucking a stray hair behind her ear, before removing a small notepad and pen. "What can I get you?"

Adeline perked upwards and grinned wholeheartedly, "Breakfast, please."

The lady blinked, glanced over at Loki who was gazing peculiarly at the menu before him, and then back at the blonde, half in her pajamas, and the other half covered by a too-big jumper.

The waitress cleared her throat, "I'll give you two a minute to decide, yeah?"

Once she had walked away, Adeline leaned forward to Loki, eyebrows arched in suspicion. "Did I say something wrong?"

Loki peered up at her with a wide smirk, "It would seem so." He shrugged innocently, causing Adeline to narrow her eyes.

She glared over at the waitress now hauling drinks over to another group of customers. "Well, sorry I am not correctly versed in the Midgardian language." She snapped sarcastically at the oblivious waitress and took a moment to scope out her drink.

The woman had simply laid out the drink specials, and Adeline had raised her finger when she'd said, 'Sprite.'Sounded partially interesting, reminding her of fairies, so she wanted to try it out.She reached forward and gripped the cup before her, pulling back for a moment at the sharp frigid feeling.Loki glanced up from his card of meals, eyebrows raised in confusion.

Adeline swallowed and shrugged. "It's cold."

Loki grinned widely and went back to scoping out the different meals.

Adeline tried again, this time taking hold of the red, plastic pole floating idly on the ice cubes taking up most of the cup's volume.She leaned forward and narrowed her eyes, eyeing the red straw with much suspicion. "Strange." She mumbled and placed her lips along its rim.

She immediately flew back when she tasted the odd flavor of the drink before her. Loki's eyes peered over at her, somewhat concerned by her sudden movement, watching closely as she smacked her lips together. Once he saw nothing was out of the ordinary, he grinned wickedly and put down his menu.

"So?" He asked with an arched brow. Adeline gazed back at him, eyes widened in disbelief.

"How was it? Your…Sprite?" He asked with a beckoning smile, staring kindly at the beautiful warrior before him, as he folded both arms onto the table. She suddenly let out a loud laugh, only to catch herself, throwing a hand over her mouth.

"It is…undeniably odd."

Loki straightened his posture, "How come?" He grinned, raising his eyebrows playfully.

"It is lemony and limey at the same time." Adeline scoffed, shaking her head in disbelief.

At that moment, the waitress returned, smiling politely towards the bewildered Adeline, and her eyes gleaming as she gazed at Loki.Adeline suddenly found herself glaring at the peppy woman, her eyes shooting bullets, as the lady continuously stared down at Loki.Loki dropped his eyes to the menu once more, and then up at the waitress.

"Two Sunny-side Sandwiches, please." He informed the woman, struggling with the odd words, and beaming only slightly. The lady nodded, addressed Adeline with an even smaller smile than that of which she had been wearing, and left the two to their drinks as they now waited patiently for their oncoming breakfast.

"I believe she's taken quite the liking to you." Adeline uttered mockingly, eyes narrowed as the waitress trotted away.

Loki scoffed and bobbed his head up and down, shrugging his shoulders just the same. "Then it's a good thing you're here."

Adeline glanced upward, taking another sip of the strange fizzy drink, and then grinning widely, proud of herself in that manner.

"Thor, what do you expect us to do if he doesn't cooperate?" Jane sighed, sitting before the prince, who was digging into his eggs whilst she ate her own.Thor nodded faintly and gazed at the gentle woman.

"He will, Jane." Thor began, dropping his fork for a moment and folding his hand under his chin."Adeline has this way with him. He's different around her. Happier. I haven't seen him act that way since before he found out about his heritage."

Jane bit her lip, and stopped eating as well, "You mean you haven't seen him happy before the whole 'frost giant' thing?"She asked, clarifying it for herself. Thor bobbed his head up and down.

Darcy stood from her position at the counter, placing her phone down as she had just been playing some odd game with her fingers, whilst eating a sandwich at the same time. "Look guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but how is that even going to work?"

Thor and Jane both turned to Darcy with narrowed eyes.

Darcy rolled her eyes and lifted one hand, "Fire," She began, and then lifted the opposite hand, "Ice."

Thor turned away, cringing inwardly at the blunt truth.

Jane glanced at him, clearing her throat with a nod. "She has a point."

Thor sighed and raised his chin in agreement. "Yes. Technically they are to be enemies."

Jane lifted her palm and placed it gently on Thor's forearm, causing him to glance up in suspicion."Hey. What do they always say?" She shrugged, with a wide grin. "Opposites attract."

"My lord." The Tiefling hissed in aggravation, having been replaced with a more hostile personality after witnessing the end of the previous guard in his position.

Gallien growled, leaning back in his chair, eyes closed as his head stared blankly up at the ceiling. "I was having the most wonderful dream."

The guard stiffened and watched as the Tiefling king stayed eerily still.

"You weren't there." Gallien snickered and shook his head, eyes remaining closed. "It was Loki and I standing over the ruins of Asgard, smiling vigorously, as I held Odin's severed head in my hands."

The guard was falling impatient, though he had to remain silent.

"So tell me, Rollnick. Why did you have to interrupt such a wonderful dream?" The king asked kindly, his innocence a lie in his tone of voice.

Rollnick cleared his throat and stood up straighter. "The Allfather is yet to take any action in finding either of his sons."

Gallien arched an eyebrow and leaned forward in his chair. "Go on."

Rollnick dropped his eeys to the ground. "Perhaps, sir, we should strike Asgard now."

Gallien was immediately on his feet, his eyes burning in rage as the guard attempted to control his ruling."You idiot! We would perish!" The Tiefling king continued, "Asgard holds too many warriors. Our army is not yet big enough. The idea is not to let them know that." He sighed and shook his head, sitting back down, comfortably, in his throne."All we need to do is get in contact with Loki. Explain our plans of action, and then fulfill it."

Rollnick nodded, hesitant to carry on, "Yes, but sir. What if Loki does not wish to join us?"

Gallien smirked wickedly and glared at the guard, "Then we take what is most precious to him."

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