Hidden Within


"Wow." Adeline marveled, shaking her head as she strolled beside Loki's graceful stride onward towards Jane Foster's humble abode. Loki kept a blank face as Adeline mused about the delicious taste of her Midgardian breakfast. It was inspiring, the way the humans worked, moved, talked, cooked. She'd gazed out at everyone, admiring their eye contact and straining to deduce only the simplest things from their actions. It hadn't worked of course, as she was clueless with these 'residents of Earth', but she found them strangely curious.

Loki hadn't spoke much, as they neared the place they were to call home, for now. Adeline had tried to approach him with conversation but he seemed off. Part of her believed it was because he didn't want to enjoy himself; as if it were a threat to him: bliss and joy. She had instead flummoxed herself with the incredibly green surroundings, admiring the small ravens hopping to and fro, in search of something to eat, but the sight of their black feathers just drew her back to Loki. She sighed as they finally reached the small cottage-of-a-house, causing Adeline to acknowledge the fact that their little 'breakfast adventure' was over. She gently reached for the door handle, instantly swaying inside, Loki trailing behind her, his posture somewhat hunched over as if in a state of wariness. Thor, Jane and Darcy didn't seem to have moved an inch. They still leaned by the counter, chatting about who-knows-what and smiling somewhat blissful smiles. Adeline let out an exhausted breath, not really interested in speaking at the moment. If she was being honest with herself, she really felt like curling up into a ball, Loki's arms wrapped around her like a protective barrier. She shook the rather embarrassing thoughts away and approached the others, watching as Loki shut his eyes to exhale, as if knowing, somehow, that his brother was going to mock him.

"Eric hasn't exited his room since we told him the news of your return, Loki." Thor uttered, teasingly yet oddly serious as well.

Adeline winced as she observed Loki, standing cautiously, as if everyone was gaining up on him, eager to take him down with one powerful blow.

"I don't expect you'll apologize?" Thor smirked with a shrug of suggestion.

Loki snickered, imitating his brother's irritating shrug. "Not really my area."

Adeline felt somewhat on edge as Thor raised himself from his seat at the counter, to better face his adopted sibling."Aside from this, Loki, I do wish to speak thoroughly with you."

Loki raised an eyebrow, and was suddenly smiling wickedly, "Oh, really? Share with me your concerns, brother dear."

Thor stood sharper, taken back by the aggressive mockery. "Concerns? I have many, Loki."

Loki shook his head expectantly, awaiting his brother's argument.

"You fail to dress like a Midgardian, worsening our cover here, for our own safety. You fail to cooperate with anyone here. And apart from you, I-"Thor stopped, swallowing visibly as Loki huffed in aggravation. "I am worried about father."

Adeline cringed, knowing this would set the younger brother off.

"Father?" Loki snapped harshly, "You are worried about that old, witless coward?"

Thor leaned forward, lessening the distance between himself and his brother. "Have care how you speak!"Loki rolled his eyes and looked off at something besides Thor.

"He is our-"


"Our father!"

Loki narrowed his eyes and stared his sibling down, "I am in no way related to that man, neither am I to you."Loki shrugged, simply stating the obvious in his defense.

Adeline took a step farther from the arguing Asgardians, glancing over at the two rather frightened women beside her.

"Loki, do not start this again!" Thor shouted.

Loki gulped and dropped his eyes to the ground.

"I simply worry for the Allfather's state. His only family is gone, and he is faced with the still-standing threat of war." Thor went on, ignoring his brother's furious expression. "The Tieflings could very well pull another mindless stunt, in an attempt to get you back."

Loki shook his head, "Why do you share this with me?

Thor sighed, "Because I am at a loss of what to do to make sure my home is safe and," He paused, "I am sure you share the same worries."

Loki scoffed immediately, shaking his head once more, rage clouding his glistening, blue eyes. "Are you jesting with me?"

Thor tilted his head to the side in confusion and took a glance over at Jane, Darcy and Adeline, all completely still.

"Why in Helheim would I care about what happens to Asgard now?" Adeline swallowed, slightly struck by the outburst of pure outrage.

Thor took a step forward; eager to cut Loki off before he went on. But he failed in his attempts.

"Asgard was to become my coffin! The people surrounding me that morning at dawn were to watch me burn until there was nothing left but ash!" Loki roared the words, with an undeniable hatred for everything that had added to his predicament."I was meant to die at the hands of a man I grew up calling father! My so-called brother was to suffer my loss! People I cared about," His eyes roamed to Adeline for a mere second; only a mere second, but she caught it, and something inside her warmed, "were meant to watch me die in flames! Torture for that of a hideous and putrid Frost Giant!"

Loki wanted to continue but something stopped him. Thor's hands on his shoulders."Loki, you went off on a sinister path. You used people; you got involved with monsters who wished to use you in spite of themselves."Adeline could tell Thor was hesitant to add his next line of words, "You cannot blame Asgard for the guilt you feel."

Loki perked upwards, taking a look at Adeline, then Darcy, then Jane, and then his features twisted into that of amusement.

"None of this would have happened if I had taken the throne." He smirked, relishing in his own self-loathing; Adeline could see it."Mother wouldn't have died."

Thor scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief. "But you weren't on the throne, Loki! And Mother did die!"Thor was shaking his brother now, as he still grasped to his thin, bony shoulders, "So answer me this! What good were you in your cell?"

Thor was yelling now, so loud, Adeline was sure the neighbors could hear. She peered over at Jane and Darcy, who now seemed to stiffen, eager to stop the small blood-battle that was about to take place in their living room.

"Who put me there!" Loki exclaimed in his brother's face, his eyes burning in an untouchable rage.He repeated it again, the words emphasized as they exited his mouth, rolling firmly off his tongue, "WHO PUT ME THERE!"

Darcy was suddenly nearing the scene, hands up in an act to lessen the brewing tension."Guys!" She exclaimed, but it didn't get through to them.

Thor pulled his brother close to him so that he could easily tower over the body of ferocity gazing steadily his way."YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHO! YOU KNOW DAMN WELL!"

Darcy was instantly in between them, pushing both aside with as much force as she could. Thor realized immediately and dropped his brother, shoving him backward and away from Darcy's position. Loki only glared, as if oblivious to the small woman in front of him.

Adeline swallowed, standing ready in case the small human needed help. Thor waited patiently for what the interferer had to say.

"Sorry to burst this bubble of family bonding, but could you guys cut it out?" Darcy groaned in frustration.

Thor raised his eyebrows, and Loki finally peeked down towards the woman.

Darcy sighed, "If you guys are going to stay, whether it's only for another night, or a week, you need to behave. Do you understand me?"

Both men were quiet.

"Jane," Darcy commanded, "You and Thor go out for a while. Enjoy your time together."

Thor blinked and then glanced over at a confused Jane.

"I'll take care of Loki," Darcy huffed irritably, peering back at Adeline's tense position, "with Adeline's help."She exhaled in exhaustion from holding back Thor's rather large chest, and shook her head.

Loki didn't say a word; he just looked royally 'pissed off'.

Jane finally came into the picture, her hands in the air as well, nodding vigorously. "I agree with Darcy."She took Thor's hand and pulled him to the coat hanger."Lets take a breather." Jane sighed and smiled wearily up to a still 'ticked off' Thor.

She grabbed her jacket and opened the door, taking a step out, with Thor trailing closely behind her.

And just like that, it was simply a tuckered-out Darcy, a puzzled Adeline, and an utterly outraged Loki, all standing awkwardly in the silence of the living room. Adeline cleared her throat to break the emptiness of sound and grinned kindly to Darcy. Darcy nodded briefly and stuck her tongue out in exhaustion.Loki then rolled his eyes, preparing to storm off to his room. Darcy didn't seem to think this was a good idea, and so she instantly called out to him.

"Oi, I have a bet for you!"

Loki turned around, looking slightly irritated by the words, and not in the mood for games.Adeline couldn't help but smile, although part of her pitied the bombarded prince.

"I bet I can scare you." Darcy grinned almost cynically, causing Adeline to raise an eyebrow.

Loki let out a sharp laugh and shook his head, nearing them again, only to stop so that he could stand near Adeline instead. She smiled faintly. "Scare me?"

Darcy nodded firmly.

"Let's here it then, mortal." Loki ushered her onward.

"Three of my all-time favorite horror movies, in a row."

Loki raised an eyebrow. "Movies?"

Adeline narrowed her eyes, slightly confused by the word. Okay, largely confused.

Darcy sighed, "Yes, you know, a story recorded by a camera, a set of moving images, blah blah blah," She grunted and shook her head, "You guys in?"

Adeline swallowed; slightly insulted by the way she talked to the two of them; as if they were utterly stupid.

"You poor human. You must be far weaker than I have thoroughly believed, if you think your puny 'movie' will scare me."Loki shrugged, nudging Adeline slightly.

She scoffed and nodded, adding to Loki's prime confidence, "I am a warrior of Asgard, born in Muspelsheim, daughter of one of the greatest Fire Elves. You cannot and shall not frighten me."

Loki's grinned stretched wider than she thought possible.Darcy's, however, was far sinister.

Adeline was sure this was going to be far more entertaining than that of which Thor was doing with his mortal, Jane.She let out a soft chuckle, and the two of them followed an oddly joyful Darcy into another room.

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