Hidden Within


The music would lessen to an eerie silence, there would be a scream, and then surely enough the victim would get his or her head sliced off. The fear in your veins as you take witness to the murder strikes the deep dark threat inside you, causing you to be idiotic enough to believe your next. Blood would splatter, the music would heighten in volume, and you would tremble, reaching out for a hand to hold.

Adeline was learning the way these horror movies work.

First, they fill your ears with an irritably horrifying sound, then the character demonstrated would go looking to find out what it is, they find something insignificant, you sigh in relief, and then something jumps out from the completely opposite direction holding the scariest of weapons, which they then use to slice the protagonist in half. Or something of the sort.

Darcy had informed both Loki and Adeline of the movies she was going to use to her benefit, in the act of trying to, as she put it, 'scare the crap out of them'.The first was about a family dealing with some dark presence, much to both of the Asgardian's confusion, the other about possessed entities, and the final about creatures stalking humans on a space ship. Adeline was sure these three "movies" were in no way going to 'scare the crap out of her', but she was utterly and undeniably wrong. It couldn't have been more than thirty minutes through the first, before she was eagerly clinging to the couch cushions.Then as they moved onto the second, she was grasping onto Loki's shoulder.And by the time they had reached the final movie, Adeline had her knees tucked to her torso, her arms around Loki's entire chest, and her cheek pressed firmly against his own.And Loki didn't mind whatsoever, mostly because his eyes were glued to the moving images, trying desperately to find out what happens next, but not actually wanting to watch it at all. Adeline found her self completely unable to control her actions. The fear crept up on her unexpectedly, crawling like spiders over her spine, sending shivers of electricity to her every nerve.

She didn't take the time to glance over at Darcy, but she was sure she was grinning manically.What else would she be doing? She's clearly won the bet.

Adeline couldn't let go of Loki, and Loki was staring blankly at the moving images before him, eyes widening in disgust and horror as he watched a large black creature, skin scaly, drooling over the body of a mortal.

Neither of the Asgardian's heard the front door open, reminding them that they still lived with others.

Darcy was on her feet immediately, striding proudly up to a faintly smiling Thor and Jane, both seeming to be utterly relaxed.

"That was a brilliant idea, Darcy. I needed it." Thor beamed with a nod of respect, clutching tightly to Jane's hand.

Darcy's eyes brightened with joy, and a somewhat sinister bliss. "I seem to be full of brilliant ideas today, huh?"

Thor narrowed his eyes, and Jane squinted suspiciously. "Darcy?" She questioned with one raised eyebrow, "What did you do?"

Darcy grinned, pointing to the TV/second living-room (this house was cluttered with unidentifiable things), and Jane and Thor took a peek at both Adeline and Loki, grasping onto each other for dear life as they gazed flatly at a movie Jane recognized all too well.

"Why are they watching Alien?" She asked, arms crossing over her chest in curiosity.

Darcy shrugged and winked at the two 'lovebirds'. "It was third on my list of scary movies."

Jane swallowed, "Third?"

Darcy nodded and smiled cynically, "Yup. They just finished watching The Conjuring, and The Exorcist."

Jane rolled her eyes with a sigh, swaying over to hang her coat back on the small coat hanger. "Darcy, don't you think that's a bit much?" She asked, in her famous motherly tone. Thor simply watched the two women, not entirely sure what it was they spoke about.

"What do you mean?" Darcy questioned, trotting over to the fridge in their open kitchen, reaching in to grab out a bottle of orange-juice.

"Well, three of the most scariest movies? All in a row? Non-stop?" Jane shrugged, pondering her friend's sensibility.

"I've watched horror movie marathons, Jane Foster, and I'm fine aren't I?" Darcy said with an irritated sigh, as she drank directly from the jug of juice.Jane swallowed, deadpanning as she stared at her friend. Darcy nearly choked on her orange juice, gazing at Jane and motioning a small wave of her hand, brushing away the statement. "Don't answer that."

Jane smirked and shook her head, stepping closer to her friend, quietly adding, "They aren't going to get any sleep tonight."

Darcy grinned and nodded, taking another sip of the juice before clumsily stuffing it back into the rather empty refrigerator.

Jane cleared her throat and changed the subject, "Anything from Eric?"

Darcy instantly bobbed her head up and down. "I went to talk to him and convinced him to go out and have a drink."

Jane's eyes widened with a wide smiling expression. "How'd you manage that?"

Darcy chuckled and strolled back towards the TV/living room, the sight of the two frightened Asgardians, immediately brightening her mood even more."I told him Loki was scared on our sofa. Cheered him up a bit."

Jane rolled her eyes and watched as her friend joined the frozen still beings on the couch.She then reached up to plant a kiss on Thor's lips, and then swayed off towards her bathroom, eager to undress and enjoy the comfort of her bed cushions.

"Adeline." Darcy whispered, poking the blonde warrior beside her.She didn't budge, just gripped tighter to Loki."Adeline!" She exclaimed, louder now.Not a single movement.Darcy groaned and in less than a second, clapped both her hands directly in front of Adeline's wide eyes.Adeline shook her head and whirled to face Darcy's smug expression.

She finally found her way back into reality, glancing down at her hands wrapped tightly around Loki's waist. She fell back on the couch, a thick, red blush clouding her cheeks, and caused Loki to stir from his frozen still state as well.He peered over at her, blinking steadily, as if he hadn't this entire time.

"What a couple of skittish, nervous nellies!" Darcy scoffed, shaking her head vigorously."You two couldn't even make it through one gore scene without squeezing onto each other." She blurted out, giggling utterly irritating giggles.

Adeline cleared her throat, brushing her hands over her thighs nervously. Loki looked down and gently coaxed himself to 'snap out of it'.

Darcy jumped to her feet, causing Adeline to flinch in unawareness, as she smiled gracefully at the two scaredy-cats."Everyone else is in bed. The movies are finished, and you guys just about peed your pants so I win the bet."Darcy shrugged, and grinning widely.

Loki spoke from behind Adeline on the couch, both gazing up at the smug Darcy Lewis, "So you have."His voice was hoarse, as he struggled to make out the words, "What do you desire?"

Darcy narrowed her eyes and shrugged, "Let me get back to you on that." She winked and scampered off towards her bedroom.

Adeline swallowed and shut her eyes, peering back over at Loki's blank expression.She only nodded carefully to him, slightly embarrassed by her incredibly 'hands-on' actions, and flew up from her seat, racing off towards her bedroom.

Just close your eyes. Dark beings and death. Breathe in, breathe out. Crimson massacre. Count to ten, Adeline Crow. Aliens, demons, and exorcisms.

That's what she saw. Each time she closed her eyes to rest, to get some sleep, to ease her mind, she saw flashes of everything made up thing that wished to frighten her tonight. Damn.

She raised her head in a mindless actions, her thoughts unsettled and far from sleep. No, don't do it Crow.She slid to sit on the edge of her bed. Don't be stupid, don't be weak, don't be a bloody baby, Adeline Crow.She got to her feet, swishing forward in her fresh new sleepwear, toes cold against the temperature of the floor beneath her, and before she knew it, she was on her way to where the two princes slept. She cursed herself inwardly. She winced, feeling so childish swaying towards his chambers, as if she were waddling like a toddler in the middle of the night to sleep with mother. She took a deep breath as she reached his door, and gently cracked it open to take a peek inside.

Loki was lying flat on his back, eyes wide open and obviously sleepless.She cleared her throat softly, glancing over at Thor.Of course, he was snoring away, eyes shut tight and obviously dreaming.

She worked up her courage and took a step inside, her thoughts choking herself due to her weak actions. She shook her head and reached Loki's bedside.He peered up at her, and a small smile shined on his features, almost as if it was lighting up the dark room.

Instantly, he pushed back his covers, reaching for Adeline's hand, and she took it, lifting him to his feet, her own grin gleaming in relief.Relief at the fact that he wasn't looking up at her like she was some scared, witless, weak woman.They both crept quietly from the darkened room, leaving Thor behind to snore mindlessly.

They sat in her room, staring blankly at one another, Adeline lying flat on her bed, and Loki's back pressed to its side.

She grunted to break the silence, "I don't think I'll ever sleep again."

Loki let out a deep chuckle, eyes glancing up at her, holding onto her own, before slipping down again.His expression then fell somber and he abruptly stated soft words, "I feel like I can admit anything around you."

She froze, blinking at his sentence, heart fluttering aimlessly.

"So, having said that," Loki sighed, shaking his head, and sitting upright, as he knelt against the bedside, "I am worried about Asgard."

Adeline swallowed, hesitating to say anything, but deciding to anyway."Talk to me." She breathed softly, and invitingly, so much so that Loki turned to gaze up at her from his position on the floor.

He nodded and cleared his throat, "It's guilt."

Adeline cringed and perched herself up on her elbow, allowing her to get a better look at the prince below her."Loki, you cannot let guilt rule you. You cannot let it get the better of you."

Loki smiled softly and exhaled deeply, "I know Asgard is not in any real danger. We would have been informed by now, whether it be the Warriors Three, or Heimdall," He spoke almost to himself, in an act to comfort his own concerns, "but it was still my home, for centuries, and I still feel responsible for its suffering, even in the smallest way."

Adeline bit her lip and leaned closer to him, a reassuring smile lining her features. "What do you feel guilt for?"

Loki turned his head in a somewhat innocent confusion, "You already know…"He admitted with a shrug and Adeline bobbed her head up and down gracefully, "Yes, but I'm sure you'll feel better if you say it aloud."

Loki chuckled and sighed kindly, "If you say so, Adeline Crow."

Adeline shivered as he said her name and waited patiently for him to share.

"I feel guilty for my mother's death, for the Tieflings and their declaration of war, for Thor's constant, blistering worries, for,"He paused, eyes glistening in unshed emotion, "for you. Everything you had to give up to be here. With me."

Adeline froze, and dropped her eyes for a mere second before gazing right back at him again."Now explain why." She ordered politely, and Loki smirked and shook his head, "Your wish is my command." He teased, causing her to sparkle a smile, and then cleared his throat, preparing to explain.

"My mother was killed before my very eyes, and I couldn't do anything because my actions put me in a damn cell."

Adeline grimaced, but also stayed strong, portraying a comforting stare, although she was amazed by his continuous admittance.

"For the Tieflings, because my brutal nature attracted the attention of a menacing clan of war wagers."Loki visibly swallowed and carried on, "My brother, because he worries for Asgard, for father, for me. Constantly, without end. He pushes himself to the limit and starts all over again. I was young and naïve when I attacked Midgard. I only wished to be his equal. But because of this, I have brought him more pain than even I ever wished upon him."Loki was wincing now, shutting his eyes tight before slowly glancing up at Adeline's intrigued position.

"And you."

Adeline dropped her eyes instantly as he moved his position from the floor to the edge of her bed, and begun, "You've done so much for me, and I have done nothing in return. Every time I look at you, I feel that I have failed you."

Loki's words struck her heart like a forceful blow, and she immediately reached forward, unable to stop herself, and placed a small, pale palm on his own pale cheek. He shut his eyes for a mere moment, and then gazed steadily at her.

What was going on behind those clear blue eyes? Were those rare emotions hidden within, or were they now rising to the surface?

She caught her breath as both his hands, cold and frail, caressed her cheeks, and he brought her forehead to his.They were only a few inches away, both heads pressed against one another, eyes closed, seeming to savor the moment as though it would soon be ripped away from them.

"Loki." Adeline breathed as his thumb traced the top of her lip.

"For that, I am truly sorry." He uttered softly, without the slightest movement.

Adeline shook her head, only gently, so that Loki's forehead stayed pressed to her own, but she didn't have any words.What was she supposed to say? She was too flustered to think straight, and was sure nothing spoken would escape her now.

They stayed in that position, no one speaking, moving, or even flinching. Simply holding one another, eyes closed as if the moment was utterly surreal.Adeline swallowed the knot in her throat, unsure of what to do.

She knew what she desired to do, but was it right? Was it the right time? The right place? She couldn't be sure; though, she could never be sure.

Loki then changed his moving fingers, now smoothing back the strands of hair that had mischievously crept into her face.

"Thank you for understanding me, Adeline Crow." He instantly pulled back after the words, and Adeline knew her chance was over.He dragged himself off the bed, his hand leaving the warrior's face and falling to his side, as he inched toward the door.

Adeline shook her head, aggravated with herself, and immediately flew forward. "No." She muttered almost inaudibly, but he caught it.

"What?" He asked, eyes narrowed and confused by her plead.

She struggled to make out the words, "Don't…leave," She swallowed and winced inwardly, "please."

He blinked and then slowly dropped to the floor to sit by her again, leaning his head back onto the edge of the bed and closing his eyes.She smiled faintly, and laid herself down, flat on the cushions, tucking the blanket over her.

She then reached out her hand, and Loki glanced over with a blank expression.She closed her own eyes, at first disappointed, but then instantly relived to feel Loki's own fingers intertwining with her own.

Maybe now, like this, Loki's touch on the creases of her palm, she could finally get some sleep.

I had you for a moment there, didn't I? ;) Thank you everyone, for the continuous support.

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