Hidden Within


She only gazed at him, while eating her odd-looking eggs. He simply stayed in the living room, eyes closed, his head leaning back against the headrest of the sofa he sat on. Adeline was confused, rather puzzled, and unsure of what to do. He'd remained in her room all night, after their "intimate" moment.

As for right now, however, she assumed he was deep in thought.

Jane had cooked a small breakfast, eggs and toast, not really anything like what she'd eaten yesterday morning, but still tasty. Thor was in deep conversation with Ms. Foster, interested, for some reason, in all that she had been doing before their arrival. Jane rolled her eyes every so often, and simply began cutting and washing fresh strawberries. Darcy sat at the counter, otherwise preoccupied with her cellular device. And Eric? For all Adeline knew, he was still asleep. Or drunk somewhere in the alleyway of a bar. But that's if she was being pessimistic.

Little things stood out to her more now.

After being up so close to Loki, she noticed how his eyes burned when he was touched in the smallest way, as if it were a rare occasion. She noticed how his raven black hair appeared almost dark brown when in the right light, and how you can tell that his smile is more genuine when his emotional state is out of the question.

Adeline swallowed nervously as Darcy caught her staring, instantly looking away and back down to her eggs. "So, how'd you sleep last night?"

The words caught her off guard and she flinched slightly. Her hand, which was resting on the counter, carefully grasped firmly onto her napkin, wadding it up into an almost ball. "Fine." Adeline stated innocently, and glanced over at Loki again. He was gazing back at her now, his eyes burning the same way they had last night, causing her to choke on the next breath of air. Her hands grew warm and suddenly the tissue rolled up inside her palm was no longer noticeable.

"Holy shit." Darcy's tone was unreadable.

Adeline looked away from Loki, whose eyes had widened unexpectedly, and turned to a frightened Darcy. Adeline frowned and shrugged, only to be answered by Thor, raising his finger to point at Adeline's hand. The white tissue, she held so close, was glowing in a red-orange flame, clicking as it burned the soft fabric, a few clouds of smoke surrounding it. Adeline fell back in her chair, immediately shaking the tissue out of her hand, with which it slowly flushed away from the burning flame. She blinked; unaware of what had just happened, and then gazed up at the four rather confused people watching her with wide eyes. Adeline put her hands up in surrender and shook her head, "I have no idea." Though, she actually did. And it scared her.

Darcy scoffed and glanced over at a surprised Loki, then turned back to wink at Adeline. "Guess you can say it was simply the 'heat of the moment'?"

Adeline immediately blushed, eyes wide with the horror of her words as she noticed Loki look away in the same embarrassment. Thor and Jane only stared in utter confusion, mindlessly watching both of the Asgardians. The warrior cleared her throat, grabbed a small strawberry Jane had placed at the side of her plate, and inched toward the chair Loki sat in, oblivious to her approach. She tapped him on the shoulder, and he quickly turned to gaze at her. "

Can I speak to you?" Adeline breathed softly to him. Both glanced over at the three nosy people; Darcy was smirking vigorously, Thor was horribly puzzled, and Jane was simply deadpanning.

"Alone." Adeline pronounced with squinting eyes. Loki nodded and gently rose from his seat.They both swayed towards the front door of the small house, eager to escape from the awkward situation.Thor jumped forward, like a protective father watching his daughter scamper away with her delinquent boyfriend, "Where are you two going?"

Adeline gazed at him and then shrugged, "For a walk, I think."She cleared her throat and stayed clear of Darcy's smug expression.

"Loki, you cannot leave again, while," He paused, "dressed like that."He sighed, shaking his head gracefully, well as graceful as the thunder god could, and gestured to Loki's armored tunic, and long cape that he had decided to keep present his whole stay in Midgard.Loki groaned and was about to protest before Darcy leaped into the conversation, "My desire."She prolonged the last word, in a sort of mockery. Loki turned to her with a raised eyebrow. "

I won the bet. I get something in return. You have to wear 'mortal' clothing."

Loki froze on the spot, his eyes rolling to the back of his head in irritation and utter annoyance. "Oh, please."

Adeline smiled softly and patiently stood, waiting for Loki to return as both Darcy and Thor pounded him forward, leading him to another room, most likely to get him fitted.


Loki twitched and flinched awkwardly as they both trotted along the pavement. He was feeling quite odd and uncomfortable in his new clothing, consisting of a gray, rather long trench coat, some dark denim jeans, and a plain black t-shirt, that of which caused his blue eyes to burst with every shade of the color, immensely. Adeline, herself, wore extremely tight pants Darcy called, "skinny jeans". After she had fitted Loki, she'd yelled at Adeline for not dressing out of her pajamas since the day before. Immediately, the stubborn mortal tossed some of her precious "skinny jeans" her way, and a small blouse, that revealed quite a lot of the warrior's muscular shoulders and arms.

Adeline was quite sure, at this point, they both felt awkward.

They strolled through the trees, leaves swaying onto the path in front of them, and providing shade from the early morning sun.It was just a walk a pure silence, until Adeline decided to break the eerie quiet.

"I can't feel my bottom."

Loki turned to her, eyes wide with disbelief. "What?"

Adeline scoffed, shaking her head in her own amusement.

"My rear end," She pronounced, "It's gone numb."

Loki stared in utter shock, brows arched in suspicion. "Y-your, your what?" He stuttered, closing his eyes as if to process the information.

Adeline smirked, "Really? You get that flustered at just the mention of my 'fundament'?"

Loki clenched his jaw, and gazed at her in utter embarrassment. His brows then furrowed, and he was suddenly chuckling darkly. Adeline smirked at him expectantly. "I do remember you were quite 'flustered' when you saw my upper body unconcealed…" He breathed, scoffing inwardly.

Adeline immediately whirled her expression away; her cheeks blossoming like fresh roses. She winced and shook her head, swallowing visibly as Loki began to laugh victorious laughs. She took a deep breath and finally faced him in all seriousness."Aside from the humorous ramblings, there was something I wished to discuss with you."

Loki arched an eyebrow. "And what is that, Lady Crow?"

She smiled faintly and began, "Every since the execution," She paused and gulped, "Your execution, I have been feeling rather…odd."

Loki leaned forward in concern. "It is…hard to explain, but everything has been warmer, stronger, not as…ordinary?"Adeline wasn't sure of her own words as she said them, but carried on anyway, "It started with the flames that had engulfed you. They just continued to grow. But somehow, when I reached out for…you…they stopped." She inhaled sharply, "Thor saw it. I know he did."

Loki listened intently, watching her explain the strange happenings. They continued to stroll past the many residential homes, feet skidding against the concrete as they passed old houses with small gardens and antique "cars."Adeline went on with her confession, "Then, the forces against us raged on and I was suddenly responsible for you. You were delirious. Unconscious." She glanced at Loki's blank face. "I couldn't get the chains off. I tried. I tried so hard." Adeline felt her emotions tumbling behind her now closed eyes. "I thought it was over, I thought we were doomed, and then the unexplainable happened." She swallowed and stopped walking, turning up to face Loki. "The chains I held onto, the chains binding you…they just…vanished. Slurping to the floor and forming a metallic puddle."

Loki gazed intricately her way. She took his two hands and held them in her own, their fingers intertwined."And today. Looking at you, your eyes, then the tissue…" She cut herself off, simply observing the wrinkles of each knuckle, each pale crease.

"Loki, my father tried desperately to teach me how to use my flame; for years and years, uncomprehending the fact that I was a fire elf with no fire."She now watched Loki's eyes, gazing back at her with flaring emotions. "And I believed him."

Loki gently took one of his hands from hers, and curled a finger under her chin. "You have plenty of fire, Adeline Crow."He smirked and stroked back a stray hair, caressing her cheek, sending sparks of electricity up and down her spine. The wind blew through their close stances, and twirled through their every thought and idea. Adeline shook her head the best she could, so that Loki's finger stayed put, gently hovering just beside her lips.

"Not before I met you."

Loki's eyes widened and a warm smile rose over his expression.

"So, what is it you believe, dear lady?" He asked with a smirk, inching nearer towards her.

She closed the space between the two of them, and took her dormant hand from her side to place it on his chest."I believe," She choked on the words, and fell short of her explanation.

Loki scoffed, still close enough that she could feel his breathe, and smell his sweet scent, "I believe you are flustered, Lady Crow."

Adeline grinned, her eyes sparkling in admiration, and clutched tighter to his black shirt, his trench coat, on top of it, stretching out around her at the wind's touch. "Shh…" She shushed him, punching his chest gently and teasingly, feeling the warmth, yet odd frigid sensation, from his skin. "I believe," Adeline began again, her petite smile growing, shrinking, growing, shrinking, "you ignite the flame inside of me."

Her eyes glanced at his lips, and then back into his eyes. Her grin stretched farther, face glowing with absolute fascination. "It's you."She chuckled happily, as Loki stared blankly, as if in utter disbelief at the power behind her words.

"I need you in my life, Loki." Adeline swallowed with a scoff, "I know it may sound ridiculous, but I," She stopped and gazed firmly into Loki's nearly colorless eyes. She shut her own, and pressed her head to his chest, "I can't live," She squeezed her eyes tightly closed, and shook her head, embarrassed by the 'ordinary' choice of words, "without you."

Suddenly, she felt the soft touch of Loki's fingertips, stretching up to the side of her face, amongst her cheek, dragging her head gently to face him in the eyes again.

"Adeline Crow," Loki breathed, both their foreheads pressed together again, same as last night, "I am the most arrogant, selfish, and irresponsible basterd anyone could every have the misfortunate to meet." His voice was merely a whisper now, his words softly brushing against Adeline's cheek.

Adeline quickly but gently shook her head, "No, that's just a façade." Loki's eyes narrowed in confusion, as Adeline gazed up into them."You put on an image, an illusion. You don't allow your heart to be tainted by any sort of emotion because you are afraid." Adeline uttered gracefully, causing Loki to scoff softly, "What heart?" It was all he could make out, his voice hushed by the wind. Adeline cringed, feeling his aura of self-loathing.

She took a deep breath and placed her palm to his cheek, the other hand mocking the action. Her heart constricted, squeezing against each pulse, each vein, and each thumping beat. Her lungs clamped shut, her breath coming out short and quick, her nerves altering every intake, and every exhalation.

She leaned upwards, holding her gaze on Loki's saddened stare, and gulping as she spoke her next words, "How can it be possible then?"Her question caused no more than a flinch from Loki, answered with just a somber, "What?"

Their features were only a mere few inches away, and she could taste his breath among hers, sweet and soft.

"That I have fallen for a heartless man?"

She slowly moved forward, placing her lips on his, a spark flushing down her spine as she embraced him gracefully. He immediately kissed her back, his thumbs tracing the length of her jawbone, his other hand dancing through her hair. She did the same as well, flinging her fingers gently through his raven back locks.

The kiss was passionate, and longing. Longing for more. More intimate gestures, more knowing glances, more of…this. Her heart flutters in her chest, growing wings and crashing into her ribs in an attempt to break free and collide with Loki's own. She'd been waiting for this. Ever since they shared that look at Loki's execution. She'd known she needed him, longed for him, wished only to be in his daunting presence. She knew who he was from the start. Not a mocking, selfish man, but a hurt, confused, broken warrior. Just like her. Lost and alone in the deep dark world, wondering if there is any way out, any tunnel leading to a brighter place, brighter rooms where one can be anything they want, do anything they want and live without fear.

That's what she felt when their lips danced together.

She didn't feel vulnerable. Instead, she felt powerful.Like she could conquer anything. Become anything.

And she was sure he felt the same.

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