Hidden Within


"What is it, then?" Adeline asked with raised eyebrows, as she stared suspiciously at the television screen.

"It's a time machine." Darcy groaned. She had already answered more than enough questions concerning one of her favorite shows and she was just about ready to slam her head on a wall.

"A time machine?" Adeline repeated, bewildered by the box displayed on the screen.

"That's ridiculous. There is no such thing as time travel." Loki scoffed, shaking his head at what he thought was a dishonest, waste-of-time.

Adeline gazed at Loki, saw how serious he was, and then nodded, agreeing with the prince.Darcy moaned in irritation, crossing her arms of her chest in an attempt to give off the impression that said, I-don't-want-to-talk-to-you-anymore.Adeline continued to gaze at the screen, Loki doing the same, both sharing a rather similar look of confusion and absolute bewilderment.

"But it's blue, why is it blue?" Adeline asked suspiciously.

Darcy leaned her head back and let out the loudest 'gah' she could manage, rage and frustration clouding her every sense."It's just blue, okay!" She snapped at the warrior, who only watched her with widened eyes.

Adeline listened more intently to the TV Show aired on screen, and cleared her throat to ask yet another observant question, leaving Loki watching her with the same intent on knowing the answer."Why does he keep saying TARDIS, what's a TARDIS?" Adeline narrowed her eyes, as she glanced over at Darcy in a lack of understanding.

Darcy shut her eyes and shook her head in an overload of aggravation."Adeline. It's the name of his spaceship. It's an acronym. It means Time And Relative Dimensions in Space."Darcy managed to spit out the words, not overly eager to keep discussing the topic. She just wanted to watch the show.

Adeline blinked, turned back to the screen and sighed deeply.Silence carried on through the whole living room, only the voice of the man on the show depleting it.

"What in Helheim kind of name is 'The Doctor'?" Loki's outburst sent Darcy tumbling forward, placing her hands over her eyes, and her elbows leaning on her knees. Adeline was sure she cursed in her Midgardian language.

Adeline nodded sincerely and turned to Loki, intent on discussing the statement at hand. "Yes, that is like you calling me, 'The Warrior'."Adeline added, biting her lip in confusion. Loki smirked and huffed in irritation at the silly TV show.

"Oh, for crying out loud." Darcy groaned, her words muffled by her hands.

Loki grinned, seeming quite satisfied with himself that he could irritate the puny mortal. "What is wrong, Darcy?"He mocked sensationally, causing a small smile to spring onto Adeline's features.

The human stood up and shut off the TV. "No, more Doctor Who for you two."

"Father. Thank you for speaking with us." Thor breathed softly, kneeling down beside Jane and in front of the King's large, towering throne.

"Thor, I can assure you that this is not truly pleasant for me." The Allfather snapped, glaring down at his son, who had so openly betrayed him.

"I understand, my king. I simply came to explain myself, and to make sure all is well with you and Asgard."

Odin raised his chin in affirmation, and nodded sternly, "I understand. However, it is childish of you to come seeking a positive answer. Asgard is remains under threat of war; a war the prisoner, who you so strongly believe is still your brother, has enraged."

Thor cringed at his father's words, slightly taken back by his sharpness and sudden tone of ferocity. "Father, your actions toward him were harsh. Too harsh. If the execution had been successful, I am sure Asgard would be in ruins as we speak now."

The Allfather turned red with rage, "Thor, you speak with too much sentiment. He was a criminal, a prisoner, a traitor to the throne."

Thor took a step forward, Jane remaining silent beside him. "He is your son! You raised him! Cared for him!"

Odin immediately fought back, "I disowned him the minute he summoned an army on an ally! Your so-called brother is a coward and villain!"

Thor swallowed his outrage, and shook his head deniably, "You speak with such hatred. How can you see him so?" Thor sighed, "Behind all the mockery, the loathing sensation for all that is good and light, I see an innocent child, bundled up in fear and betrayal."

Odin scoffed impatiently, "Then you are blind, my son."

Thor clenched his jaw, "I assure you, my king, I am not."

Odin adjusted himself in his throne, sitting up straighter in his current position, "Spit it out, Thor. Spit out what you so willingly came here to say."

Thor gulped and nodded, kneeling down once more. Jane still stood back, swaying uncomfortably as she took in the beauty of her surroundings."Allow us to return, father. I know you are angry with the treason that has taken place, but please, allow us to return to Asgard when all this is over; this threat of war."

Odin leaned back into the cushion of his throne, listening intently, but rather irritably. "Us?"

Thor bobbed his head up and down, "Yes father. Myself, Loki, and Adeline Crow."

The king narrowed his eyes, "Adeline Crow? The mere guard?"

Thor bowed his head, "Yes."


"Because, father, I believe she may have won over the cold prince's heart."

The Allfather bellowed echoes of laughter into the air, his body shaking, as he continued to glare Thor down. "It is impossible."

Thor shook his head, "It is not, father. Loki was once admired, in the forgotten past, and he was loved by mother, and still loved by I."

Odin growled under his breath, dropping the subject, "What makes you think the declaration of war will subside?"

Thor cleared his throat, "I believe the Tieflings will give up. Even if they find Loki, in Midgard, they would not take action. It is too big a risk."

The king nodded as his son went on, "I ask that when this is all over, not if, when, Loki will be able to return to Asgard. To his home."

Odin was suddenly smirking, a dark, wicked smirk that caused Thor to rise from his knelt down position."If traitor returns, he will be imprisoned yet again. Under the same circumstances as his previous confinement. If Adeline Crow returns, the same will happen for her."

Thor winced, "Father, you cannot-"

He was interrupted by a harsh, stern shout, "You do not tell me what I can and cannot do! I will no longer rule with sympathy nor pity. Your mother is not here to tell me otherwise, because of that criminal you brought down to Midgard, yet again!"

Thor took several steps forward, enraged by his father's words. "Say his name, Father! Say his damn name!"

Odin fell silent, glaring wildly at his son.

Thor sighed deeply, "You call him a prisoner, a traitor, a simple monster of a man. He is none of this! He is your son!"

Odin went to speak again, but Thor raised his hand sharply, "I accept your terms. Just as long as Loki keeps his life, and the warrior as well."The king nodded firmly, remaining quiet in his silent rage.Thor bobbed his head in impatience and strolled down the corridor of the great palace he felt disgraced to call home.

"Eric's gone to the supermarket." Darcy called out from the kitchen, as she searched the cupboard for a snack.

Loki still sat on the sofa next to Adeline, both staring down at a deck of cards, every so often glancing up at each and sharing smiles.

"What? When?" He asked, eyebrows rising in suspicion.

Darcy shrugged, "He snuck past you."

Loki was appalled, "By me? A puny mortal?"

Darcy nodded, "He really doesn't want to see you."

Loki growled under his breath and shook his head in irritation.

Adeline simply laughed, however once the room fell silent again, an eerie feeling swarmed through the air surrounding her.She narrowed her eyes and reached for Loki's hand, placing her palm softly on his fingers."Loki, does something feel-" Before she could finish, every light in Jane's small, messy cottage house, shut off simultaneously.

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