Hidden Within


"Why am I doing this again?"

Adeline called from behind the bathroom door, her blonde hair now a dark brown from the dampness of warm water, as she had just taken a rather soothing shower.

"Because we are going out!" Darcy snapped back with a mocking tone of voice, from just outside Adeline 'fitting room'.

Jane was the next to speak. "It's called a girl's night, Adeline."

Adeline swallowed, adjusting the straps of a severely tight red dress, embroidered lace stretching up from her hips to just under her breast area, revealing enough skin to make her uncomfortable. Not to mention it barely reached her knees.

"I look like a harlot." Adeline sighed, shaking her head as both Jane and Darcy laughed.She heard a knock at the bathroom door.

"Show us, come on." Jane's voice beckoned.

Adeline groaned and turned to look at herself in the mirror.Pink cheeks. Red lips. Exhausted, blue eyes. Wet straight hair, curling at the bottom in an act to dry itself. She nodded once at her reflection, working up her courage, and instantly reached for the door handle, flinging the wooden surface open, and revealing both Jane and Darcy, whirling to look her way.

"Holy shit." Darcy mumbled, eyebrows rising in admiration.She, too, wore a dress. It was purple and black, cascading happily around her, quite poofy at the sides, and strapless at the top, holding her bust quite nicely.

"You look incredible." Jane uttered, rather loudly, a grin brightening her features magnificently.Her dress was also appealing; emerald green, shimmering in the artificial light, glimmering a little more with every move she made.

Adeline blinked a few times before shrugging, "What is so big a deal that I must dress like a vamp?"

Darcy narrowed her eyes, and shifted to the side. "Vamp?"Her mind immediately fell onto vampires and such, but that's just the way Darcy Lewis thinks.

Adeline bobbed her head up and down with an extended sigh, "Yes. You know, a tart, or a floozy."

Darcy chuckled and inhaled deeply, understanding her elegant way of speaking.

Jane cleared her throat and answered for her curious friend, who was frankly more like her sister."We're going to a club."

Adeline froze, "Club?"

Darcy nodded, "Yes. Problem?"

The warrior caught her breath and bit her lip, "A strip club?"

Jane scoffed, "God, no."

Adeline sighed in relief and let out a soft laugh, quite anxious now, to head on out to this "club".

Darcy borke the silence with a smile and took both Jane and Adeline by the hand."I suggest we show the boys." She declared, and practically had to drag Adeline out the bedroom, forcefully, whereas Jane simply skipped along side her.

No, no, no. She looked like a bloody harlot. What would Loki think? That she was some tramp, desperate for affection, and eager to display temptation. No, no, no. He'll hate her. But she had no other choice.Before Adeline knew it, she was flung into the living room, nearly tripping over in her black, high heels, and staring, face to face, with the man she had kissed merely a day before. He was sat with Thor as the small kitchen table, seemingly having been in deep conversation, before distracted by her oncoming presence.

And he just gazed at her. Blankly, ever so charmingly, however still undefined.

She fell tense, stiffening in her stance, as Jane and Darcy stood by her side, smiling dopily. She blinked, swallowed the knot in her throat, and immediately straightened herself out from her near fall; adjusting her straps and pulling the length of her bright, red dress down slightly. Suddenly, Loki was on his feet, with Thor simply staring emptily behind him, and in front of her, gracefully swaying forward so that they were only a mere few feet away.

"You look absolutely ravishing, Lady Crow." He breathed softly, and reached for her dainty hand, pulling it up to his lips, and planting a gentle, warm kiss on her knuckles. She shivered instantly, and stared, eyes wide at his admiration, and cheeks growing red under his intimate spell.

"Th-thank you." She stuttered, clearing her throat to break the awkward sensation arriving, and curtsied simple to the man she was ever so taken with.

Thor said a goodbye to Jane, and Adeline turned to follow the other two ladies out of the small cottage, leaving the two men behind to decipher the Tiefling's and their plans of destruction. On the way out, Adeline stole a glance at her dark prince, who immediately did the same, winking her way; which only caused her to blush further, matching the color of her dress in an instant.

The night, for Adeline, was horrific. It was dry, dull and highly predictable.

First of all, she was led to the bar by her two companions, who, without delay, left her there to sit alone, looking oddly uncomfortable and depressing.Secondly, she attempted to order herself a drink, asking blindly for an ale, which the bartender didn't seem to understand.So instead, he gave her a list of hydrations, to which she immediately chose the most appealing, by sound.

This being a drink called, Love Potion, containing two shots of Bacardi, one shot of Apple Sourz, one shot of strawberry Liqueur, one shot of apple Schnapps, three shots of grape juice, and both a slice of strawberry and apple.Needless to say, whether it was the name or the drink itself, she fell in love with it. She'd had about three by the time men began approaching her.Several guys had asked her questions, flirted with her endlessly, and one even had the nerve to make a move, which she replied to with a slap to his hand.

She'd tried to dance with one, though, but most likely embarrassed herself.

All in all, she was a popular choice out of the young women there, and that steadily grew the more drinks she drank. Love Potion was really starting to work, much to her oblivion. She'd even had the courage to approach a few guys herself, but out of the three that she did, one was homosexual, one was married, and the other was utterly disturbing. Darcy and Jane finally found her after at least four drinks, and it was easy to say, she was desperately drunk.

"Adeline." Darcy snapped her fingers in front of her blue eyes that felt as though they were spinning out of control.

Adeline scoffed, shaking her head, and pursing her lips together in amusement, "If only Asgard could see me now!"

A few of the men, deciding to approach her, hesitated and stopped in their tracks.

"Jane, I think we should get her home now." Darcy groaned, struggling to grab hold of one of Adeline's flinging arms, a drink still resting in her palm, unbelievably still intact.

"Jane! Janey! Jane Doe!" Adeline giggled, and placed a hand through her hair, ruffling it slightly, causing it to appear all frazzled, and frankly wild.

Jane groaned and shook her head, "This is all too much déjà vu for me."

Darcy chuckled, nodding her head in exhaustion, "Seriously. Talk about coincidence."

Adeline leaned forward as both Jane and Darcy supported her arms, balancing her out as they led her toward the exit and to Jane's small car.


Both turned to gaze at Adeline with narrowed eyes.

Adeline laughed, slurring her words, "I don't even know where I learnt tat'."

Darcy couldn't help but smile as she lifted the drunk Asgardian into the back seats of the vehicle.Jane jumped in the front, taking notice of a few guys laughing (as they were obviously quite taken with the warrior), and started up the engine.

Adeline continued to mumble in the back, throwing her head in between both Darcy and Jane in the front seats, a wide grin broadening her features."You should let me drive!" Adeline pronounced in a shout that caused Darcy to cringe, and Jane to shake her head in amused frustration.

Jane focused on getting the three of them home, before seriously paying attention to any of Adeline's vacant mumbling.

"And then I said to my brother, you ridiculous sod, the Bilgesnipe will eat you for that." It seemed Adeline was entertaining herself anyway.

She nearly whirled Jane off the rode at one point, when she found it reasonable to yell, so loud it echoed through the entire car."Jane!" She cried out and pointed at the rode, "You're going to hit the-"

Adeline hadn't even gotten the chance to finish, before Jane was swerving to the right some (even though nothing was in the road), causing the warrior to fly against the side of the door, which only sparked more laughter.

"Darcy, Jane's trying to kill me!" Adeline shouted, all seriousness disturbed by the playful giggles that followed.

Darcy groaned, utterly irritated by the continuous blabbing emanating from the back seats, the entire car ride home."Put your seat belt on, Adeline."

Adeline didn't seem to appreciate the order. "You put your seat belt on!"She snapped back, still somewhat laughing under her breath.

"My seat belt is on!" Darcy fought back with a huff of aggravation.

Adeline busted into a fit of giggles, "What in Helheim is a seat belt?"The warrior leaned forward, still laughing, extremely adorably, yet still obnoxious, and poked Darcy's cheek with her finger, "You're quite peculiar."

Darcy rolled her eyes.Even when she's drunk, she still speaks properly, Darcy groaned to herself.

Jane was finally pulling into her driveway, and was instantly out of the car, Darcy following, both struggling to lift Adeline out of the backseat.She was sprawled out, her hair flat like a puddle surrounding her, and the drink from the bar still in her hand.

"Darcy, I thought you took that away from her!" Jane exclaimed, snatching the oddly shaped glass from Adeline's limp hand, surprised there was still some of the red drink left. Darcy shrugged innocently, "I thought you had done it!"

Jane moaned in exhaustion, and shook her head, hoisting the drunk being from her car, with Darcy's help.As they hobbled toward the door, Darcy couldn't help but scoff in hesitation, "Loki is going to kill us for this."

Jane glanced at Darcy, eyebrows furrowing in concern for her life."Especially when he and Thor have been talking about battle plans, and enemy forces all day."Darcy added, eyes widened in increased worry.She and Jane quickly shook the thoughts away, and pushed open the front door.

"Maybe they're asleep?" Jane shrugged, hopefully, but Darcy wasn't the least bit comforted.

"BLAH!" The loud rather irritating shout came from Adeline, followed by a collection of her infamous drunk giggles, "Now they're not."The warrior added smugly, laughter cascading off her once more.

Darcy deadpanned and turned to Jane, entirely NOT amused.Jane sighed and entered the house, struggling to lift the delirious young woman in through the small doorway.

"Jane?" Thor's voice sounded over Adeline's mumbling.

Before Jane could answer, another voice called out, "God of thunder!"Both Darcy and Jane looked down at Adeline, just as Thor rose from the table in the kitchen.He was right where they had left them, and so was Loki.

The dark prince got to his feet and sprinted over to where Darcy and Jane held the drunken warrior."What in Helheim happened?" He exclaimed and took Adeline off of the two women and into his own arms.

"Loki-loo." Adeline mumbled and wrapped herself around him, to which he blushed, however still fuming in anger.

"She just drank a bit to much." Darcy sighed, and Thor slowly swayed over as well.

Loki placed Adeline down on the sofa, resting her head gracefully onto a pillow and allowed her to spread out.He sat down as well, on the end of the couch, eager to look her over as a precaution, but she placed both her feet on his lap, smiling widely up at him.He went with it, taking her toes in his palm and squeezing them gently.

"Why did you let her drink so much?" Loki snapped, his scowl facing the two women.

Jane groaned, "We were distracted, and Adeline wouldn't stop."

More giggles bursted from Adeline's mouth and Loki raised both eyebrows.

"This has been happening non-stop." Darcy explained with a long exhalation.

Loki was still with disbelief.This wasn't the Adeline he knew.She was normally so self-conscious, rather shy and timid, yet still fierce and bold.Like this, she was entirely unpredictable.

Thor chuckled as he hugged Jane in his arms, seeing she was clearly exhausted. "You're fine, Jane Foster."He declared and she smiled thankfully up at him.

"You're fine. We are ALL fine. Everyone. Every last one of us." Adeline rambled and laughed sub-consciously.

Loki sighed and shook his head, reaching forward to brush a hair away from blocking her right eye.

She grinned up and him and then to the others, "I like this guy. A lot. He's super,"She shrugged and exhaled quickly and cheerfully, "That's why I kissed him."

Loki froze, and he was sure everyone else did behind him.

As silence carried on, other than Adeline's laughter, Loki felt the need to quickly switch the mood."I better get her to bed." He pronounced, and carefully lifted the drunken woman into his arms, holding her tight against him, so that her own wrapped around his neck, and her legs around his waist. He could feel his brother's conniving gaze behind him as he walked toward the hallway that led to her room.

Adeline simply waved to everyone, as Loki lifted her onwards.

"You okay in there?" Loki had found Adeline a pair of clothes to change into, and was now waiting patiently outside her bedroom door, until he heard a loud crash and a stumble, followed by a, "Ah, shit."

Picking up on Midgardian language, he supposed.


He knocked on the surface of the door, but didn't hear a response, so carefully and cautiously, he pushed the slab open, revealing a rather dismembered Adeline, lying oddly on the floor.

Loki froze and took a deep breath, as she was wearing her shirt, but was also merely in a small pair of Midgardian undies.His eyes widened as she didn't seem to mind and only groaned, her voice muffled in the carpet.

"Adeline." He chuckled and reached toward her, lifted her from the floor, and placing her gently into her cozy, warm bed.

She didn't weigh much, and simply giggled as Loki lifted her.Once, he put her on top of the large cozy cushion, however, she squirmed and patted the space beside her.

He sighed, smiled widely, and carefully tucked himself right next to her own position.They both lay inward, on their sides, facing each other.Adeline blinked, watching him, with her hands placed firmly underneath her ear as a sort of layered pillow.

Loki was rather relaxed, calm even, until he observed Adeline as her cheeks lost all warmth and her lips curled downwards.

"Adeline?" He questioned softly, reaching forward to slide his fingers gently across her jawbone, causing shivers to roll up her back.

"I'm a mess, Loki."

Loki scoffed and nodded, "Well, you are drunk."

She smiled slightly, but it quickly faded. "No, I mean, me. My whole life. Just, who I am."

Loki narrowed his eyes, "In what way?"

Adeline swallowed, "I've always been. I lack confidence."

Loki laughed and shook his head. "It never shows."

Adeline responded fairly quickly, "That's because I hide it."

Suddenly, Loki was shaken by the deep sobs pouring from Adeline Crow's position on the bed; tears cascading down her pale cheeks, her eyes rimmed in red.He was frankly unsure of what to do. Comfort was not his thing. But this was Adeline Crow. His warrior. His woman. He'd have to try.

He grabbed hold of her and pulled her close to him, her head planting itself softly down on his chest."Shh…" He hushed her but she continued.

"I was hopeless." She muttered, and Loki narrowed his eyes, "Was?"

She nodded and gazed up at him from her position on the bed. "I met you and that all changed."

Her eyes were suddenly raging, anger swelling behind them. She poked Loki hard in the chest, to which he stared at her in shock."Don't you EVER leave me, Loki Laufeyson. Don't you ever leave me alone, understood?"

Loki chuckled and sighed, bobbing his head up and down in confirmation. "Understood."He smiled comfortingly to her, and she immediately relaxed.

"Good." Silence carried onward, soothing yet intensely awkward, as Adeline leaned onto his torso, and as he gazed blankly at the bedroom ceiling.

"I'm utterly drunk, aren't I?" She huffed in exhaustion and Loki cleared his throat.


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