Hidden Within


The effervescent antacid pill dissolved as the water surrounding it fizzled and bubbled in enthusiastic effort. Adeline groaned, her head pressed firmly against the hard wooden surface of the table, severely exhausted and highly nauseous. She barely noticed the things taking their own subtle movement around her.Her mind was out of it, on vacation, terribly bored with the state of her physical outlook.She didn't even want to fathom Loki seeing her right now.She only remembered a fragment of what happened last night, but she knew she had greatly embarrassed the dark prince, and herself for that matter.

Adeline wasn't sure what Loki and Thor had debated about last night, in dealing with the Tieflings.However, selfishly and rather idiotically, she didn't care right now.

Thor and Jane stood across the kitchen, cooking at the stove, a nice warm breakfast that Adeline wanted nothing to do with.She hadn't felt this bad since her dad died.She'd been young, but she remembered the rage that drove her into the depths of a horrid depression.


"Your father is dead." Ulrik managed, his voice firm, lacking any sort of emotion; Adeline was used to this.She recoiled, shoving him away from her; the depths of her eyes swallowed by the flood of tears threatening to consume her every action.

"What are you talking about?" She mumbled, gazing helplessly up at her uncle, who merely watched her with a blank expression.

"He was killed, in the line of duty." Uncle Ulrik informed her, sighing finally, his breath escaping him shakily. Adeline shook her head.

"No, you're lying." She snapped, unable to accept the notion. Ulrik swallowed visibly, and stepped forward, eager to sooth her oblivious pain, but she immediately backed away, taking another glance at her mother, motionless on the sofa, staring flatly down at her baby brother.That's when it hit her. It was true. All true. Her father.

The man who believed in her, tried to help her become the manner of her true heritage as a Fire Elf.The man who taught her so much, so many things she could do and become if she acquired her flame, things she could then teach her baby brother.The man who loved her and cherished her as the best daughter in all the realms. He was dead. Gone. Never to be heard, touched, spoken to again.

She continued to shake her head, trying desperately to deny the information provided, but it was impossible.She took one more look at her uncle, before storming out of the small house, dashing through the doors, and falling into the light of the outside world.She took note of the Asgardians staring up at her, pity clouding their expressions.

She didn't want their pity, none of it.She wished they would all disappear.She wished them dead; unable to understand why they deserved to live more than her own father.

And it was later that night that she found herself curled up in the ruckus and banter of an old tavern, sipping on ale; underage and trying to forget. It was the first time she truly drank enough to topple her world, knocking her from her sleep, and causing her to wake up in a grungy, eerily silent alleyway.

At that point, she didn't care. She didn't care about the world, the realm, the people.She'd even forgot about the rest of her family.All she could think was anger.Insanely powerful, immense anger.For everything and everyone.


She was knocked from her thoughts by a firm hand clapping down onto her shoulder.Please don't be Loki. Please don't be Loki.

"Adeline Crow! Boy, can you drink." Darcy's enthusiasm only caused Adeline to cringe in annoyance.

She lifted her head and glared at the mortal, "Well, I was left alone to."

Darcy's expression twisted into that of guilt and she shook the warrior's shoulder a bit, trying to ease her out of her vicious hangover.Jane also peered over her shoulder, still standing before Adeline, both Thor's hip and hers touching as they cooked over the stove.

"Sorry about that Adeline. Though I have to say, you drink more than Eric." Jane teased with a wink, and Adeline smiled wearily, however irritably unconcerned with anyone else at this point.

Darcy grinned sneakily and trotted around the kitchen counter, so that she could face Adeline spot on."You know what the best hangover cure is?"

Adeline lifted her head, eyebrows raised in curiosity.

Darcy smirked, "A greasy pork sandwich served up in a dirty ashtray."

Adeline might not have known just exactly what that was, but it made her want to puke out everything she'd ever eaten.She swallowed, squeezed her eyes tightly together, and slammed her head down onto the table surface.

"Ugh," she moaned, "I hate you."

Darcy merely giggled and nodded, "I know."

Jane laughed softly, sincerely and politely, while Thor let out a bellow.Adeline couldn't help the smile that tugged at her lips, even if she felt like - in the words of the great Darcy Lewis - shit.

After silence continued, except for small whimpers from under the mop of blonde hair, Darcy cleared her throat and began to pester, yet again."So," She smiled widely, as Adeline lifted her head to listen. "You kissed Loki?"

Adeline was immediately blushing, eyes bulging in disbelief as the mortal grinned at her, her own sparkling in contentment."He told you?" Adeline questioned, in more of a whisper.

Darcy scoffed and shook her head, "You told me, genius."

Adeline flushed an even brighter color of red, and grunted softly, holding back the approaching nausea."O-oh." She stuttered, and hid her completely embarrassed expression in her folded arms.

Darcy snickered, obviously fond of agitating a warrior of Asgard. "So what was that like?"

Both Jane and Thor peeked over their shoulder now.

Darcy turned to stare them down, her features twisted into that of innocence."What?" She protested with a short laugh, "I have questions that need answered."The puny mortal continued to sit out excuses in order to liven up her argument and audience."For example, was there tongue involved? Is Loki a good kisser?"She shrugged, and grinned mischievously, "I mean, they don't call him Silver-tongued for nothing."

Adeline couldn't hide the fact that she was closer in likeness to a tomato than that of any normal being's complexion. She gulped, shut her eyes, and as hard as she could, whacked her forehead down onto the counter, certainly far more aggressive than before, letting out a long, utterly irritable groan.

Darcy's giggles flew through the awkward lack of spoken words, as she was sure Jane were blushing just watching the recovering warrior, and Thor was probably ecstatic over the idea of his brother showing affection.

And as if it couldn't get any worse, they all heard a door open, and speak-of-the-devil, Loki came waltzing out, his black hair slickened back like usual, and his appearance tainted by the clothing of Midgardians; a plain, gray shirt with khaki jeans.

Adeline stared for a moment, taking in the godly man striding towards her, and then quickly hid her face again, letting out another moan of disgust at her condition.

"Loki!" Darcy exclaimed, causing Adeline to flinch at the sudden shout. "We were just discussing you!"

Adeline winced in annoyance and quickly glanced up at the mortal. "Can you whisper?"

Darcy simply acknowledged Adeline with a petite smile, and carried on doing whatever the hell she was doing in the kitchen.

"Good morning, brother." Thor boasted, and grinned happily at his sibling whilst plating a tray of eggs, which of course, Loki found extremely unsettling.

"Please, Thor. We aren't going to step so low as to address each other with formalities, now are we?" Loki snapped and rolled his eyes, strolling over to the chair next to the nauseous warrior. Darcy observed as he watched her comfortingly, his eyes waiting in case she needed him, or wished to speak.

The dark-haired mortal smiled and thought to herself, doux amour.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Both Loki and Adeline turned to gaze at the young woman, eyes wide in both suspicion and confusion.

Darcy chuckled and clarified, "She might puke any minute now."

Adeline groaned and shook her head, only to be instantly comforted by a secretive hand on her lower back.Her eyebrows rose as she took a peek over at Loki's blank expression.She tingled in excitement as his hand massaged circles over her spine, and gracefully caressed the hanging strands of her hair.She felt almost honored, that no one had noticed their subtle touch, and immediately her headache was beginning to lift.

She took the moment to watch both Jane and Thor, comparing what they had to her own romance.She observed small touches every now and then; little embraces when they thought no one was looking, and stolen kisses hidden away by the shadows of their own features. It made her smile when she thought of herself, and the man beside her.She wanted that. She wanted the passionate kisses and intimate glances all her life.She knew her chance was better than Jane's, as she was from Asgard, lived there, and knew the place like the back of her hand.But she couldn't help but feel like there would always be danger ready to interrupt and get in the way.

"So!" Darcy's voice yet again silenced her thoughts.

She peered up at the mortal, just as Loki's hand moved down to clutch hers, his palm soft and cold against the heat of her own; the warmth of her flame rising inside her, and affecting her ability to relax, as she now focused on control.

"What did you two decide last night?" Darcy questioned, feigning intelligence, as she referred to both Loki and Thor.

Adeline sighed, and took a sip of her water, from the glass in front of her, tasting the bitterness of the dissolved pill as it fizzled on her tongue.

"Well," Thor began, exhaling deeply, as if the stress of the situation was finally getting to him, "Loki and I came to a conclusion. It is faintly dangerous, but it needs to be done before we take nay action against the enemy."

Adeline lifted her head and narrowed her eyes in suspicion, feeling Loki stiffen beside her.

"Loki needs to speak to Odin." Thor admitted, his shoulders dropping as he put down the tray of food he was attempting to decorate neatly on a porcelain plate.

Adeline readjusted her position in the chair, sitting up straight, and instantly ignoring her headache."What?" She exclaimed and shook her head with a scoff, "Are you serious?"She glanced at Loki and her breath caught.

He was facing their hands, intertwined under the table as Adeline continued to scold the situation.

Thor nodded, visibly swallowing in nervousness for the angry warrior."My father needs to understand what it is the Tiefling's want, what Loki's vision is of it, and the state of their threat and army."

Adeline was on her feet, ripping her hand from Loki's, and storming around the counter, to better face Thor.Loki simply froze, eyes closing, as he listened to the oncoming argument.

"Your father, Thor, will kill him!" She spat, noticing Jane and Darcy both backing away from the blonde prince and the agitated and hung-over warrior.

"Lady Crow, I do not believe he will. I have spoken to him already, and convinced him to spare my brother."

Adeline softened at this, but was still angered in the idea. "Why can't you just go explain everything to him?" She protested, to which Thor sighed, yet again.

"It will mean far more coming from Loki, himself. It will prove that my brother still cares for his family, and his world."Thor smiled reassuringly and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Adeline, I will be there with him. I will not let my father harm him. Not again."

Adeline nodded, wincing as her head continued to pound viciously.She took a glance over at Loki, who was now gazing back at her through solemn, gray eyes, their color lost in the subject of the situation.

She then turned back to Thor, her expression menacing, and stern."If anything happens to him, anything at all," She breathed out a long sigh, "I am holding you personally responsible."

She then whirled around, her mood highly confident and actually rather pleasant as she approached the dark-haired man still peering straight through her, his expression swinging her out of her hangover. She took his hand, pulling him from the chair he sat on, and forcing him to stand directly in front of her. She then smirked, as his eyes softened their hold on her, and his lips tugged up in a small smile.

"I suppose I have to let you out of my sight, Loki Laufeyson."

Loki scoffed and shook his head, "And that bothers you, Lady Crow?"His mocking tone was playful, and Adeline grinned, aware that the others were watching with widened eyes of excitement and curiosity.

"Yes," She chuckled, "Because I am your babysitter."

He bared his teeth happily at this, his smirk crooked as he gazed at the woman in his arms."Well, I've already promised you, Adeline. Or don't you remember?"

Adeline narrowed her eyes, and bit her lip.

"I will never leave you alone." He added, and instantly they found themselves joined at the lips, the magic of fantasy becoming a reality, yet again.

Just this time, they had an audience.

I promise some action is coming soon. :)

Thank you to LoquaciousQuibbler for this line: "Was there tongue involved? Is Loki a good kisser? I mean, they don't call him Silver-tongued for nothing."

And I got the ashtray-and-pork-sandwhich part from Supernatural. :SBye! Thank you for reading guys! Please review!

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