Hidden Within


"My king." The voice echoed through the long, dark corridors, all leading up to the despised creature atop his throne.

"Rollnick," He hissed through the shadows, drawing the guard of whom claimed loyalty to approach him with hesitance."I see you have returned." Gallien forced out, glaring harshly at the small creature approaching him.

Rollnick nodded nervously and sighed a rather prolonged sigh, sensing how the leader before him stiffened considerably.

"Spit it out." The king snapped, observing the hesitant being below him.

"Sir, it seems we have been threatened." He sputtered out before his majesty.

"By whom?" Gallien interrogated sternly.

"Well," Rollnick took a deep breath and shut his eyes, "Loki."

The king was instantly out of his seat, long claws gripping the rim of his guard's neck, his long black cape flowing back behind him, revealing the extended form of his spiny tail, while his horns glowed in contrast to his blistering red, hot skin. Rollnick gasped for air, as the king squeezed tighter and tighter, feeling the throat beneath his crimson palms throbbing and pleading for the ability to breath.

"Did you ask nicely?" Gallien shrieked in the guard's ear, causing his features to cringe in pain and inward hatred. Rollnick attempted to nod, but it only appeared as a mere shake as he continued to feel his life escaping him, slowly burning away his soul and working to stop his heart. At that moment, the king removed his sharp claws from the creature's throat, sighing dramatically as he gently swayed back toward his throne.

"Such. A. Shame." He pronounced the words separately, shaking his head in disappointment.Rollnick didn't dare speak, as he was still rubbing his neck, purple blood dripping slowly down to the full length of his spine and the bottom of his torso.

"Oh well," Gallien groaned, "Just means more work for us."

Rollnick attempted to straighten out, eager to ignore the agonizing pain clasping onto the ridges of his neck, and instead fulfill his king's next order.

"I expect you know what to do?" Gallien questioned, raising his chin to the lowly being before him.

Rollnick nodded the best he could and went to turn away, "Yes, my lord."

He left the lonely, and long dark corridor to the sound of the Tiefling king's wicked laughter.


Darcy sat with her legs crossed over, propped up on the small coffee table in their rather small living room, attempting to watch crap TV, and failing miserably. Jane sat beside her, cuddled up to Thor; both huddled thoroughly under a blanket. She found it utterly adorable, constantly taking quick glances their way. It had been an hour or two since word came out that Thor and Loki were going to speak with Odin. They put it off till tomorrow, stating that they would leave in the early morning hours, giving them each time to spend with the one's they ultimately fell in love with.

Darcy could tell Thor was utterly proud of the darker prince he called brother. Be it in the way he talked, or walked, and the silent stares his way, thinking over the fact that his sibling, a man who was supposed to rot in jail, a man who attacked and killed innocent people, had found someone to love him. And she could tell that everyday Thor hoped more of the man he knew to be his brother would come out, even just a little, so that he could cherish it farther. He definitely respected Adeline – the small, blonde haired warrior and fire elf from Muspelsheim – as she had been the one to claim Loki's heart, a heart many were sure he didn't have. It was absolutely inspiring, their humble love, and Darcy felt herself opinionating even more honest value for the two Asgardian lovers. She admired Adeline's boldness, and Loki's brave attempts at opening up to that boldness. It made her smile, the more she thought of it, and hoped that someday, somehow, it would happen to her as well.

She turned to Jane and Thor, just as the large prince placed a kiss on the small mortal's temple. Their eyes met and the duo turned to face her.

"Everything okay, Darcy?" Jane asked with a comforting smile and Darcy Lewis nodded pleasantly.

"Just fine." The small, dark-haired girl shrugged and leaned back against the couch.

Thor glanced over at Jane, arching a brow, as Darcy seemed as though she wished to say something more.

"By the way," She began, grinning widely, "There was definitely tongue involved."

Thor groaned with a shake of his head, and Jane immediately mirrored the action.

"What?" Darcy protested, with a short, rather proud laugh. "What do you think they're doing right now?"She added, eyebrows raised in suspicion, as the two Asgardians had hidden away in Adeline's room, the guest bedroom, not too long ago.

Before she could get up from the couch to take a sneak peek inside, Thor's booming voice tossed a command her way. "Leave them be, Darcy Lewis."

Darcy winced, but nodded reluctantly, adjusting her position on the sofa to better watch the rather ridiculous show emanating from the TV screen.

Both lay together, intimately close, simply holding onto one another's dainty, pale hands, unwilling to ever let go or merely fathom the idea. For Adeline, she had never felt anything so special, so different, so unique. It wasn't like loving a brother, or an uncle, or even a mother. It was another type of love.

Stronger, more vigorous, insanely rich and gratifying. It was partially selfish in the way that you merely wanted it to only be yours, no one else's, just yours. It was ultimately the most fulfilling feeling she had ever received, or obviously felt. It was freedom, and yet it was imprisonment. But the best kind. If that made sense, she wasn't sure but at this point, she frankly didn't care.

"Adeline Crow," Loki mumbled.

His eyes were closed as he lay in front of the warrior, shirtless and in merely some long, and rather soft, Midgardian bottoms. Adeline was the same, wearing a loose shirt of mortal fashion, and the shortest shorts she'd ever visibly imagined. However, despite what their bodies bore in clothing, they were content, lying there, Adeline sliding her fingers through Loki's long dark hair, and Loki simply drifting off into a blissful slumber.

She'd let her hand wind down to his shoulders where she'd ultimately felt the long, raw scars that made her features darken with rage and disbelief.

"I hate them for what they did to you." She snapped in a hushed whisper, her fingers tracing the soft, torn skin. Loki smirked faintly, his eyes still closed, as he felt pleasantly content with just listening to the warrior's gentle breathing.

"It's alright, I hated them before they did that to me." He mocked and Adeline immediately shook her head in irritation.

"No, that's not fair. You know what I mean."

Loki nodded softly, and sighed, finally opening his eyes, which, in the current light, glowing a beautiful emerald green. "I suppose I deserved it."

Adeline's own eyes widened and squeezed Loki's hand so tight he winced, "You take that back, Loki Laufeyson."

Her command was rather stern and arched a brow in surprise. "Didn't I?"He questioned and she instantly scoffed, "Of course you didn't."

He shut his eyes again and huffed in disagreement, "I killed hundreds of people, or rather, I'm the reason hundreds of people are dead."

Adeline cringed, and leaned in closer to him, feeling the cold sensation of his skin beside her own, which at this moment was burning rather intensely, under the comforting bed sheets. "Everyone has something, or multiple things, that they regret. It's genuine."

Loki's eyes fluttered open again and narrowed, "What do you regret then?"

Adeline sighed and bit her lip. "Blocking everyone out."When Loki appeared confused, she went on, "When my father died, I fell into my own illusion. Some world I thought up that consisted of my ideas, my horrors, my ways to escape the present. I ignored everyone; let everything anyone ever said slip through one ear and out the other."

Loki's fingers lifted to twirl through her hair, gracefully caressing her jawbone and just above her cheek."I regret multiple things, it seems." He breathed softly, staring deeply into her widened eyes.

Adeline chuckled faintly at this response and arched a brow, "Alright then. Go for it."

Loki smirked and sighed, "I regret living in my brother's shadow, never making a true name for myself early on,"He paused and snickered slightly, "Of course I feel I should regret what happened in Midgard, but if not for that, I wouldn't have met you."He leaned in closer to Adeline's position, his lips merely inches away from her own.

"Most of all," He chuckled and placed his thumb on her jaw line, pulling her face to his, "I regret not kissing you any sooner."

A/N: Boring chapter? Yeah, I know. Ill make it up to you all with the next one! I promise!The next will most likely be out on Wednesday, because I have a buttload of homework to do tomorrow. xC

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