Hidden Within


"Father." Loki sneered as the King swayed up to the window of his glass enclosure.

"How kind of you to visit." Loki snickered and walked up to stand a mere few feet in front of his so-called father. The king didn't falter in his consistent steps as he now paced outside Loki's prison.

"I did not come here to play games, Loki." The Allfather snapped, and Loki's mocking smirk faded into a scowl.

"And you think I wish to? Father?" He spat the last word out like it was horrific flavor that had fallen upon his tongue. "It is not a joke to me that I am forced to sit in this ghastly prison, rotting in a corner, while you, mother, and Thor get to enjoy the riches of royalty!"

Loki was furious with the man in front of him. Odin, King of Asgard. A stranger in Loki's eyes. A man that lied to him all his life; an imposter.

The king didn't speak a word. Instead, he glared at his monster of a son with a disappointed expression. Loki silenced himself and trudged off to a far corner of the white room, to stare emotionlessly at the wall.

"Loki." The deep, baritone voice called out with sigh.

"You brought this upon yourself, because of your desperation to hold onto the throne." The king growled and shook his head in disgrace.

Loki whirled around, "I was trying to be like you! A king! I was trying to turn Midgard into a better world! With better people!" Loki snapped and scorned at the old man. "I was simply honoring you!" He exclaimed and slammed his fist harshly onto the clear glass wall. The barricade glowed gold, shaking with a silent tremor, and then fell, yet again, to its normal teasing clarity. Loki's eyes glazed over with an unexpected swell of sadness, and he quickly had to turn away, so that his visitor wouldn't see the emotions displayed over his expression.

"Honoring me?" The uproar sent Loki spinning back around, his black hair flailing, as he held his hands, which continued to shake violently.

"You did this for no one but yourself! You are too much of a coward to live without the precious throne! You need a crown to hide behind, because your true personality is too sinister for anyone to love!"

The words were like a stake of betrayal through the heart. Loki stared at his father with wide eyes, which glistened in the bright light of the prison.

"You are a disgrace to this family!" Odin yelled furiously at his adopted son, his eyes raging in anger and devastation.

He then sighed and shook his head vigorously. "I did not come here to argue."

Loki stood still, struggling to swallow the knot in his throat. Was this truly the man whom had cared for him through the years of his past? Was he never truly loved as one of his own?

"I came to tell you that along with your imprisonment, you are to serve daily payments." His father paused, a faint look of dismay lining his features.

Loki knew what he meant; he didn't have to elaborate. Daily payments. Beatings to pay for the crimes you committed.

"The young guard is to look after you now. You will not speak to her. She is merely there to assure me of the kingdom's safety, and that you stay locked inside." Odin finished with a nod of his head.

Loki smirked. Simply stating that he wasn't allowed to do something was certainly not the correct way to teach him a lesson. With that, Odin turned to leave, but Loki quickly spoke up, now speaking to his backside.

"My king," Loki mocked with a wide grin, which quickly faded into a monstrous scowl, "You are a disgrace to me."

Adeline paced back and forth in her large chamber. The bed was gigantic, laced with fine velvet and silk, displaying beautiful colors on red and gold. She had a enormous wardrobe, which she had already packed full, and a desk, which was already littered with her own clutter, along with tables and chair scattered round. But she couldn't pay any attention to her surroundings. Why? Why Adeline, why? Why was she only thinking of the prince in the dungeons below her? Adeline virtually slapped herself across the face.

Enough. Enough of this! You are here to perform a duty. You are to be professional. You are to keep your mouth shut. You are to speak to the prisoner with affirmation, and not with pity, generosity or kindness. He is a criminal, a villain, a sinister being who murdered innocence.

Adeline breathed a deep sigh. There. That should to do it.

But the second her chamber door was knocked upon, her brain was wiped of all she had just told herself. Keep it together, Crow.

"Enter." She ordered and cleared her throat as the command came out as more of a squeak.

The same guard from before was now stepping into the room, his armor noisily clattering. He gazed across to her, "Lady Crow. You are to report back to your assigned station." He then ordered and she nodded quickly, whilst adjusting her armor, and jogged towards the door.

Entering that underground prison for the second time felt different. It was almost comforting to be back to where she knew, and was supposed to be. But when she looked at the cell, her expression fell flat and motionless, wringed of all happiness. Loki was with his back to the clear glass window of the prison, his head in the palms of his hands, and his body arched over, as he sat on his cot. Adeline swallowed and approached the 'cage', taking a seat in her usual chair. He didn't budge, completely tuning out her loud footsteps, and simply stayed utterly still, his face hidden by his fingers. Good, she thought. Maybe this way she could perform her duty responsibly. That was until…

"Lady Crow." His head was up now, eyes closed, as he stared at the ceiling above him. Adeline flinched. She felt the urge to comfort him but quickly shook her head in disbelief at herself. When she didn't answer, Loki sighed, still watching the white slab above him.

"The Allfather said I shouldn't speak to you, which makes me wish to speak with you all the more." Loki smirked as he remained in his frozen position.

"However, my defiance will not grant me solitude if you do not speak back." With a chuckled he inched forwards again, so that he simply sat upwards, now gazing at the wall directly before him.

Adeline winced. Don't do it, Crow. Don't do it.

"That's not very loyal." Adeline inwardly murdered herself. With a sigh, she cringed at the fact that she had opened her big, fat mouth.

"Ah, loyalty is overrated." Loki exhaled deeply with a small shift in his seat.

"Not when it comes to family." Adeline snapped. She hadn't meant for it to come out so harsh, but she did mean the words.

"Family." Loki repeated, and then growled deeply under his breath in an outburst of disgust. Adeline raised an eyebrow.

"You have a brother, a mother, a father." Adeline stated with a shrug, gazing suspiciously at the hunched man sitting completely still.

"They," He paused, "are not my family."

His voice was deep and clearly laced with a poisonous hatred that made Adeline shudder, her body covering itself in pestering goose bumps.

She cleared her throat and narrowed her eyes. "Why?" Adeline asked, but secretly wished she hadn't. Loki didn't respond. He simply stared off in an unknown direction, his body position disgracefully folded downwards.

Adeline immediately countered her own words, "I'm sorry, its none of my business." She stated quickly.

The moment stayed quiet and just when she thought she'd have to sit in silence, she heard Loki rise from his seat on the small cot. He turned around to her and she took a deep breath. His clear blue eyes were glistening in silent despair, with rims of red encircling them. He was paler than before, adding a stronger contrast to his raven black hair. His green and brown tunic was folded and creased from how he'd been sitting and he looked exhausted for some unknown reason. He had opened his mouth to speak but as soon as he took a step forward, the door opposite from Adeline opened forcefully. Who else? Adeline huffed to herself irritably; somewhat annoyed she hadn't gotten to hear what Loki wished to say. The obnoxious guard from earlier entered, with his brown hair and dark stubble, smiling her way with a great deal of pride and joy.

"Hello, rookie." He grunted and swayed up to her, greeting her with a wide grin.

She nodded and faintly beamed back to him, "Good day."

He bobbed his head up and down to her and stood up straighter, as if to boost his ego. "We will take the prisoner off your hands for a moment, my lady." He informed her politely and quickly snapped his fingers.

Two guards entered Loki's cell, trudging up to him hesitantly. Adeline turned to Loki with narrowed eyes. He stood there blankly, his expression flat and unconcerned with the men who now held him in place. Another man circled from behind them and placed locked handcuffs onto Loki's wrists, which hooked onto another cuff around his neck, and ankles. Adeline cringed as they added the last decoration of shame. A metal muzzle, tightly gripping on around Loki's now hidden mouth. Part of her shifted. Why she was so enraged, was a mystery to her. Why she felt a great deal of pity, sadness, and guilt for not doing something to stop the futile guards from binding him, also greatly confused her. She stayed quiet as they dragged him out of the cage he was to be kept in.

Adeline turned to the other guard, "What's going on?" She questioned sharply.

"Nothing to worry about, love." He grunted to her with another 'dashing' smile.

Adeline shook her head in confusion, and took a step forward, only to be quickly distracted by the so-called animal swaying from his cage. Loki was a mere few feet from her now, gazing with soft eyes, as his mouth was trapped harshly. She stared at him, grimacing internally, as the moment seemed to go by in slow motion. The only thing that pulled her back into reality was the clinging and clanging of metal chains against the hard, clear floor. She observed, her stance widened with intensity, as Loki was dragged down the corridor and into another room far beyond the lengths of the underground dungeons.

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