Hidden Within


It was an intricate process. It had to be.

They had to all sneak into Asgard, undetected, grab hold of the Warriors Three and Sif, sneak back out, and make their way to Drengrheim – in one piece.

Thor had, naturally, appointed himself the leader – which, ultimately, Loki was not too fond of – and had taken it upon himself to set the plan in motion. The "Avengers" had accompanied them, Thor and Loki, in their escapade to acquire Heimdall's attention, which had, in fact, put the gatekeeper in a position of committing treason. It was difficult to get all of Thor's so-called "heroes" to finally concur – especially Tony Stark.

Loki had observed the man as the Bifrost had opened – while the other walked on ahead, Stark faltered behind.


His hands were shaking, fingers wobbling as though he was Steve Rogers, just broken free from the ice capsule he had remained in for so long.Look at him, using Captain America analogies.

The horror.

Tony Stark wouldn't admit it out loud but he was, naturally, afraid. Afraid of shooting up into another world, another land. Afraid of meeting another alien race, another species of being. It was enough having "Hammerhead" over there on Earth, not to mention his skinny little brother. It was terrifying.

After the events that had occurred in New York, so close to death, Tony Stark was horrified to have to revel in more space adventures. Let's not even get into the fact that they now had to fight off a race that specialized in war – warriors of the galaxy. He tried to remain confident, he did. But it was terribly difficult.

His nerves continued to plague him, his eyes continued to blink inconsistently, and his fingers continued to tremble.

And Loki wouldn't stop glowering at him. Sure, he knew the guy was a psychopath, sociopath, whatever you want to call him. But that gaze was still utterly terrifying – almost as terrifying as entering a big glowing strip of light that would supposedly drop him off on a new planet.

But what scared him most was that they were helping Thor to save someone, someone Loki Laufeyson seemed to care a whole lot about.One question remained: What if they were to fail?

Loki pushed aside his suspicions of what was going through Stark's head and merely focused on the Bifrost. Thor was preparing to enter, hammer ready and swinging, just as Loki approached his side. The blonde turned to his younger brother, gazing thoroughly at the dark-haired prince's somber expression.

"This will work, Loki."

Loki arched a brow, staring straight and into the multicolored, glistening light of the portal. "What made you suspect I had any doubts?"

Thor scoffed, "Because someone you love is at stake."

Loki turned, wide-eyed to his sibling, but Thor merely clasped a hand down onto his shoulder.

"She will live, brother."

Loki nodded, but clenched his jaw in further acquisition, "Thor, if we run into trouble-"

"We won't-"

"But if we do," Loki hesitated, growling slightly as he strained to continue, "you promise me that you will get Adeline out. No matter the price."


"Promise me," Loki swallowed, "brother."

Thor's eyes narrowed in apprehension, gazing at his sibling with a look of distress, the realization of what he was asking finally settling in, crushing his every confident nerve. But he agreed to it, with a sharp nod of his blonde-haired head, and Loki appeared satisfied.


The Warriors Three and Sif had not seemed too terribly thrilled upon witnessing Thor, Loki, and four other strange Midgardians sneaking about on the forbidden ground inside the palace walls. They had seemed, actually, fairly angry – perhaps, even, flabbergasted.

"Thor?" Sif called out in a whisper, eyes wide in disbelief, glaring at the six beings before her.

Thor cleared his throat, stepping farther into the light, eyes vibrating over their surroundings, constantly watching for any discontentment. Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg had all slowly crept behind the dark-haired woman, expressions intent on dissecting Thor's excuse for being there.

Loki merely stood beside Steve Rogers, the two shadowing the other three behind them.He didn't like any of the "Avengers" but if he had to choose which one he preferred, he definitely considered the Captain.

"My friends," Thor began, "I assume you know of the news."

Sir scoffed unnervingly, "To which are you referring?"

Thor winced and shook his head, "I need your help. Look, we thought we were safe on Midgard, but we were approached by a member of the Tiefling clan and-"

"We heard Thor," Fandral stepped forward from behind Sif's defensive position, "All of Asgard heard. About how you returned with Loki, tried to convince the Allfather to declare war. Are you insane?"

Thor sighed in exasperation, "We can defeat them!"

"You saw the way they thought at Loki's execution Thor! Let's say they don't have an army, as you so assume, even with a few of them, it would still be a difficult battle to win!" Sir's demands held truth, and therefore, Thor gestured to his own team behind him.

"Which is why I have reinforcements."

It didn't go as bad as Loki would have thought.Tony Stark and his nervous trembling had ceased once his eyes landed on Sif's demeanor.Steve Rogers had taken a firm position in leadership, beside Thor, and discussed their plan with the Warriors Three.Romanoff and Barton bonded quickly with the others as well, seemingly uncaring with the fact that they were mingling with "aliens" in their position.

Loki was ultimately simply looking out for any passersby, sure to double check on any other presence entering the courtyard they stood in.He wasn't sure what he would have done if Odin came striding around the corner of the large pillar in front of him.He was angry. He just wanted to get a move on, stop all this explaining, all this planning.

Just go with it.Just get Adeline back.This was taking too long, and he was close to snapping.

"Loki," Thor's commanding voice was loud and obnoxious as the dark prince sorted through his thoughts.

He spun around, eyes callous, and disturbed. "What?" He snarled, eager to get a move on.

"You know of discrete pathways out of Asgard, do you not?" Thor questioned, one hand on his hip, as the other beckoned his words.

Loki nodded minutely, and turned back around, once again leaning on one of the pillars surrounding their current position.

"Good. We take a Skiff, fly out, try not to be followed, and Loki steers us toward the pathway that leads to Drengrheim," Thor clarified firmly, brows furrowing in finality.

The Warriors Three nodded simultaneously, while Sif rubbed softly at her chin with a delicate thumb.

Romanoff cleared her throat and stepped forward, "Can we acquire a Skiff and go unnoticed?"

Sif turned to the other woman, and bobbed her head sharply, "It may be trying, but not impossible."

Barton was the next to step forward, eyes cascading over the others in a calculating manner, "Perhaps with the right distraction it would be easier?"

Fandral took a step forward, brow furrowed in suspicion, "What do you propose?"

"I say we use Sif's godly good looks." Stark shrugged, gesturing to the whole of Sir's appearance.

The dark-haired woman inched forward, eyes glowering at the billionaire. "My femininity may be concerning to you, Midgardian, but on Asgard I am considered a warrior, and I will not be treated as a petty distraction so the men can run on ahead."

Stark backed away at the harsh words, and simply attempted to play coy.


They had, in fact, developed a plan.It may have been risky but it was a plan.It was something.That's what Loki kept trying to tell himself.It was something.

Each and everyone on the team had their part to play.It was easy to grasp.

The docks, baring the Asgardian Skiffs needed, were just past the throne room; that meant that if they wished to acquire one of the intricate boats, the king would have to be lured from his place of comfort. Loki wasn't entirely sure he wanted to be the one to do it, seemingly feeling as though the next time he set eyes on the man, he might just boil over. So, Stark and Rogers were nominated.

Granted, they were not thrilled to be working together, but it was only reasonable, and Loki, Thor as well, would not take "no" for an answer.Not without a fight – which would not end well for the Midgardians.

With Odin taken care of, Barton, Romanoff, and Sif would push on ahead sneaking past as Thor, Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg took note of the palace guards.

Loki's occupation could be considered most valuable – or so he thought of course.In his case, he would, in fact, need to be in three places at once, using his "abilities": with Stark, and Rogers – with Romanoff, Barton, and Sif – with Thor, Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg. It was his task to perform: he was the informant.As Thor and the Warriors Three held off the guards, keeping a constant fight without any real damage of course, Loki would observe and help Sif, Romanoff, and Barton with removing the Skiff – but he would also watch the other two "heroes" create a distraction. All he had to do was wait for the signal.


"I still hate you."

Stark mumbled as he swayed beside the pompous, little –

"Funny!" The Captain exclaimed with a forced smile, "I feel the same."

Stark shook his head, rolling his eyes, as both men strode towards the small opening of the dark alleyway they currently descended.

Asgard was a strange place, in Stark's opinion – rather elegant, so very intricate – it was almost painful. Tony kept telling himself over and over again that he was doing this whole silly mission to save the life of another. A

nd that's what a hero does right? Saves the lives of others? But he was saving this life for Loki – the dickhead who destroyed New York, not to mention tried to kill him. All the same, it was still an innocent life. But, alas, was anyone who mingled with the dark prince really innocent?

"There." Rogers whispered as they both stood at the mouth of the alley, observing the market place of Asgard. People of all sizes swayed to and fro, carrying boxes, or baskets – bread rolls specifically, as that was what Roger's currently pointed to.

"What about it?" Tony shrugged, eyes narrowing in suspicion as he watched the fat baker leave a trail of golden crumbs.

"Run into him." Steve urged, head inclining toward the people passing by.

Tony groaned and shook his head, flattening out his hair, and brushed a hand over his goatee, "I'm going to regret this."

As he made his way over to the Asgardian, standing outside his shop, he instantly wished he'd wore his suit for this one.The "Iron Man" was on call of course, but he felt he needed it to knock over this baker – he was, indeed, fat.

As he twined through the others trotting along the market's pathways, he kept an eye on Rogers, who was circling him, prepared to play his own part.With one giant lunge forward, he rammed into the big man standing with his basket of bread rolls, sending the pastries flying into the sky above them, and landing on the grimy floor with a prolonged "thump". Not to mention the incredibly loud grunt that sounded from the Asgardian before him.

"Hey, dick!" Stark exclaimed, fixing his expression with that of a scowl, "What's your problem?"

The baker turned to him, wide-eyed, and fuming. "You scoundrel!" He snapped, waving a fist at Stark's nearly laughable expression.

Who even says "scoundrel" anymore?

Rogers appeared then, right on cue. "Excuse me, is this man bothering you?" Steve asked, expression entirely flattering and fake, that Tony had to look away with an eye roll.

The baker nodded, still, seemingly too shocked to even compute what had happened.

"Let me take care of that for you." Rogers uttered, taking advantage of the fact that Stark wasn't looking at him.Taking advantage with a fist – that is. Right to Tony Stark's jaw.

All while an illusion of Loki stood watching intently.

"My king, my king!" The guard scrambled through the throne room doors.

Odin jolted to attention, "What? What is it?" He straightened slightly, clutching onto his cane, so hard his knuckles went white.

The guard caught his breath and swallowed deeply, "In the market, my king."

Odin cocked his head in confusion. "A fight has broken out, between two foreigners!"

The king rolled his eyes, "Then stop them!"

The guard seemed to bite his lip in apprehension, "That's the thing, sir," He paused, "no seems to be able to!"

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