Hidden Within


"Odin." The deep voice hissed from the shadows surrounding its creator. The Allfather stood up straight, his guards beside him, weapons drawn, shields in position.

"Lord Gallien of the Tieflings." The king uttered in disgust, as he glared at the grinning red devil.

"Your majesty. It is an honor." Gallien smirked and snickered under his breath, gazing at the palace walls of Asgard. The Allfather raised his chin in suspicion. "What is it you want?"

The Tiefling leader smiled devilishly and nodded to the king, "That is quite the question." Odin shifted in his seat, growing impatient with the cunning monster. "First, I'll start with Loki." Gallien sighed effortlessly in a mocking manner, as Odin jolted forward in confusion. "My son?"

Gallien chuckled, "Oh, but he's not your son is he?"

The Allfather froze and dropped his eyes.

"Hand him over, Odin." The Tiefling glared at the king with a small smile.

He shook his head, "And why would I do that?"

Gallien laughed a rather enthusiastic laugh, which clung to the air with an eerie echo. "Because if you do not, we will declare war on Asgard."

The Allfather gazed down at the sinister being. The Tieflings were a strong, dependable race. They had remained neutral all these years, and Asgard was glad for that.

Their warriors had one motto.

Don't let go until the heart stops beating.

Fighting was their masterpiece. You became a warrior as soon as you were born, and you were taught to defeat your enemies without a second glance. This was not the army Odin was prepared, or wished, to go against. And knowing this, he chose to hold back a response.

"You have two days, Allfather." He spat out in a teasing tone of voice. "Bring me Loki, before your time is up, and Asgard will not have to resign to destruction."

Adeline sat waiting for the return of the prisoner. Déjà vu set in, and she soon realized she'd have to get used to this.

Waiting. It was horrendous. Or she was just impatient.

But in short, Loki did soon return, limping slightly, still bound to his chains as the guards shoved him into the cell.

"Rookie!" The familiar voice startled her and she removed her gaze from Loki's hunched stance. She got up and turned to face the approaching guard, his brown hair appearing oddly darker, and his stubble slightly thicker. She raised an eyebrow and cocked her head to the side in an aggravated manner.

"I do have a name you know." She snapped, harsher than she'd expected.

The guard cleared his throat, appearing almost taken back in surprise. "Apologies, my lady." He then grinned and took a bow, "As do I."

Adeline narrowed her eyes.

"I also have a name." He clarified with a smirk.

She inwardly rolled her eyes, but didn't let her irritation show. "Let's hear it then." She ordered with a shrug.

He let out a boastful laugh and nodded, "Sir Joseph Lovetson, at your service, my lady." He extended a palm in an act to kiss the top of her hand, but she didn't budge. She wasn't the least bit interest in his affection. He smirked, drew back with a snicker, and looked down.

"Have I done something to bother you, fair maiden?"

Adeline's eyes widened as she realized her attitude. But it felt right. Even if she was cross with him for Loki's sake. She cleared her throat and decided to fib an explanation.

"Yes, you have in fact, Sir Lovetson."

He raised his eyebrows and gestured for her to state her problem. "Please, my lady, enlighten me."

She glared his way. "I am to be treated no less than how you treat your men in there, do you understand me?" She pointed to the guards who were currently removing the chains from Loki's ankles.

He turned to face them, and then back to her, his eyes wide in disbelief.

"Just because I am a women, does not mean I am to babied, or treated with care. And I am undeniably, and most certainly NOT your lady. Are we clear?"

As her argument faded, she heard the snickers of the other men as they exited the cell, and then she saw the shock and embarrassment clouding the vision of the lowly guard in front of her. She raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms over her armored torso. After a long, rather arduous moment of silence, Sir Joseph Lovetson cleared his throat and stuttered a response.

"Of course, my lady." He froze as he noticed his mistake and shook his head, "Lady Crow."

Adeline smiled at her authority and shooed him with a twitch of her finger. He nodded and scurried off, barking a low order to the others, in which his voice cracked and echoed hoarsely.

The only thing she heard then was the deep chuckle rising from the prison cell. She turned to gaze at Loki, who was now clapping his hands and wearing a bright, extravagant smile.

"Bravo." He smirked, bobbing his head up and down in approval. Adeline couldn't help but blush with a faint smile as she made her way towards the chair she normally took a seat in. "That really was extraordinary, Lady Crow." He boasted and grinned widely in his own mischievous way.

She let out a small laugh and shrugged, "I try."

Loki shook his head in amusement and swayed back to take a seat on his cot. She noticed his slight limp in stride, and the way he arched his back. She winced, understanding the solution for his stiffness.

"So," He began, still smirking. "Have I anymore visitors today, Miss Crow?"

Adeline cringed internally and shook her head, "I'm afraid not."

The silence was suddenly deafening, and Adeline shifted in her seat.

"Are you disgusted with me?" was the question, spoken in a deep, baritone voice, which broke the still air of the lonely, white corridor. Adeline's eyes narrowed and her head jolted upwards to gaze at the man in the cell.

"Why would I be disgusted with you?" She realized the affection in that statement, considering all he had done to Midgard, and suddenly regretted even responding.

"Well, Jotunheim is not a exactly a merry place, now is it?" Loki was still smirking, but it twisted into a low, dry, and rather crooked smile.

"I suppose it isn't." Adeline shrugged, attempting to prove to him that she didn't care about his racial status. "Your point?"

Loki raised his eyebrows with a laugh, "Most are appalled to be in the midst of a Frost Giant."

Adeline sighed and smiled softly, "Yes, and some the midst of a fire elf."

Loki froze and narrowed his eyes, as if confused by the sudden sympathy. Most likely, not used to it.

"I-" He didn't finish. Instead he blinked a few times and turned away from Adeline's viewpoint. She smiled a crooked smile and shook her head.

"Is that really the reason you did it?" She uttered slowly, causing Loki to turn back with questioning blue eyes. "Your attack on Midgard, your betrayal."

Loki scoffed and shook his head, "I suppose I should tell someone shouldn't I?" He asked, gazing blankly up at the white ceiling.

Adeline narrowed her eyes and sat up straighter.

"Thor would have a break down, knowing I shared with a mere guard before my own brother," He shook his head and chuckled deviously. Adeline's face twisted into that of irritation, but she kept on a friendly face, hoping he would, in fact, open up to her.

"All those years I took beatings from opponents on the battle field, suffered through verbal torment, struggled through my father's disappointment and dissatisfaction, because I held the belief in my mind, that someday I would have the chance to be king." Loki spat the words out faster than she had expected and she quickly leaned forward, taken in by the information.

"To rule over the people of Asgard, to experience the glory of reign." He boasted with a small smile, which only cause Adeline to grin faintly, pleased by his happiness.

"And then to simply find out those years of torture were suffered through for nothing? That my entire life was a lie?" Loki glared at her now, and she scooted backward at the expression he wore.

"The king could never have a frost giant on the throne of Asgard." He exclaimed with squinting eyes of anger and pure devastation. "My hopes, the only things I cherished in my life, were crushed under my father's boot." He sighed, falling down onto the cot beneath him.

Adeline shifted and caught her breath; terrified any noise would rile him up further.

He was suddenly sneering, wildly, vigorously, "It was all a well-played façade."

She swallowed and looked away, down to the floor and out of view. Silence filled each cell down the corridor, and Adeline grew more and more uncomfortable.

"Loneliness, rejection," She began and peered up at him, "To be forgotten."

Loki dropped his hold on her eyes, and shook his head in admittance.

"Your fears haunted you after that, and, in turn, you decided to simply ally with them." Adeline breathed softly, and swallowed the lump in her throat.

Before Loki could say another word, the doors to the long corridor burst open, and a flash of red and silver flew in. Thor stood, sweat resting on his brow, his golden blonde hair hanging down dimly, his armor glowing in preparation, and his eyes glaring in desperation. Adeline jolted upwards and whirled to face him, while the prisoner simply turned slowly and effortlessly to the disturbance.

"Loki," Thor began, panting exhaustedly, "What have you done?"

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