The Path of the Aura: Intertwining Crossroads

Prologue (Part III (3)): The Unique Boy's Unlocked Potential

Directly after the battle with the three Roman soldiers, Costas, Ian and I were carried off to a lower floor of my laboratory: the Prison Cell Room, a room used to store intruders that find their way into the laboratory.

All three of us were thrown into jail—literally—and housed there for the time being. The three Roman soldiers had two reasons for doing so: they had a legion of 1,000 soldiers—which composed of one General and 999 soldiers, three of which are already here—set to invade this particular village and they want us three alive so that they can literally torture the answers out of us on how the S1-GS device—aka GSS (Grand Storage Sphere)—works.

We remained in there for hours, having yet to recover from the liquid anesthetic's effects. We three shared the same prison cell, but we didn't know that because we were still unconscious and on the floor.

During that time, I was having a most unusual dream, a dream so realistic that I actually felt as if I was experiencing it.

Location: Eduardo's Subconscious

This surreal dream of mine, it involved two massive opposing armies that were about to wage war between each other. One of the two armies was the Roman Army, and the other of the two armies consisted of the villagers from my home of birth. The Roman army consisted of 1,000 well-armed soldiers. The village's army scrapped together only 100 people, who were only armed with what their mothers gave them: arms and legs.

All of this was taking place in a wide-open desert. However, the environment wasn't searing hot due to the red and black sky: red on the village's side and black on the Roman's side. This meant that the current temperature was cool—unusual for temperature to be considered in a dream.

Setting aside the fact that in this dream I can actually feel heat, I was perfectly centered between both armies, and it appeared as if neither one knew of my existence. I did multiple about-faces to get some invaluable information about both armies, and then I came to a decisive conclusion.

"(This match-up is incredibly one-sided…)" I thought with some concern over the village's scrapped army. However, my attention was immediately drawn over to a sudden voice that came from the side of the Roman Army.

"This battle has already been won, without one drop of blood being shed!" The source of the voice came from somewhere in their army.

"(Where is that voice coming from?)" I scanned Roman Army as best as I could, but to no avail. Everything over there was a bit too dark for me to see.

"And why am I saying this?" The source of the voice made itself audible to all around the area.

I had no difficulty listening to the sound of that voice, especially since my sense of hearing is pragmatically superhuman.

And then, out of nowhere, a luminous orb of gold and silver appeared in front of the Roman Army without even a hint of where it came from. The sight of it levitating was what immediately drew my attention to it, and it was then that I realized something terrible about the orb being on their side.

"(That's… That's my S1-GS device!)" I was somewhat bewildered at how they managed to get my device, which made me truly believe that they had succeeded in obtaining my invention—despite the fact that I was in a dream. "(How did they get their hands on my S1-GS device? I sealed it away in a security system, with only Costas, Ian, and I having access to it!)"

"I'm saying this because I possess the key item that'll devastate you all!" The enigmatic voice boomed across the atmosphere.

After the voice disappeared from the air, there was silence for about three seconds. But that silence disappeared when the button on the S1-GS device clicked, and then after that, all hell broke loose.

The instant that the S1-GS device opened, an immediate vacuum of gravitational pressure formed in front of the black hole in the device's core. The entire army from the village was violently drawn to the GSS's black hole center, stretching abnormally before being assimilated.

I faced the Roman Army's side and watched in disbelief at how everybody was consumed by the S1-GS device. I was also feeling the powerful gales that it was generating, but managed to firmly stay on the sandy floor below me, despite the fact that I was closer to the device than the villagers were.

Thankfully, this event made me realize that I was still in a dream.

"(Those people won't survive inside of there! There's no program that'll allow them to live!)" I protected my face from the sand—which was also being drawn into the S1-GS device—by using my arms.

Eventually, the S1-GS device assimilated the entire village army and closed itself once its job was complete. I was able to bring my arms down when the sand settled calmly back down, free to drop my guard for protecting my eyes.

Only one army remained, with silence on the other side where the villagers once were.


"…Wait!" The unknown voice said. "…There's one left!"

"(…One left?)"

Before I could do another about-face, I heard that click sound once more from my S1-GS device. But before I heard another gale of immense gravitational pressure, I heard something else.


That one sound somehow managed to fully pierce the S1-GS device. I noticed that the device now had a hole in the center of it, where the button on it previously existed.

Before I was about to mourn over the damage on my device, I recalled this critical fact that kept my emotions under control, "(This is just a dream. The S1-GS device actually breaking…? Impossible.)"

Immediately after the hole on the S1-GS was formed, it was soon coated in static discharge, and then it fell to the sand floor below, burying itself slightly. A second later, the S1-GS device assimilated itself, due to the black hole no longer being regulated—nor supported—by the circuitry. With only the black hole remaining, it faded away momentarily, leaving nothing behind of its existence, as well as that of the villagers that it assimilated.

"(Be that as it may seem, who managed to destroy my S1-GS device?)" I pondered before turning around to notice the source of the attack.

What I ended up seeing completely contradicted any form of basic knowledge that I knew.

I saw a bipedal—anthropomorphic—canine with long, upward-pointed ears, an hourglass-shaped torso, bulky thighs, blood-red eyes, and a tail that was bent a few vertebrae near the end of it. To top it all off, whatever this individual was, it brandished a sword of some kind, its tip pointed at where the S1-GS once floated. Also, that sword was spouting smoke at the tip of it, as if it fired something.

"(Did that sword just…fire?)" I thought with even more confusion. However, I was somewhat more frustrated than discombobulated, due to the fact that the being that I ogled had the appearance of a silhouette, since it was placed between me and the setting sun.

Besides that, I was immediately interested in whoever—or whatever—this being was.

In an instant, the weapon it was possessing faded away in a brief glimmer of light. And then, it charged towards the army itself. It was fast though, as I could easily tell from the distance between us.

"(Whatever this being is, it's fast.)" I thought.

"…Eduardo!" The same voice appeared to call out to me.

"(Did that voice just call me?)" I thought without looking away as the figure came closer, yet still appeared as a sable silhouette before me.

"...Eduardo…! Wake up!" I heard the voice once again call to me, and this time, I was feeling a sense of nostalgia after hearing the voice.

Before I thought of a reason as to why the voice told me to wake up, I felt an incredibly violent earthquake begin to form. The earthquake was so powerful that everything around here immediately became distorted and then faded away until the only thing around me was utter blackness, including the floor that I was standing on.

"(Now what's going on?)" I thought with a fair amount of disappointment and anger at the silhouette disappearing in front of me, mostly because I wasn't able to identify it.

"Come on already! Wake the hell up!" The neo-nostalgic voice called to me once more.

"Why?" I shouted, getting annoyed at this repetition.


Location: My Laboratory (Prison Cell Room)

Date: April 29th, 49 A.D.

Time: 1:06 PM (Afternoon)

For some reason, I found myself waking up when that voice in my dream told me to. I picked myself up and off of the floor and noticed that I was inside my laboratory's Prison Cell Room, imprisoned.

This room had two beds on it that were to the left and right walls—assuming the prison cell's barred door was identified as the front wall—and a clock on the ceiling, nothing more to the cell except for the grim gray paint job that I gave it.

"Finally, you're awake and alright!" Costas said with relief. He was stretched across one of the two beds.

"It took you long enough to get up!" Ian said with both relief and impatience. He was sitting normally on the other bed. "It was almost as though you had a reason to be unconscious."

"(I feel as though I did.)" I thought while sweeping off the dust of the floor from my white T-shirt. "By any chance, did any one of you two repeatedly shout 'Wake up!' in order to awaken me?" I said while walking over to the locked bars and looking left and right, only to notice that no Romans were around in the hallway.

"It was mostly me," Costas said, admitting his actions.

"I see…"

I continued to scan the area, noticing that there still weren't any Roman soldiers nearby. I was doing this to make sure that when I discuss an important topic to my two brothers, they weren't around to eavesdrop and question me.

"Eduardo, why do you think they imprisoned us?" Ian inquired me, wondering if I have an answer.

"I believe they're awaiting reinforcements," I said before walking towards one of the adjacent walls and leaning back on it, crossing my arms behind my back before doing so, with each hand clamped onto the area on my arm above the elbow.

"What makes you think that?"

"Roman soldiers rarely come in such scarcity, especially during a war, because they're strength resides in their numbers." I said my answer, which was a war-related topic that my parents used to tell me from their experience.

I decided to change the topic.

"You both lost against the Roman soldiers, right?" I said solemnly.

Both of them nodded, with melancholy countenances.

"Don't feel ashamed about yourselves. It's my fault that we all lost. I left the Medical Equipment Room open." I admitted with a mildly guilty tone. "Apparently, they were smart enough to figure out how to use my liquid anesthetic and managed to spread it on their weaponry."

"So that's why we fell to floor soon after having suffered one blood-shedding blow." Costas lunged up upon realization.

"Like I said, I'm sorry about that." I continued. "Thankfully, I left the S1-GS device fortified and away from them. They're most likely wasting their time trying to get their squalid Roman hands on it, only to gain burns on the back of their hands by my security system." I grinned at the thought of imagining them jumping up and down like retarded rabbits while waving their burnt hands like handheld fans.

I looked at the bed and casually said "Well, while we're here…" before uncrossing my arms and going towards the bed, the one that Ian sat on, and sat on top of it. "Do you want to hear something odd? It involves the dream I had when I was unconscious."

"If it's another mentally-omnipresent dream about future technology, I'll willingly pass," Ian said his mind, seeming to have had enough of those dreams of mine being told to him.

"It isn't," I assured him. "It was something else…something abnormal."

Ian's eyes widened when he heard me say this. He and Costas both knew that my dreams were always about future technology, which I received my ideas from when manufacturing my inventions. For it to be something unrelated to that repetitive topic was virtually impossible.

"Well then, please continue." He said with unusual enthusiasm.

"I'd be happy to," I said. "In my dream, I saw the Roman Army and this village's self-detrimental army. The village's army consisted of approximately 100 people. They were badly outnumbered ten-to-one by the Roman army, and far more outmatched. The evening sky was rent into two halves, each in two primary colors: the Roman's side was sable and the villager's side was sanguine."

"(This is certainly different than what he usually dreams about…)" Costas thought.

"The whole location was in the middle of the desert," I continued. "And for some reason, I was capable of sensation in the dream, especially with the heat and grainy feel of the desert sand."

"Wait. What you're trying to say is that you were able to utilize all five senses there?" Ian said.

"Yes," I said just one word.

"(Incredible…)" Ian thought.

"(I barely manage to use my ears and eyes in my dreams…)" Costas thought.

"Anyway, in my dream, the Roman Army somehow got their hands on my GSS device, and then they used it to assimilate the opposing village army without so much as an attempted counterattack. However, the GSS was suddenly penetrated soon after, by an unknown life form, brandishing a sword of some kind. It was shrouded in a black silhouette caused by the red sunset, so I couldn't see what exactly it was."

"An unknown life form…?" Both of my brothers said.

"But before I was able to see what it truly was, one of you two woke me up."

"Did you at least get a good enough view of whatever that creature was?" Ian inquired.

"I was only able to see its silhouette, so I believe I know enough of what its body shape looks like," I said before getting up from the bed and then crouching down onto the floor, noticing the thick layers of dust below.

"What are you going to do?" Costas looked down and said.

"I'm drawing what I saw with what I have around me," I said before coating my fingers with the thick dust, intending to use it as paint.

I began to draw out with significant skill what I saw in my dream. With ease, I was able to form every single detail, such as the hourglass-shaped torso and bulky thighs. Once I added its sword as the finishing touch, I realized there was a one more key feature to this life form that I dreamt of in my mind.

I remembered the sanguine eyes of the being. To add that, I tore off the scab that I remembered I had on my Adam's apple quickly enough to allow fresh blood to flow outward. I used the blood that I was excreting from my wound to paint the sanguine eyes onto the life form, before my wound would eventually coagulate again and heal.

"You're a real oddball, do you know that?" Ian said.

"I've known that since the day that I was born," I replied back, wiping off the excess blood onto my side. "When I was born, the first sound that I made wasn't a cry. It was a cough. When I had sustenance for the first time, I drank water and ate bread in bite-size portions."

"(How's that possible?)" Ian thought.

"So, this is what you saw in your dream?" Costas saw the representation that I made on the prison floor.

"I'm sure of it," I looked at the drawing.

Ian got off of the bed and crouched down to get a better look at the drawing. "It's almost antagonistic-looking." He said while looking at the blood-red eyes. "And I'm not being prejudice because red is a war color."

"I don't think it is," I gave my honest opinion about this enigmatic being. "After all, it was on the villager's side, opposing the Roman Army."

"You may have a point…"

"He always has a point!" Costas interrupted suddenly.

"Not always…" I argued, causing both brothers to give me odd stares. "One example would be the multiple failed attempts at artificially forming a black hole. I didn't have any dreams explain to me how to do so, no matter how hard I focused on the topic prior to sleeping."

"Oh…" Both of them said in tandem.

Suddenly, I heard the rusted entrance door of the Prison Cell Room open up. It wasn't hard to hear it for a few reasons: it was loud, it gave an echo that rattled all across the room, and the door was approximately 100 feet away.

"Oh crap!" Ian whispered rashly. "There back!"

"Hurry, cover the drawing!" I whispered rashly to them as well. "They shouldn't know about it!"

After I said what I wanted to, all three of us immediately shuffled our hands across the floor to gather dust—a surplus of dust—and move it onto the picture. This method was working, and the picture was gradually covered over by the layer of applied dust.

Slowly but surely, I heard the Roman soldiers step closer as we continued to do what we were doing. We were halfway done when I decided to count the footsteps of them. To my surprise, I wasn't able to pinpoint one individual footstep.

I knew that meant one thing: reinforcements have arrived.

I had my eyes widened when I had this thought come to my mind. However, I didn't say a word or slow down when thinking so. What I was worried more about was how close the enemy was to us. And that was causing me to feel stressed.

We managed to cover up about 90% of the picture, leaving one of the eyes faintly revealed and dust of it scattered randomly across. To the people who stare at this floor, they'll notice only a few black and red patches, and nothing more that would be considered abnormal. The picture was still preserved, just concealed with more dust.

With great haste, we sat back on the beds and pretended to be bored—a simple task actually, considering how there's next to nothing to do inside a prison cell.

"(They'll be asking questions about that drawing if they notice it,)" I thought. "(And they all know too much as it is…)"

Eventually, the Roman soldiers arrived, and there were more of them now. There are fifty of them to be exact.

And the Roman soldier on the front was none other than the one that "defeated" me in battle.

"So how are you three enjoying your stay in that boy's—?"

"Eduardo," I said with dropped eyebrows and without looking at him. "My name's Eduardo."

"…" He was a little pissed off when I interrupted him in mid-conversation. He gave me a nasty scowl, which I didn't pay attention to at all.

"No one's stopping you from continuing," I still didn't make eye contact to him. "Just proceed already."

This soldier tightened his fists, a sure sign that he was mad. However, he did have sufficient self-control to calm down enough to the point of speaking nonchalant English.

"So… How are you three enjoying your stay in…Eduardo's jail cell?" He hissed severely when saying my name.

"(This guy's temper is as short as the dagger he's armed with,)" I thought.

All three of us answered back with brief grunts.

"I'll take it you came here because you failed to get my invention out of its perch, right?" I still didn't look at him in the eyes when I spoke, because I hate everything about him: his background, his occupation, and especially his "victory".

"What makes you say that?" One of the soldiers said.

Still not looking at him directly, I lifted my left hand to them, the back of it facing them. I pointed at the center of the back of my hand with my right hand. "Your temporary leader has burn marks on the back of his hands," I smirked before giving him the middle finger with my left hand.

"…!" He clenched his hands so hard that the burnt flesh on the back of his hand rent slightly. Also, multiple veins popped out around his hands and forehead.

Costas and Ian were amazed at the sight of seeing the alleged leader of that Roman army turn Spelon Berry red with anger.

I on the other hand, had my seriousness broken and now I—as well as my brothers—resisted the urge to laugh at how red he was becoming.

"That's it! Out! Out! Out!" His voice exploded with rage.

Immediately, the lock on the metal door was unlocked, and the soldiers came in to take us out. Predictably, I was taken out of the cell first, and by the alleged leader. Then, the other two were taken out as well. All three of us tried to fight our way out, but failed to do so against so many of them. There was so much walking going on that the dust from the picture that I made was coming off to the point of 70% of it being exposed, but luckily for my time, none of the Romans paid attention to the floor at all.

They didn't even notice the most distinct feature of the rendering: the blood-red eyes.

The last things to occur in the Prison Cell Room was the cell door to close loudly, the Room's door to close harshly, and the echo of our laughter to fade out until silence was the only thing left to hear.

Location: Village (Outside Boundary)

Time: 1:13 PM (Afternoon)

The group of soldiers dragged us out of the laboratory of mine, and then out of the house. The first thing to get to me was the heat of the outside air. And because most, if not all, of my time is spent in my laboratory, I've grown accustomed to the cool temperatures of the air conditioning. So because of that, my sweat glands are often underused.

But when they become used, triggered by intense heat, they often lead to an uncomfortable rash-like sensation of my skin.

"Ha ha ha…heh heh… (Oh shit…)" My laughter quickly died out once I felt the heat curse me with an irritating itch. I felt it slowly spread across my body as if it were the plague.

I had to struggle just to free my hand from the Roman soldier's grip, and when I did; my hand became a blur as I scratched all of the targeted areas. However, this only provided temporary relief, because the Roman soldiers quickly grabbed my hand and my itch continued. So throughout the travel, I was doing my best to resist the incredibly irritating feeling on my skin.

All of the villagers noticed us as we continued to walk. They did know enough about us three to learn that if the Roman soldiers are here, their goals can't be good. They decided to stay away from the situation and allowed the soldiers to walk towards the outside boundary of the village, unaware of their actions and unwilling to involve themselves.

After walking for two minutes in triple-digit heat, all of us eventually noticed an area between both the village and the rest of the desert. In that area, there were even more Roman soldiers, about 100 more to be exact, all eyeing us vindictively. There were also multiple items scattered amongst them, such as whips, wood, rope, and even chains with metal cuffs.

I ignored my itch long enough to notice what was ahead of us. Immediately, "Torture" was the thought that came to me when I saw all of these items at their disposal. I knew now that they were using whatever means necessary in order to try to get the answers relating to my S1-GS device out of me.

No matter what they would do to me, I decided to not say a word, even if it kills me.

However, part of me wondered if my brothers were capable of keeping a secret to their graves.

"What are you trying to do with us this time?" Ian said.

"If verbal commands won't get us what we want…" The alleged leader said with a smirk. "…Then we'll willfully use another tactic."

"Leave and never return?" Costas joked before cracking up into laughter. But immediately, he was silenced by a punch to the gut, which caused him to gasp for air.

Ian and I wrinkled our faces at seeing him in pain.

"(After sufficient head trauma, you've developed a comedic, yet child-like personality,)" I thought while feeling pity for Costas's silencing injury.

"When we get that magic orb of yours, then we'll leave. (But not before reducing this entire village and its inhabitants to the sand that it resides over…)," He thought sadistically.

"(I knew it…)" Ian and I thought.

Costas was too busy groaning in pain and catching his breath to think at the moment.

Once all of us were at this location of torture, the soldiers already there wasted no time in constructing the first set of torture. They placed two six-foot-long tree trunks onto the ground. They had a Y-shape on them and they were side-by-side with only a five-foot-wide space between them. Then, they put another tree trunk onto the area between the two Y's of the other two tree trunks, making the whole structure look like an upside-down U, except it lacked the curve and was more square-like in terms of shape. Finally, they threw chains to the top trunk and ensured that the metal cuffs and the ends of the chains dangled below. This was done two more times, so that all three of us would suffer simultaneously instead of just one.

"Tie these three up!" the pseudo-leader ordered. "We're going to whip the answers out of them!"

We three victims were immediately and forcefully thrown and dropped towards the three torture sites, with each of us reluctantly claiming one of them. Before we could get up, two soldiers for each of us grabbed us quickly by the sides and hoisted us up until we were on our knees. Next, they grabbed the metal cuffs and locked them, with our wrists between them.

With us restrained, those two soldiers "assigned" to us walked back and grabbed the ends of the chain and tugged on them hard. We were forced to have our entire arms raised up high, kneeling on the scorching sand. With us restrained by those two soldiers, three more soldiers—one for each of us—grabbed a leather whip, and then three more soldiers took a dagger and used them to rend off all of our upper body clothing, and then they gave it to the alleged leader. Luckily, we didn't sustain a laceration from the dagger, despite the carelessness of their use of a dagger.

"(I have a feeling that this torture will go on for a long time…)" I thought despondently.

"(Why am I suddenly involved in Eduardo's business?)" Ian inquired within his thoughts.

"(Ugh… My spleen…)" Costas groaned from the bruise on his gut.

Without warning, the torture involving the whips began. The whips quickly began to snap and scratch away at our backs, and all three of us were cumulatively cut and hemorrhaging. I was gritting my teeth, resisting the urge to scream from the sharp pain.

Both of my brothers did closely the same as I did. As long as they held out just as well as I did, our lips are sealed and our secrets are held permanently in our minds.

That is, unless we die of severe hemorrhaging.

"(Must…resist…giving in!)" I thought, clenching my teeth from the pain.

"We'll get the answers out of them soon enough." He grinned when saying that. Then, he glared the clothing he was holding in his hand and drifted off in thought. "(This clothing is unlike any other that I've ever seen…)"

As minutes passed, our wounds on our back continued to grow.

Within two minutes of harsh torture, Costas passed out, and then Ian passed out a minute later. Their "assigned" soldiers realized this and stopped whipping them, knowing that they won't give them the answers that they want when they're unconscious. Whipping a dead horse would yield the same result of nothing, something that they knew quite well.

So instead, they decided to whip me. This meant that three soldiers were now ganging up on me, whipping me every second.

"(This…is…highly…unfair!)" I could sense my thoughts slowly drift away from me as more of my blood was being lost, as well as my back skin. I then looked at both of my brothers and noticed that they were unconscious and bleeding significantly. "(At least…their lips…are sealed…)"

Costas lost about 15% of back skin while Ian lost 23% of back skin. As three more minutes went by—six minutes total—, I lost more than they did, combined. 45% of the skin on my back was lost, and it was gradually growing.

As the soldiers continued with their torture, they were beginning to question whether this would actually work, especially when they noticed how wet the whips sounded from being soused from my blood. They noticed the blood-soaked sand, as well as the open wounds covering approximately half of my back. They began to question their methods—as well as my willpower.

I was still conscious and alert, but I was also in an incredible amount of pain. I was panting heavily from both the heat and the damage sustained, sweating excessively at the stress inflicted onto my being. I've already lost enough blood to not only have my thoughts slow down significantly, but have most of the soldiers here see more blood come from one person than from anyone else they've killed.

A total of ten minutes went by and the soldiers whipping me actually wore themselves out, leaving me with 80% of my back skin lost from the whips. Those three soldiers were immediately replaced by three more soldiers on standby.

During that time, I felt great relief and got a feel over the injuries that I've sustained. I felt as if my back was burning—not just because of the heat—and the rest of my body felt somewhat cooled—a lack of blood being the issue. My arms were twitching and slowly seizing up from the loss of blood and from being in the same position for a significantly long time.

I've lost enough blood to consider the thought that I may actually die here where I kneel. However, I knew how to get out of this.

"Is…that all…that…the Roman Army…can muster?" I said while feigning disappointment and breathing more heavily, a need for more oxygen with the blood that I still have remaining.

"(The resilience of this kid is supernatural…)" the alleged leader thought with great surprise. "(How can he still be conscious?)"

The next set of words that I said became the turning point for their torture tactics:

"I…I've already lost…enough blood as…it is…and I…could die…if you don't…stop." I smirked while saying this, not from the fact of dying due to blood loss, but from what I'm going to say next. "I'm…the only one…who knows…how to get…the 'magic orb'…" I did the air quotes body language with two fingers from each of my hands, barely able to move them because they were numb from a shortage of blood circulation. "…out of the…security system."

Most of the soldiers, as well as the alleged leader gasped upon realization of this objective-changing fact. I could tell from their reactions alone that I had them where I wanted them.

"Do you all really…want me dead yet…? Imagine what…your true leader…would think…of you…Roman dumb-shits…if you lost—if you…killed—…your only chance…of completing…your objective?" I had my eyes locked on to the alleged leader, giving him a smirk.

The alleged leader was speechless, but still pondering logically. "(The sagacity of this kid is unbelievable… So young, yet so mentally stalwart…)"

Knowing that this mission's objective must be fulfilled, he gave one order in a defeated tone.

"Let them all go… We're done with the torture…"

The soldiers responsible obeyed and untied the metal cuffs on us all. Costas and Ian fell predictably onto the sanguine sand below, but the only thing of mine that fell onto the floor were my arms, starved of blood and gradually recovering. My head and eyes were now aimed at the blood-stained floor below, but only because I was looking at all of the blood that I've lost. "(I…can't believe…I've lost…this much blood… And yet…I'm still breathing…but…with altered…thoughts…)" I feebly thought.

To the entire present army's surprise, I got up, by only using my legs as if they were springs—because my arms were significantly sore and mostly seized in place. However, when I got up, I had something different about me, and it wasn't the new wound covering almost all of my back.

"(With that much blood lost and ruining the sand below, I'm surprised he's still standing!)" The alleged leader was mentally astounded by both my willpower and resilience. "(He should be at a massive loss of balance by now! He should've fallen—Wait! What's that on his left eye?)" He noticed something unusual about my left eye, and everyone eventually caught on.

Despite the ash black eye color that my eyes possessed, my left eye now had something that made it stand out from the right eye. Besides the fatigue lines under my eyes—which I earned from multiple sleepless nights that I required to manufacture my S1-GS device—, my left eye grew a blue vein "ring" that was connected to my eye via multiple connecting veins between my left eye and the blue vein ring. Also, more veins formed across my jawbone before moving down the left side of my neck.

Stranger still, it disappeared after a few seconds, leaving no trace whatsoever.

"(What…the…hell?)" He formed a disgusted face, which got me thinking why he was like that.

"What's the…matter? Do I have…something…on my face?" I said while slowly feeling my countenance, once the feeling of my arms returned, clueless as to what has him interested.

"(…He has no clue?)" He continued to think and then he lied by saying "No, nothing at all."

He distracted himself by thinking about the horrendous new wound on my back. "Ugh! Here!" He threw me the shirts of ours and I caught them willingly. "Tie your back with this. You're bleeding in surplus."

I didn't have a pissed off expression because I was still thinking about why the alleged leader was giving me such a disgusted look. I said nothing as I tied up all of the torn shirts on my back to help heal it. One shirt was placed as a pad, directly on top of my wound—quickly so the stinging pain would end sooner—, and the other two shirts were tied on to keep it in place.

"Don't think for a second that we're done here!" He suddenly boomed. "You and you're two friends drooling on the sand are going back into you're cells until the remaining soldiers, and our leading General arrives!"

"(So many…Roman soldiers…arriving to one…miniscule and…halcyon village… They're clearly…not finished and…going all-out…on fulfilling their…main objective…)" I thought while resisting the sharp sting of clothing on my fresh wounds. "How much time…until they come?" I wanted an answer.

He grinned ominously close to the border of schizophrenia. "Three days."

I gasped afterward, but not necessarily at the time it would take for the remaining armada to arrive. I gasped at feeling something blunt strike me at the area on the back of my head where the neck connects with the skull. That blunt attack came from a soldier striking me with the butt of a short sword. Within moments, my vision blurred and all of the colors that I was seeing slowly fused into blotches that also fused together until the point of black was the only color visible. But before that happened, I thought these four words:

"(I…hate…you…people…)" I spitefully thought my last words before falling unconscious, but not onto the floor.

Another blow had to be made on my head to knock me over and onto my stomach.

Location: My Laboratory (Prison Cell Room)

Time: 7:46 PM (Night)

I woke up several hours later and found myself on a gray, squalid floor, one that I've neglected to sweep and polish for years. I slowly got back up on my feet, not wanting to push myself after the new wound that I received on my back. I wiped off the dust that clung onto my face and realized that I was back in my prison cell room, again.

After seeing what time it was on the ceiling, I noticed Costas and Ian were inside as well, but with brand new shirts on top of themselves—the Roman soldiers must've done this, likely so that they didn't have to see the wounds that they inflicted onto us. The shirts weren't soused with blood because they were bandaged similarly to how I bandaged myself.

Also, the drawing that I made of the enigmatic being was still there, only with less dust sheathing it from view. I corrected this in seconds, leaving less than 10% of noticeable traces.

After fixing that one problem, another problem aroused into my mind: How am I going to wake up my unconscious brothers?

"(Their injuries are unanimously less severe than my own…)" I examined their back with the expertise of a doctor before feeling the wounds on my back for comparison, getting a nasty sting of pain when I did so. "(Lucky…)," I thought, realizing that I've rejuvenated sufficiently.

Now, what practically most people do to wake people up is to shake them repeatedly until they do. However, being the oddball that I am, I chose to awaken them with a different manner.

A more…sudden manner…

I slapped them on their backs, making sure that I targeted their wounds, and then quickly rubbed off their blood on my shirt bandages before plugging my ears, due to my hyper-sensitive hearing, to brace myself for the aural trauma.

Location: Village (A Bird's Eye View)

They both shook the entire village with their (hyperbolic) earth-trembling screams, leaving the villagers discombobulated by the sudden shout of pain, but they all decided to just disregard it, for their safety.

Location: My Laboratory (Prison Cell Room)

Time: 7:49 PM (Night)

"(I made such a wise choice plugging my ears…)" I thought when the screams subsided.

Costas and Ian began to hyperventilate after shouting to the point of their vocal chords failing them. And when doing so, they got back up on their own two feet.


"Shut the hell up in there!" One soldier, whom was assigned the role of being the prison warden, shouted after bashing the metal entrance door as if it was a punching bag.

"What the hell was that for?" Costas and Ian screamed simultaneously in spite.

Once I swore no loud sounds were present in the atmosphere around me, I reluctantly unplugged my ears and spoke out. "What do you think it was for?"

"Was it a congratulatory pat on the back?" Costas said in an imbecilic manner.

Ian gave him the half-open eye look, but I just stared at the ceiling and trailed off.

"Well…" I remembered the fact that he, as well as Ian, didn't say a word at all during the torture and were loyal to my problems, even though they had every opportunity to talk to spare further injury on their bodies. "Actually…yes… It was one of those. You both didn't relinquish to the enemy."

"Your welcome," Costas let go of the pain.

"Can you have at least done so without pouring salt on our wounds?" Ian was still a little bit pissed off, but that wore off when he noticed the "bandages" I had on my back. "Is that the torn remains of all of our shirts?"

"Yes…" I said in a low, weak tone.

"Why are they worn like bandages and stained sanguine red?" Costas curiously looked at my back briefly.

Ian looked back as well and thought "(Holy crap!)" with a sickened face when he noticed the entire back "bandage" was stained a sanguine red.

I felt as if I should say the filler information and tell them what occurred after they passed out. "Due to the fact that you both fell unconscious, you both spared yourself further injury to your backs." I gave them both a warm smile, because I cared a lot for their safe being. But that facial countenance turned negative and became a cold serious frown. "However, because of that, the Roman soldiers 'assigned' to you…" I did the air quote body language action before continuing. "…they ganged up on me."

"Can we see the results?" Ian inquired, giving him a raised-eyebrow look from Costas.

"…" I didn't expect them to ask me a question of that category so suddenly. "Uh…sure… (I guess)…" I turned around until my back was facing them and untied the "bandages" before peeling them off of my back.

What Costas and Ian both saw was a series of lacerations on my back so wide that, to them, it covered practically all of my backside, when in reality it was covering 80% of my back, leaving the 20% of surviving skin on my back scattered in-between my wounds. The sight of bright sanguine flesh was more than enough to get a negative reaction from them.

Unfortunately for me, that kind of negative reaction involved expulsion from the stomach. And since they were facing my back…

Location: Village (A Bird's Eye View)

I (hyperbolically) shouted my vocal chords to borderline failing when I felt the small amount of hydrochloric acid—and some of this morning's breakfast—come into contact with my scabbing wounds.

Location: My Laboratory (Prison Cell Room)

Time: 7:52 PM (Night)

"I said shut the fu—oh whatever!" The Roman sentient outside could care less about us.

I resisted the pain so much that I eventually decided to pick up the bed sheets and reluctantly rub the contaminants off, ignoring more pain and the repulsive scent of digested eggs, bacon, Poffin, and Watmel and Lum Berry juice that lingered on the bed sheets before discarding them below the bed. Finally, I replaced the shirt bandages and thought vindictively of karma.

"(Karma just loves to make people its bitch, doesn't it…)" I thought soberly.

"Ugh… Sorry about that…" Ian said, wiping off the excess residue from his mouth and trying to forget the disgusting image he recently saw.

"(I will be forever traumatized after seeing that wound…and I'm already traumatized head-wise as it is!)" Costas melodramatically thought, temporarily mentally scarred from the wound.

"No no… I'm sorry." I turned around and faced them again normally. "I'll admit, I thought something like this was going to happen if I showed you that."

"When you get punished for negative actions, what was it called again?" Costas began to calm down enough to speak normally. "Was it karma?"

"Uh-huh." I moaned mildly from the new-found pain on my back.

Ian walked to the metal prison cell door and tried to open it forcefully, but in vain. He turned around to face us both and he had a concerned look on his face. "How long are we going to stay in here anyway?"

I went and lied down on the bed with my back aimed at the ceiling, allowing my wound to heal without being smothered. "Three days," I said concisely. "We're staying here for three days so that the remainder of soldiers can arrive."

"Well, what are we going to eat?" Costas questioned worriedly.

"If we're unlucky, nothing…" I said, before pondering about the Roman's intentions. "(They'll never get the answers they want out of me… I'm not afraid to die…)"

"…" Costas and Ian eventually set themselves on the second bed and had almost emotionless countenances on them. They knew there was nothing that all three of us could do but wait.

Wait three long days.

Three days later…

Date: May 2, 49 A.D.

Time: 12:44 PM

In terms of how well we coped with three days of incredible boredom, we didn't do as well as we wanted. Costas and Ian came to the point of painting the walls with their own blood—the blood from their wounds—just to pass the time. I was just on my stomach for those three tedious days, pondering somewhat about future technological devices that I planned on manufacturing.

During that time, I caught up on the much-needed sleep that I needed, causing the fatigue lines under my eyes to fade moderately, and allowing my wounds to heal. The large scabs that formed were never kept in one piece however, due to the fact that I moved every once in a while. Thankfully, I never picked at them, because I'd probably get squeamish reactions from my brothers if I pulled off a scab that was as large as a potato chip.

As for the basic human necessities, we did have that. The Romans—as I've learned recently—are actually a hygienic class of people, and didn't want us relieving ourselves on the corner, as if we were caged animals. We also were given food and water, only enough to keep us from complaining about hunger.

When we were taken out of our prison for our natural needs, we passed by the room where I left the S1-GS device, and I smiled every time I passed by because they weren't successful in getting their hands on it. Also, all three of us were able to get bandages for our wounds and I was able to get a new white T-shirt as well, to prevent infection.

The three days allowed enough time for the remainder of the 1,000 soldiers of the Roman Army—which included the General of this legion—to arrive at this halcyon village.

The General of that army was directed to the prison where the three of us were located. Once we noticed his presence, we immediately noticed that—just by the red crest on the top of his helmet—that he was the true leader of this Roman Army.

The Roman General gave us each a quick glimpse—without even caring that some of the walls were coated with blood—before speaking. "I'm the Roman General of this impressive army and I would love to have one of my questions answered: Which one of you three specifically is Eduardo? I came all the way from Rome to this remote little village and may I say that getting here was hell!" He spoke with such force and quantity in his words.

I reluctantly raised my hand and decided to get this over with. "(Ugh… not this shit again…!)" I thought with a foul look on my face.

When the Roman General got a better look at me, he was feeling rather dubious. He didn't believe what he was seeing. "You are the inventor of that device?" he came fairly close to believing that I was lying. "I don't believe it! I don't! That can't possibly be true!"

I rolled my eyes when he didn't look and nodded when he looked back.

"(I don't believe it either…)" Costas thought.

"(In this day and age especially…)" Ian pondered.

"I find it odd that I don't believe this! Oh no wait, I don't!" He smiled and nearly came close to cackling to himself. "Tell me…Eduardo. How old are you exactly?"

"Sixteen years, three months, twenty-nine days," I said, specifying my age.

He spent a few seconds thinking those spoken few words in silence before blinking twice and then laughing heartily with mouth agape at what I said.

"(And I thought this guy's appearance and prattle alone was enough to piss me off…but now I have to listen to his laughter?)" I thought while resisting the helpful temptation of shoving something down that massive mouth of his, which will shut him up immediately.

"(That's some hearty laugh that this guy's got…)" Ian thought, shockingly impressed at the guy's hearty laughter.

Costas shrunk his eyes to get a better look at something on him that caught his attention. "(His teeth are surprisingly white…)"

The Roman General stopped laughing after about twenty seconds of continuous laughter before speaking once more. "Sixteen? Sixteen? You're only a teenager! You're only sixteen years old? One-six years old? What kind of mind do you possess to manufacture such a futuristic sphere?"

"Oy…" I moaned under my breath while he was still blathering.

"Although that mind of yours would explain this impressive underground structure below your house…" he changed the topic, and spoke his mind. "How the hell did that kid manage to build anything? That's absolutely impossible! It just can't be done… And yet how did this kid do so? And so well too! I can't even begin to fathom what methods this kid used to build this place!"

"Who the hell are you exactly?" I interrupted, severely wanting him to shut up already.

"Maybe he used a digging tool of some sort… Wait, what?"

I didn't like to repeat myself to this decadent, but I was forced to. "Who the hell are you? Or to be more specific…what is your name?"

"…My name? Is that what you want to know? You want to know my name? Is that it?" He continued to prattle on, but at least he knows what I want.

"(How did this loquacious Roman come to be General? I'll never know…)" I thought before saying "Yes!" in an incredibly annoyed tone.

"(Damn this guy can talk so fast…)" Ian and Costas thought.

"Well if you must know… My old name was Prattlecus since I could not stop talking when I was younger."

"(And you still can't now…)" I thought while he was still prattling on.

"But after I joined this Roman military, I was given a new name. I am no longer known as Prattlecus. Instead, my new name is…Mercury."

The instant that I heard that name, a long-dormant fireplace within me ignited. I could literally feel the years of rancor build-up surge back through my body. I knew that Mercury was both a Roman and a General. And now he's right in front of me.

"…" I did the best to hold in all of my rage and spite until I felt like the timing was perfect.

Costas and Ian stared at me while I was beginning to boil from fiery rage. They knew that I was pissed off and beyond willing to rend that Roman General to gory chunks with my bare hands. They shuffled themselves back significantly to avoid me when I explode.

Mercury felt something off when I was silent and "shivering" slightly. His first and only mistake was looking over at Costas and Ian and asking them a question. "Hey you two, do you know if you're friend over there is overheating or something? Because I feel like he's—(*Gag*)"

When he looked away from me, I literally crashed into the metal fence when dashing towards it. But it didn't even faze me. Before doing so, I stuck my arms out, not even caring that I split my healing wounds open and caused fresh blood to flow moderately and stain my bandages and my shirt, and got them outside of the metal door and immediately had the Roman General in a chokehold.

"I'LL KILL YOU MERCURY! YOU KILLED MY PARENTS, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I shouted supernaturally, due to the sudden adrenaline rush I had. I continually slammed his head to the metal door with so much force that I was actually denting his helmet, despite the fact that I had a limited reach to do so.

Also, the blue vein ring on my left eye returned, but I was never aware of its presence, nor was anybody else.

"(*Gag*) (*Choke*) (*Gasp*)…" Mercury was beginning to black out from lack of oxygen. He couldn't even speak as I was brutally attacking him—much to my relief.

"(Damn kid…)" Ian thought at how brutal I had suddenly become.

"(Oh my God…)" Costas was shocked at how stalwart I suddenly became when he heard the loud banging sounds coming from me slamming Mercury's helmet onto the metal door.

Unfortunately for my sake, this moment that made me feel so alive didn't last as long as I wanted it to. The sound of metal on metal was enough of a distress alarm for the six soldiers on guard duty to rush over and do what they could to pry my arms off of their General's neck.

As strong as I had become during this brief moment, they were stronger than me and managed to pry my arms loose enough to have their General collapse onto the floor. And then they pushed me aside with enough force to have myself fall onto the wall behind me…back-first.

Despite the pain that was suddenly inflicted onto my back, I actually could care less, even though the harsh blow gave me a terrible headache, left me gasping slightly for air, left a reasonably-sized splat of blood on the floor—which added to the existing blood on the walls—, and had me more pissed off than ever. I watched them casually walk off back to their posts, but this time, they were keeping a close eye on us, just in case.

Before I could even say anything about the trauma that I inflicted onto him, it turns out that he staggered back onto his feet momentarily, gasping slightly for air that I temporarily cut him off of.

"Damn kid!" He didn't even sound pissed off, just surprised. Then he walked back towards the metal prison cell door and began to breathe calmly, fortunate that he talked enough to develop strength in his lungs. "You're acting as though I've done something to you that gave you some kind of grudge or something. What did I do? Did I kill your family or something? Oh no wait! I did kill your—!"

He stopped talking when he lunged back to avoid me trying to grab him in the exact same manner as before.

I gripped the metal bars of the door. "Why don't you step back here?" I said, pissed off more than I had ever been in my life.

He took off his helmet to check the damage on it before putting it back on, apparently caring less about the dent on it—even though I summoned up a tremendous amount of strength to do that. "No thank you. I'd much rather have you all come here instead. It would be better for my overall being that way."

He snapped his fingers, which called the same guards who broke up the fight earlier, to come here again. Only this time, they unlocked the metal doors of our prison cells open, with the appropriate keys that they had on their possession.

But before I could rampage at their General once more, the guards immediately stuck their feet out and caused me to trip and fall over on the floor outside of the jail cell. That made me an easy target for the Roman guards to pluck me from the shoulders and hoist me up. The remaining four soldiers came in and grabbed Costas and Ian without any problems whatsoever. They were even more manageable to hold on to than I was. I on the other hand was consistently trying to fight my way out of their grip so that I could avenge my family and kill Mercury.

"I told you it would be more manageable for me," Mercury said before walking in front of me, and then touching at random areas on his face. "See? I don't have any scratches on me, except for that choke bruise that you game me."

"I won't let you walk out of this village alive! You killed my parents in cold blood!" I shouted nearly at his face and tried in vain to escape the guard's grip. "I'll avenge them! You must die! Justice has to be served!"

"(Eduardo sticks to his goals with such tenacity…)" Ian thought.

"(He must really love his parents to be still trying to kill Mercury…)" Costas pondered.

"Justice? Justice?" He nearly came close to laughing once more because of this reason. "In war, its kill or be killed. There is no justice. Your parents should've taught that to you."

"(Just the answer I'd expect from a murderer…)" I thought with a low mental tone.

"'Justice' is only an axiom of human judgment and common sense. It's nothing more than decisions deemed appropriate or inappropriate by masses of people, decisions that most people feel comfortable about without confliction of their conscience! So if you want to hear about my choice of 'justice'…" He walked towards the exit of the door, with the guards and us following him on the way out.

"(More torture?)" All three of us thought closely to those two words as we were reluctantly walking out.

"…You'll have to be outside and crucified to understand!"

"Crucified?" All three of us shouted out in deep shock, well aware of what is involved with crucifixion.

Before we left the Prison Cell Room entrance, we were stopped by the soldier who defeated me in battle. But something was abnormal about him. He had his hands behind his back and was grinning with success.

I had a bad feeling about his presence.

"General Mercury," He began to speak. "We've succeeded."

As if savoring the moment, he pulled out his hands and revealed the S1-GS device to him before giving it to him.

"The magic orb is now in our possession."

"…" It only took me a few seconds to realize the situation and to start to shift violently in order to escape the guard's grip.

"Now we've got what we've come for!" He said in a pleased tone before placing the S1-GS device away in his red tunic, within his torso. "It'll make executing these three in public all the more enjoyable!"

"How did you bypass my security system?" I was using all of my power to escape, but to no success. The guards were just much stouter than I.

"Hmm…" the soldier hummed, deciding if he should say something or not. He figures that there's nothing to lose if he says how, so he continues. "We reflected the energy with a sword. It happened by accident when one soldier failed in cutting apart the contraption."

"…" I stayed silent, with my head tilted onto the floor.

"What's the matter Eduardo? Do you hate seeing this sphere of yours in the enemy's hand?" Mercury literally rubbed the S1-GS device in my face.

"He probably does Mercury," the soldier said.

"Good." Mercury smirked before walking outside, with everyone else following close by. "Sadly for you, hate won't benefit you when you die."

"(They may not be able to access the device, but they now have it in their possession…)" I thought.

Costas and Ian gave one quick look at me and stayed silent as well. They knew that words won't help them at this particular moment.

The only thing that can help us three at this moment is a miracle.

Location: Village (House Yard)

Time: 1:01 PM (Afternoon)

We walked to the outside of my house. Waiting for us three were the remainder of the 1,000 soldiers in this legion. They were all armed to the teeth with daggers, shields, and swords. About half of them possessed javelins and a quarter of them possessed bows and arrows. The remaining quarter had control of two more weapons that could not be carried, only rolled: the artillery weapons Ballista and Scorpio.

The Ballista and the Scorpio are weapons used for the tougher tasks, such as destroying buildings by firing an oversized arrow at the walls. These weapons are perfect for what it's planned on being used for. And that plan is already made clear by the Roman General and his legion of 999 soldiers, but not to us three.

"Holy crap…" I mouthed these words when I looked up, shocked by the ominous sight.

"(Damn…!)" Ian thought at this horrible sight.

"Oh…my…God…" Costas widened his eyes when he saw all of the soldiers in one location.

"I bet you three are surprised by this whole army of mine, aren't you?" Mercury asked rhetorically before facing us three when we came to a stop. "Don't worry, you three won't die by them. But you should already know that, since you three are going to be nailed to a stake in front of your pusillanimously cautious audience."

"…" We remained silent when we were reluctantly led to the fifteen-foot-long wooden poles placed nearby my house.

We were immediately placed onto the wooden poles, our backs firmly restrained onto them—adding insult to injury for our injuries—, with our hands and feet elongated and placed on the wood by the soldiers restraining us. Our shoes and socks were removed and left on the ground nearby.

"Since you three are going to die now, I might as well tell you what we're going to do now." Mercury walked close by us three, with his arms crossed behind his back, obviously enjoying what he was seeing.

After he said that, six soldiers came, each holding a large nail and a hammer. They positioned themselves to our hands and feet and then hammered the nail clean through our hands and feet, with one swift strike of the hammer, causing blood to immediately squirt out of the center of our palms and the center of our feet.

The pain of it was horrendous, each of us yelping in pain when the hammers dropped down.

"We're going to reduce this serene village to the sand that it resides on!" He shouted loudly and laughed so hard afterwards that it masked the screams of us three when the nails were firmly hammered to the wooden poles.

After that painful event was over with, another event more painful than the previous one began. The soldiers then tied ropes to the top end of the poles and with the help of more soldiers—as well as the Roman General Mercury—they lifted the poles until they were vertical and the weight alone held them in place.

I was in the center and my brothers were to my side—Ian was to my left and Costas was to my right. They were only two-and-a-half feet away from me, easily able to see and hear what each of us are feeling.

So exactly how did this part hurt more than getting nailed onto the poles? It's because of gravity acting on the new wounds. The nails unbearably pressed on our flesh, pinching flesh onto bone, often to the point where the flesh continued to tear away.

"Soldiers, load the heavy artillery!" Mercury ordered in a concise manner, rather than his garrulous manner, knowing well enough how concise one has to be with orders in warfare.

Within seconds, arrows as large as their short swords were loaded onto both the Ballistas and the Scorpios. The heavy-duty strings on those two forms of heavy artillery were cocked and held back by a sophisticated pulley operated by a rotating wheel.

"(Everybody in this village is as good as dead…)" I felt useless and feeble when I saw the Ballistas and Scorpios load from this small height. "(He now possesses my S1-GS device, and I'm powerless to reclaim it…)"

"Aim at a building of your choosing, excluding this one!" he continued to order while pointing at my house. Apparently, he felt like he wanted to spare us a quick death, so that we would first be able to see the destruction of our hometown and in a way, have front-row seats to seeing the inhabitants depart from this world.

Once again, within seconds, the soldiers chose random buildings and aimed their heavy artillery weapons towards them. True to their given orders, they all avoided my home and aimed at other buildings nearby. At least two artillery weapons were locked onto one individual house.

"(We've failed…)" I felt enough despair to begin to cry. One tear rolled down my cheek and fell onto the sandy floor before quickly becoming assimilated by it. "(I've failed… And they've won!)"

"FIRE AT WILL!" He shouted.

Within only one second of reaction time, every one of the heavy artillery weapons fired their ammunition at race car speeds. The immediate contact with the buildings was more than enough to shatter their walls, immediately causing them to crumble and collapse. The subsequent rounds of arrows fired—delayed by twenty seconds of reload time—were enough to shatter another of the building's walls, which was just enough to cause the house to collapse internally, often crushing its residents, or leaving them exposed to harm.

My brothers and I saw the blood pour out of the cracks of multiple buildings and it was then that I began to imagine the rest of what would occur to the people. I imagined all of them being crushed graphically, and pierced in tandem by projectile fire from Roman soldiers wielding bows and arrows. I also imagined decapitations by bladed weaponry made onto escaping villagers.

And all of this could've been avoided if the enemy had no clue of the existence of my S1-GS device, something that I'll likely never figure out as to how they knew of its existence.

"Eduardo…" Costas said concerned.

"Eduardo…?" Ian said caringly.

"…" I didn't reply, I just had my head aimed at the floor below, watching my tears fall onto the floor before dying on the sand, burying themselves by seeping through the individual grains. "(We'll likely end up like my tears: buried under the sand and left to deteriorate,)" I thought hopelessly.

"Have you given up already?" Costas said in a dubious tone.

"…" I didn't respond at all.

"If you have given up, it's not like you to." Ian said.

"You were never the kind of person to just give up," Costas added.

"…Well… What can I do…?" I hardly spoke at all, hardly audible to my brothers. "What can I…possibly do to stop them?"

"Break free," Ian suggested.

"…" I gave then both an uncouth countenance before looking at the continuing onslaught, noticing how it was beginning to move away from our location. "Okay. Just let me hop off of this pole and then I will—NO!" I said a sarcastic remark before continuing to speak. "How can I pry myself from this particular situation?"

"I meant break free from your thoughts."

"Really…? Because I thought—Oh, sure! What he said!" Costas corrected himself.

"Please redefine yourself…" I said, wanted to be sure what he meant.

"Remove from your mind the absurd idea of giving up!" Ian wanted me to get this message placed back into my head where it belongs.

I continued to look at the constant offensive attack on my hometown and realized that I have to try and do something about it. I have to try and stop this attack, even if it'll kill me, even if I fail.

"…You…you're right…both of you…" I made sure they knew that I got their message. "I shouldn't give up. It's not in me to."

After saying that, the enigmatic vein ring reappeared on my left eye once more, which made Ian—who was present on my left side—notice it and ponder what in the world it is.

"I never gave up after 159 failed attempts at creating my invention, the S1-GS device. Why should I surrender now?" I grinned after saying that, making it clear that I got my normal being back. "I'll free myself from this pole and end that legion where they stand! And I'll make sure that Mercury returns home in a coffin!" I spoke in a confident tone before trying to free myself by pulling forward with both my hands and feet, mentally immune to the pain this was inducing onto me.

"(What the hell is he doing?)" Costas was somewhat dumbfounded by my unusual decision.

"(What in the…? Are those veins forming on the left side of his face?)" Ian was shocked at what was occurring to my facial appearance.

As I was continuing to try to pry myself free, slowly but surely, an unusual set of transformations were occurring to me, and I was unaware of it all. To add to the spider web of veins returning on the left side of my face, tons of new veins formed and spread across my entire hands and feet, right down to the toes and fingers, which all followed after the veins on my left eye and the veins surrounding it. These new veins originated from the wounds caused from the nails and ended just before reaching the elbows and knees. These veins were incredibly noticeable, and as of now, made permanent.

Costas and Ian were visually drawn to what I was now becoming.

To add to this new phenomenon, my newly-formed network of blood vessels began to glow. To be more precise, they began to glow red. My eye color reflected this as well, replacing my ash-black eyes with crimson eyes. And to add to that, my whole body began to emanate a sanguine red aura! My whole body radiated as brightly as a light bulb, but this field of aura was very condensed, concentrated, and only about a foot away from any given part of my body.




"(What in the—?)" I took notice of what was going on to me. I noticed that I was seeing what appeared to be a layer of aura surging before my eyes, my whole body glowing brilliantly red, but I didn't think much of it right now. I felt my strength increase gradually, and I could also feel the nails loosening.

"Eduardo, what's going on?" Costas asked worryingly.

"What's happening to you?" Ian did the same.

I tried harder now in freeing myself, gritting my teeth from the strain. The glowing that was occurring to me increased in size by double and it was now stretching about two feet from every part of my body.

Costas and Ian were in disbelief now at what was occurring to me.

With a battle cry, I made one final forward tug with both my hands and feet. And in doing so, I actually succeeded in prying myself free.

I pulled off the nails on both my hands and feet and then threw them aside, not even noticing what position I was in until I saw where the nails landed. They landed below, and this meant one thing to me:

I was now floating in mid-air.

I looked down at the sandy floor below and thought "(What's going on?)" with incredible disbelief. I looked at my hands and feet to notice that not only was I glowing red, but I grew an intense amount of veins on them. "(How do I get down from—?)"

I thought the word "down" and that was enough to cause me to hit the floor. I got up quickly however, to my surprise since I had nails piercing my feet earlier.

As of this moment, I felt as if I've untapped a dormant power within me, the origin of which was surrounded in a veil of anonymity. The odd glowing and veins sticking out of my skin made me think about the other oddities about me.

"(I always knew that I was different from others. My dreams involving future technology, my I.Q. in excess of 10,000…and now I have this aura emanating from me…)" I thought, unsure of my being for a moment. "(What am I?)"

"Hey Eduardo, can you get us down from here?" Ian asked me while I was still dumbfounded by this energy of mine.

I looked up with radiant sanguine eyes, simultaneously caring and ominous to my brother's viewpoints. "Sure…" I said, temporarily forgetting about their presence.

As quick as I was able to, I leaped into the air, quickly tilted myself perfectly sideways, and spun my body in a boomerang-like manner—being the oddball that I am. Once I stuck out one foot and one arm, they immediately made contact to the wooden poles, and to my surprise, I cleanly cut through them without injury.

As the poles with my brothers on them were beginning to fall, I realized that I got a bit reckless with my action.

"Not that way!" Costas shouted as he and Ian were beginning to fall.

"(Oh shit!)" I stepped behind both poles and held out my hands, as if I were trying to catch the poles when they were falling. To my surprise, I actually did stop the poles from falling, but without touching them. Instead, my whole body—eyes and veins included—switched colors from red to purple instantly.




"(What the hell?)" I was confused by my ability in stopping them from falling without even touching them. They were floating in mid-air now, due to my newly-awakened psychic abilities. "(Is this…telekinesis?)" I thought before visualizing setting them down, surprised that they actually were set down in an instant.

Now I thought of removing the nails from them, and became astounded when my mental command worked flawlessly.

"(10,000 I.Q. really has its benefits…)" I thought.

Costas and Ian quickly got up, not badly shaken by the holes made onto their hands and feet, because it simply slid between bones and tendons. They immediately walked near to me and were astounded by my presence.

"What's happening to you?" Ian inquired.

"How are you glowing?" Costas inquired.

"…I have no idea…" I said truthfully, just as oblivious as they were.

As the army continued to destroy buildings, the Roman General Mercury noticed me from his location. "(How'd they get down from those poles?)" He was slowly filling up with disbelief when all three of us broke free from the poles. But then his train of thought turned when he noticed the odd light from my location.

Eventually, he began to realize that the energy field came from me.

"(Whatever is going on over there, I should put a stop to it…)" He thought, unsure about how I was glowing. He walked towards a Ballista that was currently being unused and he loaded it before aiming it towards me. Without a second thought, he fired.

"…But I think that the colors I'm forming resemble a type of power." I explained what little I knew to them. "Purple must symbolize psychic abilities and red must resemble—"

I was immediately shoved onto the wall of my house by Mercury's Ballista's attack. The oversized arrow immediately and easily pierced me through the stomach, splitting my internal organ almost in two. I was held in place onto the wall, my feet dangling short off of the sand. Blood quickly escaped my body and soaked the wooden arrow, as well as the wall behind me, before slithering its way down the wall and onto the sandy floor where it was disappearing. Blood also found its way out of my mouth and completely coated my chin in red. I fell unconscious and limp the instant I was slammed onto the wall, which caused my glowing to cease the instant I fell unconscious.

"(…Huh…)" Mercury thought confused, not ever occurring to him to move after he fired. "(That kid was glowing like a torch. What caused it?)"

"…" My brothers were speechless when they believed I had died from that shot. They stayed silent for a good few seconds, nearly ready to sob, before noticing something about me.

My fists tightened with fury, causing the new-network of veins to bulge slightly from tension. My face formed a nasty scowl of spite, and more veins formed on my new wound, zigzagging across the point of impact. Now I had a massive vein collection on my stomach that stopped when it reached my sides, sternum and waistline.

"(I don't believe it…)" Ian thought in complete disbelief. "(The resilience of his is… it's otherworldly!)"

"(He didn't die…)" Costas thought, shocked at how I was still alive, especially with the entire trauma I endured over the past few days. "(So much endured trauma… and so much more willpower to overpower it…)"

I was conscious now, but I didn't open my eyes yet because I was too full of rage to do so at this moment. With my right hand only, I pulled out the arrow pinning, piercing, and holding me to the wall and fell to the sandy floor below, leaving a trail of blood on the wall and a puddle of blood when I slid down. I never let the arrow go from my grasp. I clutched it tightly, clutched it vindictively.

I then began to glow green—much to my brothers' surprise—and that green color represented something new and supportive.




As I appeared to be resting with my back against the wall of my house, I could feel the green-colored light refuel my body with energy. Also, I could feel all of my wounds heal with miraculous speed. My stomach was miraculously sealed back together as well.

But there was a price to this incredible and exotic energy.

Scarring formed onto the outside wounded areas, not the inside because internal organs replace their entire cellular structure at a faster rate. My feet and hands formed round scars, which made the veins appear as if they formed a ring around where the wounds formerly resided on, that would eventually be lost after about a few dozen shed layers of skin.

But my back was a different story.

The scarring was more gnarled and obscene than usual. The scars will likely never disappear.

"(His wounds… They've healed…)" Costas thought amazed.

"(What blessed him with this power?)" Ian was beginning to form conclusions based on my oddity.

Once the green light wreathing and aiding me disappeared, I opened my eyes just seconds before they reverted from green to ash-black, retaining my scowl in the process. I kept my eyes secured onto Mercury, and rubbed off the blood running down my mouth and coating my chin. After that, I felt what became of my back with my left hand, and I was in for a shock.

Upon first touch, I became absolutely disgusted when I felt gnarled and lumpy scarring. It was as if I had the landscape of Earth on me. It felt as if I had mountains and valleys running across my back. I found that whole repulsive topic disgusting and one of the few things that I could gag over.

"…They'll pay…" I muttered spitefully at the enemy Romans before tightening my grip on the blood-soused arrow. I got back up on my legs, never looking away from my target—Mercury. "…They'll all pay with their blood!" I spoke with enough volume to get two things: the silence of my brothers and my red aura returning to me from spiteful anger.

Both of my brothers didn't say a word after hearing my malicious words, they were actually a little bit apprehensive of me. They believed that my personality was unusually different now since I got this energy and after I was suddenly shot down and assumed dead.

But deep down, they actually were astounded and even impressed with how I was still capable of holding my own, after three days of unsatisfactory food and water, not to mention a herculean loss of blood and back skin.

And they knew why. They knew, because of the sparring matches we three had, despite my reluctance in participating because I hated fighting loved ones, that I was the most resilient of the three. I was also the most willful of the three—and quite possibly anyone else on this planet.

Mercury was the only one watching me from about 700 feet away, and he was astounded at how I was still standing up on my own two feet. "(Wow… The willpower and resilience of that kid is worth admiring…as well as that whole glowing thing of his… He should've died by now…, but he's still alive and standing…)" He thought, admiring my characteristics, but was naïve when it came to my glowing energy.

It was then that an idea emerged into his head.

"(…now I see why the emperor of Rome was interested in this boy.)" He then looked at his Ballista and had a thought occur to him. "(If he avoids this next ballistics attack…)" He reloaded the Ballista that he was operating and cocked the heavy-duty string back to prepare to fire it. "(…Then I'll have a little talk with him.)"

I saw Mercury and him alone load an oversized arrow reserved for me. Immediately, Mercury fired it at I saw the oversized arrow come to me at 200 mph. I formed a stance and now kept my eyes locked-on the projectile.

I smirked when the ballistics round was close enough of striking me. When the time was right, I ducked to avoid it from piercing my head, and then with incredible speed and reflexes, I twisted my left foot and ankle on the sand, having It 180 degrees backwards—without dislocation or pain—and spun the rest of my full being around 180 degrees backwards and actually grabbed the arrow by the tail end with my left hand.

"…Whoa..." Mercury didn't expect to see me avoid such a fast shot, let alone actually manage to catch it.

"…Wow…" Costas and Ian muttered under their breath. They were beginning to realize that this glowing of mine was exponentially improving my overall abilities.

I didn't stop after catching the oversized arrow. Since I was still emanating a vehement red aura—and I figured each color represented a class of power—, I took advantage of that for my next attack.

I turned back around and twirled the arrow as if it were a small spear until the head was aimed directly at Mercury. I now had both oversized arrows aimed at Mercury, with the intent of aiming them at both his heart and head. Then, I intensified the energy emanating from my hands and actually managed to light both arrows on fire, and without burning my hands in the process.

"How did you ignite those oversized arrows?" Ian questioned me.

"How aren't your hands burned?" Costas questioned me.

I only shrugged my shoulders, so as to not sound rude by not saying or doing anything. I was too focused on my next planned attack and my primary target. I stepped back mildly and bent my right arm back first. Trying my best to focus as much of my energy as I could, I launched the arrow and then bent back my left arm to fire the second arrow, both of them going at nearly triple the first fired speed, nearing Mach 1 in the process.

"(Pyro Comet!)" I thought when I was seeing the arrows fly.

The first thing Mercury saw were two arrows firing straight at him and the first word that came out of his mouth was "Uh-oh" when he realized that he only had about two seconds to move away from the shot.

He literally ran as if his life depended on it. He ran at near-superhuman speeds before leaping when he sensed that the fired shots hit their intended mark.

One of the two fired shots hit and detonated the Ballista that Mercury was operating and sent it flying 30 feet vertically in a massive fireball. The second shot skimmed right past the area where the Ballista was and kept going, piercing three soldiers through the stomach, before finally hitting a Scorpio and setting it ablaze. The soldiers whom were in the way fell over, dead before hitting the floor.

Number of Roman soldiers remaining: 996/999.

Now I had the attention of the Roman battalion. Every one of them ceased fire with their Ballistas and Scorpios and began chattering in disbelief at how I was able to do what I just did, especially when they noticed a Scorpio set ablaze and three of their fellow soldiers hemorrhaging onto the sand.

They now wanted my blood and mine alone on their weaponry.

"Ow…my ribs…" The Roman General groaned seconds after he landed on the sandy floor. He tucked his arm into his tunic and pulled out what caused him significant discomfort: the S1-GS device. He held it close to his face, thinking "(I'd like to see that kid get his hands on this!)" with a grin.

"Damn, I missed my target…" I muttered.

Costas and Ian whistled in astonishment and kept their eyes locked onto the burning wood of one of the Ballista and Scorpio.

The instant I saw the S1-GS device exposed, I didn't waste any time in doing something about it. Just by thought alone, I literally commanded my energy to turn purple for psychic aura, and then I held out my right hand and pointed it straight to my stolen device.

To Mercury's surprise, the S1-GS device that he was holding suddenly emanated purple energy. "What the hell?" Mercury startled back, letting go of the sphere in mild fear, believing that this was some sort of security system that it had.

To add to his surprise, the S1-GS device began to levitate, and then it began to float away from him and towards me.

"Oh shit!" he didn't want the S1-GS device to fly off, so he tried to catch it by lunging forward, but he only caught air before falling on his face and burying it into the sand, tasting it briefly.

When he looked back up, he noticed the S1-GS fly quickly towards my hand before it finally smacked onto my hand, its energy field dissipated when I no longer targeted it. I kept it there in my hand, knowing that it was safe and sound with me.

"…" Mercury didn't know whether to feel pissed off or embarrassed at the sudden loss of the target item. He knew what this would do to his credibility as a Roman General.

I held the S1-GS device towards my face and smiled warmly when I saw it safe and sound. However, that smile quickly turned into a serious countenance, because now I was left with two choices. I could assimilate the entire army into my S1-GS device and have it end there with suffocation finishing them off.

Or I could fight them myself and see what kind of a person I have become, with these new abilities that I've acquired.

Being the oddball that I am, I chose to test my new-founded strength and grinned maliciously at the thought.

I put away the S1-GS device in my right jeans pocket—barely having it fit inside—and found my shoes and socks nearby. I wasted no time putting them both back on my feet—after dusting off the sand that is—and then I faced the army once more. "(These Roman soldiers won't survive after I'm done with them.)"

I saw them each unsheathe their bladed weaponry and load their bows. They didn't bother with the heavy artillery weaponry due to the lengthy reload time. They were ready for me, as was I.

The Roman General however, he had a different plan.

"General Mercury, what are your orders?" The alleged leader said as he and another soldier helped hoist their fallen General get back up.

"…" He was still deciding on his actions, especially after being astonished at my power.

Most of the soldiers, whom were waiting for his orders, felt as if something was occurring with their General. They knew that Mercury was an incredibly garrulous General. Seeing Mercury silent meant that he was aware of a serious predicament, and his army knew that all too well.

"Sir…?" The alleged leader spoke once more.

"…Do me a favor and please tell the soldiers to cover me… I'm going to have a little chat with this…Eduardo kid." He spoke, abstemious of his choice.

"…!" He was fairly alarmed when he heard Mercury say what he did before his General walked towards my location. Reluctantly, he did what General Mercury instructed him to do. All of this was in case I showed any signs of danger against their beloved Roman General.

"…" All three of us were put mildly discombobulated when Mercury did what he was doing at this precise moment. I was a bit more discombobulated than my brothers, since I'm greatly more involved in this whole thing.

Reluctantly, I walked forward as well, not exactly sure what came over me when I was doing so. Perhaps curiosity was taking over in me, and I wanted to know what he had in store.

However, I was still emanating Purple (Psychic) Aura as a precaution.

"…!" Costas and Ian were somewhat surprised when I decided to mimic what Mercury was doing. However, they had some faith in what I was doing. After all, they've already seen what I was capable of, and they felt confident that I can single-handedly fight for myself against the Roman Army.

Both Mercury and I stopped walking when we were about ten feet away from each other. The whole village was so silent that all of the villagers came out of hiding to see what was going on. They were astonished at what they all saw.

They saw a human, his aura blazing and visible, standing firmly against the Roman General and his 996 remaining soldiers.

"You, kid…you're an oddball. Do you know that?" Mercury spoke with a bit of a buoyant tone.

"Ever since I was born…" I didn't feel like talking or revealing information about myself to this loquacious bastard.

"The whole glowing of yours… Do you even have the slightest idea at how you're doing that?"

I had absolutely no clue at how I was glowing or what was causing it, however I have quickly accepted it, but only I—and perhaps my brothers—knew that at this particular moment.

"I'm not certain." I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm a neophyte to this…phenomenon…" I looked briefly at my aura glow and the thick field of veins on me, astounded at this odd and newfound ability, and not at the new collection of veins on me—because I'm not the type of person who cares about physical appearances.

"Do you want the time to master those abilities? If what you're saying is true, I can give you an exceptional gift," He grinned mildly when saying that.

I honestly didn't care at all at what this "gift" of his is. I knew that I could make anything better than what he has to offer, but I kept that thought to myself and played along with his actions.

"What kind of gift?" I said, feigning curiosity.

"How would you like to join the Roman Army?"

I almost didn't catch his question and nearly came close to asking him to reluctantly repeat his offer. However, I understood his question and avoided asking for a repeat. "What's in it for me?" I continued with my interested façade.

"Well for starters, we'll give you weapon training and we'll help you in mastering those powers of yours," He said, hoping to have me—my abilities—join their side.

"(I can out-weapon any of you just with the training I had with my brothers! And you imbeciles can't help me master these powers if you don't know shit about them!)" I thought loudly while listening to Mercury give me immaterial offers.

"We'll also create your own weaponry and armor, as well as give you a luxurious home to reside in, much better and cleaner than this scorching wasteland." He made a remark about how much more hygienic Romans are than anyone else alive on Earth.

"(I can manufacture weapons and armor better than your army ten-fold without mental effort! And I'm sure as hell not moving away from my laboratory to live with your kind of people!)" I continued to think loudly, and came to the point where I swore I thought loudly enough to silence all ambiences surrounding me.

"With your powers and futuristic engineering, I'll bet you'll be a General like me within months. You alone can make Rome the most powerful empire in history!"

He looked away from me and stared at the sky, imagining a vision of the future.

"I can see it now…the whole world under the rule of one government… One government, where their technology and economical progress exceed those of any other nation by hundreds—no, thousands—of years, will stand firm for eternity!"

"(I wish I can turn off my sense of hearing at will, so that I don't have to listen to immaterial prattle from an escapist,)" I thought as I reluctantly listened to his fantasy.

"So what do you say?" Mercury walked about three steps closer and took out his right hand, wanting me to shake his hand to accept his deal. "Are you willing to leave everything here behind in your past to have a fresh start in Rome?"

"(The balls on this guy…!)" I resisted the temptation to laugh at this bogus offer of his and extended my right hand out as well, turning off my aura field before doing so.

Costas and Ian were able to hear every word between us. They grinned because they knew I hated the whole thought of Rome, ever since my—our—family died by them.

"(Your unique skills will be an invaluable asset to Rome…)" He grinned mildly as I continued to reach out. "(World domination is absolute!)"

As I was within inches, my next action pissed him off. I grabbed him not by the hand, but by the wrist, and with an iron-hard grip.

And then I gave my reasons for refusing his offer.

"You murdered my parents and then desire my device for antagonistic intentions! You have your men torture us and then nail us onto a wooden stake! What kind of mind must you possess to actually believe that I'd join you?" I shouted almost at his face. And in doing so, my body, veins, and eyes began to glow orange.




Mercury did not like my choice of actions. "You little fu—" He tried to speak against my decision, but I quickly tugged on his arm. And as he came to me, I enjoyed doing what I did next.

With a smirk, I curled up my fingers on my left hand to form a fist and gave it to him brutally in the face, striking cleanly at his right eye! I punched him on his right eye so hard that I caused it to explode upon impact, as well as knock his helmet off, exposing the back of his neck.

But I didn't stop there.

Ignoring his shocked and stalwart cries of pain, I grabbed his forehead forcefully with my left hand, pulled his head down a few feet, let go of his wrist with my right hand, and gave a stalwart right elbow jab to the back of his neck. After that, I let go of his head and then Mercury fell to the floor, limp and bleeding considerably from his right eye.

To his army, they believed that I had cracked his neck and killed him with little effort and mercy. But in reality, I held back my newfound power enough to temporarily disrupt Mercury's nerves and only make him fall unconscious. His men didn't know that, and they were pissed off now.

Costas and Ian approached us and tapped Mercury slightly, in the head with their feet, to see if he was conscious. To their relief, he wasn't.

In only one second, I transformed my orange glow to purple once more and extended out one hand to Mercury. After two seconds, his body briefly emanated purple light before being sent forcefully to the top of the pole that I was on, since it was the only one of the three still erect. Using my newfound telekinetic powers, I picked up both of my nails and fired them to Mercury's hands and feet as if they were bullets, instantly drawing more blood and crucifying him onto the pole.

He should be fortunate that he is mentally absent at the moment to feel any further pain.

"(A little taste of your own medicine, Mercury,)" I thought to myself after nailing him onto the wooden stake.

With that done, I now turned around and faced the Roman Army, with a serious look in my violet eyes. Quickly, I converted my energy from purple to orange once more. But before I did my next action, Costas and Ian spoke to me.

"Do you want us to help you fight?" Costas asked with no fear and total bravery.

"We can go retrieve our weapons and—" Ian asked with no fear as well, but was silenced when I lifted my right hand and wiggled my finger horizontally, telling them "no" with body language, not even bothering to look at them, because I needed to watch the enemy army with the intensity of a hawk.

"The only favor I'm asking you two to do for me…is to survive by staying back and out of this fight," I spoke somberly to them.

"…" They didn't understand my words at first, but after a few seconds, they knew what I meant. They knew that I wanted them to live, even if I have to die to try and fulfill my order.

"If we three fight and I die, I don't want you two to die with me in battle." I told them my reasons for them to sit this fight out. "So for your safety…and as for these soldiers…" I said before turning my head to my right side, keeping an eye on both my brothers and the Roman Army. "They're mine…"

Those last words of mine were enough for Costas and Ian to step back and go inside of the house. However, they popped their heads behind the glass-less windows, wanting to see the following battle.

I turned my head back to the Roman Army, knowing that as of now, this was between me and 996 participating soldiers.

"(With this newfound ability of mine—this…Elemental Aura—)" I pondered a name for these abilities off the top of my head. "(I will scatter your bodies all across the sand!)"

All of the soldiers unsheathed at least one of their swords, while the rest had already loaded their bows. I crouched down with both hands on the sand and my left foot far in front of my right—a sprinter's stance—, preparing to charge.

I dashed from my starting place and ran beyond normal human capabilities, exceeding forty miles per hour within two seconds. It was beginning to become clear to me that Orange (Melee) Aura boosts physical strength, muscle reflexes, reaction time, and physical agility. The remaining army charged towards me as well, but they were not nearly as swift as I was, with their heavy equipment strapped onto their beings.

To compensate for their lack of speed, they resorted to the "hit and run" technique. They tried to "hit" me with their arrows by firing them at me and continued to "run" simultaneously.

I evaded and repelled arrows fired towards me with little effort involved in my part. Within seconds, I was within the Roman Army itself, bashing away at soldiers with righteous fury and well-placed punches and kicks.

I punched, kicked, evaded projectiles and shoved enemies aside with superhuman reflexes, killing most of them with only a few well-placed blows onto specific locations on their body. However, there were so many soldiers around me that they would occasionally land a blow while I was fighting another one of their comrades. One caught me from behind and scratched at my back with the tip of his sword—perfectly across my backbone—and tore my shirt open. In doing so, that soldier exposed the newly-formed scars on my back.

I was pissed off and roundhouse-kicked the soldier in the head with enough force to easily snap his neck. Without wasting any time, I picked up his sword and expertly used it against the soldiers as they continued to come.

I evaded some more sword chops and stabs with their javelins merely by tilting my head side to side. It was easy thanks to the Orange (Melee) Aura that I was emanating, allowing me to quadruple my mental FPS (Frames Per Second) rate from the normal 30 FPS that humans can muster, before slashing their sword-wielding arms off.

Ignoring their screams from blood squirting from their arms, I grabbed the arms from surrounding soldiers—preferably those who brandished javelins. I bent their elbows backwards by bringing my knee up when I gripped their arms and pulled them down, snapping their elbow joints harshly, poking the bone through their skin, and causing them to drop their javelins in the process.

I quickly picked up about five of the javelins, dropping the sword onto the ground in order to do so, and lit their tips on fire just by gripping the javelins by briefly converting my Orange (Melee) Aura to Red (Fire) Aura. To give myself some space and to avoid unnecessary damage from interference, I converted my aura energy to Purple (Psychic) Aura and thought of levitating the sword I dropped purposefully onto the floor and having it orbit madly around me, which worked in keeping the soldiers aside, but not the archers.

Noticing the archers in front of me beginning to load their bows, I acted quickly and telekinetically fired all five of my flaming javelins to them, piercing two of them through the head, two of them through the neck, and one through the heart. Their armor offered no resistance from the fire that melted through it on contact.

Number of Roman soldiers remaining: 893/999.

However, in doing this move with Purple (Psychic) Aura, I had sustained mental stress in the form of a terrible headache, which caused me to drop the sword reluctantly and back onto the sandy floor. "(So there are cons to these powers…)" I thought before picking up the sword while holding my head with my left hand, tolerating this type of pain for as long as this battle will persist.

However, there were about five more archers behind me that caught me off guard and fired their arrows at my back, drawing even more blood, as well as my anger.

Without looking back, I merely thought of those archers being flung towards me, and they did, suffering from hemorrhages to all of their internal organs due to the sheer acceleration of coming over.

I converted my Purple (Psychic) Aura to Red (Fire) Aura once more and ignited the sword I was holding, never burning myself in the process. With only one quick horizontal slash of the flame-coated blade, I rent all of the incoming soldiers by slicing them all cleanly through the waistline, as if they were butchered pigs hooked onto the ceiling.

In doing so, I literally scared the soldiers back.

With this brief cease fire, I quickly tried to rejuvenate by utilizing Green (Healing) Aura. As my wounds were finishing healing, one soldier snapped out of cringing and took out his short sword, as well as one from a fallen soldier.

That one soldier tried to ambush me and stab me through the back. However, he wasn't silent enough. When he tried to impale me, I dropped to the floor—forming the push-up posture—converting my aura from Green (Healing) Aura to Red (Fire) Aura.

Quicker than most soldiers could follow; I gave a rising arc, double mule kick to the soldier's wrists, burning them mildly and sending both of his swords flying high and gyrating madly into the air, and leaving myself in the handstand posture. They coincidentally landed on two far off soldier's heads, but I didn't notice.

After that, I twisted my arms to turn my body in a horizontal sweep, double kicking—and slicing with heat as if it were a blow torch—the soldier's feet off. But before he could fall to the floor in pain, I continued to spin until I got back onto my own two feet and then mere by thinking "(Pyro Burst!)", I made a sudden burst of fire that exploded all around me, knocking back dozens of soldiers surrounding me within seven feet, incinerating them instantly.

I was beginning to feel some more side effects that were slowly causing me to weaken. I was now beginning to feel as if I had a fever, as well as feeling an itch caused by overheating on me. But I was never one to give in to pain and/or sickness, and I'm not giving in to side effects now because this village's future as a halcyon and remote area is residing on my shoulders.

I continued to fight and evade with Red (Fire) Aura, albeit slightly weaker due to my growing headache and mild fever.

Number of Roman Soldiers remaining: 769/999.

Soldiers were closing in on me now. They were gradually improving in attempting to cut, shoot, and stab at me before I killed them. It was clear for me to say that I was slowly overcoming to fatigue, but I continued to endure, because of my willpower surplus.

I was slowly getting cut all over, and it was then I realized I had to move quickly to a less concentrated location. Since I was still utilizing Red (Fire) Aura, I channeled its energy into another blowback explosion.

After the explosion—which killed a couple dozen soldiers by the shockwave alone—the soldiers expected to see me still on the floor, but they were surprised to see me fifty feet above them and floating in mid-air.

I repeatedly thrust my arms forward, with palms facing forward, while levitating in mid-air, firing off smaller fireballs than the one I called Pyro Comet earlier.

"(Pyro Scattershot!)" I thought while firing multiple fireballs in quick succession, seeing them detonate as if they were cherry bombs, drastically injuring the soldiers whom didn't possess large, curved, rectangular shields.

I now launched multiple roundhouse kicks and arm sweeps in mid-air, and by simply thinking "(Pyro Roundhouse)", I launched multiple blade-like waves of fire that rained down onto the soldiers, burning them to a crisp upon full impact.

Besides my best efforts in preventing an attack onto me, some soldiers were evasive enough to reach the heavy artillery weaponry, as well as load their bows and arrows. Before I could notice them, I felt their fury narrowly pass by me, some rounds scratching against my skin, coming within millimeters of penetrating me.

My Red (Fire) Aura dissipated when I thought of landing onto the floor. However, I fell too quickly and landed forcefully onto the floor, knocked temporarily unconscious.

All of the soldiers cheered briefly before six of them crowded around me and drew out their short swords. Without any mercy, they basically made me become a pin cushion, with six swords stuck on my back—one on each shoulder blade, two below the ribcage, and two more on my pelvis bone—, making my back look like the number six on a die.

Big mistake…

I opened my ash-black eyes and immediately exploded with Purple (Psychic) Aura, causing more massive knockbacks that killed most around me, pierced a few more, and broke the bones of many more due to them being violently pushed back. Besides that, my aura field doubled in size, stretching four feet from wherever part of my body.

Quickly, I thought of myself being lifted back onto my feet, and I was lifted in a manner so supernatural that made a few of the soldiers succumb to fear.

"(It's time for you all to pay in your own blood!)" I suddenly turned red instead of purple and jumped high into the air, pulling off one of the six available swords stuck on my back—completely disregarding any pain—, immediately coating it in fire upon removing it, and then I threw it downward, with enough force to cause it to detonate and obliterate whatever is within fifteen feet around it.

This proved devastating to soldiers that were clumped together.

After landing with a Pyro Shockwave, forming earthbound rings of fire upon impact—killing about five or so soldiers—, I made my next move. I pulled out the second of six swords on my back and ignited it in fire merely upon touching the hilt.

I threw the sword with fire as if it were a chakram, only this one could decapitate without abating itself. It didn't slow down even the mildest while it was rending off body parts through its trajectory path.

I leaped high into the air again and drew out two more swords—the third and fourth—from my back, leaving me with only two left, one on each shoulder blade. One of the two "unsheathed" swords was launched onto a concentrated throng of soldiers and the other sword was used for me to nosedive back down below, impaling one unfortunate soldier in the process.

I began to unleash a flurry of sophisticated sword swings to the soldiers around me with the fourth sword, causing it to spew fire out as if it were a fire-breathing dragon. My attacks were so dangerous that most soldiers did their best to stay back and defend with their shields. To the ones that decided to press their luck and fight back, they were quickly chopped and burned alive by my fire-coated swords.

I chose to levitate once more in the air, so I could throw this sword onto the sand below, and have them detonate and kill off more soldiers.

Number of Roman Soldiers remaining: 531/999.

However, I was feeling more of the side effects to my aura powers after launching such stamina-demanding attacks. I held my head, feeling the painful headache and even a heat-induced fever build up within me. And recently, I was feeling fatigue to the point of moderate hyperventilation, seeing my vision and hearing warp and blur for a second or two as well.

"(Overheated…)" I thought while feeling mildly nauseous. It was then that I realized the water from the Indian Ocean, just off the coastline. I levitated over there as fast as I was able to, narrowly avoiding Ballista rounds, Scorpio rounds, and arrows from the Roman archers.

Within 100 feet, I was beginning to descend reluctantly, because my current condition was enough to cause me to drift between consciousness and unconsciousness, causing my aura field to flash and fade somewhat. I continued to evade Roman ballistic weaponry and knew that I'd make it to the Indian Ocean waters.

"(Almost…there…)" I thought feebly, planning my next few moves with whatever consciousness I could muster.

Finally, I was directly above the Indian Ocean, and not a moment too soon. I was finally ill enough to not use my aura powers anymore and fell to the water 100 feet below. But even to my surprise, I didn't fall unconscious, despite my current condition.

I took a deep breath before falling and being assimilated into the cool waters of the Indian Ocean. The water was immediately soothing to my overheated body. It was almost as though I was relaxing in my air-conditioned laboratory, only it felt as if my laboratory was flooded with water instead of air. The feeling of weightlessness was relaxing to my aching muscles and already curing me of my fever and fatigue.

However, the water wasn't curing me of my wounds, since I can visually see the blood pouring out of the wounds on my back and everywhere else on my body. That part, I had to take care of myself.

"(These past few days have been hell to me…)" I thought as I looked at my body, feeling some of the wounds that I had on me. I checked the wounds mostly on my back, noticing that my shirt was torn in half, right across the backbone line. "(So why am I not only still alive…but given these odd…Elemental Aura abilities?)"

As I continued to ponder over that thought, I began to glow Green (Healing) Aura once more with enough intensity to illuminate the dark waters below, feeling my wounds close and seal with little time flowing by, which is good because I was only able to last underwater with one full breath for about two minutes.

Due to being submerged in relaxingly cool water, I swore I felt not only all of my wounds heal, but my fatigue disappeared and my energy was replenished as well. Once the lifesaving holy-like light disappeared, I felt fully healed and rejuvenated. Not only that, I also felt my back touch the sandy floor below—or to be more precise, I felt a discomforting poke on my scapula bones from both remaining implanted swords touching the sand below.

Feeling as though I could lay here and stare at the light blue sky—as well as the disappointed faces of the Romans—serenely and forever, I knew I couldn't, because I now had goals that need accomplishing.

I had to save the village from the remainder of the Roman Army that I could see. I had to avenge my family by finishing off Mercury. I had to ensure the safety of the only two people in my family that I have left. And I especially had to know more about these "Elemental Aura" powers, as I call them—and the veins that they've imbued onto my flesh's surface as well as the changed eye color that I didn't know about yet—, along with my supercomputer-like I.Q. and set dream choice.

"(Maybe I'll…never find out… But laying here in serenity…won't give me the answers I want…)" I thought before beginning to glow once more. However, my veins, body, and eyes weren't emanating any one of these four colors at the moment—Red, Orange, Green, and Purple.

I was now radiating a new color. And that new color was…blue.




"(Those soldiers will still pay with their own blood…)" I thought as I configured myself in the water until I was standing on top of the sandy seafloor, my shoes placed onto the sand. Next, I jumped off of it and began to swim upward, utilizing the "Man from Atlantis" stroke—a swimming style similar to that of a dolphin—to do so. The entire air issue wasn't a problem to me at all, since I still had a good 20 seconds worth of air left within my lungs, and being naturally nonchalant helps significantly.

The instant that I reached the surface, I kept going up until the entire army, as well as I, realized that I was making like Jesus Christ and standing on top of the water's surface. Besides that shocking phenomenon that I was purposely setting mentally aside, I utilized this new Blue (Water) Aura to my advantage.

By utilizing a few moderate hand gestures, and by thinking "(Hydro Gyro Bulwark!)," I mentally commanded a clockwise, circular current to immediately rise from the Indian Ocean, form into a circular wall and revolve around me. Because of the water's translucency, I was able to see right through it and observe the reactions of the Roman soldiers.

Due to natural human xenophobic thoughts that the Roman soldiers were currently experiencing within their minds, they reacted from fear and fired all that they had to fire. Basically, they fired arrows, Ballista and Scorpio rounds, and their javelins…all of what they had in their inventory.

"Stupid xenophobic degenerates…" I muttered with a serious facial expression and crossed arms, watching these rounds home in onto me. However, I knew I wasn't in any martial danger, because the instant that their projectiles struck my Hydro Gyro Bulwark, they were immediately swatted off course to my right side and rendered useless, much to the enemy's surprise.

Now that they couldn't fight back in terms of long-range combat, I uncrossed my arms with a serious countenance and put my hand's palms onto the water between my feet, causing myself to escalate about three stories with a pillar of water. Once high enough, I looked at the Roman Army below with hate before I placed my palms together in front of me. Then, I opened up my palms up to the bases of my wrists, and had all 10 of my fingers poking outward as if they were the tentacles of a squid.

"(Hydro Tentacle)," I thought as I somehow formed numerous gargantuan water-based tentacles from my Hydro Gyro Bulwark wall of water, all aimed to the entire army.

I began to command the water-based tentacles, just by thought, to wreath around each individual soldier as well as their heavy artillery weaponry, despite them being out of ammunition. I even targeted their dead, desiring no trace of them to remain in this village. Dozens of soldiers and a couple of Ballistas and Scorpios were immediately and unwillingly dragged into the Indian Ocean each few seconds, placed between the Hydro Gyro Bulwark and the coastline of my village.

Try as they might to free themselves, they couldn't. They could endeavor to rend the water-based tentacles with a sword chop, but what would be the point when they grow back in greater numbers.

Once all of the soldiers, as well as their entire inventory of weaponry, was placed within the water, I converted my aura field from Blue (Water) Aura to Purple (Psychic) Aura and levitated to where the Roman Army previously was.

Once my feet felt the sand—something slightly more secure to stand on—I turned around 180 degrees and faced the soldiers, all frantically swimming back to the coastline, their armor weighing them down and wearing them out.

"(Blue (Water) Aura, Green (Healing) Aura, Orange (Melee) Aura, Purple (Psychic) Aura, and Red (Fire) Aura…)" I recalled the types of abilities that I've utilized currently while staring on at the Roman Army, watching them struggle to stay afloat. I then stared at my hands—currently emanating Purple (Psychic) Aura—and wondered if I could unlock a specific type of ability by thought and concentration alone.

"(Can I dictate…electricity?)" I thought, concentrating on the pleasure of being able to electrocute the remaining Roman Army until they explode and sink to the ocean floor.

To my surprise, I actually began to glow a new color that I immediately assumed was for lightning. I found myself emanating yellow light from my veins, skin, and eyes—which I was still uninformed of. I was also feeling this sparking sensation all around me, as if I was generating electricity within me.

"(Apparently, I can.)"




Enough energy was being charged within me to discharge in small static bursts in random locations of my body. More energy continued to build up, and it was them that I remembered the two remaining swords lodged onto each of my shoulder blades. I knew metal conducted electricity just as well as water did, so I decided to involve them in this final electricity-based attack. And I knew that this would hurt the Roman soldiers severely until death spares them further anguish, due to the excessive metal they were wearing in the form of armor and weaponry.

With grit teeth, I quickly pulled off both of the swords with haste, knowing that I was fully-charged with energy and ignoring the pain that the swords caused when they dislodged from my shoulder blades, having healed and stuck in place due to my Green (Healing) Aura. "(I'd better heal one last time after this…)" I thought, feeling my wounds open and vomit blood once more.

I gripped both swords firmly on my hands, electricity already surging through them, just waiting to fly off of the blade and attack the Roman soldiers until they die. "(Electro Discharge!)" I thought before twirling the swords expertly in my hands until the blade tips were aimed down, jabbing them into the water in front of me.

The electricity, within milliseconds, reached their targets and fried them with their brutal energy. The soldiers were not only being electrocuted by the electricity surging within the water, but they were also being simultaneously burned to the third-degree by overheated armor, which shrouded 50% of their bodies. Steam surged from the water as it was trying to stabilize itself, but couldn't.

And just as I had wanted it to end, the whole army exploded in the most disturbing way imaginable. No pieces of their flesh larger than the size of their hands remained. All of their blood immediately dyed the Indian Ocean's water.

I retracted both of the swords from the water after discharging all of that energy, and watched on for survivors.

Number of Roman Soldiers remaining: 0/999.

It was safe for me to assume that no survivors remained. And after converting my Yellow (Lightning) Aura to Green (Healing) Aura to heal my wounds over the back of my shoulders one last time, I turned off my aura field, not needing it at the moment.

To make this particular scene more disturbing, due to my presence inside of the water when I was wounded and bleeding in excess, sharks sensed my blood, locked-on to the area, and rushed over to my location, hoping for an easy snack. However, I quickly replaced my position with the Roman Army's position and vice versa. So with the sharks coming from sensing my blood, instead of getting a snack, they will get a feast that'll feed hundreds of sharks.

And I did see hundreds of sharks swarm over to the deceased army, chomping away at the abundant flesh as if this was a feeding frenzy. The sharks weren't slowed down by the fact that some chunks of flesh still had armor on them. They just easily ate that along with the flesh.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this gruesome sight to its fullest, I remembered there was still one Roman left to eliminate: the Roman General Mercury.

Reluctantly, I did an about-face, not watching the gore fest occurring behind me anymore. After discarding the thought from my mind to avoid temptation, I began to proceed over to the pole where Mercury was nailed onto, dragging both sword tips on the sandy floor below, fatigued from my earlier brawl and conserving energy.

On my way over, I noticed that the villagers, despite the threat being eliminated, still didn't reveal their presence. It was almost as though they feared me now, and I was starting to believe and mentally-comprehend that unusual thought.

I remained silent when shuffling my eyes repeatedly, not noticing any of the villagers outside. However, I did see Costas and Ian still looking outside of the window. They had dropped jaws and were in genuine awe.

The instance I was where I wanted to be, I looked up and noticed Mercury was still unconscious, yet alive. Thanks to my hyper-sensitive sense of hearing, I could still hear his breathing without effort and heartbeat if I concentrated much harder.

I lifted the Roman sword on my right hand, with a face of anger, and sliced off the base in one stalwart horizontal chop. "(Timber…)" I thought, seeing the wooden stake fall over.

Mercury, to my surprise, still didn't wake up. I was actually beginning to question if he was too weak to wake up due to loss of blood, but I quickly realized that Mercury's puncture wounds had already begun to heal, despite the nails still embedded on his palms and feet. So it was then that I decided to wake him up in a way most suited to this garrulous General.

"WAKE THE HELL UP! WAKE UP YOU PRATTLESOME IMBECIL!" I nearly shouted at the top of my lungs directly to his face, never showing surprise at how I was still able to explode despite my current state of body.

The Roman General stirred and moaned "…Huh…what…" a little before finally opening his left eye—remember that I punched off his right eye into oblivion—, not caring at all that he's on the sandy floor.

Instead of noticing me staring at him with a blood-churning glare, he noticed the gore fest going on farther off, involving the sharks.

"You killed the entire army…" he spoke in a weak, semi-monotone voice. "And yet…you refused my generous offer of—"

I brought up both swords to his neck, causing him to immediately shut up for the sake of his life. I had the swords held to him as if they were a giant pair of open scissors, with his neck as the paper.

"If there's even a shred of intelligence in that debauched mind of yours…" I snarled at him. "…then you'll stay quiet unless inquired… Got it?"

He understood my words and nodded with stressful anxiety, nearly whimpering as if he were a frightened puppy in the process.

I scoffed, being mildly dubious at his response, but spitefully believed him nevertheless.

And so I continued. "Did you…kill…my parents?"

"(I have to keep to the mission orders, even if I die in the process…)" Mercury thought before swallowing in fear. Calming down only slightly, he reluctantly said "Yes" and cringed when he thought I would decapitate him.

To his surprise, I didn't decapitate him. And it was because I still had more questions for him to answer.

I continued with my next question, and I used my S1-GS device for this one.

"Do you see this?" I said before glowing with Purple (Psychic) Aura and telekinetically exposing the S1-GS device from my right jeans pocket and to his face, deliberately choosing not to let go of either one of the two swords utilized in keeping his head back.

He looked at the gold and silver sphere and nodded.

"What were you planning on using this for?" I psychically commanded the S1-GS device to return to my right jeans pocket and I turned off my aura field once again.

"The Ro-Roman e-emperor wanted this orb t-to use for his e-empire's military," he stammered, attempting to bottle and contain his fear to the best of his ability. "M-my guess is t-that he w-wanted to use it to a-assimilate his e-enemies."

"(Just more senseless war…)" I thought, somewhat expecting that answer, and then continued with my questions. "And how did your emperor ever figure out about my invention's existence?"

I've been waiting to ask this question three days ago, when the alleged leader—whose corpse is resting in the bellies of dozens of sharks—told me his objective.

Dread and stress were beginning to eat away at him. He was sweating heavily and beginning to hyperventilate, not to my surprise.

"H-h-h-how-w s-should I k-k-know?" He was beginning to panic. "I-I-I-I d-d-d-d-" He stammered enough to the point of his speech being incomplete.

I was done asking my set of questions and was ready to decapitate him. However, just before I decided to do so, I noticed a specific detail in his eye. His left eye was resonating all over the place with stress.

I could tell that this guy was feeling absolute trepidation.

I thought back to what the letter he wrote to me three years back mentioned.

(Eduardo's Flashback)

Dear offspring (Eduardo, Costas, and Ian):

I am sorry to inform you that your parents perished in the field of battle. Their last service to the military was on November of 46 A.D., where they valiantly fought, trying to prevent a Roman army invasion from succeeding. Their deaths were in vain, for the Roman Army invasion was unfortunately successful in their plans.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of your lives as happy orphans.


A kind-hearted soul.


If you three believed that pitiful shit of a letter, and cried at the same time, then you three are pathetic and imbecilic naturally. I loved slaughtering them before conquering with my invasion of highly-trained and organized subordinates. I would love to go into the details on how much blood I saw them all shed and how satisfying it was to slaughter them both—and I actually can because of my nature—but I'm busy at this particular moment and must stop writing this letter as it is.

Yours truly:

Mercury, the Roman General in charge of the invasion.

(End of Eduardo's Flashback)

I thought heavily as to what the letter had to say and compared it to the personality that Mercury exhibited.

If he was one to enjoy killing, then why was he showing absolute dread prior to his decapitation? For someone who was trained to kill, he showed some signs considering otherwise.

Was he feeling repent for killing my mother and father? Not likely. If anything, his response earlier seemed unsure.

It was almost as if he was ordered to do this to me, by his superior. I was leaning over to this &.

"(I wonder if…)" I thought about saying one last decisive question to see if what I believed was certain. "Where were you on the entire year of 45 A.D.?" I said with a serene tone, completely opposite to how I've been speaking earlier.

"M-m-m-m-military-y S-s-s-s-school…" He came close to fainting from fear of death.

"(Military School…?)" I thought, being surprised at the answer that came from him. "(If he's telling the truth…and my family died in battle…then he was nowhere near my family…)" I figured that his military school was at Rome. "(He's innocent then…)"

I made the blades twitch and that caused Mercury to flinch and close his eye in fear. However, just as he thought his life would end right there, he heard two slashing sounds and thought he felt his neck separate from his body. But that sound didn't cut his neck in half. Instead, he realized that the sounds came from above his head and near his feet. When he opened his eyes, he realized that the nails themselves were cut off—there was a considerable area of them exposed that I was able to target—, freeing his hands and feet. He also saw the two swords I was holding wedged onto the wooden stake below his feet, no longer being used anymore.

The next action that he saw was me activating my Blue (Water) Aura. I used it to command the water to expel the wooden heavy artillery, about a dozen of them only. Reconverting my current aura to Purple (Psychic) Aura once more, I mentally commanded all of the pieces of wood, and nails, to split off and reconnect into the form of a boat—oars included. With that done, I turned off my aura field, not needing it currently.

"What are you doing?" Mercury spoke, already calming down, before getting up. He apparently didn't seem to care that his hands and feet are pierced through, because they've begun to heal and weaken in pain. "I thought you were going to decapitate me," he said in a tone that closely sounded as if he actually wished for me to guillotine his neck.

"You didn't kill my parents, therefore I shouldn't kill you," I said in a relaxed tone before picking up both of the swords and giving them to him, since I didn't need them anymore. "That boat will help you get back to Rome," I pointed at the boat on top of the sandy coast. "However, you're on your own with collecting any provisions for your trip."

"…" He had no idea how I figured out that he was lying, and was also left greatly discombobulated by my choice of actions.

"Sorry about your right eye…" I said in an actual ashamed tone while pointing at my right eye, the one without the collection of new veins.

"…" he felt as if he should say something and not stay silent. "…It's okay. That eye was going blind anyway…"

He walked right past me and towards the boat, and then pushed it into the water with only modicum effort before stepping onto it and sitting down. He grabbed the oars and began to row to the direction where Rome is, by remembering that the sun sets to the west and using its position as a compass.

"Godspeed…Prattlecus," I said his true name and watched him disappear.

"Good-bye, Eduardo."

Within minutes, he was far away enough to appear as a spec off of the horizon, no longer having any business in this village and leaving without a trace.

"(That actually felt…good,)" I thought, feeling pristine, yet confused, about my choice in sparing his life. Part of me did want to kill him on cold blood—and I knew that I was capable of doing so—, but I chose not to because he was innocent in the only connection that he seemed to have with me: killing my parents.

I began to walk into my home, feeling a sense of accomplishment in eliminating the hostile Roman threat. But just before I passed through the doorway entrance of my house, I stopped then and there to turn around 180 degrees. I scanned the whole area, still not seeing any trace of the villagers reverting back to normality.

This caused me to worry significantly and question their reasons. With little time passing by, I mentally comprehended this situation and formed a hypothesis.

I realized that they have begun to fear me.

"(…So…this is how it's going to be…)" I thought.

I clenched my fists and begun to emanate Red (Fire) Aura out of rage, but within seconds, I dissipated that energy into thin air. My fists uncurled themselves and I gave one brief sigh. "(Fine then…)"

I walked through the entrance to my house and immediately went into my laboratory, not paying any apparent attention to my two brothers. I was too focused on my current choice of actions.

Costas and Ian followed close by as I walked down the stairs of my laboratory. They were somewhat confused at what I was doing now and were trying to follow me and ask. One clue helped them get back on track however, and it was my torn and blood-stained shirt lying on top of a desk. They just decided to leave my shirt there.

When I reached the Tech Room of my laboratory—with a new, pristine, and white shirt on that I retrieved along the way—, the first thing that I saw was the security tube that was utilized to protect my S1-GS device.

Or what was left of it.

It was cleanly cut in half—most likely from the laser beam cutting through it when the Roman soldiers utilized their sword's reflective surface—, and yet the accessories I made a few days ago were intact within it.

I obtained all of the S1-GS's accessories and placed the holster/strap on my right side already, with the thigh strap, belt strap, and shoulder strap all on me. I took out the S1-GS device out of my jeans pocket and placed the PSP chip (Plant's Survival Program) within it, giving it the capability to have plants survive and thrive within it now. Finally, I placed the S1-GS device back into its safe and secure home: inside of the holster.

Without a moment to waste, I proceeded to the elevator nearby and pressed the button, with the downward-pointing arrow, to call it forth to my location, which gave both Costas and Ian the opportunity to find me and catch up to me.

"Is something wrong, Eduardo?" Ian said in a worried tone.

"What exactly are you doing?" Costas said, being curious and desiring an answer.

I heard the bell sound off when the elevator arrived and then the doors opened up in front of me. I walked in and did an about-face, telling them my reasons with no surprises or hidden information. "I'm moving out," I said concisely, just before the doors closed, narrowly getting a glimpse of my brother's shocked reactions.

Both of my brothers were shocked for a few seconds, and then they quickly darted off to the nearby staircase, using the sound of the elevator's descent as a guide to my location.

Location: My Laboratory (Basement Room)

Time: 1:51 PM

The Basement Room of my laboratory is a quiescent location compared to all of the other rooms. Only a massive metal door, locked by a message for a password, resides at the lowest area of this laboratory. This room acted as my treasure chest, because I keep my most valuable possessions inside.

The silence in this room was disinterested and left when it heard oncoming commotion in the form of rhythmic steps on stairs and a sudden "ding" from the elevator harboring Yours Truly inside it. The elevator door opened and I stepped outside it, stopping five feet later only when seeing the door with a feeling of serenity.

"(I always had a stalwart feeling that creating this basement would serve me providently,)" I thought with a miniscule smirk, as well as arms crossed behind my back, with my hands clamped onto the area above my elbows.

I continued over to the massive door, opening up a secret panel right beside it, exposing various identification devices utilized to enter the Basement Room beyond this door. To unlock the door, I had to place both of my hands on the handprint analyzer, open my eyes on the optical scanner, place a single strand of my hair on the DNA sensor, and say "Door open" to the microphone, all in tandem.

I closed the secret panel before retracting back, having the massive door leisurely unlock and open in front of me, which gave my brothers enough time to follow along with me.

"Eduardo, wait up!" Costas shouted to me the instant he was able to see me while hurrying down the stairs.

"What do you mean you're moving out?" Ian shouted, mimicking Costas and following along.

As the massive door was gradually opening, I turned around and saw my two brothers coming down from the staircase. When they finally came down from them and were within four feet of my presence, I told them my reasons for my decision.

"Did you two ever bother to notice that even after I defeated Mercury's Roman Army, the villagers haven't come out of hiding?" I said, speaking up slightly to overcome the screeching that the metal doors produced.

"…Yes…" Ian said while catching his breath.

"I still can't believe what I just saw earlier…" Costas caught his breath sooner, and remembered the fight I was in.

"It was epic!" Ian added once he caught his breath and began to breathe normally. "I just can't believe that you spared his life."

"(Was I wise in setting him free? After all, I hate Romans…)" I looked up at the roof and scratched the top of my head with my right hand, questioning my entire being for that brief moment before realizing that I was trailing off from the main topic. "Anyway, I believe the reason is this:"

Costas and Ian redirected their attention back towards me before I continued with my theory.

"They've begun to fear me."

I noticed shocked and somewhat dubious reactions from my two brothers before continuing.

"I have a feeling that this is true. And if I don't leave soon, I might cause a vicious uproar amongst them. They'll turn on the three of us."

"…" The idea of leaving was a bit too much for Costas and Ian to comprehend so suddenly. They remained motionless while I stepped through the gargantuan steel doors. However, they discarded that action and replaced it with awe when they noticed what lied beyond the massive steel doors.

Within these doors exists an exact copy of every invention manufactured and every item inside the other rooms of my laboratory. Machines, items, Berry trees, weaponry, and everyday items for people resided inside of here—except for the S1-GS device, my most recent invention.

I began to radiate Purple (Psychic) Aura and commanded the S1-GS device to leave its place and float just forward of my face. I checked to make sure if the button on its center was pointing upward before turning it 180 degrees and pressed the button in the center. The black hole it had within immediately began to assimilate all of what this basement had, and there was a lot for it to assimilate.

One item was assimilated by the S1-GS device every second; and I separated the larger items, such as the Berry trees and machines, with powerful telekinetic abilities, to make sure no incidents would occur, such as a collision before assimilation. Within minutes, the basement was as clean as the day it was first built.

With that task accomplished, I telekinetically closed the device and had the entire basement revert to silence. Before having the S1-GS device go back to where it belongs, I caught a glimpse of my reflection across the silver surface of it, noticing my eyes were purple, just like my aura field, and I had a collection of veins running from my left eye to my left cheek, to my left jaw, and to the left side of my neck.

I didn't give my new appearance much thought. I simply walked out of the Basement Room and psychically closed the doors behind me with little mental effort. Once I heard them lock behind me, I disengaged my current aura field and continued with my conversation to my brothers.

"I've taken what I possess from here," I said the obvious. "This laboratory is now under the responsibility of you both."

My brothers were feeling sorrow, they didn't want me to leave, but they also knew that it was for the best, for the sake of the village.

This was just as painful to me as it was to them.

"I'm sorry that I have to leave," I said in a depressed, low tone. "I'll miss you both," I continued, feeling a bit of sadness as well.

I opened out my arms purposefully. My brothers immediately knew why, and moved in for a hug. It lasted for a few minutes, and it felt so serene and peaceful. All three of us couldn't help but cry, since we all had a feeling that this was the last time we would see each other in the same place.

"We'll miss you too…" Costas said with a mildly cracked voice.

"Godspeed Eduardo…" Ian spoke in the same manner.

"To stop a human being from doing something, you must find a way to make the person stop wanting to do it." —Orson Scott Card ("Xenocide")

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