The Path of the Aura: Intertwining Crossroads

Chapter I (1): The Beginning of Something Unorthodox

From where we last left off with Costas, Ian, and Yours Truly, we were under the torturous mercy of Roman Soldiers, whom somehow knew of my latest invention: the S1-GS device.

They whipped us three for answers on how to get it from a security system that I placed the S1-GS device in, and I ended up with most of the skin of my back whipped away. I told them nothing, and we all had to wait three days for the arrival of the Roman General, Mercury.

He had us all crucified and expected to die when they finally out-smarted the security system and retrieved the item of their objective. They proceeded to destroying my home village, with their mission guaranteed as complete.

In spite of this, a miracle occurred.

I was suddenly blessed with incredible Elemental Aura powers and used them to brutally decimate the entire Roman Army of its 999 soldiers.

One soldier remained afterward: the Roman General Mercury.

I interrogated him for answers for a change and asked him if he killed my parents. To my surprise, he had nothing to do with my parents, yet continued to admit that he'd killed them when I asked him corresponding questions.

I let him go and as I proceeded to return to my home, I realized that the villagers now feared me for my power. A riot would ensure, in attempt to drive me out, if I decided to remain here.

I was forced to make a life-changing decision: leave the village.

Leave the village…alone.

7.1: The Unfortunate Departure

Location: Village (My Home)

Date: May 2nd, 49 A.D.

Time: 2:00 PM

After the hug that my brothers and I had together before my departure, we all proceeded up the stairs within my laboratory. As I climbed higher and higher on the stairs, I could feel my heart sink lower and lower with each and every step because I knew that once I leave my home, there will be no turning back and I'll have to leave against my will.

I began to think of my options here, as my brothers and I ascended the staircases.

If I choose to not leave, a village riot will be guaranteed, and there will be a chance that my brothers and I would have our lives placed in jeopardy. And if I do choose to leave, then I'll have a very strong chance of never being allowed to return to my home village again, and therefore become banished.

…Banished as a solitary teenager.

However, if I do leave, then I'll be free to search for the answers that are presently troubling me. I'll be free to find out, to the best of my ability, how I got such a herculean I.Q., how I obtained my newfound Elemental Aura abilities—which gave me a second network of veins on my body as well as changing eye color—, and who truly killed my family.

My only worry is that I won't live long enough to search for such scattered answers.

"(What am I to do?)" I thought about my choice of actions. My head was tilted down and I was staring at the stairs that I was overcoming, being precarious as to not trip over from being submerged in my thoughts.

Soon after, all three of us got out of my secret laboratory and were now in my room of the house. I froze just before leaving through the entrance of my room, because when I do, my choice will be made for me when I continue to proceed onward.

And it'll likely be made for me immediately.

Costas and Ian stared on at my stagnant backside, questioning why I remained stationary.

"Eduardo?" Ian inquired me with a concerned tone.

"…" I remained silent, with too many outcomes branching out from my two choices within my head, all leading to numerous possible outcomes.

"What do you think is the best choice of action?"

"Whatever you decide, we'll accept it without second thought," Costas jumped in to the conversation.

"…" I remained silent for a solid minute, and only had this to say before stepping out of the entrance, accepting my fatalistic fate. "I don't have a choice of my own. My neighbors have already chosen for me."

Costas and Ian knew what I meant with that response and knew that I wouldn't be around for much longer. And instead of accepting that with tears, they just followed me, so as to not miss out on the last moment of my existence around them.

I continued onward towards the entrance of the house, stopping only when I got to the kitchen. I checked what I had currently with me and reviewed it. I had on me a white shirt with a white vest underneath, blue jeans with white boxers underneath, and monochrome shoes with white socks that stretch up high enough to conceal my ankles.

To add to all of that, I also had with me my S1-GS device—and all of its assimilated contents—strapped to my right side with the holster/shoulder strap that I made a few days ago.

"(Independent survival won't be my biggest worry when I leave this village,)" I soliloquized mentally before stepping in front of the door that would exit me from my house, as well as this entire village.

Location: Village (Home Entrance)

Time: 2:10 PM

The very instant that I opened the door that would decide my future, my future was decided for me by the villagers, as I expected. Those same villagers that I've somehow mentally accepted and considered as neighbors were now the definitive antithesis of my acceptance.

They were now my enemies.

Nearby the intact houses—and within the semi-intact houses—, the villagers were arming themselves with weaponry, salvaged straight from the Red Sea, where sharks stripped Roman soldier flesh down to the bone. They were sharpening their newly-acquired bladed weaponry with earthbound rolling stones on moving wheels. Every villager was giving it their all in preparing themselves for a riot to try to drive me out of the village, or kill me.

They haven't noticed my presence at the entrance to the house yet. "(They must truly fear me now if they've resorted to Roman weaponry…)" I thought with slight despair and a significant amount of dread at how quickly these people had turned for the worst before my eyes.

Costas and Ian were inside of the house, behind me. They were seeing enough through the windows, and finding it incredibly difficult to analyze all of this sudden malice in one sitting.

Not much time passed before I was spotted. It was especially easy for someone to notice my presence because I was standing still and didn't move an inch—not that it would matter if they saw me sooner than later because the villagers were seriously preparing in getting rid of me.

"(Oh shit…)" I noticed the villager that noticed me and felt my heart sink like a stone.

"He's over there, out in the open!" that villager alerted his adjacent neighbors nearby. "Kill him!"

The villagers alerted by that one solitary bee sting alerted others nearby them. Within seconds, every villager was alerted of my presence. They all proceeded with what they planned on doing with me, and that was to either kill me or to drive me out of their village and never return.

I saw them all coming with swords, knives, and spears in hand, a stampede of my neighbors charging territorially towards me.

Despite their sudden change in sides, I didn't choose to fight them because they never meant any harm to me and were always neutral at my presence. Instead, I chose to activate my Orange (Melee) Aura and run away at a far superior speed than the villagers could follow behind.

"Good-bye Costas and Ian. I doubt we'll meet again," I said quickly to my brothers, almost slurring the words, before running like hell towards the direction of the sun—west, because the sun always rises east and sets west. And with the power of my Orange (Melee) Aura emanating all across my body, I was running at triple the speed of any human being alive.

All of the villagers stupidly followed me in hot pursuit, thinking that I'll run out of steam eventually and they can kill me then. However, because of my willpower to keep running, fueling the surplus of endurance that I have, they lost steam after a mile of chase, and I continued onward across the desert that bordered the Red Sea's coast.

All of the villagers caught their breath after stopping to rest. They noticed my location due to the light that my Orange (Melee) Aura was emanating and saw that I was long gone and away from their village. They knew that I got their message and simply returned to their homes, cheering afterward from their alleged "accomplishment".

As for me, I stopped after thirty minutes of constant running and did an about-face to see what was occurring behind me. I couldn't see the villagers chasing me anymore, and I sure as hell couldn't see my home village over the horizon.

With no one at my tail anymore, I felt free to turn off my Orange (Melee) Aura and was now left with one main choice: to wander across the world and search for the answers that I needed.

"(Where do I begin…)" I pondered my options as to where to begin to get the answers that I desired, with a seemingly uncaring facade for a countenance. I walked onward towards the sun's direction, letting my feet and my natural instincts take me to where I was heading, and not my technology.

And with that, my vague journey begins now.

7.2: The Enemy's Home Turf

Location: Rome, Italy

Date: July 2nd, 49 A.D.

Estimated Time: Noon

Mercury, the Roman General, has succeeded in arriving back to Rome after two months of combined land and sea travel, where he was only traveling by foot and by boat that I tentatively made for him when I realized that he didn't truly kill my parents.

The first task that he had to do when he came back to Rome was head into the Emperor's extravagant palace and report what occurred in the mission assigned to him. Once he had arrived within the palace, he entered within it and proceeded towards the Throne Room. All that he had to do to find the Throne Room was to pass through a room that has the only entrance to the Throne Room, and that room is the Emperor Room.

The Emperor Room, which Mercury was passing by currently to get to the Throne Room, is a massive Hall-of-Fame style, circular-shaped room with dozens of blank areas meant to have statues or identifiable mementos of the previous—and current—Roman Emperors.

At this moment, it only has four mementos of Roman Emperors, with the last memento originating from the current Roman Emperor, Claudius.

Mercury stopped at the center of the Emperor Room, feeling the need to visualize the four Roman Emperor mementos and ponder slightly at them before returning to his current objective.

He looked at every one of the mementos in order of when they came to power: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, and Claudius—the current Roman Emperor. They were all lined up against the circular wall, pointed in a clockwise direction, like a clock, organized by both order of reign and time reigned—dictated by plaques that resided on the podiums of the statues.

The very first Roman Emperor, Augustus, took power on January 16th, 27 B.C. to August 19th, 14 A.D. Tiberius, superseding him, reigned from September 18th, 14 A.D. to March 16th, 37 A.D. Caligula, taking over as the third Roman Emperor, ruled from March 18th, 37 A.D. to January 24th, 41 A.D. Finally, the current Roman Emperor, Claudius, began his reign recently. His rule began on January 25th, 41 A.D.

"(I don't think I'll live long enough to see a seventh memento in this palace's Emperor Room,)" Mercury thought to himself, calculating the average age of rule between all four Roman Emperors—which is about seventeen-and-a-half years once he did his arithmetic.

He continues onward towards the Throne Room after stopping briefly to ponder. Once at the Throne Room, Mercury noticed two Roman Guards with javelins in hand, standing on guard. They were ordered to keep commoners outside, and to step aside when given identification.

Mercury approached the Roman Guards by walking across the luxurious long red carpet. His path was instantly cut off when both guards crossed their javelins in the shape of the letter "X", halting him in his tracks.

"State your name…" The Roman Guard on the left demanded.

"…your occupation…" The Roman Guard on the right continued.

"…your task with his Highness..." The Roman Guard on the left continued.

"…and our slogan…" The Roman Guard on the right concluded.

Mercury knew that he would be demanded this when he approached the Roman Emperor. Nevertheless, he knew all of this by heart and answered the Roman Guards.

"Mercury, Roman General, here to discuss the results of my assigned mission, and 'Veni, Vidi, Vici'." Mercury gave them the answers that they wanted, and in sequential order.

(By the way, "Veni, Vidi, Vici" is Latin for "I came, I saw, I conquered", in case you didn't know.)

"You may proceed," both guards said simultaneously as they uncrossed their javelins and stepped away from each other, so as to allow Mercury to pass.

Mercury nodded at both of them before proceeding across the long red carpet. He walked a solid seventy-five feet before stopping when he noticed Roman Emperor Claudius in front of him.

From Mercury's standpoint, he was seeing Claudius on his fastidiously-detailed throne, sitting high and mighty as any Roman Emperor would. However, there was so little light in Claudius's particular area that Mercury could only see a silhouette-like shadow of his Highness. However, he could still identify a chalice of wine held on Claudius's right hand, where the stem of the handle was between the middle finger and ring finger.

"You're Highness," Mercury said respectfully, and then he showed his respect by kneeling on his right knee, planting his right fist on the floor beside his right knee, and placing his left arm to rest on his left knee. He lowered his head so he could see the red carpet that he crossed to get here. He also kept this position until told otherwise by the Roman Emperor, which wasn't for too long.

"You're free to stand up," Claudius said in delayed response to Mercury bowing down to him.

Mercury loyally did what he was ordered to do.

"So tell me," Claudius continued, without moving an inch. "What occurred in your assigned mission?"

Mercury only needed seconds to recall all of what occurred two months ago, especially since what he had experienced was near impossible to forget. Mercury began by recalling how he traveled to the village, and the rest was straightforward to share in words.

"A legion of 999 soldiers under my command arrived to a halcyon, remote village, where you told us that an item of infinite storage resided. We found three unusual boys of about sixteen years of age guarding that device. One of the three boys we were able to identify as Eduardo."

Claudius continued listening, occasionally getting a small sip of the wine in his chalice.

"All three of them wouldn't relinquish that device to us, especially after Eduardo succumbed to superhuman levels of blood loss from our methods of torture. Eventually though, I got my hands on that mystical device of his, and I finally came to the decision of crucifying all three of them onto wooden stakes, while my legion disposed of the village with their heavy artillery."

"What happened next?" Claudius wanted to hear the end results of this.

Mercury had to say this final bit of information to the Roman Emperor—tentatively if he had to—, especially because it was the entire turning point of the mission.

"Eduardo became absolutely monstrous in power. He emanated excess…aura…" Mercury made a hand gesture that encircled across his whole body, "…and used it to create fire, lift objects without so much as touching them, and more. He saved his two friends, had me knocked out cold and nailed onto the same wooden stake that I intended those three to die on. He took back his device from me with force and single-handedly killed my legion, transparent to the injuries that I noticed he sustained from my army's attacks."

Claudius analyzed the information told to him without great nonchalance. "Do you still remember the letter you wrote to him three years ago?" He said without shock.

"You mean the one where you ordered me to allegedly claim that I killed his parents?" Mercury recalled the letter easily.

Claudius simply nodded, remaining stagnant on his throne.

"Yes, I remember that letter, and I myself was almost killed when I confronted him and he recognized me by name alone." Mercury then pointed out the wounds he sustained on his right eye—or lack of—and the holes on the palms of his hands and the holes on his feet. "He could've killed me vindictively, but he somehow bypassed my lie about killing his family."

"How did he realize your lie?" Claudius was curious to this particular bit of information.

"I'm assuming he sensed it when I was panicking at dying by his hands," Mercury felt no loss of dignity when he was under my choice of keeping or losing his life, nor did he feel as if he was acting against orders—because he never was.

"So what's your conclusion on your assigned mission?" Claudius asked this question, with the answer already known.

"The mission was a failure," Mercury's decision was unanimous. "I failed with the main objective of retrieving the device, and lost my entire legion, when Eduardo dumped them into the water and fed them to the sharks."

"I see…" Claudius understood the reasons for Mercury's decision and felt as if he has heard enough information from a failed mission.

"May I say a few things?" Mercury realized something and wanted answers.

"You may," Claudius concisely responded.

"Where'd you get information on Eduardo's device from?" Mercury wondered.

"…I have my sources," Claudius said vaguely, pausing to revolve the wine in his chalice.

Mercury didn't say anything else otherwise relating to that information. Instead, he awaited further orders, like the loyal subordinate that he is. "What are your next orders for me?" Mercury said faithfully.

Claudius gave little thought to Mercury's next choice of action, "You should go to the sanatorium and get yourself properly medicated for your injuries."

"Thank you, you're Highness," Mercury said, bowing down respectfully to his superior once more, and then exited the Throne Room to go to Rome's sanatorium.

The Roman Emperor Claudius was left alone on his throne, with the only sounds audible emanating from the feeble gusts of wind that found their way within the palace. However, a few seconds after, a sound was audible, and that sound was faint cackling from Claudius.

"That mission was no failure. The S1-GS device was only a decoy for a more favorable objective." Claudius soliloquized and smirked slightly, before drinking the remainder of his wine and placing the empty chalice on the floor. "Eduardo has begun to awaken his long dormant powers."

It was only then that something unusual can be identified from Claudius. From within his eyes, existed something incredibly abnormal.

Both of his eye sockets had two irises in one.

"My plan, it's coming together accordingly," Claudius soliloquized sinisterly.

7.3: A Fight with Fiction

Location: 28°N, 34°E

Date: September 6th, 50 A.D.

Time: 6:06 PM

Eduardo's Age: 17 years, 8 months, 5 days

I've spent more than a year traveling across the world, seeing multiple extraordinary sights along my travels, coming across multiple items as well—which I've stored away within my S1-GS device.

I was currently looking for a good place to rest for the night, and for some reason, I now found myself lost and unable to accurately pinpoint my current location.

I spent a few more minutes walking across the unknown area that I was in at the moment, a wide open field with assorted hills and shallow, sandy dunes. During this time, I reviewed how much my Elemental Aura abilities have matured, as well as any helpful characteristics that can aid or harm me as well, that I've discovered during this time.

I recalled how my aura, though plentiful and powerful, is finite and does need time to recharge. It doesn't need a lot of time to recharge fully—usually in a few minutes under normal conditions—but it does recharge nevertheless.

Also, I've learned how to have my aura emanate from specific areas on my body, such as my hands and feet, so as to maximize efficiency without excessive use by having myself glow all over my body. To further maximize the partial Elemental Aura use, I've also learned how to use two or more different elemental aura abilities simultaneously.

I've even learned a few new Elemental Aura abilities in particular: Brown (Earth) Aura, Light Green (Wind) Aura, and Dark Green (Nature) Aura.










"(How far do these Elemental Aura powers go in terms of stalwartness…)" I thought to myself with every new characteristic added to its repertoire.

Now I thought about my current journey and the answers that I've been searching for. I thought about the two things that I wanted answers to: the characteristics that set me apart from normality—my 10,000 I.Q., my Elemental Aura, etc.—and the person(s) responsible for my parent's death.

So far, I've found no answers or guides along my travels. The only thing that I did find was widespread news about me. To whichever city that I went throughout my travels, I was instantly recognized as two things only: a god or a devil.

When recognized as a god, I was treated like a celebrity, or even a savior. I was given numerous items, such as weaponry, armor, and jewelry, as offerings to myself—which I appreciated and took as my own, some of the items being forced onto me.

When recognized as a devil, I received much the same treatment that I received when I was about to leave the village. I was the target of riots, hunters, and even assassins—all of which were itching to kill me. However, try as they might, they never managed to kill me, despite numerous encounters with these professional killers.

I was beginning to doubt if I could die, since I seem to survive some severe, life-threatening trauma. I've had the skin of my back whipped off—and the valley of repulsive scars to prove it. I've been nailed to a wooden stake by my hands and feet—with a second collection of skin-surface veins on my hands and feet forming and encircling the area where the nail used to be. And I've even been shot in the stomach with a Ballista round and had six swords stabbed onto my back.

This added to my list of pseudo-normality.

"(Am I able to die?)" I pondered this question like a broken track record in my head.

A few more minutes later of walking, I found myself on a small hill, with a large solitary tree on the top. Along with the sunset of this evening, I felt as though this was the perfect place to rest for the night.

Once I was on top of the hill, I felt like checking my current position on this world. I used a brand new trinket of mine, which I classified as the S2-PTSDO device—The "PTSDO" part of "S2-PTSDO" is an acronym, standing for "Portable Two Screen Digital Omni-computer". This was the second of my "S-Rank" inventions, and just like the S1-GS device on me, it is superior in its functions and use.

When manufacturing this complicated piece of hardware a while ago, I recalled how Costas and Ian would want me to give the S2-PTSDO a nickname—if they were here albeit. I did give it a simple nickname though: "Different System", because of how different it is to anything else in this time period, or what I've manufactured.

To describe the design of the S2-PTSDO briefly, I saw it in a dream. (No surprises there…) And within my dream, I saw this same type of device announced in a large, luminous room, with tons of people inside. I saw one man in particular proclaim this handheld system, the "Nintendo DS" as it was called, and the design alone inspired me to create the S2-PTSDO device.

I don't know what this "Nintendo DS" was originally intended to do because I woke up soon after.

What the S2-PTSDO device is—if put simply enough—, is a powerful "omni-computer" that easily goes above and beyond the computers and technological devices that exist in the modern day. It's overall more superior than 100,000 supercomputers combined—thanks to the elaborate circuitry of nanotech within it—and is small enough to fit in the pocket of your pants—but I don't keep it there. It runs on self-recharging batteries, so power isn't an issue in this time period, and is equally made of the same indestructible and versatile shell as that of the S1-GS device, as well as the two internal screens and complicated internal circuitry.

Its basic form of operation is through the touch screen that's on the bottom of the two screens. However, voice activation is an acceptable substitute.

I can also create new programs for it in the form of chips, as well as new appearances for it—possible with built-in interchangeable technology—with the slightly larger chips. (The Nintendo DS's Game Cards and Nintendo GBA's Game Cartridges are the real-world equivalents of these two chips.)

The S2-PTSDO device is currently, strange as it seems, in a prototype state. It's actually a highly complicated work of machinery, even by my standards, that still needs some refining, updating, fine tuning, and evolving especially. I'm able to add new programs to the S2-PTSDO device itself instead of to the chips that it reads, but that would involve an excessive amount of work that only gets little results, like building a deck of cards during an earthquake.

Overall, I'd say that it's an extremely reliable tool in my arsenal, but I need to repair its few remaining flaws within it. I need to alter the overall programming to have the S2-PTSDO device not need the chips anymore—mostly by intending to have it analyze and duplicate data perfectly and use it at my will. I also need to create a few more methods of operation to it instead of touch screen and voice activation. Finally, as an added touch, I should create a program to allow it to link with other devices, and have it manipulate them, store their data, or assimilate their information and function, so as to have a universal device that can do virtually everything, emphasizing the "Omni-computer" part of the device's name.

It just can't download the function of the S1-GS device because that exotic device isn't completely technological.

I'd say that I'm close to overcoming all of these flaws, though.

I also have manufactured a second holster/shoulder strap for it as well—just like for the S1-GS device—, for easier convenience of utilizing the S2-PTSDO device, as well as the chips that unlock its potential.

It looks just like the holster/shoulder strap for the S1-GS device, but it has three main changes to it. Firstly, it has enough storage space within the torso section of the holster/shoulder strap that I can conveniently store dozens of the chips that I've made for quick use. Secondly, the holster for the S2-PTSDO device is horizontal, rectangular, and comfortably holds it for quick use. Thirdly, I have it strapped in the opposite manner of the S1-GS device.

The S1-GS device's holster/shoulder strap is strapped from my left shoulder to my right side, while the holster/shoulder strap for my S2-PTSDO device is strapped from my right shoulder to my left side. The belts from both of them purposefully connect together, so two different belts halves make one whole belt.

"(It shouldn't take much longer for you to become the device that I always intended you to be,)" I thought about the S2-PTSDO device while navigating through its immense listings of different and organized functions, and eventually setting it for the GPS mode.

I took the two corresponding chips, one small and one large, from the holster/shoulder strap respective to my S2-PTSDO device and inserted them in the appropriate slots on my device. Within an instant, the S2-PTSDO device began to transform, having its individual parts move and change shape in the process.

In little time, I held in my hands, a GPS device on steroids…nanotech steroids. All that the S2-PTSDO device was now is a round piece of tech with a round touch-operated screen on the surface, with everything that a GPS unit possesses, and a setting on it that allows it to revert back to basic form.

Using my fingernail—so as to not smudge the screen with my fingerprints—, I tapped the screen where needed to get myself to a mode where a computerized image of the whole world was viewable on the screen. The device emitted powerful, inaudible, low-frequency sound waves that stretched for dozens of miles across the surroundings—similar to what elephants do—, using sensitive equipment to detect where the sounds traveled and reflected off of, creating a detailed image of the world around me.

"(Where am I now, Different System?)" I thought before tapping the icon where the S2-PTSDO device would pinpoint its current location, as well as the location of the person holding the device.

"…28°N…34°E…" The S2-PTSDO quickly concluded on my current location, and then zoomed in on the area of land nearby me within a 1000km radius. A red target mark appeared on the precise location of the coordinates given.

I was on the bottom tip of a triangle-shaped peninsula, one which connected Egypt and Saudi Arabia together.

"…" I chose to sit down about thirty feet away from the tree, eyeing the screen's image dubiously.

I knew that the S2-PTSDO device wasn't malfunctioning—mostly because I built it. I was just questioning myself as to how I got here, to the point where I had to simply walk across the coastline to get back home after more than a year of banishment.

"(How'd I end up nearby my village, of all places…)" I thought while setting the S2-PTSDO device to revert back to its clamshell, two-screen appearance, and then removing the chips before placing all three units back in their respective places.

I pulled out the S1-GS device from my right holster and then demanded a Starf Berry—my favorite Berry—and a cutting knife. All I had to do now was turn the button upside down, press the button on the device's center and then I had both items come out in an instant. I put the S1-GS device away and retrieved my selected items.

And as I proceeded to cut a slice of Starf Berry, I heard a low growling sound nearby me.

I paused before cutting the Starf Berry. "(Damn…)" I thought, "(I must really be hungry.)"

Once more, I was about to cut a slice of the Starf Berry when I heard that same growling sound once more, and it was only then that I realized two things: I wasn't hungry to the point of my stomach growling at me and threatening me to feed it, and the growling was coming from my right side.

Looking to my right side, I noticed an unusual little creature adjacent to me, a creature that could only be found around the areas of Central America, Mexico, and northern South America. It was a mid-sized green lizard with small spines protruding down its backline, and noticeably large-sized scales on its lower jaws.

It was a green iguana.

(From baby to adult, the green iguana can grow from 1' to 7' in length, with two-thirds of their length placed mostly on their tails. They reside in warmer, somewhat tropical areas from Mexico to South America, and are almost completely herbivorous. They are commonly eaten in their habitat by people, and yet they are also the most popular lizard that is kept as a pet.)

"What are you doing here?" I said to it, pondering how a green iguana was residing in this area and not Mexico or South America.

It continued growling at me, and seemed to take an obvious interest to the Starf Berry that I was holding in my hand.

I could tell by its interest to the Starf Berry in my hand that it was hungry. Since I had more than enough food in my S1-GS device—as well as a deep admiration to both animals and nature—, I decided to give it the Starf Berry. "You must be starving if you're residing within that tiny tree behind me," I said to it before holding the Starf Berry nearby its face.

Slowly, but without fear or second thoughts, the green iguana stopped growling and gently grabbed the Starf Berry with its mouth. It set the Starf Berry down on the ground immediately, not deciding to move from its current location. It placed its nose on the unusual fruit, sniffed it briefly, licked at it for about ten seconds, and then began to nibble at it.

"You've never had a Berry like that before," I said when the iguana began to eat the Starf Berry. "And I should know, because I've gene-spliced that Berry in my old laboratory."

I continued to watch the iguana eat the Starf Berry in little bites. It took that iguana about a minute to finally finish eating the Starf Berry I gave it, and then it looked back at me, growling at me for seconds.

I could tell that it wasn't growling in an aggressive manner, but in a begging manner. "Do you want another one?" I said to the hungry green lizard.

It continued growling at me for another Starf Berry.

Since I was still holding the cutting knife in my hand, I placed it briefly on the "X" that my shoulder straps were forming, and then I retrieved the S1-GS device once more. As I was about to request another Starf Berry for my green scaly friend beside me, more green iguanas appeared in front of me.

Now there were five of them, and two of them clung onto the fabric of the clothing on my back with its sharp claws. They were all eager for the Berry fruit that I had to offer, and not just the green iguanas.

As I was about to order more Berries for the five green iguanas, five more animals showed up for the feast, and these five were able to fly. They had white feathers, were mid-sized, and had crests on the tops of their heads that change in position with its mood.

These five other animals were white cockatoos, parrots that are exclusive to Australia.

(White Cockatoos are native to Australia, as well as other species of popular domesticated parrots, such as cockatiels and budgerigars. White cockatoos are favored as pets for their proficient ability to "talk", as well as their longevity and personality.)

Before I knew it, I had three white cockatoos on me, one on each of my shoulders, and one on my head. Two more were right beside me, perched on some nonchalant green iguanas. They all seemed really eager for whatever Berries that I had to feed them, and I had an extensive surplus of them.

"…" Now I had to change my ordering plan again, but I didn't mind because I had a tendency to grow more Berries than I could devour within the S1-GS device. "S1-GS withdrawal: a straw basket, filled to the brim with assorted Berries."

I pressed the center button of the S1-GS device and held it upside down once open. The straw basket was the first item to come out, as I ordered it to, and then numerous assorted Berries came out in tandem. I closed the S1-GS once the basket was full of assorted Berries and then placed the device away in my right holster. I quickly placed the basket of assorted Berries on my lap, and then the ten exotic animals nearby me began to devour the fruit happily.

I retrieved the cutting knife on me and grabbed one of the oversized Berries that they would have difficulty biting off, such as the Watmel Berry. I fed sliced bits of it to whichever animal nearby desired a piece of it. Half of each lizard and bird group preferred eating the smaller, bite-sized Berries, while the other half seemed to favor the slices of Berries that I was cutting with my cutting knife.

Overall, they were eating their fill, and enjoying every little bite.

Minutes went by for the iguanas and cockatoos to finish the entire fruit basket. I helped by eating a few of the Berries myself, feeling somewhat famished as well, and then I returned the basket and the cutting knife into the S1-GS device.

The ten animals nearby me however, they didn't leave. I assumed that they would because they were only attracted to the Berries that I had with me. The green iguanas were either on me or physically next to me, absorbing my body heat in the process—being cold-blooded after all—and the white cockatoos were chirping amongst themselves and on my shoulders and head. They were even chirping respectfully around me and were doing so that it wasn't a massive earache to my hyper-sensitive ears.

This left me to ponder to myself and see if there's a connection to this abnormality.

"(What are these animals doing here, far away from their respective habitats, and in the middle of nowhere?)" I pondered while looking at them and their behavior, mentally-questioning their presence here. "(They would've never reached this area. White cockatoos lack the flight endurance to fly from Australia to here, even if they miraculously took breaks when they reached subsequent islands. And green iguanas can't reach here on foot either because they would have to travel north from their respective habitats, where the harsh tundra conditions of Canada and Alaska would quickly freeze them to death.)"

As I continued to ponder how these two different, yet exotic species of birds and lizards reached this area, I paid absolutely no attention as to what was approaching me from behind, where the tree behind me is.

Whatever it was, it was a massive creature that was flying here with its large wings.

"(What are the odds that these two creatures here are also my favorite species of birds and lizards as well…)" I continued to ponder over the unorthodox and perplexing phenomenon presented onto me. "(I've only grown to adore these two species after my departure from the village, and I've never told my personal information to anyone between then and now. No one could know of this because I've never told anyone of this.)"

Whatever was behind me was closing its distance between itself and me quickly. It most likely had malicious intentions directed towards me.

My super-sensitive sense of hearing allowed me to hear very faint sounds of wings flapping from behind me. I knew that it wasn't anything small because each wing beat was too chronologically distant from the one before it, and each one was able to cause powerful downward gusts of wind to keep itself afloat.

The panicked reactions of the animals on me followed after two seconds of my aural detection of faint wing beats. The white cockatoos flew away and the green iguanas scurried away as if their lives depended on it.

As I noticed them traveling farther and farther away in a hurry, I was beginning to feel moderate anxiety.

"(Is this…a trap?)"

I knew that the answer to that question rests on whatever was approaching from behind me that caused panic to the animals and caused them to leave instinctively. Reluctantly, I looked behind me to see what was approaching, and as I did, I felt my heart frightfully drop anchor to my feet when I saw what was approaching me.

A fifteen-foot-long winged lizard was coming towards me. It had a night black color to its entire body—except its underbelly scales, undersides of its maliciously clawed hands and feet, and wing skin, which was an oxymoronic white. The spines sticking out of its back were stout and menacing, along with the clawed pointed wingtips and sharp talons for feet. Its face was repulsive to look at, especially with teeth similar to those of a goblin shark—pointed forward as if stretching out of the mouth—, scales on the sides of its jaws that stretched to the back to its neck, and blood-shot eyes with a menacing ash-black color to them—like my own coincidentally.

I knew that by the time that I could tell its eye color was when I was too close for comfort to it. Once I saw it breathe fire—a favored cliché for dragons—, I reacted almost instinctively and used what now became second nature to me: Elemental Aura.

I quickly had both of my hand's second vein network flash brown and instantly had my hands willfully emanate Brown (Earth) Aura. With this, I thought "(Terra Bulwark!)" and quickly raised both brown glowing hands in the air.

In an instant, a large wall of rock, as wide as a soccer game's goal field and as thick as a brick wall, shot up four feet in front of me, with the intention of protecting me against most frontal attacks.

"(Is that a…dragon?)" I thought with shock at what was flying towards me.

What I wasn't able to see next was this. The "dragon" breathed a powerful stream of fire that shot straight at my Terra Bulwark and engulfed the tiny tree between us in a crossfire. The fire burned the tree to a crisp and set some of the grass on the hill ablaze with fire. The "dragon" continued to breathe fire, albeit it stopped once it got closer to me. It then curled in its wings and made like a hawk and dive bombed right through the Terra Bulwark that I had erected using Brown (Earth) Aura.

The "dragon" didn't stop there after shattering the Terra Bulwark. It slammed into me head first and sent me flying while simultaneously stunned.

I flew back about 100 feet, skipping like a throwing stone in the pond. Once I stopped skipping uncontrollably, I found myself on my back, not in pain, but a bit sore howbeit, thinking "(This is a dragon!)" in amazement and fear. I knew that dragons are oversized winged lizards capable of fire and flight, and that the creature that I'm fighting at the moment is in fact, a dragon.

The dragon—now confirmed as one—came out of its dive bomb state and flew upward. It stopped flying upward once it noticed me almost directly below it, and then it dive bombed at me again, confident that I couldn't evade this attack because I was on my back and appeared weak.

"(Oh shit!)" I thought at the sight of a fifteen-foot-long dragon attempting to dive bomb me again. Quickly, I clapped my hands seeped with Brown (Earth) Aura and thought "(Terra Pyramid!)" before four triangle-shaped walls of rock erected themselves at will and formed a hollow pyramid about ten feet in diameter and height.

The hostile dragon didn't see this as much protection, especially since it shattered the Terra Bulwark with itself and its momentum earlier. It continued to dive bomb at me without second thoughts and slammed onto the Terra Pyramid, shattering it instantly with both of its front feet. Thinking that I was underneath the protective Terra Pyramid, the dragon smirked evilly. Unfortunately, when the dragon steeped back to see what state I was in, it was in for a surprise.

Upon stepping back, it noticed that I was no longer where it thought I was. The only thing that showed signs of my presence was the deep hole in the earth that matched my outline. Before the dragon could examine that hole in the earth, it heard rumbling about fifty feet away.

I shot out of the ground fist first and with a spinning uppercut before landing on my two feet on the surface of the earth. "(What a relief that I used Terra Merge to escape possible damage,)" I thought safely before facing the hostile dragon that apparently wants to kill me.

I could see it snarl and growl maliciously at my presence. It positioned its front feet and hind feet, as well as it dropped its front half and raised its back half, in preparation to charge at me at full speed. Its wings were tucked in as well, which signified that it was going to charge with no intention of unnecessary wind drag.

I was still feeling trepidation at this powerful creature, but I wasn't going to let that same trepidation abate me and cause me to run, because I knew that this dragon would easily follow me.

I dissipated my Brown (Earth) Aura and then took out my S1-GS device from my right holster, but with no intentions of assimilating the hostile dragon within this device, especially since it would no longer be killed within it because of the recently-installed Animal's Survival Program—ASP for short.

"(I wonder if it would've been smarter of me to wait until a more proper time to install the ASP program within the S1-GS device,)" I pondered. "(…perhaps not, since I've got more than enough options to kill this dragon before it kills me.)"

The dragon could've chosen to charge at me at any time, but seemed to wait for a more appropriate time, especially since it noticed the S1-GS device and was feeling unusual cautiousness about its presence.

"S1-GS withdrawal:" I held the device near my mouth when speaking to it for my order, "Penta-dent Mark II and Gauntlet Shield."

I pressed the button in the center and held the device above my head. I had both ordered items shoot out of the S1-GS device's black hole center and about twenty feet in the air. Quickly, I placed the S1-GS device away in my right holster and caught both weapons when they came back down to me.

I placed the Gauntlet Shield—which aside from its first function as a standard gauntlet, has a small hemisphere on the left side of the gauntlet area for where the compacted shield can fully extend in an instant for defense—on my left arm and I twirled the Penta-dent Mark II—which is a fusion of both the double-bladed sword and the Penta-dent that I used to fight the Roman Soldier before he knocked me out with my liquid anesthetic—skillfully with my right hand.

"I don't know or care if you can understand what I've to say or not, but you're the first being to see these two new weapons of mine," I spoke to the dragon with a higher volume voice.

The dragon continued to snarl as if it were a wolf, waiting for the proper time to charge and attack. It didn't seem to care if I was saying anything to it, or cursing at it, which didn't accurately present the fact that it could understand me or not.

"I'll enjoy decapitating you with these new weapons of mine," I smirked smugly while speaking to the dragon.

As if it could understand me, it grew pissed off at my smug choice of actions and instead of charging towards me at full speed, it inhaled deeply and exhaled more fire at me.

I saw the stream of fire coming towards me and didn't flinch at the sight of an ominously large fireball closing in on me. All I did to counter this searing attack was raise my left arm in front of me, the one with the Gauntlet Shield on it.

The instant that I performed this action, the tiny hemisphere on the Gauntlet Shield quickly utilized its second function. It evolved into a "+" shape that stretched as long as I am tall between each two ends of its shape. In another instant, that same "+" shape evolved further into the overall shield that was expected of it. The Gauntlet Shield can best be compared to that of a Spartan's shield, only that it's slightly larger, made of the very same material that the shells of my S1-GS device and S2-PTSDO device are made of, and has a third and fourth function that makes it more than just a defensive weapon.

The fire made contact with the shield, albeit the shield was too stalwart for the fire to overcome. The fire simply spread out adjacent to the shield, but not through, where I was behind. It didn't even overheat, despite the time spent immersed in fire.

Once the dragon ran out of breath, it stopped shooting fire and realized partially that its fire-breathing was going to go nowhere fast because of my Gauntlet Shield, which still retained its luminous surface after the powerful stream of fire.

Quickly, my Gauntlet Shield re-formed the "+" shape, and then went back into that small hemisphere on the left side of the Gauntlet area. "No good," I said with another smug grin that I had every right to be made.

The dragon now grew gradually furious and began to charge at me with zero warning. I could see a powerfully-repulsive face of hate and vindictiveness coming towards me, even though its face was hard to look at to begin with.

"(One step forward, ten steps back…)" I thought while now having my right hand emanate Light Green (Wind) Aura. I focused that aura onto my Penta-dent Mark II by twirling the weapon expertly across my right hand's wrist. Once enough of the energy has transferred into the Penta-dent Mark II, I simply grasped it again with my right hand and held it in a position where I was going to swing it.

The dragon was closing the fifty foot gap between us and near striking distance of me.

"(Aero Knockback!)" I gave one mighty and wide horizontal swing of the Penta-dent Mark II and immediately, a massive gale of air shot out forward and quickly made contact with the hostile dragon. It was carried back via air across the distance equal to that of a football field, where it stopped going further backwards by digging its claws into the soil, as if they were anchors on a boat.

The dragon didn't hesitate to charge once more at me after stopping from sliding further back, and especially since the Aero Knockback technique that I used was only meant to be used as it is mentioned, a knockback technique.

For my next plan of action, I dissipated my Light Green (Wind) Aura and now began to emanate Orange (Melee) Aura all across from my waistline to my toes. To add to that, I made my right hand emanate Purple (Psychic) Aura, and used telekinesis—or Psycho Control as I decided to call it since it is connected to my Purple (Psychic) Aura—to cause the Penta-dent Mark II to hover about five feet away from my hand. "(I should end this now! Martial Charge!)"

With the power of the Orange (Melee) Aura surging across my legs, as well as the Martial Charge boosting my overall physical power and endurance, I found myself running at 70 mph easily, with my legs moving at high speeds.

The dragon saw its target closing in fast and shot more fire at me as it was charging as well.

"You're fire-breathing again?" I said before raising my left arm and having the Gauntlet Shield quickly create its large shield to easily defend against the fire entirely. Once the fire stopped, I purposely didn't have the shield disappear again. Instead, I had six-inch spikes shoot out from the outside edges of the shield, and then with a mechanism in the gauntlet, caused the shield to spin madly like an oversized buzz-saw—the third function of the Gauntlet Shield.

Once I found myself on the left side of the dragon, I knew that there was no time to lose, especially since the dragon may quickly turn around and attack at close-range. I turned off the Orange (Melee) Aura because my need for it is fulfilled, and with Psycho Control, I threw the Penta-dent Mark II over the dragon's back and had it levitate nearby the right side of the oversized beast. Next, with incredible synchronicity, I began slashing away at the dragon with the Gauntlet Shield and the Penta-dent Mark II began to spin horizontally, slashing at the dragon's right side with each end of the weapon, quickly so that I maximize damage before the dragon can retaliate.

The dragon screeched in pain with enough volume to give me an earache. It can feel the flesh on the sides of its abdomen fall apart with each and every painful slash of my Penta-dent Mark II and Gauntlet Shield, as well as the blood empting out of each cut copiously. Despite its thick hide reducing damage to its sides, it knew that unless it counterattacked quickly enough, it would most likely endure severe damage.

As I continued to slash hastily at the scaly hide of the dragon with my Gauntlet Shield, I noticed that the dragon's head was getting close to attacking me. I could see it open its mouth and bear menacingly its grotesque forward-pointed teeth to me, as if it were about to chomp me, or burn me, to death.

"(You're not sinking your teeth in me!)" I thought before having myself glow completely in Orange (Melee) Aura, preparing myself for a counter-counterattack.

In doing so, the Penta-dent Mark II stopped spinning as well—since there was no longer a telekinetic force keeping it afloat—and fell to the floor. My Gauntlet shield stopped spinning as well, under my intentions.

"(Martial Barrage!)" I thought and then swatted the dragon's head away powerfully with the center of the Gauntlet Shield's oversized shield, hearing a stifled gong sound in the process. However, that was only the beginning of a brutal combo aimed solely at its head.

Following up on the attack that stunned it, I gave it a right hook, and then bashed its head upward with the Gauntlet Shield—the spiked end—shutting its mouth and giving it a hole below its chin that it could feel with its tongue.

Next, being the oddball that I am, I jumped to reach its head, turned myself upside-down, and then gave four clockwise upside-down roundhouse kicks to its right jaw, dislocating it significantly with cumulative damage. Once I fell back down to the ground in the same upside-down position that I was in, I jumped back up again with my right arm—thanks to the strength that the Orange (Melee) Aura has granted me with.

Once I was level with its head, I did two front-flips with the Gauntlet Shield's spiked tips striking and stabbing brutally across the skull of the dragon's head, deep enough to pierce its skin, but not quite enough to pierce its skull.

Finally, as a multi-part finisher, I positioned myself horizontal, struck the dragon's skull with a downward swipe of the Gauntlet Shield's smooth surface, turned counter-clockwise across my axis to punch it in the same place, turned further counter-clockwise and positioned my body for two final sequential axe kicks to its skull.

The dragon, with its bruised and bloody head, dislocated jaw, pierced lower mouth, and a significant head injury that limited its reaction potential to near nothing, was only able to see my next two attacks coming down on its skull.

I channeled my current Orange (Melee) Aura into my legs to guarantee that these two axe kick attacks become decisive, and then struck hard and true with them both sequentially, straight onto the dragon's nose. Both axe kicks collapsed the dragon's snout downward, and the second axe kick sent the dragon's head down onto the earth with enough force to crater the ground that its head impacted, as well as partially burying its head into the dirt.

I landed about three feet away from its head and dissipated my Orange (Melee) Aura. Once the dragon collapsed onto the floor, I felt as though the dragon could no longer fight back. I now took this time to examine the damage that I caused on it.

"(I obviously tore into the left side of its abdomen, despite its thick hide,)" I examined the left side of its abdomen, seeing blood stain its black scaly hide significantly.

I then noticed my Penta-dent Mark II stabbed into the ground when it fell from my telekinetic grip.

"(I know that I carved into its right abdomen as well, due to the blood on the blades of my Penta-dent Mark II)."

I made my shield compact itself to its stubby hemisphere form on the left side of my Gauntlet Shield and then I had my right hand emanate Purple (Psychic) Aura. In an instant, my Penta-dent Mark II was imbued in Purple (Psychic) Aura and it quickly came back to my hand, where I twirled it expertly before gripped the weapon securely and dissipating my Purple (Psychic) Aura.

Now I looked at the damage I caused on the dragon's head, feeling absolutely no regret or remorse to it. "(A few puncture wounds exposing the skull, a hole on its lower jaw that can allow its tongue to touch its neck, a dislocated jaw, a collapsed snout, a concussion, and enough blood loss to cause a slow death,)" I gave one last sweep of my eyes across both majorly wounded areas, seeing how life-threatening they were to the dragon. "(You might as well be dead now, but to guarantee that…)"

I twirled the Penta-dent Mark II in my hand until the dual-bladed sword end was pointing downward, and then positioned myself into a standby battle stance, with the sword tip of the Penta-dent Mark II aimed straight at the dragon's exposed neck.

"(…I'll just have to decapitate—)" I stopped soliloquizing when I felt something abnormal on my right ankle.

I looked down gradually until I was able to see my right ankle. To my surprise, the dragon's tail had found its way around my ankle and was now wrapped three times over on my ankle. I knew what was coming next, and I wasn't too pleased about it because the dragon was still alive, and likely vindictively malicious at the injuries I gave it.

"(*Sigh*)" Was all that I was able to do before I was brutally yanked off my feet by the dragon's tail. The first yank was enough to dislocate my right femur from my pelvis, as well as force me to drop my Penta-dent Mark II.

"(Dammit! My leg's dislocated!)" I thought when I felt my right femur bone dislocate from its socket on my pelvis.

In an instant, I knew now that the only things holding my entire right leg onto me were three things: my skin, my muscle tissue, and my tendons. Unfortunately, all three of them were gradually growing more damaged when the dragon decided to slam me onto the ground repeatedly—and darkly comically.

"Oof! (Why didn't I…) Oof! (Just cut off…) Oof! (It's head…) Oof! (When I had…) Oof! (The freaking chance…) Oof! (To do so) Oof!" I thought, with unrestrained "Oof!" sounds when the dragon slammed me onto the ground, causing air to squeeze out of my lungs abnormally, and my right thigh to ache considerably more, since it continued to unnaturally bend like rubber.

The dragon continued to slam me onto the ground uninterruptedly and relentlessly with its unusually powerful and dexterous tail, hoping that I would fall unconscious from either the pain or the shock of hitting solid earth at such a high speed and consistency. Its face—though marred, bloody, broken, and swollen—is showing obvious signs of rage and vindictiveness, as only a dragon can demonstrate.

After a minute of constant pummeling of my physical being, try as it might, to the dragon's surprise, it couldn't kill me with the brute force that its tail had in each of its vertebrae. It wasn't even able to knock me out unconscious, especially since I was taking considerable damage to my entire body.

"(I can't…) Oof! (Afford to…) Oof! (Fall unconscious…) Oof! (In this fight) Oof!" I used pure willpower to keep myself from fainting, as well as pure endurance to mentally abate the pain of distorting muscle from my leg.

The dragon's face continued to grow more disturbing as my body simultaneously continued to grow cumulatively more bruised and battered. When the dragon's tail was beginning to fatigue, I managed to catch brief glimpses of the dragon's disposition after each increasingly distant brutal hit onto the hard, unforgiving earth.

What I saw was somewhat disturbing.

"(I never would've thought that I'd…) Oof! (See something more hideous than…) Oof! (The ubiquitous scars on my back…) Oof! (On the face of an animal like this one) Oof!" I had almost forgotten about the omnipresent physical pain that I was currently enduring while seeing such an unsettling countenance on the dragon.

Seconds after the soliloquy of how repulsive the dragon's face was compared to my back—as well as the uncountable body slams onto the ground via dragon's tail—, I found myself both surprised and in more pain when the dragon hoisted me high in the air. My whole body was now reluctantly tugging against my dislocated leg because of gravity, and I began to question the likelihood of keeping my leg if I survive this fight.

But that was only because I wasn't given the chance to use my Green (Healing) Aura, due to being treated like a rag doll.

I looked down, from this height, to the dragon's head, noticing how disturbing it still was before my ash-black eyes, as well as noticing that the dragon was looking straight at me. To add to that, I noticed that it's countenance was not only horrifying, but annoyed and enraged as well.

"(I wonder if this lizard on steroids is annoyed at my unnatural and extraordinary resilience…)" I pondered while upside down and hanging on by the weakened flesh of my dislocated right leg.

The dragon struggled significantly to open its jaw. Before my eyes, it seemed as though it was fighting against itself, where it was simultaneously trying to open and close its jaw. However, the dragon did succeed in its own fight to open its jaw, and despite dislocation, it was able to open its jaw wide.

Seeing this, two thoughts quickly popped into my head.

I thought that the dragon would either devour me whole, or burn me to a crisp at pointblank range. Either way, I wanted no part of either of the two predictions of what the dragon would do to me, for now I was given a much sought-after opportunity of escape.

"(At last, an opening!)" I thought before quickly aiming the Gauntlet Shield at the base of the dragon's tail, and instantly having the oversized shield form fully, spikes and all.

However, the dragon didn't want me to do what it thought I'd do, which was cut off its tail within my reach. To prevent this, it lunged at me with its head, and actually clamped its dislocated jaw right onto my shield, almost scratching my shoulder in the process with its bare teeth, and repairing its collapsed snout. Its dental grip was so strong that I wasn't able to shake it off by having my Gauntlet Shield gyrate in a buzz-saw manner. The motor within the mechanism doesn't possess enough torque to free my Gauntlet Shield.

"You're beginning to piss me off!" I shouted at the hostile dragon when the buzz-saw mechanism failed to remove the dragon's stalwart grip. However, I wouldn't give up after this failed attempt, and I quickly pondered my next attempt at escape, and this one involved visualization with my mind.

I closed my eyes and had my head emanate Purple (Psychic) Aura. In doing so, I was able to concentrate and cancel out the outside world into pitch-black nothingness. The only objects that remained within that blackness were the dragon, the Penta-dent Mark II stabbed into the earth, the Gauntlet Shield, and I.

I focused my telekinetic abilities onto my Penta-dent Mark II and had it rise into the air, unnoticed by the dragon, which was too preoccupied with clamping its jaws onto my Gauntlet Shield and holding on tightly.

However, a clamp only works if both halves are present, and if either one of those halves are missing—or severed—, then the clamp is rendered completely useless.

With this in mind, I had my Penta-dent Mark II suddenly spin all around us as if it were the moon revolving around Earth, never losing track of its position for even a second. When the timing was right and the opening exposed and vulnerable, I delivered my indirect attack.


The Penta-dent Mark II struck a certain area of the Gauntlet Shield, creating the hollow-sounding gong that was heard earlier, which didn't deter me a bit, since I purposely made it do so. Thankfully, since both weapons were made with the same incredible material that both the S1-GS device and S2-PTSDO device have, the Penta-dent Mark II simply bounced off without damage to either weapon. It fell to the ground on its side, along with something else, something that belonged to the dragon.

Its entire lower jaw, tongue included.

The dragon, despite its repulsive countenance, was showing pure shock. Its eyes were opened so wide that it was entirely possible for its eyes to pop out of their socket.

I had already dissipated my Purple (Psychic) Aura and had my eyes open. The first thing that I did was see the dragon's reaction to losing its entire lower jaw. The next thing that I did was to quickly pivot the Gauntlet Shield and hammer the dragon's head away from me because of two reasons: to get it away from me and to not see its facial countenance anymore.

The dragon seemed to partially recover from its shock, but not enough to prevent my escape.

Deciding that this was the perfect time for me to use the fourth and final function of the Gauntlet Shield, I repositioned the shield, locked-on at the base of the dragon's tail and had it spin once more in a buzz-saw manner. Finally, I literally fired the shield towards the base of the dragon's tail, instantly slicing it off and falling back down onto the earth back first.

"(What a relief to my right leg…)" I thought briefly before getting back up on my feet, but only on my left foot. The mutilated dragon tail's weight was enough to have it no longer wrap around my leg.

I knew that I was now defying normal body limits because my entire body was bruised after the pummeling I endured earlier, but not once did I let that thought hinder at my being.

I quickly hopped over to retrieve the Penta-dent Mark II and to my surprise, the dragon was still in shock and also not aware of my current actions. Perhaps it was in shock after having two parts of its body cut off, or perhaps from the massive blood loss that it was somehow enduring from.

"(What a powerful creature,)" I thought when seeing all that I've done to the dragon to try and kill it. "(I never thought that there'd be anyone…anything alive that can rival my willpower and endurance,)" I stabbed the ground with the Penta-dent Mark II and left the weapon there to my side, because I was going to need both hands for these next techniques. "(I'll have to subdue this dragon before killing it the way I had planned on doing so.)"

(My Flashback)

"I don't know or care if you can understand what I've to say or not, but you're the first being to see these two new weapons of mine," I spoke to the dragon with a higher volume voice.

The dragon continued to snarl as if it were a wolf, waiting for the proper time to charge and attack. It didn't seem to care if I was saying anything to it, or cursing at it, which didn't accurately present the fact that it could understand me or not.

"I'll enjoy decapitating you with these new weapons of mine," I smirked smugly while speaking to the dragon.

(End of My Flashback)

I began to emanate Brown (Earth) Aura on my left hand and Dark Green (Nature) Aura on my right hand, planning on using two attacks simultaneously to subdue the dragon before delivering the intended final blow.

"(Terra Suppression! Folio Entanglement!)" I thought while raising both of my glowing hands in the air, and then forcefully retracting my hands into fists.

In no time at all, chunks of earth similar to those used with Terra Pyramid shot up from the ground and around each foot of the dragon, as well as the head of the dragon, leaving it positioned level to its body, and then sealed itself all around the targeted areas to prevent movement. At the same time, vines with numerous thorns on them shot out from the ground. They stuck themselves fast on the entire physical being of the dragon, preventing escape, as well as clinging into the dragon's flesh and further making it a bloody mess.

The dragon roared in pain, and was unable to free itself with or without its capability of breathing fire.

I brought my arms down and dismissed both the Brown (Earth) Aura and the Dark Green (Nature) Aura. Then, I opened my hands, had them both emanate Purple (Psychic) Aura, and pointed their palms on my far-off weapons: my left hand aimed at the dislocated shield of my Gauntlet Shield and my right hand aimed at my Penta-dent Mark II. My Gauntlet Shield quickly regained its shield component and it deformed into the compacted hemisphere shape, and my Penta-dent Mark II planted itself onto its respective hand and I gripped it tightly.

Just before deciding to deliver the final decapitating blow, I looked at the dragon's head, noticing it struggle significantly to escape, but because of both Terra Suppression and Folio Entanglement subduing it properly, there was no chance of escape, or even mild movement. I could see it stare at me with coincidentally similar ash-black eyes, only they were blood-shot and enraged, like the rest of the dragon.

"Grr…" The dragon growled and struggled to escape, but with limited movement, its attempts was immaterial, pointless, and in vain.

"…" I didn't feel or think any remorse or mercy when the dragon looked at me, or as it continued to struggle to free itself from both of my simultaneous imprisonment techniques. I knew that it was a hostile enemy and I needed to finish it off, or be placed in eternal jeopardy.

It's all basic survival after all. Kill or be killed.

"Time to lose your head," I said before spinning the Penta-dent Mark II expertly around my right hand. As I was doing so, I had myself radiate Light Green (Wind) Aura all over my body. I planned on using my aero-kinetic abilities for my final attack.

I continued spinning the Penta-dent Mark II around my right hand and then had it spin over the top of my head. "(Aero Twister!)" I thought while channeling the wind around me to form into a twister. The speed of the wind around me easily exceeded hurricane force winds, and was easily visible by the grass and earth debris that got caught within the twister.

Grass blades and clumps of dirt revolved around me at hundreds of revolutions per minute before rising upward and falling back down where they're recaptured once more by the powerful gyrating gale. My hair, though no longer than an inch in length, was clearly being toyed with by the wind.

Using the powerful revolving gale that I've just generated, I stopped spinning the Penta-dent Mark II and used both the power of the twister and the Light Green (Wind) Aura that I was generating to literally jump into the air, just before the gale lost power and disappeared. With one leg only used to jump into the air, I was only able to jump at half of my intended height

…About 500 feet.

The dragon continued to struggle ignorantly and immaterially, and saw me rise high into the air while it was struggling to free itself. It saw me remain stationary 500 feet in mid-air, hovering menacingly above its head.

Defying gravity, I remained in mid-air until I decided to fall back down to earth. Deciding to end the dragon's life now, I grasped the Penta-dent Mark II with both hands and positioned it horizontal and with myself upside-down, as if I were an inverted helicopter.

"(Aero Pile Driver!)" I thought of my last attack before spinning rapidly like a top as I plummeted back down to Earth, with my Penta-dent Mark II at my side, held outward.

The dragon saw me come closer to reaching it and struggled harder than ever to escape, but if it wasn't for my two earlier techniques utilized to subdue its very movement, then it would've easily escaped and/or counterattacked. Perhaps if it wasn't so badly wounded, then it probably would've had more strength to escape.

All it could truly do was move its eyes and watch the last seconds of its life tick away.

Before reaching 150 feet, I was spinning incredibly fast across my own axis. Once I reached 150 feet, I managed to position myself so that I'd have the sword end of the Penta-dent Mark II exposed to be utilized. Just as well, I successfully transferred myself and my accumulated energy from spinning to front-flipping. With the Penta-dent Mark II's exposed sword end, and a stalwart gale of wind around me, I was now an unstoppable meteor of decapitation.

The dragon, try as it might, wasn't able to escape from its natural prison. Its eyes grew more blood-shot, but not from being enraged. Seeing no chance of me slowing down has made the dragon fearful for its life.

"OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" I shouted at the top of my lungs to have myself heard against the wind that I was using as I came crashing down onto the dragon, right on top of the base of its neck. Upon impact, its neck was no problem for me to cut at and was sliced clean through with very little resistance.

Purposefully, I kept going and upon crashing back down to the ground, the gale that I carried with me was so strong that it caused an eruption of dirt debris that masked the surrounding area in a cloud of dust and dirt.

I stood up immediately after crashing down. "(Aero Sphere Twister!)" I thought before channeling the wind to from a sphere twister around me, and then I dispersed it all around the area to blow away the concealing dust cloud.

With no need to use Elemental Aura at the moment, I stopped using my Light Green (Wind) Aura.

Once the dust cloud was cleared, a few things were made obvious upon first glance.

For starters, despite the impressive height that I fell from, I was still alive and standing upright, on one leg. However, the pummeling that I endured from the dragon, when it grasped my right leg with its prehensile tail, was clearly shown from the bruises that I have all over me. Also, my right femur bone has been dislocated from my pelvis and the flesh connecting them was badly manhandled.

However, that can be healed with little consequence with a few healing sessions of my Green (Healing) Aura, and a few Berry medicines as well.

As for the dragon that I fought, aside from the mutilated head and tail, it was still in a far worse, easily fatal condition than I was. The wind that came here, after I cut off its head, was powerful enough to scatter the dragon's individual body parts. The wind also shattered the Folio Entanglement and Terra Suppression techniques that I had placed on it earlier.

Its head was barbarically mangled with a collapsed snout, rent lower mouth, omni-coated bruising, mental concussion, and puncture wounds on the skull—which somehow didn't kill it immediately. Its tail was only cut off and therefore not a target for the Folio Entanglement or Terra Suppression technique that I used earlier.

Its middle area—legs, torso, and neck— was brutally slashed at from both the left and right sides when I used both of my chosen weapons to shred its abdomen.

To top it all off, all but its tail is covered with puncture wounds within every square inch of its flesh, due to the Folio Entanglement technique utilized earlier.

Still clutching the Penta-dent Mark II with an iron grip and showing only mild signs of damage, I hopped on one leg over to each of the three scattered parts of the dead dragon. I paid particular attention to the blood when examining the dragon. "(I wonder if I've committed overkill on this dragon…)" I thought when ogling the blood of the dragon. "(…No, that's immaterial. I have to remember that this was a fight to the death.)"

Easily setting aside my victory over slaying a dragon—since the basic win/lose concept matters not to me—, I decided that now was the perfect time to recuperate from my injuries.

Paying no second thoughts to this next action, I hopped over once more to the dragon's torso and actually rested my back on the underbelly of the dragon. I only felt the need to recline and remove stress on my currently functional left leg when doing so, and paid little interest of the surplus of blood that was staining my clothing, or the mere thought of doing this action in the first place.

I retrieved the S1-GS device from my right holster and added the Penta-dent Mark II and Gauntlet Shield into its inventory. "(I won't require your aid anymore after a job well done today,)" I thought with a small grin before closing the S1-GS device and replacing it on my right holster.

Now I decided to recuperate from my injuries, reluctantly starting with my dislocated right leg.

With the nerves that somehow remained intact after the ferocious thrashing that the dragon inflicted onto me with its tail, I was still able to feel the current position of my dislocated right femur bone. It was about one inch to the left of its normal socket. So to save myself the trouble of trial and error when relocating my femur bone to its appropriate socket, I decided to emanate Purple (Psychic) Aura from my head and use my telekinetic abilities to do the job faster and easier.

But by no means less painful…

"(*Sigh*)" I could feel a bead of sweat roll down my left cheek and my teeth collapse into each other when I gritted them. I knew this would be painful, but I knew that I had to get this done to prevent further agony.

As quickly as possible, I telekinetically pulled my leg outward and then retracted it back in, feeling it connect to its normal place as I hoped. Just after I did so, I felt a powerful wave of pain surge into my nerves.

"…" I felt my own eyes become just as blood-shot as the dragon's ash-black eyes while enduring the sharp pain. Once the pain eventually abated itself, I moved my right leg a bit, feeling how stiff it was. With a bit more movement, that stiffness slowly disappeared, but not completely at first.

For my next step in recovery, I planned on simply using Green (Healing) Aura all over my body, since my entire body endured significant bruising from the dragon earlier. I turned off my Purple (Psychic) Aura from my head, and just as I about to begin to heal my injuries, I heard something anomalous.

"You can't escape your fate…" A malicious voice echoed throughout this area.

"…!" My eyes widened when I heard this voice echo across the field and into my ears. "(What the hell?)" I thought, dubious of what I heard. "(Am I hearing-?)"

"You're already at the mercy of fatalism…" That very same malice rang its tone of voice across my ears and head once more.

I had no idea where the voice's source was, nor did I recognize it from any past experiences. "Who and where are you?" I said and quickly got back up to both of my feet, albeit carefully, since my right leg was still sore and damaged. I had my right hand placed close to my S1-GS device, in case I needed to withdraw my weaponry.

"You can't prevent It…"

I scanned the area around me to locate the voice, paying enough attention to what the voice was saying simultaneously. However, with the malicious voice apparently being heard from every direction, locating it would be somewhat impossible for me, especially with my incredible sense of hearing. "What are you talking about?" I said, curious to what the malicious voice was speaking about, albeit vaguely.

"You can't escape from It…"

"(I wonder if…)" An idea popped into my head. "(…if that malicious voice is coming from the dragon.)"

I decided to walk slowly over to the dragon's head, on martial standby in case events take a turn for the worst.

"You can't endure against It…" The malicious voice seemed to grow more stalwart.

I could hear the malicious voice grow stronger as I crept closer to the decapitated dragon's head. I didn't drop my guard because I had a hunch that this head was still alive and somehow speaking to me. I stopped walking closer once the dragon's head was within kicking distance.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that there was no possible way for this dragon to speak orally because its entire lower jaw was missing, as well as its tongue. Because its lower jaw was missing, blood and saliva spilled onto the soil below. Instantly, I realized that there was no possibility of it to speak, especially since its head was detached from its heart, lungs, and vocal cords—if it had any—, as well as it being overall dead both upon first glance and clinically.

Be that as it may, its eyes were open, albeit appeared soulless and vacant.

Not much reason went into these next three spoken words of mine, since I had little idea what was communicating with me.

"What is 'It'?" I said to the cadaverous dragon head, assuming that it was capable of speech.

As if the dragon's head was still alive, the rolled-over ash-black eye actually looked at me and suddenly turned blood-shot, as if enraged at its mutilation.

I reared back with a horrifyingly surprised look, complete with widened eyes, dilated pupils, and an increased heartbeat. However, as I was rearing back from surprise, events—as I feared—somehow took a turn for the worst for me.

I actually stopped mid-action and somehow, the entire world around me turned black right in front of my eyes. The setting sun, sanguine sky, snow white clouds, lush green grass, and dirt brown floor beneath me, they all lost their color and existence.

The only surrounding objects that didn't turn black in front of me were the dragon—every bit of it, including the lost blood—and me.

"(What the hell is going on? I can't move at all!)" I felt as if my entire body was stuck in a reluctant state of suspended animation. I couldn't twitch a finger of mine, or even move my eyes, so now I was stuck seeing the dragon's severed head.

Not only that, but my entire body went monochrome in terms of color.

"(At least the dragon is just as immobile and helpless as I—)"

Before I knew it, the dragon's tail somehow was in front of me. Ignoring the fact that the dragon's overall color remained unmarred, I realized that the dragon was still capable of movement, despite the current environment and mutilation of its appendages.

"(…Crap…)" I thought seconds before seeing the dragon's tail's tip point straight at me. Since my eyes were pointed directly in front of me, I was only able to clearly see the dragon's tail, but not react to it in any manner.

All I could do was watch as the tail's tip lunge straight towards my face, and then the next thing that I knew, I was seeing white and I had apparently lost consciousness.

7.4: The Subsequent Result

Location: 28°N, 34°E

Date: September 6th, 50 A.D.

Time: 9:09 PM

I was lying on the grassy hill, unconscious after the encounter with the dragon. I was on my back and if anyone passed by the area, they would see someone asleep on the grassy hill and pay little interest afterward.

However, certain creatures would pay interest to this and approach the scene in curiosity. Fortunately for me, those creatures weren't hostile, or even large in size.

Those creatures, in case you've forgotten about them already, were the five green iguanas and five white cockatoos that I fed earlier and that scurried off when the dragon attacked. They had willfully chosen to return to me and see my current condition.

In doing so, what they noticed was something that only someone who was nearby could notice from me.

I was bleeding excessively from my left eye.

Without fear or hesitation, one of the green iguanas—the very same one that first approached me earlier—climbed on top of me and proceeded over to my face, being unusually careful not to cause further harm via scratches with the nails on its feet. It growled softly once near my face and wondered if I would wake up by hearing its low, gentle growl.

I didn't wake up.

That same iguana, failing in its first attempt to wake me up, then noticed my bleeding left eye and proceeded to tend to it by licking the wound clean of running blood, not showing any signs of liking the taste of blood, but still continuing nevertheless.

The other four green iguanas were right on top of my belly and watching me, wondering if I'd react to the licking.

I chuckled a bit from the eye-licking.

Knowing now that this was working, the iguana continued licking, and the white cockatoos joined in by tugging on my hair with their beaks, but only enough to cause me to stir and awaken.

"Heh heh…heh heh…" I chuckled further and soon after, I woke up. The first thing that I noticed was the green iguana near my face, licking my left eye for some reason.

Once the iguana noticed that I was finally awake, it stopped licking me and got off of me, along with its four reptilian companions. The white cockatoos also stopped tugging on my hair and grouped themselves nearby the green iguanas that placed themselves nearby the left side of me. I raised myself by placing my hands on the ground and lifting my upper half up, and it was then that I noticed the green iguana that was licking me had blood around its mouth.

"…!" I remembered how the iguana was licking my left eye and placed my hand on and around my left eye. When I removed my hand and looked at the blood on it, I realized two things: I was bleeding profusely from my left eye and worse, I had gone completely blind in that eye. "(How did this happen?)" I thought, horrified at my newfound partial blindness, and recalled past events until I remembered how this happened.

(My Flashback)

As if the dragon's head was still alive, the rolled-over ash-black eye actually looked at me and suddenly turned blood-shot, as if enraged at its mutilation.

I reared back with a horrifyingly surprised look, complete with widened eyes, dilated pupils, and an increased heartbeat. However, as I was rearing back from surprise, events—as I feared—somehow took a turn for the worst for me.

I actually stopped mid-action and somehow, the entire world around me turned black right in front of my eyes. The setting sun, sanguine sky, snow white clouds, lush green grass, and dirt brown floor beneath me, they all lost their color and existence.

The only surrounding objects that didn't turn black in front of me were the dragon—every bit of it, including the lost blood—and me.

"(What the hell is going on? I can't move at all!)" I felt as if my entire body was stuck in a reluctant state of suspended animation. I couldn't twitch a finger of mine, or even move my eyes, so now I was stuck seeing the dragon's severed head.

Not only that, but my entire body went monochrome in terms of color.

"(At least the dragon is just as immobile and helpless as I—)"

Before I knew it, the dragon's tail somehow was in front of me. Ignoring the fact that the dragon's overall color remained unmarred, I realized that the dragon was still capable of movement, despite the current environment and mutilation of its appendages.

"(…Crap…)" I thought seconds before seeing the dragon's tail's tip point straight at me. Since my eyes were pointed directly in front of me, I was only able to clearly see the dragon's tail, but not react to it in any manner.

All I could do was watch as the tail's tip lunge straight towards my face, and then the next thing that I knew, I was seeing white and I had apparently lost consciousness.

(End of My Flashback)

"(Oh right… Now I remember…)" I thought with a droned tone before getting back up on my feet. When doing so, I now recalled how sore my entire body was and how I was going to heal myself with my Green (Healing) Aura. Deciding that I should do so now, I did so and began healing myself.

The five green iguanas and five white cockatoos marveled at how I was able to glow and brighten the dim night with my energy. They continued staring on enthusiastically until I stopped healing myself with my Green (Healing) Aura after ten seconds had gone by. Once the light dimmed, they remained stationary in their place, curious as to how I was able to do that.

Once fully healed and free of the sore bruising and ache in my body, I paid more attention to my current predicament over the curiosity of the green iguanas and white cockatoos. I repeatedly blinked one eye at a time in tandem, seeing if I've miraculously regained my vision.

Against my hopes, I didn't regain my vision.

"If only I wasn't knocked unconscious by that dragon…" I spoke aloud with little reason to do so. I looked at the lizards and parrots below me and thought "(At least my left eye is functional for everything except vision.)"

The ten animals below me looked up at me with nonchalance and a sense of reassurance because they knew that I meant no harm to them.

"(I wonder how these guys ended up here of all places…)" I looked on at them and noticed their abnormality. "(…and are relaxed as can be around me.)"

They continued to look on at me with patience. It was almost as if they were expecting something from me.

"(Maybe it was the Berries that I gave them earlier that has them nonchalant and nearby me…)"

The thought of the Berries has given me an idea.

"Are you hungry again?" I spoke to the ten animals.

The animals below me bobbed their heads and I assumed that they meant to say "Yes", in their own way.

"Then I've got just the thing for you all," I said before retrieving the S1-GS device from my right holster with my right hand and then holding the sphere above my head, with a finger close to the button, making sure first that it was turned upside-down.

The animals nearby me looked on with curiosity and no fear. They knew that the Berries that they loved came from the S1-GS device, so they were completely nonchalant at its presence.

"S1-GS withdrawal:" I began to place an order to the S1-GS device. "Assorted Berry tree," I said before pressing the S1-GS's center button. In an instant, the S1-GS device opened wide and immediately expelled a massive oak-like tree towards the sky.

Acting faster than the descent of the tree, I closed the S1-GS device, brought it down, and had my left hand emanate Purple (Psychic) Aura. I lifted my left hand ad used Psycho Control to have the tree hover above my head, and then I guided the tree to gently fall into the place where the pre-existing tree once was in—before being burned away by the dragon—, which was on top of the hill.

Next, I switched from Purple (Psychic) Aura to Brown (Earth) Aura and thought "(Terra Collapse!)", as well as make a dropping hand gesture before literally having the tree's roots collapse an entire foot into the earth.

After that, I switched from Brown (Earth) Aura to Blue (Water) Aura, still using my left hand for all of this. I walked towards the Red Sea nearby me—because I'm at a coastline after all, if you remember the S2-PTSDO device's GPS mode—and raised my left hand in the air.

"(Hydro Siphon!)" I thought before having a tube-shaped collection of water hover above the Red Sea and then come nearby my left hand. I pointed my left hand towards the tree and the water moved inches next to the tree. Then, I stuck one finger out and made circles with it, and in doing so, the water revolved around the tree and shaped itself into a ring. Finally, I stopped having my hand emanate Blue (Water) Aura altogether, the water stopped revolving around the trunk of the tree and dropped onto the ground, where the tree's roots were.

Once done, all of the animals happily frolicked over to the Berry tree that I had placed over the hill to replace the one that was burned away by the malicious dragon. The white cockatoos flew towards the tallest branches, while the green iguanas climbed the Berry tree's trunk to reach the lower level branches. They all began to feast heartily on the assorted Berries that the Berry tree has to offer.

I watched them eat and felt a warm feeling in my heart to provide them with something that makes them happy and calm.

A few more seconds later, I now began to question how these exotic animals came to be here on a peninsula to the east of Egypt.

"(If that dragon I fought…)" I paused in mid-thought to check the time on my S2-PTSDO device—9:30 PM—before resuming. "(…approximately three hours ago… If it brought these animals here solely for the purpose of luring me, then it must've had a reason to do so.)"

I crossed my arms behind my back, looked down steadily, and began to recall what purpose the dragon had in encountering me, assuming it had one.

"(How was it able to speak to me in that manner, without using its mouth?)"

I decided to focus on the only question that mattered enough to me.

"(What did it say to me back then?)"

(My Flashback)

"You can't escape your fate…" A malicious voice echoed throughout this area.

"…!" My eyes widened when I heard this voice echo across the field and into my ears. "(What the hell?)" I thought, dubious of what I heard. "(Am I hearing-?)"

"You're already at the mercy of fatalism…" That very same malice rang its tone of voice across my ears and head once more.

I had no idea where the voice's source was, nor did I recognize it from any past experiences. "Who and where are you?" I said and quickly got back up to both of my feet, albeit carefully, since my right leg was still sore and damaged. I had my right hand placed close to my S1-GS device, in case I needed to withdraw my weaponry.

"You can't prevent It…"

I scanned the area around me to locate the voice, paying enough attention to what the voice was saying simultaneously. However, with the malicious voice apparently being heard from every direction, locating it would be somewhat impossible for me, especially with my incredible sense of hearing. "What are you talking about?" I said, curious to what the malicious voice was speaking about, albeit vaguely.

"You can't escape from It…"

"(I wonder if…)" An idea popped into my head. "(…if that malicious voice is coming from the dragon.)"

I decided to walk slowly over to the dragon's head, on martial standby in case events take a turn for the worst.

"You can't endure against It…" The malicious voice seemed to grow more stalwart.

I could hear the malicious voice grow stronger as I crept closer to the decapitated dragon's head. I didn't drop my guard because I had a hunch that this head was still alive and somehow speaking to me. I stopped walking closer once the dragon's head was within kicking distance.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that there was no possible way for this dragon to speak orally because its entire lower jaw was missing, as well as its tongue. Because its lower jaw was missing, blood and saliva spilled onto the soil below. Instantly, I realized that there was no possibility of it to speak, especially since its head was detached from its heart, lungs, and vocal cords—if it had any—, as well as it being overall dead both upon first glance and clinically.

Be that as it may, its eyes were open, albeit appeared soulless and vacant.

Not much reason went into these next three spoken words of mine, since I had little idea what was communicating with me.

"What is 'It'?" I said to the cadaverous dragon head, assuming that it was capable of speech.

(End of My Flashback)

"(What is 'It'?)" I thought extensively as to what the dragon told me earlier, before I was knocked out by a stab of its tail. After thinking hard enough, I walked closer to the Red Sea, facing the large body of water in the process and staring up at the luminous full moon, as well as the apparently infinite cluster of stars and galaxy gases that stood out in the night sky above.

"(Whatever 'It' is… if 'It' is important, then the dragon will return and repeat itself whenever it feels like it.)"

I uncrossed my arms and did an about-face to face the area where the Berry tree is, only I chose to scan the entire area around the tree. In doing so, I saw no head, body, or tail of the dragon. I didn't even see the unclassified lower jaw of the dragon. Albeit I did see blood stains on the floor, despite the dim light of the night.

"(I'll bet that dragon is recovering at this particular moment…somewhere…wanting to return to me vindictively, with whatever it has to explain.)"

I turned back towards the Red Sea and squatted down to cup my hands in the water and clean my face with the saltwater, so that I could remove the excess coagulated blood adjacent of my left eye, closing my left eye in the process.

"(If that happens and assuming that it grows more powerful, I'll have to sharpen my abilities to be much better prepared for its possible return.)"

I stopped cleaning my face with water and used my sleeves to dry off the excess water. Next, I retrieved a new white shirt from my S1-GS device and swapped it with the dragon blood-soaked shirt that I was currently wearing.

"(I never would've thought that I'd face something that could rival my endurance…)" I thought while swapping shirts and then placing the marred shirt away within the S1-GS device.

Still with the S1-GS device at hand, I retrieved an eye patch from it.

"(*Sigh*) (At least I still have one eye that works properly…)" I thought before placing the eye patch on my left eye, and then wrapping its strap all around my head. I was still holding onto the S1-GS device after placing the eye patch, since I needed it for one last thing.

After doing so, I began to hear small splashing sounds to my left and at ground level. I looked at what was causing it, only to see the green iguana, with my blood on its mouth, rinsing its mouth in the same manner that I was, but without using hands. It was simply rinsing itself the same way a bird does, by dipping its head in water, shaking it off, and repeating.

Once the green iguana was done rinsing itself, it came close to my leg and began to climb onto me as if I were a tree. It stopped once it had reached my shoulder and perched itself there, almost as if it were a parrot. I petted it a little on the top of its head and it growled softly and licked my finger, liking my kindness to it.

"(It's probably best to get some sleep now, especially after this malicious day that I had today,)" I thought to myself, knowing how brutal today was due to the dragon that I fought earlier.

I walked over to the tree and then I held the S1-GS device in front of me, saying "S1-GS withdrawal: one standalone hammock" before pressing the upside-down button and expelling one standalone hammock, as I requested. I turned the button on the center of the S1-GS device back to normal position and stored it away in its respective holster. Next, I aligned the standalone hammock to its proper position, where all of its legs were on the ground, and the hammock was shaped like a banana.

"(It's warm enough tonight,)" I thought to myself, getting a feel for the temperature. "(I won't need a blanket.)"

I removed both shoulder/holster straps for the S1-GS and S2-PTSDO devices, and then hung them on one of the legs of the standalone hammock. After doing so, I removed the green iguana from my shoulder and placed it on the end of the standalone hammock, and then placed myself on it as well. The Green Iguana snuggled up to my right side for warmth, and immediately made itself comfortable before falling asleep, snoring lightly simultaneously.

I couldn't help but look at how comfortable that lizard was beside me. I gave it a few strokes across the spines on its back, and then placed my hands comfortably on my belly, with a warm smile as well.

Just as I was about to sleep, I heard the flapping of wings and immediately felt the feathers of all five white cockatoos on my hair. I could tell that they had encircled my head and were resting comfortably when huddled together.

Soon after, I felt the remaining four green iguanas encircle my arms, and one of them decided to place itself beneath my hands and had to shove my hands upward to place itself between my hands and my belly. Everyone fell asleep immediately, comfortable with where they placed themselves.

However, the only one who didn't fall asleep is me, and not for any insomnia-related reasons or purposeful reasons.

"(For their sake, I hope I'm comfortable in this position so that I don't turn in the middle of the night,)" I thought moments before falling asleep myself.

"All the stories are fictions. What matters is which fiction you believe." —Orson Scott Card (199) ("Children of the Mind")

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