What My Heart Wants

Chapter 10: Support from Friends

It's been a week since she left Unova to return to Sinnoh for the Grand Festival. She went through the first appeal rounds smoothly and she blew the competition away in the battle rounds. Now she is in the finals with Drew, Harley and Solidad. Last time in Johto, she barely won against Solidad in the finals by points. This time, if she faces her again or someone else; she won't hesitate in her attacks and show everyone how great of a coordinator she really is. Right now, she is backstage with Glaceon waiting for her turn to battle Harley. The costume she was wearing was a royal blue strapless dress with matching blue heels and she was wearing her locket to match it. She was waiting for Marian to announce them to come to the battle but was a bit surprised to hear her say something else instead.

"Before we come into the final battles of this year's Grand Festival, there is a special guest who wishes to entertain all of you with her amazing collaborations with her Pokémon. Those of you who are new to who she is, she has been into contests since she was ten years old and has been renowned as Top Coordinator for 12 years until she had taken a break for two years. She has kindly agreed to perform for all of you right now and I guarantee that you in for a real show." Marian announced to the audience before pausing.

Then she announced as the lights dimmed and little lights were swirling on the floor, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to one of the world's best Top Coordinators, Rebecca, The Contest Queen!"

May stood from her seat surprised as she watched Rebecca walk through the entrance smiling and waving to the crowd. The other three who were watching; were surprised as well though Harley for some reason was seething. Rebecca was wearing a black trench coat dress with knee high black socks and black mary janes. On her head, she was wearing a black fedora with a red feather on it. Her hair was styled that it was straight instead of her usually wavy hair. She also had a little bit of eye liner and eye shadow to make her eyes pop. She also had light pink lipstick on her lips to complete her look.

From the field, everyone watched as Rebecca called out into a head set microphone, "Thank you everyone, it's an honor to be here on the performance stage again. I hope that my performance can leave you feeling bright and well entertained. Also, I'd like to wish a friend of mine good luck in this year's festival and hope that this performance can boost her confidence."

She paused before saying, "Good luck May Maple, I hope this performance gives you confidence."

Then she prepared herself in the middle of the stage field before grabbing two Pokéballs out of her pockets and shouting, "Emily, Yuki, it's time to shine!"

She threw the Pokéballs into the air with ball capsules on them, they both opened but both had different effects to them. One had stars erupt as it opened and one had ribbons that erupted from the other one. The one with stars revealed an Umbreon that flipped onto the stage with the other one that was an Espeon that flipped with Umbreon to show off their elegance to the audience.

So far, the audience was in awe and they hadn't even started their appeal. Then Rebecca shouted, "Emily, start things off with Swift and Yuki follow with a few Shadow Balls!"

Emily, who they now know was the Espeon started shooting little stars out of her mouth into the air, while Yuki, the Umbreon followed with some Shadow Balls.

Then Rebecca commanded, "Now both of you, use Psychic!"

Both Pokémon had their eyes glowing blue as they used Psychic to control the Swift and Shadow Balls; making them fly through the air with great control and skill.

Marian proclaimed, "What an amazing display of control! Rebecca and her Pokémon are giving us a show that makes you feel that you are in a planetarium!"

The audience watched the marvelous show and they couldn't help but be silent throughout the performance. May and the others also were entranced by it except Harley who openly grumbled, "It's not that great." Of course, that is not what he actually thought; he thought it was fantastic but he would never admit it.

Then on the stage, Rebecca shouted, "Now, make them collide, Emily and Yuki!"

Then both of them used Psychic to make the attacks collide with each other making a mini fireworks display.

Until Rebecca commanded, "Now, use Psychic on yourselves!"

Then they both used it on themselves, making them have blue outline on their bodies as they flew through the air as the fireworks were still going until Rebecca added, "Now let's finish this up! Emily, Morning Sun! Yuki, Moonlight!"

"Espe!" Emily shouted as she gave off a bright light making her coat shine in the fireworks and her Psychic. Yuki did the same as she enveloped herself in a silver light; giving the same effect as Emily. Doing this made the fireworks even brighter and gave the audience an excellent light show.

After the effects wore off, both Pokémon flew back to the ground next to their trainer and all three gave a bow to the audience while they cheered loudly.

"What an excellent performance by the Contest Queen and her Pokémon! What did you all think of it?" she directed the question to the judges.

"What excellent control and marvelous display of coordination from both of your Pokémon. They were obviously raised really well. If you were in the actual contest, I would have given you high marks," Nurse Joy answered first.

"Simply stunning, you had executed their attacks in perfect synch. I would have to agree with Nurse Joy that you would receive high scores after that performance," Raoul Contesta added.

"Simply better than remarkable, I'd say," Mr. Sukizo added to the compliments.

Then finally Fantina; who was a guest judge this year again added, "Simply magnifique! You have displayed for us just how you earned the name The Contest Queen. I clap for you, mademoiselle!"

After she said that she started clapping with the audience soon following her example while Rebecca bowed respectfully, appreciating their praise.

Then she raised her hand to speak again, "Thank you for your praise but really it's my Pokémon who deserve the credit. So please, clap for them they have been with me for years and they deserve every bit of praise from you."

Then the audience simply clapped and cheered for Emily and Yuki while they were being petted and hugged by Rebecca and they returned the affection by nuzzling her.

Then she added, "Thank you everyone, it's been a pleasure. Also, I would like to say that whoever wins in this year's grand festival gets to battle me as a side treat for the winner, if that is okay with the judges at least."

Then Marian and the judges were discussing her proposition and then they all silently came to a conclusion. Then Marian answered for them, "It's seems that they are agreed and now since they've seen your appeal, they would love to see you battle. What do you think everyone? Do you want to see Rebecca battle the winner of the festival?"

The she was met with a lot of cheers as her answer and then she said, "Very well, we will all look forward to your battle, Rebecca. Please wait backstage with the other coordinators."

Rebecca nodded and walked off the stage with Emily and Yuki following her. When she got there, she saw May running up to her and she was smiling.

"Rebecca, what are you doing here? How did you… I mean how?" May was asking a million questions in her head but she couldn't ask at the same time.

Rebecca laughed as she replied to feign innocence, "Didn't I tell you? I was to make a guest appearance at the Grand Festival in Sinnoh this year. I guess it must have slipped my mind."

She added, "My older brother Paul, is a pilot with his own plane and he flew us out here just before the festival started. I asked the judges and Marian to let me perform and they agreed. We were just watching from my villa that I own not too far from the stadium, you were really great in the appeals and battles, May."

She smiled down at the girl before someone rudely butted in, "Well, well, well, looks like someone decided to show their face after two years. How have you been, Rebecca, hon?"

Harley came up to them wearing a ridiculously blue frilly French like outfit you would see in a museum and wearing a fake cheery smile.

Rebecca then replied, "Harley, a displeasure to see you again. Still don't have a sense of style, I see. What on earth are you wearing, a discount store French costume that was the only one in your size?"

Then Harley just let out his disdain for Rebecca in a shout, "I'll have you know that this was tailor-made specifically to my own designs and I assure you it costs a pretty penny to be made!"

"Yeah, if they made it from something you designed, I'm sure they would charge you that much, just for making them suffer from sewing that atrocity," Rebecca retorted.

Harley let out a frustrated growl as Rebecca smirked, knowing she won this battle with her banter with him.

Then he proclaimed, "Just you wait, Rebecca. I'll be the winner in this Grand Festival and when I do, I'll win the battle against you at the end."

He walked away from them in a huff as May asked Rebecca, "You know Harley, Rebecca?

"Yeah, he just has this grudge against me because I beat him when we were ten years old in the preliminary rounds of our first Grand Festival. He didn't take the loss well when I tried to be a good sport. He thought I was mocking him and he declared that he would beat me one day and he has been annoying me ever since." Rebecca explained.

May nodded in understanding before suddenly asking, "Wait, you said that your brother "flew us out here" what did you mean by that?"

Rebecca smiled widely before shouting behind her, "You guys can come in, now."

Then the door opened to reveal Ash, Pikachu, Iris, Axew and Cilan at the doorway. May was so surprised but so happy to see them that she ran to Ash and hugged him tightly before giving him a peck on the lips.

"Guys, what are you doing here?" she asked them.

Ash answered, "We came to see you. We were watching the whole thing on T.V before the finals until we came to see them in person. I wanted to watch you as you win this festival too. Besides, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't support my girlfriend?"

May then gave him a tighter hug and Glaceon who at May's feet nuzzled into Pikachu as he nuzzled back.

Then they all heard Marian announce for May and Harley to appear for their match. They all wished May luck and they watched on the monitor as Harley and May on the stage ready for the timer to start.

They both gave each other a glare before Marian announced, "Now we'll begin the first match of the finals. Both coordinators will try to deduct points from their opponents within the time limit. The one with the most points left over or who still have their Pokémon standing is the winner. And the clock starts…"

They all waited in anticipation until Marian shouted, "Now!" With a beep, the timer started counting down.

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