What My Heart Wants

Chapter 11: Final Battles: Part 1

As the clock was ticking, Harley called out, "Come out my beloved Cacturne and my cool Toxicroak!"

Out of the two Pokéballs one had an effect of stars and the other had stars. Cacturne came out of the one with spikes and his newer Pokémon Toxicroak, came out with the spikes.

They looked ready for action and waiting for instructions.

On the other side of the field, May had a determined smile on her face and shouted with confidence, "Glaceon and Beautifly, Take the Stage!"

Glaceon came out of a Pokéball with snow effects and Beautifly came out with ribbons surrounding her. They looked just as confident as their trainer and they were ready for anything.

Harley started off, "Cacturne darling, use Bullet Seed and Toxicroak, Poison Sting!"

Cacturne had started shooting little seeds out of his mouth with Toxicroak shooting little purple needles for a combo attack.

"Both of you dodge it!" May shouted.

Glaceon and Beautifly dodged the attacks gracefully and that cost Harley some points.

Then May commanded, "Glaceon, Ice Shard!"

Glaceon shot chunks of ice form her mouth toward the other two Pokémon as May added, "Beautifly, use Psychic!"

Beautifly's eyes were glowing blue as she took control of the ice chunks and kept them on the path to attack Harley's Pokémon.

"You two dodge it!" Harley shouted.

Cacturne and Toxicroak dodged the Ice Shard initially but Beautifly made them change course, hitting them head on as they dodged. This combo attack cost more of Harley's points to be taken; giving May the lead.


Ash excitedly said, "She is getting the lead!"

"Yeah, it was a great combo attack where she can control the attacks," Rebecca agrees.

On the battle stage, Harley was livid.

"Why that little vixen, I'll show her with this attack!" Harley thought.

"Cacturne, Energy Ball and Toxicroak Focus Blast!" Harley commanded.

Cacturne then formed a green ball and shot it from his mouth and then Toxicroak combined the ball with it's own blue attack like a missile towards both Glaceon and Beautifly.

But May had a counter attack so she commanded, "Glaceon, Mirror Coat and hit it with Iron Tail!"

Glaceon had a gleaming pink coat; her tail glowed a silvery pink and hit the combo attack upwards.

Then she commanded, "Now Beautifly, use Silver Wind!"

Beautifly then flapped her wings to form a tornado of silvery dust and it enveloped the Energy Ball/Focus Blast combo back at Harley's Pokémon and it became their new attack combo and it hit them dead on; costing more of Harley's points to be lost. Harley was getting frustrated and he was practically grinding his teeth to show how furious he was.

"Well then, I'll try something a bit more devious," Harley said to himself.

Then he shouted, "Toxicroak, Taunt!"

Toxicroak used mocking gestures at both Glaceon and Beautifly, sticking his tongue out and pulling down on one eye. This caused them to be angry and annoyed at him and focused only on him.

Of course, that was what Harley wanted, for he shouted, "Cacturne, use Payback!"

Cacturne's arms had turned a purple color with a bit of lavender in it and he got a direct hit on both Glaceon and Beautifly, causing May to lose points along with the Taunt attack.

But Harley wasn't done for he shouted, "Toxicroak, use Revenge!"

Toxicroak's hands had started to glow as he yelled, "Toxicroak!" and then hit both Glaceon and Beautifly when they were still recovering from Payback. This caused them major damage to them and May lost more of her points and she was close in points to Harley.

May yelled to them, "Are you two, alright?" Then she growled at Harley as he was laughing at her.

"Rebecca, what did Harley just do?" Ash asked angrily.

She answered, "Harley used Taunt to get Glaceon and Beautifly to only focus on Toxicroak while he had Cacturne use Payback while they weren't paying attention. Payback is a move usually used to deal damage on the opponent after it was attacked to deliver a hard blow to them, stronger than the attacks they used."

She paused for a second before continuing, "Revenge can also be classified as the same type of attack where the user deals more damage to their opponents after they were attacked. In other words, Glaceon and Beautifly were attacked with more power than the combo attacks May used on Harley's Pokémon."

"That doesn't seem fair," Iris protested.

"Axew!" Axew agreed.

"Maybe not, but in a contest battle, not only does the Coordinator use attacks to make their Pokémon look good, they also have to show how well they use those attacks in a battle. In a regular battle, you keep up the attacks until one is defeated and they win, but they judge on how well they execute the attacks and if they land a hit. If both Pokémon dodge the attacks; that causes you to lose points too." Rebecca explained.

Ash thought to himself while watching May's battle, "I know you can beat him, May."

On the stage, May was gritting her teeth as she looked up at the score board that shows that she and Harley are tied with half their points gone and with three minutes left. May saw her Pokémon still standing but they looked tired.

"I have to think of something, but what can I do?" May thought to herself.

Harley snickered, "Prepare to lose, Princess! Toxicroak and Cacturne, Sucker Punch!"

May then suddenly had an idea and commanded, "Glaceon, use Ice Beam on the field!"

Glaceon shouted as she shot a ray of ice, covering the field with ice as the two Pokémon were approaching them. As they ran on the field, the floor below them was slippery and they started to slide across the field.

"What?!" Harley shouted infuriated.

His Pokémon had lost their balance and they landed in a heap on the ice, ultimately causing Harley to lose a quarter of his points.

"What an amazing comeback from May! Let's see what she does next," Marian said excitedly.

May shouted, "Let's finish this! Beautifly use Aerial Ace and combine with Silver Wind on Toxicroak and Glaceon use Shadow Ball and Ice Beam on Cacturne!"

Beautifly flew through the air with Silver Wind swirling around her and she hit Toxicroak dead on because he couldn't get up from the ice. Then Glaceon shot a Shadow Ball and used Ice Beam on it to cover it in a layer of ice creating a sphere that glows a blackish blue and it hit Cacturne. The result ended that both Pokémon lay on the field with swirls in their eyes and the buzzer sounded off.

Marian announced, "Both Pokémon are unable to battle! The winner of this round is May Maple!"


Ash shouted, "Alright she won!"

"Pika pika!" he agreed with his trainer not knowing that he had the people in there staring at them.

May came in backstage with Beautifly and Glaceon and she ran to Ash and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug while Glaceon nuzzled with Pikachu. Harley was furious so he returned his Pokémon and stormed off the stage to head to the dressing rooms.

After they had cleaned up the field, Marian announced "Now we come to the second match, may Solidad and Drew please come on stage?"

Solidad was wearing a cherry red blouse with black shorts, black shoes, knee high red socks and red fingerless gloves. Her hair was wavy and she had a little make-up on.

Drew had on a black tuxedo with a red rose in his pocket on the front and his hair sleeked back.

"Well we shall start with the next battle, are the Coordinators ready?" Marian asked the two competitors.

They both nodded and they waited for the clock to start as they heard Marian shout, "The clock starts, now!"

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