What My Heart Wants

Chapter 12: Final Battles Part 2

Solidad started first, "Froslass, Lapras. let's go!"

Both Poké balls were thrown in the air and two Pokémon popped out of them in a swirl of glittering ice. Froslass and and Lapras stood by the other ready for the commands.

On the other end of the field, Drew shouted, "Luxray and Absol, go!"

Two Poké balls were thrown in the air and they both burst out with lightning patterns and both Pokémon were out, roaring to signify they were ready.

"Luxray, Thunderbolt and Absol combine it with your Razor Wind!"

"Luxray!" Luxray shouted as he charged himself up and waited for Absol.

"Absol!" he shouted as he stirred up the wind and sent it hurtling for Lapras and Froslass while Luxray charged it with an electrical charge. The enhanced air current was speeding along with the electricity.

But it was stopped short with Solidad shouting, "Lapras, Deflect it with Ice Beam! Froslass combine with Ice Shard!"

Lapras had shot a beam of ice towards the electric Razor Wind, freezing it and then came the ice shard, breaking it as the shards made contact, resulting in turning into powdered snow. Thus, the attack has been unsuccessful at hitting Drew's opponent but instead made Solidad's Pokémon look good. This resulted in Drew losing a lot of points for him.

Ash silently said to May backstage, "I didn't know that Drew had a Luxray."

May replied, "Yeah, he used him for a few contests I've seen him in, but this is the first time I've seen him use it in battle with Absol."

They continued watching the battle and Drew was putting up a good fight, he had managed to cut some of Solidad's points away.

Then he shouted, "Luxray, Thunder Fang on Lapras! Absol, use Shadow Claw on Frosslass!"

Luxray went on running towards Lapras with his teeth bared, sparking with an electric charge and Absol ran towards Frosslass with it's claws glowing purple.

But Solidad had a counter attack, she yelled, "Lapras, Safeguard and Frosslass, Shadow Ball and Blizzard!"

Lapras used Safeguard that defended it from Thunder Fang and it deducted points from Drew. While Frosslass, shot out dark spheres and combined Blizzard that not only hit Absol, stopping it's attack, but it hit Luxray as well, costing Drew more points.

Drew gritted his teeth and was thinking hard to make comeback from this. He glanced at the timer, and saw that he had three minute left and he had less than half points gone.

Then he heard Solidad shout, "Lapras, Hydro Pump and Frosslass use Blizzard once more!"

Lapras shot out a strong jet of water towards the two Pokémon, while Froslass used Blizzard to freeze the jet of water, creating an ice torpedo and it seemed to be shot towards them.

But then Drew shouted, "Luxray, Charge Beam! Asbol, Hyper Beam!"

"Lux!" Luxray opened it's mouth and shot an electrical beam. While Absol shot with a red orange beam. He shouted, "Absol!"

The two attacks combined together and the electricity surrounded the Hyper Beam and destroyed the ice torpedo, causing it to shatter all over the field as powdered snow. This attack cost a good chunk of Solidad's points to be lost.

"You have gotten better, Drew," Solidad complimented Drew from across the field.

"Thanks, I plan to win this battle. I still owe you for that first battle with you," Drew replied.

Then he shouted, "Luxray, Thunder and Absol Psycho Cut!"

Luxray had unleashed a discharge of electricity and launched it towards both Pokémon, while Absol's Psycho Cut had merged together with the electric attack, giving it the appearance of a neon light slashing through the air.

It seemed like Drew had the upper hand, but Solidad shouted, "Lapras and Froslass, use Psychic!"

Both Pokémon had their eyes glowing and stopped the Thunder/Psycho Cut combination and bent it's shape to their advantage.

"Now send it back to them!" She shouted to them.

They controlled the attack combination and sent it back to Drew's Pokémon and it came too fast that they couldn't dodge fast enough. The continuous attack kept shaving off points for Drew and precious time being compromised.

"Luxray, Charge Beam and Absol, Razor Wind again but add a spin to it!" Drew tried one more tactic.

Absol whipped up a strong gust of wind and turned it into a tornado, while Luxray shot out Charge Beam in the eye of the tornado and left Lapras and Frosslass immobilized.

"Frosslass and Lapras, Double Blizzard!" Solidad shouted.

With that, both ice types shot out a powerful flurry that deflected the electric tornado and hit both of Drew's Pokémon dead on, resulting them defeated on the ground with swirls in their eyes.

At the sound of the buzzer, Marian shouted, "Drew's Pokémon are unable to battle, which means Solidad wins and can proceed to the final round."

Solidad thanked and returned her Pokémon and went to the other side of the field and watched as Drew petted and thanked them for their hard work.

Solidad then extended her hand out towards and said, "You did well, Drew. Keep it up and you'll be Top Coordinator in no time."

She smiled down at him while he returned the gesture and he grabbed her hand and shook it, saying, "I'll keep training harder and I will be able to beat you one day."

They went off of the battle stage and went backstage where Ash and May went up to Solidad and May said, "That was awesome Solidad, you were amazing."

"Thank you May, I could say the same for you," Solidad said with a smile.

"It's nice to see again Solidad, it's been a while," Rebecca came up to them and said to Solidad who smiled at her.

"Yes it has, it's nice to see you too Rebecca," Solidad replied.

Ash asked Rebecca, "You two know each other?"

Rebecca answered, "Yes, we were good friends when I first met her in Pewter City, I was just starting on my journey and I chose to go through my mother's home region first. We still keep in touch and we sometimes visit each other when we have time."

"Rebecca was the first to beat me actually, we were in the final round of our first Grand Festival and she beat me by a number of points." Solidad inserted.

"You did really well, Solidad, now it's you and May in the final battle," Rebecca said to them.

"Yeah, it was just like back in Johto. Good luck, May," Solidad said while extended her hand out for her to take.

May looked up at her and smiled at her and shook her hand, "Thank you, and good luck to you too."

Ash then put his hand on May's shoulder and said to her, "I know you can win this, I believe in you, we all do."

"Thank you, Ash," May replied while giving him a peck on the lips to express her gratitude to him.

Then she and Solidad walked out together to face each other in battle. When Marian announced for the two top Coordinators to come onto the Battle Stage both Solidad and May took their places and they had determined smiles on their faces.

"Here we are, this is the final stage for the final battle. Whoever wins this match, wins the coveted Ribbon Cup. We have two top Coordinators who have each won one Ribbon Cup already, so who will emerge victorious?"

There was a pause and then Marian shouted, "Now let the final battle begin!"

With that statement, the clock started counting down…

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