What My Heart Wants

Chapter 13: Final Battles: Part 3

May shouted first, "Blaziken, Wartortle, take the stage!"

She threw both Pokéballs in the air, when Blaziken came out of his, there was a ring of fire, signaling his entrance. When Wartortle came out, his was an array of bubbles for his entrance and he stood on his tail.

With Soilidad she shouted, "Staraptor, Lopunny, Let's go!"

The Pokéballs she threw had stars and ribbons as their entrance and they both took on battle stances and they waited for their trainer's commands.

Solidad started with, "Staraptor, Aerial Ace with Double Team and Lopunny ride with Staraptor and use Shadow Ball!"

Staraptor flew in a formation while Lopunny jumped onto his back and shot many Shadow Balls in Blaziken and Wartortle direction but they were missing them, causing Solidad's points to go down. While they were dodging the Shadow Balls, they both disappeared and then reappeared in front of them to land a hit.

Before the two Pokémon could deal a blow, May shouted, "Now Blaziken use Overheat!"

Since Staraptor was really close, the attack hit both Staraptor and Lopunny, pushing them back.

Then May shouted, "Wartortle use Ice Beam!"

"Wartortle!" he shouted as he shot a beam of ice to follow the Overheat and it hit both Pokémon.

This combination had caused a good portion of Solidad's points have been lost and her Pokémon had taken damage.

Then Solidad shouted to fight back, "Staraptor, Wing Attack! Lopunny use Dizzy Punch!"

Staraptor came flying down towards Blaziken and it slashed it's wings at him pushing him back. While Lopunny jumped off Staraptor to send hit after hit at Wartortle.

Both Pokémon were able put some damage to Blaziken and Wartortle, causing May's points to come down gradually. Blaziken and Wartortle managed to get away from both of them and as May looked up to the clock, she saw she had three minutes left.

"Solidad and I have about the same amount of points left; I have to create an opening for me to attack, but how?" May thought to herself.

Then she thought of an idea and smiled to herself, "That's it!"

"Staraptor, Hyper Beam! Lopunny combine with Thunder!" May heard Solidad shout.

Staraptor shot a beam of fiery orange energy then Lopunny charged up and shot electricity with Hyper Beam, doubling it's power.

"Blaziken use Fire Spin to surround you and Wartortle combine with Aqua Tail!" May shouted.

Blaziken shot out a fiery whirlwind making the fire surround them and it was combined with the water from Aqua Tail to cause a reaction of blue energy. The fiery tornado had deflected the Hyper Beam and Thunder combination. Since the attack was ineffective, it caused Solidad's points to come down even more.

To counterattack to gain time for Staraptor to recover from the Hyper Beam Solidad shouted, "Lopunny, Focus Blast! When the fire dissipates, aim it at them!"

Lopunny charged up a white ball of energy and waited at the right moment and the fire started to disperse.

Then Lopunny fired the Focus Blast at the center of the tornado but then as it passed through the tornado, both Blaziken and Wartortle were nowhere to be seen.

Solidad gasped, "What? Where are they?"

"Now Blaziken and Wartortle! Blaze Kick with Overheat and Rapid Spin with Aqua Tail!" May shouted.

Solidad looked up and saw both of May's Pokémon above her own and the Pokémon didn't have enough time to react. Blaziken kicked Staraptor and caused it to have burns and then Blaziken used Overheat to overpower him. While Wartortle had hit Lopunny hard and pushed it back with Aqua Tail.

With these combinations, Solidad's points had suffered severely; she was down to less than a quarter of her points, while May still had about more than a quarter of her points left.

"Now Lopunny use Jump Kick on Wartortle and Staraptor use Aerial Ace!" Solidad retaliated.

Lopunny and Staraptor were able land hits on them and it took out a considerable amount of points from May.

But before May could call another attack, the clock beeped to signify the end of the round. Marian then shouted to everyone, "Time is up! Who is the winner of this year's Sinnoh Grand Festival?"

Both May and Solidad looked up at the scoreboard and saw that by a few points more than Solidad, May had won.

"The winner of this year's Sinnoh Grand Festival is May Maple! Congratulations, May!" Marian announced.

May was a bit speechless but then she smiled a bright smile, "We won! Blaziken, Wartortle you two were great!"

She went up to them and hugged the both of them and they hugged her back while Ash and everyone in the dressing room had all were cheering for May. Then Solidad came up to them with her Pokémon and held out her hand to May.

"Great job May, You really surprised me with the tactical distraction with that Fire Spin and Aqua Tail. I'm glad we were able to battle again; it makes me want to train more for the future contests. I hope to battle you again soon, May," Solidad said to her.

May smiled and replied, "I still have a lot of things to improve on for me to be at your level. I also look forward to battling you too, Solidad and thank you for all of your advice before."

Then they shook hands and they both bowed to the audience with their Pokémon. Then later, everyone else had come out to the battle stage for May to receive her Ribbon Cup. Raul Contesta presented the Ribbon Cup to May and May had tears of happiness that flowed down her face and she waved to the audience.

Then she cleared her throat for the audience to quiet down and she said to everyone, "Thank you all for witnessing my performances and I'm proud of all of my Pokémon. They are my dear friends that I wouldn't trade for anything. I also want to thank my friends who I have met on my journey and my family who is watching this live back home in Petalburg City, for all they have done for me. I would also like to thank someone who has always been there for me and who has been with me even when we are on separate journeys. I have met him when I first started on my journey at Professor Birch's Pokémon lab, he has been my support since I first became a Pokémon Coordinator and he is here now still supporting me. Thank you Ash, for all your support and I love you more than anyone."

The audience said "Aww," in unison as Ash came up next up to her and gave her a kiss on the lips in front of everyone.

Everyone stood up from their seats and clapped for the young couple and Marian said, "Now everyone, we have our winner of this year's festival and now we will have the exhibiton match between May Maple, winner of the Sinnoh Grand Festival against Rebecca, The Contest Queen. Don't go anywhere; you don't want to miss this!"

Everyone settled down and waited patiently for the exhibition match to begin, May was down there already and she gave the Ribbon Cup for Ash to hold and everyone went up in the stands so they can watch the match.

Rebecca and May went on opposite sides of the battle field and the audience waited in anticipation to see the new winner of the Sinnoh Grand Festival battle against the world renown Top Coordinator, Rebecca, The Contest Queen.

Marian called out, "This will be a five minute Contest double battle, both Coordinators will be judged by points, the one with the most points wins. Are both Coordinators ready?"

Both May and Rebecca nodded and Marian cried out, "Then let this exhibition Contest battle, begin!"

With that announcement, the clock started to count down…

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