What My Heart Wants

Chapter 14: Princess VS The Queen

Rebecca held two Poké balls in both her hands and threw them in the air as she shouted, "Zachary, Sabrina, time to shine!"

One Poké ball opened and it had leaves swirling out of it and a Serperior had gracefully landed on the stage with regality. While the other had dark blue energy surrounding the Pokémon and it revealed it to be a Zoroark, smiling mischievously.

On the other side of the battle stage, May held the Poké balls in her hands and with a shout, "Venusaur, Espeon, take the stage!"

One opened with flower petals surrounding Venusaur and she landed on the ground with a thud. The other opened to reveal Espeon with purple flames and landed on the ground with grace.

May started off the battle with a shout, "Venusaur, Petal Dance! Espeon use Psybeam!"

Venusaur and Espeon combined the two attacks and it swirled around like a cyclone with the color of the petals being enhanced in detail with the multicolored beam and it was headed for the two Pokémon on the other side.

But Rebecca didn't flinch, instead she shouted, "Sabrina, use Energy Ball! Zachary, Night Slash!"

Sabrina opened her mouth and prepared a large orb of green power and launched it into the air. Then Zachary's claws exuded a dark energy that trailed behind him and he jumped into the air and hit the Energy Ball with the power of Night Slash swirling around it. With the power of Night Slash and at the speed it was hit, the Energy Ball collided with the cyclone and it dispersed into different colors. Because that the combination was dispersed before it could contact, May lost a few points.

May bit her lip; she was thinking of a strategy for a counter attack "Let's try this…", she thought.

Then she shouted, "Venusaur, use Razor Leaf and Petal Dance together! Espeon, use Psychic!"

"Venusaur!" Venusaur shouted as she shot out large leaves and petals and created a whirlwind. Then Espeon's eyes were glowing blue as he controlled the whirlwind and aimed it at Rebecca's Pokémon.

"Dodge it, you two!" Rebecca yelled to them.

Both Pokémon jumped out of the way but since Espeon was still controlling the leaf and petal combination, the attack hit both of them. Since it had effect, Rebecca lost her points too.

Then Rebecca retaliated, "Sabrina, Leaf Pledge!"

"Serperior!" Sabrina shouted as she hit the ground with her tail and surrounded herself and Zachary with leaves, hiding the two Pokémon effectively.

May had no idea what Rebecca was planning, but she had to take the opportunity that she saw. So she shouted, "Venusaur, use Vine Whip to grab them!"

Venusaur had used two of her vines to grab the two Pokémon, only to find that they weren't there when the leaves disappeared. Because her attack didn't work, May lost a few of her points.

Instead, there was a hole in the ground and May had shouted, "What?"

Venusaur and Espeon were looking all around them waiting to see if both of them would come out.

May thought to herself, "She used Leaf Pledge as a distraction so she got one of her Pokémon to use dig to escape underground. Where are they?"

Then before May could retaliate, Rebecca shouted, "Now Zachary, use Shadow Claw! Sabrina, use Frenzy Plant!"

Then Zachary had burst out of the ground and attacked Espeon head on with his claws and Sabrina used roots to surround and trap Venusaur from underground. The attack on Espeon was effective and Venusaur was trapped to the ground, resulting in May losing more of her points, leaving her with less than half of her points.

Things were looking bad for May; Venusaur was trapped and Espeon took a strong hit but she decided on an idea and started to carry it out.

May yelled, "Espeon use Swift on the roots!"

Espeon had used Swift to cut away the roots and Venusaur got herself loose. Now that she got Venusaur out of the roots, she yelled, "Venusaur, use Solar Beam and Espeon use Shadow Ball!"

Venusaur took in light in its flower and it started to glow, while Espeon prepared a big Shadow Ball almost as if he is waiting for May to signal them.

When it was prepared, May commanded, "Now!"

Espeon shot the Shadow Ball out to both of Rebecca's Pokémon and then it was followed by a thin ray of light from the Solar Beam, making the Shadow Ball filled with light, giving it a mysterious glow.

Rebecca simply said, "Sabrina, Leaf Tornado! Zachary, Dark Pulse!"

Sabrina spun herself around with leaves swirling around her in a fast pace and Zachary shot a ray of dark energy, surrounding the tornado. Then Sabrina had spun towards May's attack and with the rotation from Sabrina, the Shadow Ball burst and the light had shown upon the stadium. The people were in awe and then Sabrina had used the same tornado to attack the two Pokémon with a direct hit. This action cost May's points and there wasn't much time left.

May was struggling to be calm and she was under pressure until she heard Ash shout, "May, I know you can do it! Just keep calm and remember that I believe in you!"

May smiled at her boyfriend and took a deep breath to calm herself, "Perhaps it's time for that attack."

"Venusaur, let's use your Frenzy Plant! Espeon use Psychic!" May commanded.

Venusaur stomped on the ground and roots came up and covered the entire battle stage, not allowing Rebecca's Pokémon to escape. Then Espeon used Psychic to keep them in place as roots came towards them and made direct contact. This cost Rebecca a lot of her points but before she could retaliate the timer beeped, signaling them to stop.

"That's it, time is up! Now who is the winner of this exhibition match?" Marian announced.

Everyone looked up at the scoreboard and saw that May had fewer points than Rebecca which meant that, Rebecca won.

"There you have it ladies and gentlemen; The Contest Queen has won and let's give both Coordinators a round of applause for a wonderful battle." Marian called out to the crowd.

The audience stood up from their seats and started clapping and cheering while May went to her Pokémon and said, "You guys were great, I'm so proud of you both."

Venusaur smiled at her while Espeon nuzzled her palm as she petted him.

Then Rebecca came over with her Pokémon and she extended her hand to her and said, "May, that was an enjoyable battle. You really showed me how good of a battler you are."

May got up from the ground, shook her hand and replied, "Thank you, you were amazing too. I never thought I've seen a Coordinator as calm as you were."

They smiled at each other and then May turned to see Ash running to her to embrace her.

"That was awesome, May. You may not have won, but I'm proud of you that you did your best," Ash voiced his praise.

May smiled and replied, "It wasn't for your encouragement, I don't think I would have continued, Ash. So thank you."

She gave him a sweet kiss on his lips and she was congratulated by Iris and Cilan and they all headed back to Rebecca's villa. Rebecca cooked dinner for everyone with help from Cilan. May was in the living room, holding the egg Ash won for her and keeping it warm. Ash sat next to her and watched her care for it while Pikachu and Glaceon were on the opposite side of May, cuddling next to each other.

"You don't know what it is yet?" Ash questioned.

May answered, "No, not yet but it will hatch soon."

"Dinner's ready everyone!" Rebecca announced.

Just as May was about to get up and join them, the egg in May's lap started to glow. May, Ash, Pikachu and Glaceon were surprised but they watched in astonishment and soon the egg changed shape and it was revealed to be a Zorua. Zorua slowly opened it's eyes and it looked up at May and Ash in curiosity, then it smiled and snuggled into May's lap.

"Wow May, you got a Zorua. That's great!" Ash said to her as he petted it.

"I know, this Zorua is so cute," May replied. Cilan and Iris came into the living room and when Iris saw Zorua, she instantly ran to May and picked it up and started to pinch it's cheeks.

"It's so cute!" Iris exclaimed.

But Zorua didn't appreciate the affection and bit her arm sharply to get away from her. Iris let go of Zorua to grasp her arm in pain and Zorua returned to May's lap.

Then they all went into the dining room, ate dinner and had a wonderful time. Rebecca was giving tips for May on how to take care of Zorua and what they like to eat best. Then when everyone was finished, Rebecca cleaned everything up and then they spent the night in her spare rooms.

The next morning, they were at the airport where they there was a small plane preparing to take off. May and Ash were down on the ground with Pikachu and Glaceon.

They embraced each other and Ash said to her, "Don't be sad May, we'll see each other again."

May wiped away her tears as she smiled at him and replied, "I know, I guess I'll watch you on T.V. I told my family that I'll head home after the Grand Festival."

Ash nodded and leaned in to kiss her lips and let them linger there then reluctantly pull away. Pikachu nuzzled his cheek against Glaceon's cheek and licked it.

"Ash, it's time to go," Rebecca called from airplane.

Ash gave a sad smile to May, embraced her one last time before pulling away, with Pikachu on his shoulder.

The door closed behind them and the plane started to take off and May and Glaceon stood and watched as it ascended into the air. It climbed higher and higher, until finally they couldn't see it anymore. May had tears sliding down her cheeks but she had a smile on her lips and she picked up Glaceon and headed to port hoping in her heart that she'll see her boyfriend again soon.

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