What My Heart Wants

Chapter 4: Training

Chapter 4: Training

"What I realized is that…well, May…I..I" Then the door opened, revealing Iris with Cilan behind her, and Iris had started to shout, "Hey, Ash! We were wondering if your friend was feeling better."

Ash was stunned; he was so close to confessing his feelings when he had to be interrupted by his friends. Trying not to appear annoyed, he replied through gritted teeth and his fist shaking, "Yeah, she's awake now I can introduce you two."

"Ash, are you okay?" May asked worriedly.

Ash knew he didn't want to sound upset for May's sake, so he calmed himself and replied, "Yeah, I'm okay. Anyway, May, I'd like you to meet my friends, this is Iris from the Village of Dragons."

"Hello, I'm Iris and it's nice to meet you. I also want you meet Axew," Iris introduced herself and Axew as he popped out of her hair, "Axew, axew! (Hi, nice to meet you!)"

Ash continued, "And this is Cilan, Gym Leader of the Striaton City Gym and Pokémon Connoisseur."

"An honor, and this is a rather sweet meeting don't you agree?" Cilan introduced himself with his usual flair.

"Well, it's nice to finally meet you both. Ash told me all about you two. I'm May, I'm a Pokémon Coordinator," May introduced herself to them.

Then as Iris was asking questions to May, Ash asked Cilan "Can I have a word with you?"

Cilan noticed there was a hint of annoyance in his voice so he answered, "Sure."

They stepped out, telling May and Iris that they'll be right back. Then Cilan asked, "We interrupted you when you two were talking, didn't we?"

Ash was still annoyed, yet at the same time, he was disappointed in himself, he replied, "I was just about to tell May how I feel when you two came in."

Cilan felt guilty, he thought that he and Iris would interrupt them but Iris wouldn't listen. He put his hand on Ash's shoulder and said sympathetically, "I'm sorry that we interrupted you, but the important thing is that you attempted to confess. So the next chance you get, you can try again."

Ash looked up at him and gave a small smile until they heard a scream from inside May's room.

Ash ran inside and yelled, "What's wrong?!" He mainly was worried about May but he saw that she was fine. She was looking on the floor with a worried expression; he looked down too and was surprised to see Iris encased in ice.

He went to May and asked calmly, "May, what happened to Iris? Why is she frozen?"

May said in a worried voice, "Iris and I were talking when she noticed Glaceon. She was petting her, but then started to pinch at her cheeks. I tried to warn Iris that Glaceon gets cranky if she wakes up. But then Glaceon woke up, got upset, and used her ice beam on Iris. That's what happened and Glaceon went back to sleep."

As she explained this, she pointed to the culprit of the incident, who was asleep curled up next to Pikachu.

Cilan was on the floor trying to figure out how to get Iris out, "Well, that the ice beam froze her up, we have to be careful on how to get her out."

"Maybe I can help," May spoke up. She rummaged through her pack, pulled out a poké ball, enlarged it and called out, "Charmander, I need your help."

The poké ball opened up when a silhouette of a Pokémon came out, revealing a Charmander. "Charmander," it cried out.

"Charmander, I need you to use the flame on your tail to melt the ice off of Iris, okay?" May asked her little lizard.

"Char, (Sure)" it replied.

Charmander jumped off the bed, turned it's tail towards the frozen Iris and made it's flame bigger. Slowly, the ice started to melt and then Iris broke out of her frozen prison, shivering.

"I really hate the cold!" Iris exclaimed.

May replied sympathetically, "I'm so sorry, Iris. I tried to tell you that Glaceon doesn't like to be wakened up. She gets cranky and then she, well you know what she does."

"It's okay, although I didn't know she was an ice-type," Iris was still shivering and it was more than just being cold, more like she was afraid.

"What do you mean?" May asked, curious to why Iris looked afraid.

Ash answered, "Iris doesn't really like ice-type Pokémon or the cold. That's why she is freaking out."

May gave a nod in understanding then said to Iris, "I didn't know that but Glaceon is really nice, I promise."

Iris replied cheerfully, "Okay, I believe you, May."

Ash kneeled down and looked at Charmander and asked, "May, is this your new Charmander? The one that was in the picture you sent me?"

"Yes, I caught him in Johto before the Grand Festival. I didn't use him in the festival, but he is an excellent performer in many contests. Right, Charmander?" May asked the little lizard.

"Charmander char, (Yep. I love to perform.)" Charmander cried out in pride.

Ash put his hand out and started to pet Charmander's head. "Hi Charmander, I'm Ash, it's nice to meet you," Ash introduced himself. The little lizard was comfortable and he loved to be petted.

He responded, "Charmander char char, (It's nice to meet you too, Ash.)"

May observed and complimented Ash, "Wow, Charmander likes you already."

Ash smiled at May and suddenly he had an idea, "Hey May, I just thought of something. Why don't we train together tomorrow? It'll give me the chance to show you my new Pokémon and I can meet yours. It would be just like old times."

May happily agreed, "Yeah, I missed training with you. It'll be fun, right Charmander?"

"Char charmander char, (That sounds awesome!)" Charmander cried happily.

"Can we watch? I'd like to see how you battle, May" Iris asked enthusiastically.

"Yes, I'd like to see May's battle style as well," Cilan added.

"Sure you can watch," Ash replied outloud while in his mind he said "I really wanted to train with May alone though,"

"Well, it's almost 11 o'clock. We should get to sleep soon," Cilan pointed out the time. He and Iris headed out the door, bid Ash and May good night and closed the door behind them.

Ash then said to May, "That's right, you have to take your medicine, May." He handed her the pill and gave her a glass of water. May took the pill, swallowed it and drank the water.

"Thanks. Alright Charmander, you better get to sleep too," she said as she returned Charmander to his Poké ball.

"I'll stay here with you until tomorrow to make sure you get better," Ash offered.

May nervously replied, "N...no it's okay Ash. You don't have to."

"I want to and there is no way you can convince me otherwise," Ash replied back with determination.

"Okay, if you say so," May accepts his offer. May got under the covers and made herself comfortable when she spoke up, "Ash, thanks for looking out for me. I don't know how to repay you for all those times you helped me."

Ash smiled and replied, "Just get better, okay?" He paused for a second until he said, "May, that thing I wanted to tell you before? The next time we're alone, I'll tell you then."

May nodded, "Sure, I'll be waiting."

She closed her eyes and was breathing softly, signifying that she was asleep. Ash sat down in his chair next to May's bed and admired her as she slept. He brushed some of her hair away from her face, looked back at the door to make sure no one was watching, and leaned in quietly to kiss May's forehead. Unknowingly making May smile from it.

"I'll be right here when you wake up, May," Ash whispered as he lay himself over the bed and drifted off to sleep. Little did he know, that someone did watch from the door; namely Cilan.

Cilan smiled at Ash's gesture and said to himself, "I'm sure you can tell her, Ash."

He quietly closed the door and headed back to their room when he encountered Iris waiting in the lobby.

"Okay Cilan, what's really going on here?" Iris questioned the Connoisseur.

Cilan was honestly confused at what she meant, so he only answered, "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, don't play dumb. I know that you know something about those two that I don't. So spill it." Iris demanded.

Then Cilan knew where she was getting at and he replied nervously, "I really don't know what you are talking about, Iris."

"Come on, if there is a secret, I want to know about it. You better tell me or else. Iris said threateningly.

Cilan was a bit unnerved but he asked, "Or else what?"

"I'll have Dragonite fly you into the sky, hanging on to only your foot," Iris threatened while pulling out Dragonite's Poké ball to prove her point.

Cilan was surprised; this isn't how Iris normally behaves. He replied, "You wouldn't."

"Try me," Iris retorted.

Cilan couldn't tell if she was bluffing or not. So he had no other choice but to tell her everything.

The next morning…In May's room.

May slowly opened her eyes, sat up and yawned. She looked on the bed to see that Ash was still asleep in his chair with his upper body over the bed. May smiled, thinking, "He always looked so cute when he slept."

She stroked his hair while he subconsciously smiled at that. She decided to wake him up and shook him a little bit then said, "Ash, wake up."

Ash stirred, opened his eyes, sat up in his chair and stretched his arms. Then he smiled at May and said, "Good morning, May. How are you feeling?"

She happily, "I feel a whole lot better, thanks to you."

"I'm glad, I was really worried," Ash said with relief.

Then they heard yawning from the bed, they saw that Pikachu and Glaceon were awake.

"Hey Pikachu, Glaceon, did you two sleep well?" Ash asked them.

"Pika (Yeah)" Pikachu said cheerfully. While Glaceon replied, "Glace, glace glaceon glace, (Yeah, though someone woke me up earlier.)"

"Well May, do you want to go get breakfast?" Ash asked May.

"Sure, let's go," May replied as she got out of bed and put on her socks and shoes.

As May was readjusting her bandana, Ash took in her new look. She had an entirely new outfit that was different from her old outfit. She was wearing a white vest over a black top that showed her midriff, the same black bike shorts, a pink fanny pack, black socks and black and pink shoes. On her hands, she wore black and white gloves with pink wristbands, and on her head, she wore a white bandana with a pink Poké ball on it.

"Hey May, is that a new outfit? Ash asked.

May looked at him and said, "Yeah, I just updated my look. Why? You didn't notice it before?"

Ash sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and answered, "Well, I was too worried about you being sick, that I didn't notice. I think you look pretty in it."

May blushed lightly and was flattered, "Well, we better get breakfast," May was about to walk through the door until she turned around and said to Ash, "Ash, I want to thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. So, thank you." As she said that, she walked up to Ash and planted a kiss on his cheek. Then she walked out the door with Glaceon following her.

Ash stood there dumbfounded as he touched the spot where May kissed him. He was blushing vividly but he had goofy smile on his face.

"Pika pi, pikachu pika, (Ash, your face is red.)" Pikachu pointed out while snickering.

Ash snapped out of his daze and retorted, "Oh shut up, Pikachu." Then they both went out through the door, Pikachu was still snickering to himself until he heard Ash say, "You were a bit too comfortable with Glaceon last night don't you think?"

Pikachu stopped in his tracks, blushed a bright pink and replied embarrassedly, "Pikachu, pika (Oh, shut up.)"

Ash and Pikachu reached the buffet where May was; they both got a pile of food and went to the table where Iris and Cilan were already seated. They started eating but Iris and Cilan looked on in amazement as Ash and May were both eating at a fast pace, keeping up with each other.

Iris whispered to Cilan, "It's amazing; I've never seen anyone match Ash's appetite."

"Yes, it looks like they are similar in a lot of ways," Cilan replied.

Ash stopped eating for a minute and turned to May, "After we eat, we can have that battle to train, okay?"

May swallowed her food and answered, "Sure, we can battle three on three, is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine with me," Ash smiled as he answered. They both finished breakfast, then May said to them, "Could you all wait a minute? I have to use the restroom." They nodded and May went with Glaceon to the restroom.

Until Iris said to Ash, "I think that it is really sweet of you, Ash."

"What is?" Ash asked with confusion.

Iris smiled widely and answered, "It's sweet that you're in love with May of course."

Ash was drinking orange juice; when he heard what she said he nearly choked on it. He was stuttering, "How d..did you know?!" as he blushed with a shocked expression. He looked at Cilan, who had a guilty look on his face and he accused him, "You told her, didn't you?"

Cilan nodded but he said, "I'm sorry Ash, Iris threatened to have Dragonite dangle me by my foot in the air. Until Iris told me that she was bluffing after I told her."

"It's a gift. Anyway, why didn't you tell me? I could help you with this," Iris asked.

Ash bluntly replied, "I didn't tell you because you make things a bigger deal than they need to be and you tend to go overboard with things like this."

"Oh come on, please, couldn't I help you confess?" Iris asked with her hands together and her eyes sparkling.

"No, please stay out of it. When I find the right moment, I will confess," Ash replied.

"Confess what?" May came back next to Ash, startling him.

"Uh, well I uh," Ash was trying to say something but then Cilan cut in, "He was going to confess at how hard some of his gym battles were."

"Yeah, that's right," Ash agreed giving Cilan an appreciative smile.

May then said, "Okay. Then let's go have that battle."

So they cleaned up their plates and headed to the back of the Pokémon Center where there was a practice battlefield. May went on the right side of the field, while Ash went to the other side. Iris, Cilan, Pikachu, Axew and Glaceon were on the sidelines. Cilan was referee so he called out, "This will be a three-on-three Pokémon battle between Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and May of Petalburg City. Each trainer is allowed to make substitutions. Are the trainers ready?"

Ash and May both nodded and yelled out "Yes."

"Trainers, select your Pokémon," Cilan said to them.

Ash was first to pick out his, "Snivy, I choose you!" The Poké ball opened to reveal a little snake-like Pokémon. "Snivy," she called out.

"So that's a Snivy," May said as she pulled out her Pokédex that was like Ash's only hers had pink on it. In an electronic voice it said, "Snivy, The Grass Snake Pokémon. It is regarded as very intelligent and has a calm demeanor. It is known to abandon trainers who don't meet it's expectations."

"Okay then, Espeon, take the stage!" she called out. In a bright light, a feline like Pokémon materialized as it cried, "Espe!"

Then Cilan raised his arm and yelled, "Let the battle begin!" then put his arm out to signify them to start.

"Snivy, use Leaf storm!" Ash commanded.

"Snivy!" she cried out as she spun with leaves swirling around her. She aimed leaf storm at Espeon but May then May yelled, "Espeon, dodge it!"

Espeon jumped into the air and it gracefully dodged the attack. "Not bad Ash, but now it's my turn. Espeon, Swift attack!" Espeon landed softly on it's feet and let out little stars out of it's mouth. "Follow up with Psybeam!" May added.

"Espeon!" it cried as it shot Psybeam from the gem on it's forehead, enveloping them in a multicolored light, giving the impression of shooting stars.

Iris complimented, "Wow, that is so pretty!"

The Psybeam-swift combination was aiming right for Snivy but Ash counter-attacked, "Snivy, hit them away with Vine whip!"

"Snivy sniv," she yelled out, as she used her two vines and with amazing accuracy, she hit the stars away from her. May was surprised but then she thought, "Well, I am battling with Ash after all."

Then Ash called out to her, "May, I'm impressed. Your Espeon has been raised well; it almost had Snivy that Psybeam and Swift attack. You've gotten stronger."

May smiled at the praise he was giving her, "Thanks, I did learn from the best," May replied with her own compliment.

Ash blushed a little because he knew she was complimenting him. Then he snapped out of it and commanded, "Snivy, use Leaf blade!"

Snivy's tail glowed green as she leaped and was going to land a hit on Espeon, but May had another trick up her sleeve, "Espeon, stop Snivy with Psychic!"

In concentration, Espeon's eyes were glowing blue and it stopped Snivy in midair, surprising the grass type. Then May cried out, "Keep it there and now use Shadow ball!"

Espeon aimed the Shadow ball at Snivy and it got a direct hit since she couldn't move.

"Now use Shadow ball and combine with Psybeam!" May called out.

"Espeon!" it cried. It prepared a Shadow ball, released it and used Psybeam to envelope it in its light. It almost gave the look of a comet as it was about to hit Snivy.

"I've got to do something," Ash thought until he had an idea, "Snivy, Leaf storm!" Ash called out to Snivy.

"Snivy!" she struggled but she managed to protect herself with Leaf storm. Espeon didn't expect that and it broke it's hold on Snivy, letting her escape.

"What, but how?" May exclaimed in surprise until Ash answered her question, "I remembered how you distracted Kelly's Grumpig with Combusken's Fire Spin in that contest in Lilycove City. Now it's time to fight back. Snivy, Leaf storm!" Snivy surrounded herself in leaves and shot them out towards Espeon.

"Espeon, stop Leaf Storm with Psychic!" May cried out.

"That's what I was hoping you'd do," Ash thought. Then he yelled out, "Snivy, use Attract!" Snivy then winked and sent out little pink hearts to surround Espeon just as it stopped Leaf storm. It paused for a second and then sure enough, it had hearts in it's eyes, revealing Espeon to be male.

"No way! He used Leaf storm as a distraction didn't he, Cilan?" Iris asked.

"Yes, he knew that Espeon couldn't stop two attacks at once intervals. So he used Leaf storm to distract Espeon, while his real intent was to hit Espeon with Attract," Cilan explained.

"Now is our chance, Snivy, grab Espeon with Vine whip!" Snivy extended her vines, wrapped them around the love-struck Pokémon, and started slamming him on the ground repeatedly.

"Espeon, snap out of it!" May cried desperately, but unfortunately Espeon was oblivious because of the effects of Attract.

Snivy kept slamming him into the ground until Ash commanded, "Send Espeon flying!" Snivy threw Espeon into the air and jumped up to meet him. "Now, finish this off with Leaf blade!"

"Snivy!" she cried. Her tail glowed green, she spun herself and she landed a finishing blow on Espeon, sending him crashing into the ground.

"Espeon!" May yelled out. The dust cleared up and Espeon had swirly eyes instead of hearts.

"Espeon is unable to battle, Snivy wins," Cilan declared the winner, pointing to Ash and Snivy.

"Great job, Snivy!" Ash praised her.

"Sni vy vy," Snivy said as she stood proudly.

May went out to the field to check on Espeon. "Espeon, are you okay?" she asked him.

Espeon was coming out of his daze and looked at May in sadness. "Espe," he said sadly.

"No, don't be sad. I'm proud of you; you fought with a tough opponent and you can only get stronger with this experience. You did a great job, Espeon." May told him while smiling to reassure him. He smiled back and nuzzled against her cheek.

"You deserve a good rest. Now, return." May called Espeon back into his Pokéball.

She walked back to her side and called out to Ash, "Ash your Snivy is really strong and I can see she is elegant as well,"

"Thanks May, Espeon was strong too," Ash complimented May.

"I may have lost the first round, but let's see if Snivy can beat this one! Charmander, take the stage!" May threw another Pokéball and Charmander came out crying, "Charmander!"as he prepared himself to fight.

Ash said with enthusiasm, "I'll start things off, May. Snivy, Leaf storm!"

Snivy surrounded herself with leaves and shot them towards Charmander. "Charmander, protect yourself with Fire Spin!" May commanded.

Charmander produced giant flames from his mouth, started to spin around and surrounded himself with his own attack; creating a giant fire tornado. When the leaves tried to hit it, they were rendered useless; burning them to a crisp.

"Amazing, she used Fire Spin to protect Charmander while at the same time it stopped the Leaf Storm," Cilan said as he observed the battle.

Ash was caught off-guard but that didn't stop him, "Snivy, when the flames stop, grab Charmander with Vine Whip."

Snivy stood there, waiting until the flames started to die down, then Ash cried out, "Now!"

"Snivy!" she yelled as she stretched out her vines to grab Charmander, only to find that he wasn't there.

"What? Where did he go?" Ash said confused at how Charmander disappeared.

"Charmander, Fire Fang!" May yelled. "Char!" yelled from above.

Ash looked up and realized that Charmander had jumped above Snivy meaning, she wouldn't be able to get away in time.

Charmander had fire forming in his mouth, he came down on Snivy and bit her; causing severe damage.

"Snivy!" she cried out in pain.

"Alright Charmander, use Flame Burst!" May yelled.

"Charmander!" Charmander formed a fireball in his mouth and shot it out.

"Now follow up with Fire Spin!" Then Charmander shot out Fire Spin to follow Flame Burst, creating a fiery missile. Without any warning, it had hit Snivy dead on, knocking her to the ground.

"Snivy!" Ash yelled. Snivy had swirls in her eyes; indicating she was knocked out.

"Snivy is unable to battle, Charmander wins!" Cilan called the victors of this round.

Ash walked to Snivy on the field to ask her, "Snivy, are you okay?"

"Sni vy," she responded weakly.

"You did a great job, now get some rest," Ash returned her to her Pokéball and got back to his side.

"Alright, Oshawott let's go!" he threw another Pokéball and an otter- like Pokémon came out yelling, "Oshawott!"

"Oshawott, use Aqua Jet!" Ash cried. Oshawott surrounded himself with water and shot like a bullet towards Charmander.

May cried, "Dodge and use Flame Burst!" Charmander dodged Aqua Jet and shot a fireball at Oshawott. Oshawott couldn't retaliate in time and got hit by it.

"Don't give up Oshawott, use Razor Shell!" Ash yelled out a counter-attack.

"Osha!" Oshawott prepared his scalchop and it became a sword and he came running, preparing to strike.

"Charmander, jump above him!" May commanded. Charmander jumped and dodged Razor Shell.

"Now, Fire Spin!" Charmander shot out Fire Spin and it surrounded Oshawott, trapping it.

"First she used Fire Spin to protect Charmander, now she is using it to trap Oshawott." Iris exclaimed.

"Okay Charmander, come on down on Oshawott with Fire Fang!" Charmander prepared Fire Fang and came down on Oshawott at high speed.

"I got to stop that Fire Fang, but I need to get rid of Fire Spin first. Oshawott, use Hydro Pump with a spin." Ash commanded. Oshawott shot Hydro Pump, created a whirlpool, while also in the process, it dowsed the Fire Spin. "Alright Oshawott, Aqua Jet!"

"Osha wott!" he cried as he headed upwards and hit Charmander with amazing speed, causing him to hit the ground with force.

"Charmander, are you alright?" May called out to him. Charmander got up and shook himself off to focus although he was breathing heavily.

"There is still one more thing we could do and it's time to use it! Charmander, Solar Beam!" May cried determinedly. Charmander opened his mouth and started to absorb the sun's light, creating a small ball of light. Then when he had enough energy, he shot out the beam, "Follow up with Fire Spin!" May added. Then Charmander used Fire Spin to follow the beam, the flames made the Solar Beam turn into an orange-red color.

"I don't know if Oshawott can withstand a combination of that magnitude," Cilan commented.

"There is something I can try. Oshawott, spinning Aqua Jet!" Oshawott shot like a bullet, increasing his speed by spinning, "Combine with Razor Shell!" Oshawott pointed his scalchop out while spinning, giving his attack the look of a spear. He charged right through the Fire-SolarBeam and had gotten a clean hit on Charmander as well.

"No, Charmander!" May cried. Charmander had swirls in his eyes and he was knocked out.

"Charmander is unable to battle, Oshawott wins." May had returned Charmander to his Pokéball and spoke to him, "You were great Charmander, take a good rest."

Then she spoke out to Ash, "That was a cool combination, Ash. How did you come with that?"

"Well to be honest, I kind have made it up on the spot," Ash replied.

"You should teach me that one. This may just be training Ash, but there's no way I'm going to lose. Pichu, take the stage!" May chose her last Pokémon and it cried "Pichu!"

Iris excitedly exclaimed, "It is so cute!"

"I'll start off this time, Ash. Pichu, Thundershock!" May commanded.

"Pichu!" it charged up it's body and shot out electricity at Oshawott.

"Dodge and use Aqua Jet!" Ash retaliated.

Oshawott dodged the electric attack and shot towards Pichu. "That is what I thought you'd do," May though to herself. Then she cried, "Pichu, ride that Aqua Jet!"

Pichu dodged it and got on top of the water. "What?" Ash exclaimed, surprised that Pichu is riding Aqua Jet.

"Now Thundershock, Pichu!" Pichu charged itself up and shocked Oshawott. Since he was surrounded by water, it was twice the damage. Oshawott was exhausted and it didn't look like he had enough strength to pull off another attack.

"Aright Pichu, Hidden Power with Thundershock!" May commanded. Pichu had produced little balls of light and charged them with Thundershock making them glow brilliantly, "Now, Tackle!" May added.

"Pichu!" Pichu came running towards Oshawott with Thundershock and Hidden Power. "Oshawott, dodge it!" Ash said to Oshawott but Pichu was coming to quick. Then before Oshawott could even move, he was hit severely, sliding across the field.

"Oshawott!" Ash cried. Oshawott was knocked out and had swirls in his eyes.

Cilan raised his arm and said, "Oshawott is unable to battle, Pichu wins."

Ash returned Oshawott to his Pokéball and said, "Great job, pal. Get some rest."

He looked to May and complimented May, "Your Pichu is strong; it was obviously raised well."

May replied, "Thanks. We trained hard and Pichu has gotten stronger every day."

"Pichu pi," Pichu nodded in agreement.

"This has been a great battle, but it's not over until it's over. Pignite, I choose you!" Ash threw his last Pokéball and Pignite appeared. "Pignite!" Pignite cried and prepared to fight.

"Alright Pignite, Flamethrower!" Ash cried. Pignite blew out flames at Pichu until May yelled, "Pichu, dodge and use Hidden Power!"

Pichu jumped and shot out the little balls of light towards Pignite, but Ash called a counter-attack, "Pignite, Flame Charge!"

Pignite surrounded himself with flames and charged straight at Pichu and had it, causing major damage. Ash added, "Good, keep it up."

Pignite kept hitting Pichu, making it weaker by the second until Pignite stopped. Pichu was breathing heavily and it was on the ground, struggling to get up. Then it heard May's voice echoing through it's ears, "Come on Pichu, I know you can do it. I know you are strong and you are stronger than you think. Please, get up. I believe in you, Pichu."

Pichu opened it's eyes and with May's encouragement, it got slowly got up and had a determined look on it's face as it shouted, "Pichuuu!" Then all of a sudden, it started to glow leaving everyone, including May surprised.

May said quietly, "I don't believe it, it's evolving." Pichu changed shape in the light. It's body became taller, and it's ears and tail were longer until the light disappeared, leaving a newly evolved Pikachu in it's place.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu cried. Of course it was different from Ash's Pikachu, this one had a heart shape on it's tail indicating that it's female.

"That's awesome, May. You have a Pikachu now. Do you want to continue?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, but I think my Pikachu has some new moves now according to my Pokébdex," she said as she held her Pokébdex in her hand. She added, "We'll make this an unforgettable battle, Ash. Ready?"

"You bet, let's go." Ash answered with enthusiasm. They both looked to the other with determined eyes, as well as their Pokémon as they prepare for the next attack.

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