What My Heart Wants

Chapter 5: Meeting the Contest Queen

Chapter 5: Meeting the Contest Queen

As they were staring each other down, they both began formulating their strategies. Until finally Ash shouted, "Pignite, let's show them a new attack you learned. Use Brick Break!"

"Pignite!" he shouted as his hand was glowing white, and then he charged towards Pikachu.

"Dodge it and use Quick Attack!" May retaliated.

Pikachu dodged expertly and landed a hit on Pignite with Quick Attack.

"Pignite, Flamethrower!" Ash commanded.

Pignite shot out hot flames at Pikachu but then May shouted, "Dodge and use Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu dodged, charged herself up, and cried, "Pikachu!" as she shot the electricity to her opponent.

"Dodge and keep using Flamethrower, Pignite!" Ash shouted.

"You dodge too and keep using Thunderbolt!" May shouted as well.

Both Pokémon had obeyed and kept using their attacks on each other, while at the same time, dodging the other's attack. They just kept firing one attack after the other, some would hit and sometimes they wouldn't. Then the volleying stopped because both of the Pokémon were breathing heavily, exhausted of using their attacks. Ash and May knew that with one last attack, either one could win.

Ash called out, "May, only one of us could win this, but if I lost, I wouldn't mind. You raised your Pokémon well, but that doesn't mean I'll give up."

May replied, "Of course not, I wouldn't want you to anyway. Your Pokémon are strong too and it has been a great battle. But I'm going to win! Pikachu, use Hidden Power and charge them up with Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu had surrounded herself with Hidden Power and with Thunderbolt, they grew a little bigger and glowed brightly. "Now charge forward with Quick Attack!" May added.

Pikachu took off towards Pignite with one last burst of speed, with her attack combo. Ash shouted, "Pignite, use Flame Charge and combine with Brick Break!"

Pignite surrounded himself with flames, charge forward and used Brick Break with it, making it glow red-orange instead of white. Both Pokémon charged toward the other with amazing speed and power until finally, they collided. The collision created a huge explosion and there was dust covering the battlefield so they couldn't tell who was still standing. When the dust cleared, Pignite and Pikachu were still on their feet, but they both looked exhausted, breathing heavily to show it.

Between the two of them, Pikachu said to Pignite, "Pika, pika Pikachu. (You know, you're really good.)"

Pignite replied, "Pignite, pig pignite. (Thanks, so are you.)"

They gave each other one last smile until they collapsed with swirls in their eyes. Cilan declared, "Both Pikachu and Pignite are unable to battle, which means that this match is a draw."

Ash and May were momentarily shocked but then they smiled because they knew they tried their best. May walked up to Pikachu, picked her up and asked, "Pikachu, are you okay?" Pikachu looked up to her and weakly replied, "Pika, pikachu. (Yeah, I'm fine.)"

"You were great and I'm really happy that you evolved," May told her as she smiled.

Ash was with Pignite, helping him sit up, and he asked, "Are you alright, buddy?"

Pignite replied, "Pignite, pig. (Yeah, I'm okay)"

"You were awesome and your Brick Break was great," Ash proudly stated.

May then walked to the two of them and she complimented, "Your Pignite is really strong and it's really cute too." She petted Pignite's head and pignite was smiling, flattered by her compliment.

Ash replied, "Your Pikachu is strong too, she is really tough." He scratched May's Pikachu under her chin and she cooed happily.

Cilan, Iris, Axew, Pikachu and Glaceon came over to them, then Cilan gave his ever so famous evaluation of their battle, "A perfect blend of ingredients for a heated battle such as this. The strength that both trainers possess is nothing short of a hot spice added to a mixture of a long-time friendship that has developed into a bond of mutual trust and respect. I don't think I've ever seen a bond between two people like the both of you."

May was surprised by his compliment, but Iris was exasperated by it and Ash was sheepishly scratching his head.

Deciding to change the subject, Iris spoke up, "Your Pikachu is so cute May, though it will be confusing since there are two Pikachu in our group."

"Why don't you nickname her?" a voice said from behind them.

They all turned around and Ash exclaimed, "Hi, Rebecca. What are you doing here?"

"Hey Ash, I was here to pick up my Pokémon, when I heard a battle going on outside. I hope you don't mind I was watching, it was a great battle." Rebecca replied.

May spoke to her, "Thank you, but who are you exactly?"

"That's right, you don't know her. May, Cilan, Iris, this is Rebecca. I met her yesterday when I was looking around town; she owns the antique shop, Rebecca's Antiques. Actually, she was one who gave me the locket," Ash explained.

"Oh, so she was the clerk. It's nice to meet you Rebecca, I'm May," she introduced herself to the older woman.

"Hello Rebecca, I'm Iris and this is Axew," Iris then spoke up after May. Lastly, Cilan introduced himself, "I'm Cilan and it is a pleasure to meet you."

Rebecca smiled at them and replied, "It's nice to meet you all too. Anyway, I was just going to suggest that you nickname your Pikachu to differentiate both her and Ash's Pikachu."

"I guess that would be a good idea, but I don't know what I could call her," May had her hand touching her chin in wonder.

"How about I suggest some and Pikachu can tell me if she likes it or not?" Rebecca asked.

"Okay, go ahead," May agreed.

Rebecca had her eyes closed in thought, until she asked May's Pikachu, "Do you like the name, Rita?"

May's Pikachu thought about it for a few seconds then she smiled and happily said, "Pikachu! (I love it!)"

"It looks like we have a winner, Rebecca. Rita it is," May said.

"I'm glad to help. I also want to say that the battle that you and Ash had was awesome, it was almost like watching a contest battle," Rebecca complimented.

"Thanks, but how do you know about Pokémon contests if you live in Unova? Also, you look familiar." May asked curiously.

Rebecca flinched, then said in a nervous voice, "I have traveled through the different regions and have at least watched a contest before, that's all. By the way Ash, that combo attack with Flame Charge and Brick Break was well executed, did you come up with that yourself?"

Ash answered, "Yeah, I did. Although I wasn't sure it would work the first time."

Rebecca grinned and said, "Well, if you don't know if an attack combo will work, you'll never know unless you try."

Then suddenly May shouted, "That's it, I remember why you are familiar!"

She took her bag off her waist and started rummaging through it, when Ash asked, "What do you mean, May? Have you seen Rebecca before?"

May pulled out a small booklet, and then said in an excited voice, "Yes, I have been reading up on past top coordinators when I have read an article about a top Coordinator who has won all of the Grand Festivals on her first try when she was ten years old. Only for her to win many times over since that time, and that Coordinator is Rebecca." She then flipped through the booklet to a page with Rebecca's picture in it with an Emboar next to her.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, Pikachu and Axew looked at the picture and Iris exclaimed, "Wow, it really is her."

"I didn't know that she is well known in other regions, this is certainly a sweet recipe for a reputation," Cilan commented.

Then May further explained, "She has been the best since her first time, and as a result, she was known amongst other coordinators as "The Contest Queen. This means that no matter what situation she was in or if she was under pressure when battling, she was always calm and made sure to show her Pokémon off in the best way she knew how."

Then Ash asked Rebecca, "Rebecca, is that true? Are you really known as the Contest Queen?"

Rebecca had an embarrassed expression on her face, but she replied, "You didn't need to explain that much but yes, I am called The Contest Queen. I have won the Grand Festivals many times since I was ten years old until at least two years ago."

"I've always wanted to meet you and maybe to watch you perform in person. I wanted to watch a top coordinator in action. Could you possibly show us, please?" May asked with a pleading look on her face.

"I don't know, I might be a little rusty. I haven't performed in front of people in a while," Rebecca explained.

But then Ash asked, "Please, could you show us, Rebecca? I would really like it if you could perform for May." Then Ash blushed a little bit when he heard what he just said. May on the other hand, was smiling, and thought to herself, "Ash is so sweet."

Iris then asked also, "Please could you show us? I'm sure it will be fun to watch."Axew, Pikachu, Glaceon, Pignite and Rita nodded their heads in agreement.

Then Cilan said, "It seems that we all agree to watch you perform, Rebecca. So would you, please?"

Rebecca gave a little laugh and finally said, "How could I say no to a fan and her friends? Okay, I'll show you what I can do since my Pokémon are feeling better."

Then everyone had moved to the sidelines to let Rebecca use the field. On the field, Rebecca went into the center and took two Poké balls from her belt and shouted, "Tara, Oshee, it's time to shine!" She threw them up into the air and the Pokémon were revealed to be an Emboar and a Samurott.

"Wow, so those are her Emboar and Samurott. I have read that she won many appeals with them," May said excitedly.

Rebecca signaled them and commanded, "Oshee, let start things off with Ice Beam!"

"Samu rott!" she shouted, as she shot an Ice Beam to form a sphere on the ground. Then Rebecca shouted, "Tara, now let's use Arm Thrust!" Then Tara used Arm Thrust to throw up the ice ball into the air towards Oshee when Rebecca shouted, "Now Oshee, Hydro Pump!"

Then Oshee shot a jet of water at the ice ball to keep it in the air at just the right until Rebecca said, "Now Tara, use Thunderpunch!"

Tara charged up an electrical charge in her right arm, jumped to where the ice ball was and punched it with all her strength. Doing this, caused the ice ball to explode into sparking snow because of the water that was used to hold it up. This gave the effect of the snow seeming to give off an electrical charge because of the hit with Thunderpunch. May was ecstatic to watch the performance and was in awe of the control of the appeal combination. Ash was watching May, happy that she got to see a famous coordinator perform and was also amazed of how beautiful the appeal was.

Then Rebecca shouted to both her Pokémon, "Alright let's finish off with Water Pledge and Fire Pledge, you two!"

Then both Tara and Oshee had punched the ground towards the other making water and fire appear simultaneously, as they both interact the water evaporated from the fire. After it had stopped, there was rainbow covering the field with the light of the sun. At the of the appeal, Rebecca and her Pokémon bowed to Ash and everyone to signify the end of their performance.

May came up to Rebecca and complimented, "That was amazing, Rebecca! You still got it!"

"Thank you, May. I have to admit that it has been a while since I performed, but maybe I might compete again when my brother gets back," Rebecca replied.

Then Cilan had started his evaluation with the performance, "A truly splendid recipe of a true performer. The fiery hotness of the flames with the cool essence of water and ice make for a remarkable performance. I truly have witnessed the best performance of a top coordinator first-hand and may I say it was truly an honor."

Ash also complimented Rebecca, "That was awesome, I didn't know you could use Thunderpunch like that."

Lastly, Iris gave her compliment to Rebecca, "That was a pretty performance, Rebecca. I couldn't take my eyes off it."

Then the Pokémon agreed with their trainers and they all enjoyed the performance.

"I'm glad that you liked it. Well, I bet that you guys are hungry. Why we don't have lunch in the Pokémon Center while our Pokémon recover?" Rebecca asked the group. Her question was answered with a pair of growling stomachs coming from Ash and May, which they had been blushing because they were embarrassed.

Rebecca chuckled, "Well I guess I can take that as a yes. Let's go."

They had gone back inside the Pokémon Center, left their Pokémon with Nurse Joy, and served themselves from the buffet. Ash and May both got large portions and started to eat almost in synch with each other while Iris, Cilan and Rebecca watched in amazement. Then Rebecca commented quietly, "So she is the one Ash is in love with. They are really alike in a lot of ways."

Cilan asked her just as quietly, "How did you know that?"

Rebecca replied, "He told me about a girl he was in love with yesterday and besides she's wearing the locket that is from my shop."

Then she had put her hand to her chin and said to them with a mischievous grin, "I have an idea to push those two together. There is a festival going on in town tomorrow and there will be a lot of food, games and a fireworks display. I bet if we can convince Ash to take May out on a date, I'm sure that he would be able to tell her how he feels."

Cilan was worried but Iris exclaimed quietly, "That is a great idea! But how do we get Ash to ask her?"

"You two leave that to me, you two just talk with May," Rebecca told them. Then she got up from her seat and whispered to Ash, "Ash, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Ash raised his eyebrows in confusion but said, "Sure."

Rebecca led him into the hallway where the rooms were located and asked, "Is May the one you love?"

Ash then was blushing crimson red but he slowly nodded his head to indicate that it was May. Then without warning, Rebecca made her suggestion, "You should ask her out to the festival tomorrow on a date."

Ash had his mouth hang open at first but then he said, "I can't do that. I don't even know how to act on a date let alone to have actually been on a date. I don't think I can do that, Rebecca."

She smiled and tried to reassure him, "Don't worry about planning because I'll help with that. This could be a good opportunity for you to tell her your feelings since it would just be you two alone. So just give it a try, and besides, I'm sure you both will have fun."

Ash was silent to consider the options he had to tell May his feelings, "Well, I was interrupted the last time. This might be a great chance to tell her." Then he said, "Alright, I'll try it, but you had better not meddle in it Rebecca."

"Of course, I'll make sure nothing happens," Rebecca agreed but unbeknownst to Ash, her hand was behind her back crossing her fingers.

Then Ash and Rebecca went back to the table and Ash sat back down next to May who was just starting on her second helping of noodles. Then Rebecca asked Cilan and Iris to come with her to give Ash and May privacy. It was quiet until Ash spoke up, "Uh, May can I ask you something?"

May swallowed her food, and replied, "Sure, what is it?"

Ash was a bit nervous but he asked her in a shaky voice, "Well, um there is this festival taking place tomorrow and I was wondering if you… uh wanted to go with me?

May stared at him with wide eyes and nervously asked, "You mean like a date?"

"Yes, like a date, that is if you want to." Ash said nervously scratching his head.

When Ash was prepared to be rejected, but was surprised when she answered, "I'd love to, Ash."

"Really, you would?" Ash asked.

"Yes, I'd love to go to the festival with you," she answered calmly but in her thoughts she said, "Yes, yes, yes! I can't believe I'm going on a date with Ash!"

"Okay then, I guess we can meet here when we go tomorrow. Is that okay?" Ash asked.

"Yes that's fine with me, Ash. I'd better make sure I get the perfect outfit, so I'll see you later, Ash," May replied. With that she took off to pick up her Pokémon first and then took off with Glaceon who finished with her food, out the door.

Ash let out a sigh of relief, glad that the first part was over, but the next step was what to plan on this date. Sadly, though, he had no clue whatsoever. Then he thought wearily, "Looks like I'll need their help after all."

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